Month: August 2019

Is fruit full of sugar?

‘I love eating fruit. Is there such a thing as eating too much fruit?’ ^^^ Question I got this week And the answer? Yes… And No! Because it depends what the alternative is…. I mean, in general if you go from eating, say 1 piece of fruit per day to 2/3 pieces… You’ll probably feel …

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Only 13% actually do this

No, I’m talking about the fact 13% of people actually like going to work. (which could be the cause of many issues, including happiness…)  But I’m actually talking about the fact Only 13% of people hit the higher recommended target intake of protein (1.2g of protein per kg of bodyweight) To help you reduce your …

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Eat more to tone up?

So, one thing I noticed when taking my daughter to Cotswold Wildlife Park earlier in the year was that the goats are CONSTANTLY on the lookout for food.  And – it seemed like – they were being fed  & eating all day… I guess it’s like what happens when we go to an all you …

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