Month: October 2019

Self-confidence & body positive

So last week I caught up with Billy Morrison from Upfront & Personal.. Billy is a personal bra fitter… And it might seem like it’s non-related But considering that some of the ladies just starting our 4-Week Kickstart Programme Haven’t exercised for a while and often wonder what to wear  (Obviously I can’t give any …

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73 years old 😱

So one of the ladies inside our Fit For Life Programme sent me a link to an article About a Joan MacDonald, a 73 year old woman Who is now medication free After losing 4 stone Through muscle strengthening exercise and making some simple swaps to her diet. In fact, here’s what it said: “Joan …

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Supplements on a vegan diet?

I had a question last week  About whether you need to supplement on a vegan diet. They had just gone vegan for health reasons and were told they can get everything from the diet. They don’t want to eat ‘processed food’ or ‘fake processed meat’… Which – I’ll be honest – will make it more …

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You can’t do it all

“Remember to share” “What happened?” “Where did you get that from?” “How did you get up there?” ^^^ Just a few of the things I have found myself saying whilst feeling PRESSURED to get stuff done…including my own workout whilst looking over two toddlers under 3, at times… So over the last few months, I’ll …

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Slow metabolism (how to fix it)?

Something I get asked about a lot from the ladies just starting their 4-Week Kickstart is whether their metabolism is now ‘slow’ or ‘broken’ and that’s why they can’t lose weight. (Reply with ‘November’ if you’d like more info on our November kickstart in Marlborough, Devizes or Burbage by the way)  Some being told by …

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