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Sunday morning in A & E….

So last weekend we

were staying in a hotel after visiting some family..

There was me and the Fruci family were

Watching the sunset (where’s the weather gone from last weekend? 🌞)

Looking at planes in the sky

And planning a trip abroad for next year…


Things took a little turn for the ‘worse’…

You see, if you know anything about going away with 2 babies?

You’ll know that it’s AT LEAST 4 trips to and from the car to unpack.

(How do such tiny humans need so much ‘stuff’? I literally have room for my T shirt and shorts ha)

So, anyway

I’m bringing  one of the travel ‘pop up’ cots upstairs with a suitcase

And as I bring the suitcase into the room

The door closes, leaving the bottom of the travel cot outside

For about 2 minutes.

I open the door and…

It’s gone…

“who takes a travel cot?”

Anyway, trying not to stress whilst babies are getting tired

And wanting to go to bed …in a bed that is no longer there.

Whilst trying to stay cool in a bedroom where the aircon had broken…

I speak to reception 

Who inform me they will ask the housekeeping team

To see if they picked it up

As they have travel cots that are EXACTLY the same.

And that we will have to move rooms as there is a problem with 

The air con..

So there I am…

Just after unpacking..

Packing up and moving rooms AGAIN..

I know it’s a small thing..

But – wow – it’s so easy to get frustrated with little things like this in the moment…

Especially when you’re a bit tired 

And the hotel staff then tell us they didn’t know where the travel cot is

And suggested:

“you should buy a new one” haha

This was just 2 minutes after a I was charged £14 for a glass of wine and soda water haha

You have to laugh..

Or at least I was…

Until my daughter then wakes up the next day

With a face looking like it’s triple the size of what it was…

Eyes swollen, cheeks ballooned…

She’d had an allergic reaction to 

Some suncream…

So after getting off the phone to them…

 off we went to A & E

(we even missed the hotel breakfast 😉)

Now, all was OK after a few hours…

But it’s always scary seeing any family member not well, right?

Funny thing?

Is how when you have perspective

The cot, the £14 wine and soda water, the broken air con

The little things…

Really don’t matter..

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well, there’s ‘problems’ in life…

And then there’s real problems…

And so often do we get stressed

About things that don’t really warrant the stress and ENERGY 

(which is so precious to you and me)

That we give them,,

So my advice?

Whenever something happens…

Before you push the ‘panic’ button 

And waste energy stressing and worrying 

Put a date in your diary for 3 days time

And call it ‘panic’

And if what you are STILL stressing and worrying about that ‘thing’?

Then panic about it then…

But I can guarantee..

That more often than not..

You won’t even remember what you were worried about..

And the best thing about that?

You can use the energy you would have wasted to control the things

That you can control…

Matt ‘where’s my cot gone’ Fruci

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Can I really see a difference in 4 weeks?

So I came across a metaphor the other day…

Which is particularly relevant if you ever say or think things like:

 “but I’ve only lost 3lbs so far – I’m so disappointed’ etc

Here it is:

Imagine I offered you £3million in cash right now OR 1p right now that doubles in value every day for just 30 days. 

Which would you choose?

Most people would choose the £3million now because they want the end result NOW. 

So lets say you do that & I get the penny.

Initially you’ll feel pretty smug. 

After one week my penny would be worth just 64p. 

After 2 weeks it’s worth just £81.92.

End of third week my penny is now worth £10,485.76. Not bad. 

But you’re still feeling smug with your instant 3million haha

Fast forward to day 30 though and my penny is now worth £5, 368,709.12 (yep, 5mil).

How is this possible? because of compounding. Google it if you don’t believe pastedGraphic.png😉

This point of this metaphor is this: 

instead of looking for massive ‘wins’ like 

“I need to lose a stone fast” etc 

Focus on the small wins, do them every single day, and let the compounding effect work its magic.

Just like we do in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme.

Here’s what Ali said after just 4-weeks:

“Matt’s knowledge about nutrition, habits and exercise is fantastic. 

The exercise sessions I went to were a revelation to me. 

I used to exercise regularly but had got out of the habit. 

I found the boxing element to be great fun and much more of a work out than I expected. 

He makes every session fun so you don’t know you’re working hard. 

I’ve found the daily nudges to do short fitness challenges and drink water to be so useful that I’ve already incorporated them into my daily routine. 

He really knows how to keep you motivate and to make small changes that are sustainable. 

I’d highly recommend Matt :)”

Small habits, compound effect!

To give you the kickstart to get results like Naomi, Cassie, Julie, Penny, Annette and co HERE

And make your small, daily actions a habit…

Just like Tanya said here:

“Weighed myself and found I’ve lost weight despite not logging food 

(I think my eating habits might be becoming second nature?!)”

Like anything though.

The only way to see if it will work for you?

Is to start TODAY

With some small, simple habits

Matt ‘simple’ Fruci

PS. If you’d like more info on our next 4-Week Kickstart Programmes in Burbage and Marlborough for ladies 40+

Reply with the subject line ‘4-week’ and I’ll get you the details.

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Pear Cider In The Bath?

So something I’m pretty big on

Is being there for baby bath time..

We play loud music (often baby shark or Moves Like Jagger haha)

Dance around


Sometimes have tears

But most of the time

It’s all good fun and laughing…

Special moments..

But the other evening

I was in a bit of rush as we had dinner late (late now being 530pm haha)

As I needed to get ready for our evening session.

So I said to my 2-year old daughter after we finished off our dinner:

“Right, bath time!”

And off we went..

But then she turned around asked for a pear…

And my initial thought was

“A pear? In the bath?”


Or is it?

I mean, I remember getting ready for a night out at university…

Having a beer in the shower.

A pear cider in the bath…

(as you do)

But what this did is remind me to question my own beliefs about what I define

As ‘normal’…

Which might be holding me back.

Because the more you question “your Normal” vs what’s “natural”

The easier time you’ll have challenging bad habits / beating yourself up for setbacks / and most importantly …

understanding exactly where you went wrong..

You know…

Like, it might be “normal” BUT NOT NATURAL to:

 Define your self-worth by the opinion of others

 Define your progress by the scales

 Seek a magic supplement when you get a bit ill or injured (forgetting that time is usually the healer…)

 dip a rich tea biscuit in a cuppa

 eat as little as possible in the hope of weight loss

 think you need to be dripping with sweat to see progress

(in fact…I’d say that if you focus on getting results with the minimum amount “stress” in time and energy…you’ll probably stick to it long enough to see the results you want AKA time is the secret)

 beat yourself up for not being perfect

 moan about slow WiFi in Caffè Nero and a lack of gluten free options on the menu at the Italian

 be stressed about the weather, roadworks and Brexit (making the things we can control: exercise, how we feel, what we eat, how we treat loved ones, what we do, say..take more effort)

 expect fat loss to be linear..progress in anything isn’t linear…

Just remember that “normal” is not always “natural”…

So if there’s something holding you back..

Stopping you from progressing?

Ask yourself:

Am I believing something that I define as “normal” but isn’t “natural” or even real?

Matt ‘fancy a cider?’ Fruci

PS. for more info on our 4-Week Kickstart Programme in Marlborough or Burbage, just email me at and I’ll get you the details

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

​I may not be the Easter bunny, but today I do have another surprise for you 🙂

Don’t worry, I’m not here to tell you to eat protein chocolate eggs or anything like that.
Just double check that your easter egg is toxin free 😉

^^^ more on that another day…especially as 99.9% of toxins in vegetables are actually from the plants themselves that they produce to protect themselves and not pesticides, whether organic or not…

But for today…

I have a few things for you to help with​​ one of the most common things I see when working with ladies..

Which​​ is that you have so LITTLE time for you

Spinning many plates at once – work, domestic work at home, food, shopping, child care and caring of elderly parents.

In fact, the average working day for a women starts at 6:23am and finishes at 8:31pm…

I get it. I mean, how Mrs Fruci remembers to do all the little things that make everything in our household tick over, I don’t know.

All made worse with the fact I leave cupboard doors open

and never my shoes away ….​​


And it’s exactly why we look for the smaller, simplest change in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme 

(which just so happens to start after Easter next week…for more info just reply with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details)​​
Small changes so you can BUILD momentum

and do it even on your busiest day…

That’s why I do short home workouts in our click n play home workouts area for the ladies on our programme.

Because a 5 minute workout is still a 5 minute workout…

and 5 is better than 0…​​​​​​

But to help you today, I’ve got 2 surprises for you:

1) My free training on how to get yourself do the things you know you need to do where I go through how to change the way you feel, burn off anxiety, and finally get out of your own way >>> CLICK HERE TO WATCH 

2) An Easter Home Workout: 
[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’0′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’0′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video]

Matt ‘yoker’ Fruci

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How Naomi Lost 1.5 stone and 6.5 inches (without it feeling hard)

So here’s what Naomi said after just 12 weeks (Naomi explains how she did it in the video here: watch the video above) 

“So far in 12 weeks I’ve lost a stone and half and 6 and a half inches off my waist
which is massive for me.
And I feel 100% better.
My skin, my hair…everything.
But it’s not been hard to change.
Every other diet I’ve done, you can’t eat this or that.
But now if I want a drink or I’m eating out
I can cater my day around it.
I’m really enjoying the exercise sessions.
Which is something I never thought I’d say.
I’ve tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World before. And I lose weight.
But I don’t get that energy from that I get from the exercise.
And it’s making me better in how I feel in myself from doing the exercise.
I’m eating differently.
I’m not hungry.
which is big for me.
As that was my problem.
my problem was snacking”
Well done, Naomi 🙂 Awesome work!!
You can check out how Naomi looked after just 4 weeks in above

But the thing is…

Everywhere you look, the fitness industry litters Before and After photos – used as a way

to help others believe in the relative companies products and services.

Slimming World.
Herbal Life
Slim Fast.
Cambridge Diet.
All endorsed by slimmer looking celebrities
For sure, they’re eye catching

But I kind of think that we’ve all become a bit bored of them…
They no longer have the impact that they used to.
I think that one of the reasons is that anyone can download google images of a before and after story and claim it as
their own. 

we do see lots of amazing transformations in our Programmes in Marlborough and Burbage (just like these ladies here – it’s what we specialise in after all 

—> specifically for ladies over 40 years old.

But their story is nearly ALWAYS more powerful.

Of course, a picture can paint a 1000 words etc.. (as Naomi’s does above)

But you can’t beat a STORY, right?
Which brings me on to Naomi’s story…
Naomi saw one of our adverts last year and having got to a point in her life where

she knew she needed to make a change for HERSELF

she reached out and joined our Programme.

Her her worries.

Could she do it? If these ladies here can do it, surely I can?

Is this legit?​​​​​ 
She had tried other stuff in the past – the usual things (as she said…Slimming World / Weight Watchers / classes).

Lost weight before..

But never quite had the energy she now has from the exercise.

So just​​ a couple of points that I would love to draw your attention to in the post.
Although the weight lost sounds impressive [and it is] –
it works out
at LESS than 2lbs per week on average….

​​which many people would give up on after a 
This type of result is only achievable by being consistent.
Consistent positive weekly habits regarding nutrition and exercise.

We provide a personalised and totally flexible nutrition system to help out…

So you can still eat the foods you and your family love – even with a sweet tooth.

Now as much as losing this weight and dropping a couple of dress sizes is great…

The knock on effect, as Naomi mentions, is how happy she feels.

Confidence, fitness and energy.

It’s an amazing feeling.

And – for sure – everything is just easier when you have more energy and confidence.

Eating healthily 

the motivation​​

Saying yes to social events and the things you want to do…

Wearing clothes you want to wear (rather than ones that hide the bits we don’t like )


Speaking up in meetings at work…


Naomi also mentions about the exercise.

As Naomi said:

“I’m really enjoying the exercise sessions.

Which is something I never thought I’d say.”

Unfortunately, most ladies come to me with the ‘experience’ of exercise is something that is boring
or intimidating.

Classes can be monotonous and you can easily get lost amongst a large group where no one even knows your name and checks up on you if you don’t turn up or go through a hard time.

And we’ve all felt the eye balls staring at the back of our heads when walking into
a brand new gym…not really knowing where anything is.

To summarise then.

What I believe to be the key ingredients to success to any transformation:

✅ Commit to 3 exercise sessions per week (these can be as short as 5 minutes…1>0)

✅ Commit to making positive changes to nutrition without giving up the things you love.

✅ Do something that is FUN.

✅ Do something where you feel comfortable.

✅ Don’t try and figure this stuff out yourself – choose something where you are supported / encouraged and can get questions answered.

✅ Set a goal but focus more on the daily habits that will help you achieve that goal (this is what we do with the areas of Food, Fitness and Focus)
You DO NOT have to be special.
There is nothing heroic about the above.

Anyone can do it – if they want to.

Naomi definitely wanted to.

PS. We have just 6 places left on our 4-Week Kickstart Programmes For Ladies 40+ starting in Marlborough and Burbage AFTER EASTER.

If you’d like more info?

Just email me at with subject line ‘4 week’

and I’ll get you the details. ​​​​
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This is more important than motivation

Most ladies come to me saying they lack motivation.

But quite often it’s not actually motivation that’s the issue.

You see, you probably know WHY

You want to get healthy…

 to make everyday tasks easier, like walking, climbing stairs.

 improve health and reduce risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease

 fit your clothes better

 be less out of breath and feel fit

 feel happier

Whatever it is…

But despite knowing the reasons why…

you still find yourself going back into old habits..

That stop you getting the results you want.

And – for me – this is where energy comes in.

You see, when you feel better and have more energy?

Everything is easier, right?

 Making better food choices.

 patience in traffic

 having the motivation to exercise

Everything is easier…

So how do you protect your energy?

Well, if you don’t take self-care seriously then at some point your body just takes over …

maybe you burnout (I’ve been there)

Get a cold..

Poor sleep..

Lack energy…

Which takes things totally out of your hands.

But If I’m proactive then I’m in control

and it reduces my vulnerability to illness, feeling drained and burning out

It’s why we set you 3 simple habits personalised to you in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

In the areas of

Food, Fitness, and Focus / Fun…

Which means you prioritise YOU (for once)

And – dare I say it- feel better.

Which is pretty cool..

Especially when you consider that how you feel impacts

What you DO

And what you DO

impacts the results you get.

Now, I can’t say which area of Food, Fitness or Focus is the most important for you right now.

But my advice to you today?

Write a list of 5 things that make you feel happy / you find fun…

And do one of these today.

See how it makes you feel…

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I feel rubbish today…

I’d by lying to you if I said that I never get up in the morning and think

“I feel like 💩 today…

I could do with a duvet day”

It doesn’t happen often

I can usually clock what it’s telling me:

“I need to spend less time on my phone before bed so I get to bed earlier”

“I need to do more things that make me FEEL GOOD”

“I need to focus on how I WANT TO FEEL rather than how I DON’T WANT TO FEEL”

You see, you get what you focus on…

So if you’re constantly focusing on how you DON’T WANT TO FEEL

You say things like:

“I wish I wasn’t so stressed”

“I hate feeling anxious”

“I want to stop feeling so tired”

Your brain will focus on that…

Now, as happy clappy / unicorn dancing on rainbows, as this sounds…

just consider this:

YOU are in control of how you feel!

Sure, people can say things to you.

Do things you don’t agree with

(like promote skinny coffee and detox weight loss supplements to teenagers )

But how you respond is completely up to you.

You can dwell. Spend your energy stressing about something you CANNOT control

Or decide to put this energy to good use and focus on what you can control…

So, for me, I can spend my life stressing over the nonsense weight loss supplements out there which teach people nothing about habits & simple use celebs to sell them…


I can just use this energy to write and share what really works every, single day…

And help people FEEL better about themselves, make better decisions about their eating and exercise habits, and -dare I say it – enjoy this exercise and fitness stuff

After all, it’s supposed to compliment your life

NOT complicate it.

And if you feel better?

Everything is easier.

The never ending ‘to do’ list becomes more manageable.

The aches and pain you have get better.

The willpower in the evenings gets better.

You feel more in control.

A sense that YOU CAN DO THIS.

Matt “feels like 💩” Fruci

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What Julie Said On Facebook

So Julie put this post below in our private group for our programme

And -even Julie- was amazed at the response she had from the other ladies.

It seemed to HUGELY resonate…

Anywhere, I thought more ladies could benefit from hearing this…

So Julie said it was OK to share with you.

Here it is:

“Sat in Edinburgh airport I just wanted to share this….. it’s a year since I joined Fruci Fit and it’s been a journey.

I didn’t realise til this morning how powerful Matt’s subliminal messaging & approach is……. & that if you open your mind to it you CAN achieve success.

Why this morning did I think this? I’m back on tour (AKA travelling extensively for work) = Dundee today. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

😱A year ago I’d be grumbling to Matt…..

‘it was all very well saying eat healthily but when in the arse end of no where (I’m often in areas where there’s a kebab, pub & not much else)

So how was healthy possible, particularly when menus consist of 💩 & chips.’

No matter what suggestions Matt made I just rejected these cos I didn’t BELIEVE them possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I embraced all the suggestions when in the comfort of home,

but the one place I saw as difficult, challenging I rebelled like a petulant child.🤬

Matt talks about being consistent & persistent = DO… EVIDENCE….. RESULTS…. REPEAT (sorry probably got that bit wrong) & positive things start to happen…. & they did.

But when travelling & away from home = eating was still quite rubbish .

Now increasing my protein has been a real winner… less hunger 👏👏. It’s been a real saviour on my journey + hearing how other ladies used them.

Today for first time I applied that learning in earnest as I returned to being away…..

I packed a pot with protein powder, flax seed, oats + at breakfast got some milk, berries, yoghurt = filling which has kept me going whilst dashing…… attending back to back meetings all day, jumping in and out of taxis, 🚂 and ✈️.

Amazing why was my default
‘that won’t work’….. ‘can’t do that’…..?

Why do we see the impossible rather than MAKE it possible?

Have I eaten rubbish today = no & whilst I don’t get home til midnight tonight I’ll have at least eaten healthily.

don’t wait a year to open your mind and MAKE it happen”


Well done, Julie.

But the most powerful part for me?

“Amazing why was my default
“that won’t work”…… “I can’t do that”……?”

True, right?

How often do we dismiss change

Perhaps because it’s scary? Different?

As Julie says:

“Why do we see the impossible rather than MAKE it possible?”

So I’ll finish with Julie’s final message:

“don’t wait a year to MAKE it happen”

And if you’d like more info about our next 4-Week Kickstart Programmes in Marlborough and Burbage,

Just message me at with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details

And I’ll get you the details


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How to take control of comfort eating

So I was chatting to one of the ladies on our Fit For Life Programme the other day about

comfort eating..

It’s probably the number one thing the ladies say they struggle with when they come to me…

They know what to do.

They know why they want to do it…

But this still doesn’t stop them making

excuses and doing anything but the thing they want to do…

be it having control of eating OR exercising..


She was saying that it usually happens in the evening.

after dinner

bit of boredom sets in.

she sits down for the first time..

stressful day…

maybe the wine comes out, too..

And before you know it…

the crisps are out and it’s F it…

what’s the point.. ‘I’m rubbish’…

But the thing is..

She has a learned behaviour to turn to crisps after a long day…

When she is feeling good and has loads of willpower…she does NOT eat crisps..

(no one messes up their ‘diet’ at breakfast, right? it’s not that common to eat chocolate cake for breakfast…and think ‘why did I do that…?”)

So the association she has learned is:

Stress …tired = eat crisps..

And – stress – isn’t going anywhere..

That’s life..

So this might seem a bit strange…

But – and the research backs this up- what if you had this so-called ‘bad’ food

when you were having a good day?

When you were more in control?

Would you enjoy it more?

Savour it ?

Rather than it be some restrictive REACTION

where you now eat it whilst beating yourself up about it?

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Eat more to lose fat

So, one thing I noticed when taking my daughter to a farm was that the

goats are CONSTANTLY on the lookout for food. 

Every time a human walks past?

They have a competition to see who can stick their heads out of the wooden posts the most to get closer to the human

who MAY have some food to give to them. 

And it got me thinking about ‘hunger’ and what true hunger actually is.

You see, when trying to lose weight

hunger can make it more difficult. And it’s why the science has looked at this and found what the most filling foods are:

* Protein

* Fibre / veggies

* High volume foods that contain a lot of water like soups and stews

* And the most filling food of all according to research? The boiled white potato believe it or not


You see, you may have heard ‘nutrition’ / weight loss gurus / ‘top doctors’ on BBC lol, and even me, say this:

“Eat more and lose weight” 

Now, without any context…

this is completely WRONG.

Because if you eat too many calories, you will not lose weight…

But if you ‘eat more’ of the super filling, higher volume foods (like the ones above)?

You will FEEL like you are more full up and satisfied and ‘feel’ like you are ‘eating more’…

After all, when you eat higher protein foods

your hunger hormones that tell you to eat go


and it makes you feel full up…

Compare this to when you have more choice of foods (like at the buffet)

this gets the taste buds tingling…

and makes you eat more…

Then throw in more processed foods, higher fat / sugary foods?

and they make you FEEL GOOD (at least in the short term)

which makes you want more.

so you chase that dopamine / feel good hit AGAIN…

(probably one some people tell me how easy it is to eat themselves sick with chocolates…)

just like the old Pringle advert

‘one you pop you can’t stop’

Now, I’m not saying you have to avoid any foods..

but if certain foods trigger you?

Just be aware that you probably can’t rely on your willpower to tell you to stop before you get the end of the packet…

It’s why I have to be careful eating peanut butter out of the jar 😂😂

I have to create an environment that makes it EASY

to make health, good decisions…

Be it having all snacks away in cupboard…

having some precut veggies in the fridge (you are 3 times more like to eat the first thing you see than the 5th)

or carrying a piece of fruit, Babybel, Beef jerky…when on the go…

So that I don’t create an environment

where I’m like one of those ‘goats’ staring at all the glorious food in my kitchen…

my point is that it can be misleading to follow your hunger signals…

because certain types of foods can keep you more full up than others even though

the calories are the same.

Just like, if someone brings a cake into the office and

you feel ‘mouth hungry’ all of a sudden…


THERE IS research that eating more calories can help with WEIGHT loss..


Well, 2 scenarios:

1) If someone has been dieting for a while, going through a stressful period etc.. and increases calories…

This can actually decrease water retention and help with weight loss

So question for you:

Have you been trying to lose weight for so long that you feel stressed by the whole situation?

should you chase health first?

2) Eating more calories may help someone STICK to the diet for longer, which means they get better results 

(rather than trying to eat 500 calories for a few days then blowing out for the rest of the week)

That’s it for today…

Matt ‘greedy goats’ Fruci