Month: September 2019

It’s “gone to pot”

Ever have one of those days where you think: “Everything is going to pot…why didn’t I do [insert ONE thing you didn’t do here] today” ^^^ This was me last week struggling to shake off my lost voice / get back to my own exercise habits!  perhaps the weddings over the summer have taken their …

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You vs YOU 🤔

I talk a lot about all this health and fitness stuff (And life, really) Being you vs you.. And  how comparison is literally the thief of joy. With the message being  That you should aim to be the best version of you.. But something I learnt the other day.. Was how most of us  (Especially …

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Message from Kirsty

So I caught up with Kirsty (one of the awesome ladies on our Fit For Life programme) Who shared her message on Wednesday on my Facebook page: “To anyone considering Matts course, I cannot recommend it enough.  First time I have ever enjoyed exercising.  Matt always makes it fun so you’re never thinking ‘how much …

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1 year on 😱

Wow… So yesterday was my youngest daughters first birthday 🎂  And it’s that moment where you think “where did that year go!??” It’s actually quite scary.  To think how quickly time can go. And how much time we actually spend complaining, moaning, dwelling, procrastinating, and wishing we had more time …🤔 Me included, by the …

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Am I weird?

You might not know this BUT.. I use an eye mask in bed… Have a pint of blueberries when I feel a cold coming on… Somehow forget to close cupboard doors I open…(As Mrs Fruci lets me know about) Drink about 5 coffees a day (3 caffeinated).. Workout mainly from home whilst on Daddy Day …

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Should exercise make you ache?

So with our brand new programme starting in Devizes last week And our September programmes starting in Marlborough and Burbage I had quite a few messages from the ladies. some just starting out having not exercised for a while, others having exercised but not doing the stuff we do. Funnily enough… Some of the ladies …

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