Month: May 2019

My #1 secret?

I’ll be honest, when I first started personal training (10 years ago now…) I wasn’t quite aware just how different personal training is from coaching… I used to literally train people for an hour, maybe give them a diet sheet and say ‘see you next week’… And it worked for some people… But what I …

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Do you ever eat avocado?

Did you see the Daily Mail headlines last week? They were claiming that avocado on toast is fattening.. So I thought I’d tidy this up with  A quick live video the other day on my Facebook page below: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO And if you enjoy my emails, and you want more? You …

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I don’t have time

I’ll be honest, I didn’t quite get it before I became a dad.  About just how much your life changes. Even with everyone saying: “Matt, good luck with the sleepless nights” “Your life will change forever” Of course, it’s the most amazing thing in the world. But I get that your priorities change. And that …

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