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You’re eating too many eggs?

So every now and then

The media love to use eggs a an example of two extremes

One minute they are nature’s multivitamin..

The next?

eggs ‘boosting your risk of heart disease”?

Bit of a ‘yolk’ if you ask me 😉

So I just wanted to bust some myths for you

Just in case you took the headlines from the media a little too seriously…

Because although it found a small increase in heart disease risk if you ate more eggs…

(using a one-off questionnaire asking people about their diet over the last 17 years lol most of us can’t remember what we ate yesterday)

What you need to consider is that fact that it didn’t take into account if they also;


Were stressed?

Didn’t sleep?


Ate vegetables?

How often they had takeaway?


Whether they ate poached eggs on toast 


A greasy fry ups for the local cafe followed by pizza and chips and snickers bar hahha

I could go on…

It’s just another example of how the media can twist things

and confuse the hell out of you…

Especially as other studies have shown no effect on cholesterol when eating up to 6 a day…

Yep, 6 a day….

And…Should we really be focussing on one food?

An egg is almost like a multivitamin tablet with high quality protein.

They also contain vitamin D and vitamin B, which can help boost our immune system and energy levels!

Not to mention they can help keep you full and stop you snacking on those mid-morning biscuits and cakes.

^^^ So in this case, we might be better off with the eggs after all…

And in terms of monitoring our health risks…

Rather than focussing on one food to determine our health, 

we should probably be focussing on excess body fat, particularly when stored around the midsection.

And on that note, 

A recent study showed a “diet” containing 3-4 eggs per day saw reductions in body weight and an improved good cholesterol…

^^^ hahah

PLUS, another study showed that those who ate eggs for breakfast ate fewer calories for the rest of the day without even trying …

suggesting that it may be a good way to help with hunger…


* Some of us may get an increase in cholesterol from eating too many eggs or dietary cholesterol in general

(known as hyper-responders and others don’t)

* They’re cheap, nutritious, satisfying, and a great source of protein

So, have none, have one, have 3, have 4, have 6, have them on weekends…

There are probably more important things to worry about!

Like your sleep, time for you, investment in yourself, fun, exercise habits..

I could go on

Matt ‘egg-noring the small stuff’ Fruci

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I offer a ton of FREE content, and I actually love doing it.

Creating the videos, writing blogs, and now my brand new podcast..

It’s what I enjoy doing.

But I know that not everyone who watches the videos, reads my emails, or listens to a podcast

Or reads me book…

Will be interested in what I have to say..

And that’s OK, they may unsubscribe from my stuff.

There is only so far I can go to help you with free information.

(as I know too well from my own experiences)


well because you’re not being held accountable 

If you don’t do the thing you said you would do

There’s no one to provide a polite reminder 

It’s why I work with two coaches myself..

To prevent me going back to my old stories of why I cant do something

And to give me structure so I can see a path to where I want to go

And break this down to simple DAILY habits..

So it becomes a game of ‘did I do it?’

Yes or no..

And It’s the reason I created our  4 Week Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ who are struggling to get going again or

Just need that structure to gain momentum and get on their way to kickstarting their health and fitness.

(If you are interested in this just message me when you’re ready and I’ll send the details)

is it allows you to work with me on a much closer level.

Accountability, structure, coaching, nutrition, mentoring, training 

working with likeminded ladies 

(The ladies in the group are awesome by the way, 

constantly learning, growing and supporting each other through the good days and the bad days)     

The idea of the programme 

is for you to focus on being 1% better everyday, with me as your coach.

regardless of your fitness level or starting point.


It’s not for someone looking for a quick fix    

But rather

Ladies who are fed up with the dieting trends

Hopping from one thing to another

Lacking confidence in the whole fitness and health stuff

And just a bit bored and frustrated with it all…

Don’t know where to start…

so I can reinstall confidence and purpose.

So you can look and feel better this Summer..

As Mary mentioned last week:

“but the really good news is that I am having to take in the dress I bought last year by about 3 inches!

Very satisfying”

Anyway, our 4 Week Summer Fit Kickstart Programme opens up today for ladies 40+

If you’d like more info?

Just comment below or message me and I’ll get you the details


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Osteoporosis & diet (must vs want)

Osteoporosis is quite a hot topic right now

Given how common it is.

Some of the ladies inside our programme have asked me about this, too.

So I thought I’d give you a little summary of the things to do which have showed to help with reducing risk of fractures, falls and osteoporosis in women over 50:

1 Resistance exercise – muscle strengthening exercises will improve your bone density 

2 Protein  – not just eating a higher protein diet, but also making sure you get high quality protein, such as dairy, lean meats, eggs, or combining veggie sources of protein to make it a higher quality protein 

3 Calcium and vitamin D – This showed a 30% reduced risk in hip fractures and 15% reduced risk in total fractures…

But the thing is, 

something I talk to the ladies about inside our programme is the difference between

A “MUST DO” and a “SHOULD DO”…

You see, when something is a ‘Must Do’ it’s easier to motivated ourselves….

You know, a bit like when we go on holiday and have loads of cramming to do the week before…

But the problem is?

Most of the time we focus on what we ‘should do”…

but never actually do it…

(like the protein stuff, muscle strengthening exercise etc)

So what do I do?

It’s simple…

But works for me (and many of the other ladies inside the programme)..

Instead of saying I ‘should [write my new book]’

I’ve switched this to

“I WANT to [insert thing you want to do here] BECAUSE [then list your reasons]

Example: I WANT to write my new book BECAUSE:

  1. I think there is a HUGE need to clarity on what you need to DO rather than more information (this is what my new book will hopefully help you do)
  2. I will be able to reach more people and – potentially – get more testimonials (which makes me feel good…selfish I know, but just being honest)
  3. I LEARN A LOT by DOING aka writing my book gives me focus, clarity and makes me narrow in on what will help people the most- which essentially helps me in all areas of my life
  4. To do this I must be on top of my game physically and mentally – which makes me look after ME

So my advice to you?

Grab a pen and paper

Write down what you ‘should’ do 

And then write down the BECAUSE..


Why bother actually doing it

And keep these with you, closeby…

To remind yourself of why you really should do the things you know you need to do..

And what to go one step further?

Remind yourself of the COST of not doing it..

To your health 

To your body 

To your mood


How you feel..

As always

Very Simple, but powerful 

Matt ‘simple minded’ Fruci

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But I have a holiday!


Something I get a lot from ladies on the programme or just about to start is that

They’re worried they can’t do it as they have a holiday..

And I get that

Especially as usually a ‘diet’ or exercise programme might require you to:

  1. Be religiously on it or you’ll be deemed a failure
  2. Attend an exercise session or you completely miss out

And getting messages like this really helps me give you what you want..

Which is why we have now introduced LIVE yoga and home workouts into our 4 week Kickstart Programme. 

Because I get you’re busy.

Even without cramming things in before a holiday..

There’s work, too

And knowing that you can save 10, 20 or even 30 minutes of a commute sometimes just to get the workout in at home ?

Might just help you stay on track on your ‘busiest’ day

And if you can do it on your busiest of days?

Then when can’t you?

And – yes – if you miss the live yoga or workout?

You can catch up with the replay.

Or just come and see me in person ☺ 


I posted about 8 things you can do to no completely fall of the bandwagon on holiday

Whilst still enjoying yourself 

The other day

And it was lovely to receive this message from Helen:

“I would like to dedicate Kylie’s ‘I just can’t get you out of my head’, to Matt who 

has just spent a virtual two and a half weeks in Alaska!! 

I did what I said I would do at least 80% of the time whilst still enjoying treats and wine. 

The result, for the first time ever, is that I have lost weight on holiday rather than gaining as usual. Not a lot, almost a kg but way better than my usual 2 to 3 kg gain. 

Thank you for your advice and help Matt.🍷

So, here’s a few tips to not completely fall off the wagon on holiday but still have a life:

1. Go Explore (as I know you will) –

Get walking. No, you don’t NEED a gym. Go explore the local areas and – if possible – avoid taxis and public transport.

When on my honeymoon in the Caribbean (yes, somehow I am still married)

I don’t think we would have seen such beautiful places if it wasn’t for some of the walking we did.

2. Think “full” and “satisfied” –

It can be difficult to get enough protein in when you’re away 

but it will help keep you full and satisfied.  fill your plate with fish, beans, lean meats etc. 

(accompanied with fruit and veggies for your fibre and don’t forget WATER with every meal!!)

3- Eat less often but when you do…GO BIG? –

This strategy is useful for when you’re exploring and out and about. 

For example, you might have a big, satisfying breakfast (think eggs) but then not eat again until the evening 

which kind of means you have a fast and allows you to have some flexibility to enjoy local food?

So, by not picking throughout the day and sticking to “usual” meal times (e.g. lunch)

 it means you can still enjoy your favourite food and drinks and minimise the possibility of overeating.

4- Focus on company NOT food 

5- Aim for pretty good NOT perfect

6- Remind yourself there’s a difference between being ‘full’ and ‘having enough’ and use the 50% rule

The 50% rule means looking at your dinner and assessing whether you are still hungry when half of your plate is gone.

Still hungry?

Eat another 50% of what is left and assess again.

7- Remember you are choosing what you eat. You’re not missing out. You’re aligning your actions / behaviours with your goals.

8- Walk around the buffet before picking up a plate

Finally, don’t stress too much. The stress and worry is probably more detrimental than the mojitos by the pool 😉

And don’t forget that you’re on holiday to enjoy yourself and create memorable moments that you’ll cherish forever.

After all, life is for living. 

And if your ‘diet’ doesn’t allow you to drink, enjoy your favourite foods, and go on holiday?

You might need a new one if you want to keep the weight off for good…

If you’re waiting for the perfect time before you start

then you probably have things the wrong way round.

If you’re ready to start in the next 2 weeks?

Just comment below or message me and I’ll give you the details on our NEW 

4 Week Summer Fit Kickstart Programme (for ladies 40+)

Opening up on Friday

Matt ‘Kylie’ Fruci

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Gerard Butler or Tom Hardy?

Right, let’s end this once and for all 

Because in last weeks session we played a workout game called

“Where’s Tom Hardy?”

A bit like Where’s Wally

Except with Tom Hardy and a load of exercises to shape the arms, hit the stomach muscles and target the bum!

So, I guess you could say that it was nothing like Where’s Wally 😂

Anyway, I had a lot of complaints from the ladies…

Not because it was just a cardboard cut out of Tom Hardy at the session…

But because they wanted Gerard Butler instead 😱

(Which I agreed with by the way)..

With one of the ladies saying:

“Gerard Butler…if I had to choose. Either is fine  though” 😂

A good point I thought…

And it reminded me about this diet, weight loss and fitness stuff..

About how it’s 2019 and yet people are still squabbling over where carbs or fats are to blame…

Forgetting about what HOW MUCH you eat, the protein you eat 

And how your relationship with food which undermines this..

In fact, one recent study wanted to answer this question once and for al

They gave one group of people a low fat diet

And the other group a low carb diet..

What did they find?

Well, if they eat the same amount of calories? 

They both lose weight…

Even with a higher carb or higher fat diet…

So just like Gerard Butler or Tom Hardy

The truth is

Either can work 

It’s just down to personal preference 

For me?

I’ll take a lowER carb approach (notice I didn’t say zero…as I don’t cut them out, I just prefer higher protein foods and higher fat foods as…well, I like them and I feel satisfied and full up after, but that’s just me)

Oh and for the record?

I’m also team  Gerard Butler 

Let’s say you:

Gerard or Tom?

Matt “team Gerard” Fruci

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Call me a big kid but for Fathers Day we

All went to Cotswold Wildlife Park just this weekend gone.

Love it there..

When we actually get there, that is…😂😂

Gutted there was no discount for big kids though 😭

Anyway. I had  a few early morning one to one coaching sessions before that early on Saturday 

And then checked in to our live yoga session we had in the private group for the ladies so they can it in the comfort of their own home 

 (which in the words of one of the ladies: “I didn’t realise just how much I needed that” and “I didn’t think I would ever be able to do yoga”)

So when I got home?

It was military operation time to finish the kids breakfast, pack the picnic, get the babies changed, and pack the car

“We’ll be set off in half an hour” I said to Mrs Fruci


Not quite..

First up we couldn’t find one of my daughters shoe…

Literally looked everywhere…

Apart from – of course – the bottom of the overflowing  washing basket …

When did she put it in there?

Second up…

All ready to go and

Now it’s a hunt for the Sun hat…

Mind you, it’s been wellies and coats this summer so far…

Anyway, we finally set off

despite the stress of it all 

And even wondering 

If there’s any point in even going by the time we set off 

(I’m that slow 😂)

And I’m thinking we will just get there and it will be lunch time…

It’ll be busy

We won’t see any 🦁 

And – basically – it’ll be a waste of time because it’s too late..

A bit like what most people think about getting in shape for summer 

And kickstarting their health and fitness habits 

To feel better about the way they look and feel.

And it’s why I’m opening up my 4 Week Summer Fit kickstart programme on Friday with a flexible 2 week starting point 

Specifically for ladies 40+ who struggle to get motivated and do the things they know they need to do…

This isn’t about giving you more information.

But about getting you to take action so you kickstart your health and fitness habits this Summer

After all, repetition is the mother of all skills. 

The more time you hear something, the more you take it in, the better. 

(That’s why focus so much on support, encouragement and accountability) 

Sure, new information sometimes leads to new results but only if you execute.

This is why it has to be both personalised to you and convenient 

Which is why we’ve added in some bonus extras 

Including live workouts and live yoga sessions you can do anywhere anytime 

(Even if you have knee, hip or joint issues)

And done for you meal plans to kickstart your results and create structure 

(One less thing to think about so you can cross it off your TO DO list)

Not to mention DAILY coaching from me…to keep you accountable and do what you said you would do..

Up to 12 sessions with me in a fun and supportive environment 

Where it’s not about comparing yourself to someone else

But about being the best version of you!

And if you want to start before July 8th?

And if you want to start before July 8th?

It’ll be £18 cheaper than what it will be on 8th July…

We are nearly at capacity already

But I have 4 spaces opening up.

After they’re gone?

You can still have a one to one with me to go over how you might get started…

But I am not sure when you can start

I’ll have the full details later in the week

But if you want more info now (as I only have 4 spaces for this)?

Just comment below or message me and I’ll get you the details.

Matt ‘big kid’ FrucI

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Joint issues? (will it work for me?)

So when we talk about creating community that favours TEAMWORK we really mean it 

Our amazing member, Stephanie, was quite sceptical of exercise in groups due to her joint issues.

But just like so many of the ladies talk about

She had ‘the team’ with her


All of the other ladies being so friendly and welcoming

Here’s what Stephanie said:

I had seen the posts on Facebook but as I didn’t live in Burbage I put it on the back burner but finally decided that if I didn’t ask if I could join the answer would always be no. 

I met Matt and we talked through what I wanted. Initially when he mentioned the exercise word I did wonder if I could do this as I am no fan of exercise groups plus with added joint issues it was a question. 

But I turned up for my first session and met the lovely ladies in the group who were so friendly and welcoming.

 It didn’t feel as if I had done a class as there was not getting all hot and bothered ( you do work don’t get me wrong! ) there was no competition to be better than anyone else. 

In 4 weeks I have lost weight and inches that I thought were there to stay. I can now make food decisions that suit me. 

If I don’t want breakfast when I get up I don’t have to have it. 

If I want a gin I can because I am in control of my actions without having to “confess to class” why I did or didn’t lose as much weight as maybe I could have. 

The only person to judge me is me. Very empowering. I am thoroughly enjoying my journey to be fitter and lighter.

Well done, Stephanie.

I guess this comes back down to what I spoke about yesterday with regards to 


And knowing that everyone is in this together…

THIS is what our 4-Week Kickstart Programme is all about. 

Essentially, helping ladies over 40 do things that they never thought they could do…

✅ Education about nutrition, food and drink

✅ Support and encouragement during the workouts

✅ Accountability to help you do the things you never thought you could do 

✅ An amazing community where TOGETHER everyone achieve more

This is much more than just ‘exercise’

Super proud of you, Stephanie!

Well done!


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Ever feel like giving up?

There is no way I could do as much I as do if I didn’t love what I do

But even with this?

I still get days where I think

“can I really do this?”

Maybe I have piled loads of pressure on myself

Almost like “I should do xyz”

Because I saw someone else do it..

Then we get down and disheartened.

But you know what?

Getting out this starts by taking a simple step to:


most success is OVER EXAGGERATED


We are all different. 

I have two kids now, right?

a single guy who has more time on his hands than me…

He probably will get more done than me…

The thing is, this overwhelm we can feel

Will often come from expectations that we put on ourselves

Based on judgement on others

Of their life…

And I’m not saying ‘avoidance’ is the right strategy 

It never is

When it comes to any overwhelm or fear

(as I found out with pubic speaking)

But sometimes

Patience IS…

You see, you don’t always have to be DOING it all…

You just need to be doing.

And be aware of what you have learnt..

It’s why it annoys me when people put others down for trying to lose weight doing something 

They don’t agree with…

For me?

As long as they take what they learned from it?

This is key

As they now know what doesn’t work.

Which gives you more clarity

For what does work for you 

The way you feel…

So I guess I can sum it up with an old school quote from

Mark Twain (I think he’s said a few quotes…)

“Comparison is the death of joy”

You’re supposed to be happy.

Comparison does no-one any favours.


PLEASE… stop comparing your life, body, what you should be doing…

With someone else

Matt ‘resurrecting his joy’ Fruci

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PCOS & ‘what if I can’t’

Well done, Jo

So – as a nutritionist – I’m regularly attending courses / conferences (sometimes virtually <<< Thank you technology) 

To help me, help you

As ultimately, the better I am at doing that?

The better results I get..

That’s essentially how I am where I am today.

But anyway..

I was at a conference in Nottingham last year

And PCOS and women’s health came up..

(along with some interesting stuff on hot flushes and the menopause which I am trialling with a few of the ladies on our programme, some seeing great success with it)

And 2 supplements came up with some pretty good research which 

MAY be worth a try

(obviously alongside doing what you know you need to do with your nutrition and exercise 


  1. Vitamin D3 (benefits seen in immune system, mood, joints, muscular control, multiple sclerosis, certain cancers, seasonal affective disorder, blood sugar levels)


  1. Inositol (helps with insulin resistance and blood sugar levels)

Now, before I finish

I would say that

Before you get excited about these supplements…

To start at the start..

If you find yourself thinking what Jo was thinking:

“What if I can’t do the exercises as I’m so unfit that would be so embarrassing in a group environment “ 

Flip this around and and ask yourself:

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

As I can guarantee that regret is more exhausting the CLARITY…

Just like Jo said:

“I can try and I’m sure I will get better in time”. 

And the results:

This has absolutely happened, I can do a push up, & my bottom now actually leaves the floor in a hip thrust 🙌 and believe me that was no mean feat with my bottom 🍑

Matt totally put me at ease, I didn’t feel like a fat 40 something, I was a 40 something that can make a change! 😊

Awesome work, Jo.

Not to mention the fact she is now a nearly a dress size down in 4 weeks and losing weight (even with PCOS), happier and has more energy..

I hope this inspires you today…

Anyone can do it if you they want to do it

There is nothing magical about the above

Jo wanted to do it

Her story is inspirational 

And why I am sharing this with you today.

Matt ‘1% better’ Fruci

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What would you say? 😱

So this is very simple thing I have been doing ‘most’ mornings to help me to stop

Being so damn hard on myself.

Here’s what I do at the start of the day:

“If you were looking down at yourself right now as a coach looking in at your life from the outside in, what would you tell them to remind themselves of today?”

Now, I actually found it difficult to do this, especially when I’m feeling a bit tired. 

But the thing is..

What I did learn is how powerful and SIMPLE it is to treat yourself like you would your best friend / loved one..

Because I then reminded myself of what I have achieved..

and that I do deserve it….

Be it being invited to speak at several events in the next 6 months (and overcoming my fear of public speaking to do this <<< didn’t happen overnight)

Finishing my children’s story book (just waiting on illustrations <<< (waiting for Mrs Fruci to finish these wink wink)

Starting my next book to alongside my current book, Shift (which I am aiming to be finished and on Amazon by the end of the year)…

But not just what I have achieved..

But what I have:

Amazing family

The fact I GET to exercise.

I have the choice to pretty much do anything I want to in today’s world…providing I am willing to do the things I know I need to do

^^ Something that older generations would have dreamed of…I am just grateful that I am alive today and not 80 years ago…because despite what anyone says, the population has trebled, yet violence and conflict is lower…..That is a good thing, right? Why is that not on the news?

Anyway, my point is this

It is very easy to talk yourself down

Too easy

But just remember that you’re listening…

You see..

what you say >>> Will impact how you FEEL >>> How you feel will impact what you DO >>> what you DO will impact the results you get>> And REPEAT

So, ask yourself:

“If you were looking down at yourself right now as a coach looking in at your life from the outside in, what  you tell them to remind themselves of today?”