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£100 for a few hours sleep?

So a very rare moment happened last week.

Me and Mrs Fruci had about 6 hours of  “baby free” time.

(In laws 🙏🙏)

We went for a morning spa at Center Parcs.

Loads of different saunas, steam rooms, quiet rooms, spa, pool, jacuzzi… to name it! 

We spent the morning together, going into all 15 rooms or so that they have before going for a “brunch” (gluten free, obviously 😉)

And then I spent the next 2 hours…sleeping in a “meditation” “quiet room” 

It was the best thing ever.

But as Mrs Fruci said: 

“You could just sleep at home”

And it’s true. 

Some would say I wasted time just sleeping…

But my point here is that I wouldn’t have done it at home


Because there’s always something I could be doing:

✅ emails
✅ Facebook messages 
✅ coaching calls
✅ nappy changing 
✅ washing (vital with a 2 year old and a 5 month old baby)

That I feel “are more important” than looking after me / self care / sleep.

That just “has to be done”

Ever get that?

It’s why I personally work with a coach myself to keep me accountable.

I have to check in with them every week and simply do the the things I know I need to do.

Might sound a bit strange, but I need the kick up the bum sometimes to kickstart myself into DOING (the secret to getting the results you want)

It’s similar to what the ladies I work with tell me.

They often know what to do. But need a kickstart / some motivation / a plan / routine so they can get into healthy habits with their exercise and relationship with food.

That’s where there’s such a focus in our programme on helping them overcome the procrastinating and reasons why they say they can’t

(Be it failed before, willpower, or injuries / lack of mobility)

So they can do it and stick to it long enough to get the results they want..

(That’s where making it fun comes in & fitting it to your lifestyle…)

Because it’s one thing knowing what to do, but a completely different thing to actually DO it..

It’s like comparing 

  1. your other half telling you to swim more 


  1. A physio telling you to swim more

I can guarantee you’ll do more swimming with number 2..

Sometimes I just need some to be in a dark room, with some relaxing music WITH NO PHONE to force me to switch off and relax..

Just like sometimes I need a hygienist to tell me to floss my teeth

Matt “sleeping beauty” Fruci

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1 step forward, 2 steps back

I must have jinxed it when i posted about how my train was actually on time…
I was in Newcastle last week getting my learn on and creating loads of new stuff for our programme.
It’s great to get out and meet other people doing similar stuff to me and learn from them.
That’s how you improve, right?
But when it got to the end of the day
I was offered a lift back to a metro station closer to where i needed to go
Which meant I could save a 10 minute walk.
Although I debated saying ‘no’ as I actually needed to stretch my legs & have a walk..
I still said yes.
out of pure convenience…Or so I thought.
It turned out that when I got to the train station.
The line was closed and I had to wait for a train to go back to where I was
To then get the train back…
Talk about one step forward, 2 steps back.
And it’s similar to what I hear from ladies everyday looking to kickstart their health, fitness and the way they feel.
They know what to do. Start something and get some good results
But just don’t stick to it.
Old habits creep back in.
Self sabotaging thoughts come in..
And we’re back to where we started.
Just like I was in Newcastle.
And it’s why something I teach inside my 4-week Kickstart Programme
Is that your current way of thinking will only get you so far.
And how challenging your beliefs (which are thoughts that you choose to believe in such a powerful way that your behaviour confirms to them)
Creates new healthy habits that you may never have thought you had the willpower or motivation to create …
Just like Julie did here 
Keeping the weight off even 3 years later, transforming her body shape and making this healthy and fitness stuff fit for her lifestyle
(Rather than some quick weight loss thing you do for a few weeks to lose a few lbs again).
Matt “one step forward, two steps backwards” Fruci

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

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Mrs Fruci Files For Divorce?

I was packing the car

Putting all the boxing gloves and equipment I needed for our morning session on our programme

And I noticed that there were blue footprints all over the carpet 😱😱

Either there was a smurf following me around 


I’d stepped on to the chalk that my 2 year old daughter uses outside on the path…


Not only do I now hold the record for most number of cupboard doors left open

But have I now stained the carpet?

Luckily, the carpets did not stain and – as I write this – me and Mrs Fruci are still married.

Happily married, I should say 😉

But here’s where I really noticed something interesting about myself

You see, I said to myself that “I didn’t have time” to clear up the chalk

Yet I had time enough time to

“Accidentally” step in the chalk 

bring it in the house AGAIN…

And try to scrub it out of the carpet.​​

Yep, I put my foot in it…AGAIN

(as I do all too often)

Why am i sharing this?

Well, the thing I was putting off doing

Took less effort and time to actually DO than avoiding it and dealing with the consequences….

You see, we think that putting the thing we need to do off will make our life easier. 

But the truth Is, it just gives us this “false lift” 

Which doesn’t last long..

Leaving us in the exact same position (or worse)

Stressing, putting it off, beating ourselves up for feeling that we need to do it but can’t…

So my advice to you today?

Whatever you’re putting off. 

Do it.

Don’t worry about what the easiest way to do it is yet.

​​You’ll figure that out by…

you guessed it

DOING it​​​​

Just remember:

“The easiest way to do it today, is to do it”

Matt ‘happily married’ Fruci

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

PPS. Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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Fad Diets & 3 Words From JK Rowling

“Oh, Pi$$ off”

^^ That was JK Rowling’s response as she sipped her cup of tea at 7am and saw a post on social media saying:

“The world’s most successful people start their day at 4am”

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, those 3 little words from JK Rowling are exactly what

I’ve ended up doing in this fitness and diet industry MANY TIMES…

You see, the amount of diet tips and theories that I used to believe (and do)

even whilst at University…

makes me a cringe a bit

I’d even blog about this stuff 

Because I thought it was the only way to do it…

The worst part? 

Some of the stuff was actually being taught to us…

On the basis that: ‘if it is written in a textbook, it must be true” …

Or worse?

If it’s ‘alternative’ and a bit different… it must be true…

Anyway, I thought I’d share these 7 ‘myths’ that I actually believed and did 

As a reminder to you to challenge your beliefs and question what you think, daily…oh…and so that you tell people these 3 famous words from JK Rowling if anyone tells you have to do them 😉

Yep, I was wrong…at least 7 times haha

1)  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – 

Well, actually, skipping breakfast could actually help you lose weight…and give you more flexibility to enjoy your food in the evening when you finally sit down…

And this is something I find to be quite common with many of the ladies I work with, mainly because they’re either not hungry in the morning or so busy that they just grab anything, thinking that something is better than nothing. 

If you like breakfast, eat breakfast. If you’re not hungry until mid morning? Why not have your breakfast then? It’s simply a personalised choice that makes it easier to create a calorie deficit. Whether you have brekkie or not, just ask yourself: does it help me get in a calorie deficit and control my food intake over the day?

2) Eating after 6pm will make you fat –

I used to think that because you’re less active in the evening (hanky panky excluded. Pre baby, of course ) that anything you eat is more likely to be stored as fat.

Truth is, you are burning and storing fat all day. It doesn’t matter when you eat. It’s simply down to personal preference AKA what’s the best times to eat to help you curb hunger and control your food intake over the day?

3) Carbs make you fat –

It does make sense. Carbs turn into sugar and sugar can be converted into fat. But EXCESS energy can be stored as fat, be it from carbs, fats, protein or even broccoli

4) You can eat as much as you want if it’s ‘healthy’ –

Avocados, nuts, seeds, peanut butter…I could go on. Super healthy, right? Help yourself, I once thought. 

And where I had quite a poor relationship with food, these so-called healthy foods meant I had less guilt about overeating on them.

BUT…just because they are healthy, they still contain fats, sugars and calories, which can make you gain weight in EXCESS.

5) You have to give up the foods you crave –

Feed the cravings once in a while. If it stops you having your head in the biscuit tin? This can only be a good thing. 

Now, that said, depending on where you are with your relationship with food, it may be that for a period of time you – at least – remove certain foods out of your house. 

6) Going gluten free helps you lose weight –

This CAN help you lose weight. But it’s usually because you give up bread and pasta and starting eating more protein and veggies…not because of the gluten .

And if you start having gluten free breads, cakes and chocolate brownies (now available gluten free in Costa…) your chances overeating and gaining weight will probably go up…

In fact, because I have an allergy to gluten, when I eat it, I can’t put on ANY weight. Sounds good, but I’m literally spending my life sitting on the toilet  I absorb no food and have ZERO energy.

7) Weight loss is all willpower and motivation –

There’s no doubt there is some willpower involved. 

But do we rely too much on willpower or lack of motivation because we don’t know WHY we are doing it in the first place?

For you? For your family? Your health? Confidence? Wearing the clothes you want to wear again?

Do you take on soooo much at once, forgetting that just adding in ONE new habit today will get you closer to your health and fitness goals? 

It’s why if you maintain your weight loss for more than 12 months, it becomes easier…

Because you’ve practiced the required action (perhaps with the support of others to help you stay motivated) and created simple habits that you do – almost – AUTOMATICALLY 

^^^ And it is THIS that probably explains why the ladies have achieved such great results in our Programme here

No potions, pills or magic wands. 

Just support from like-minded ladies, a personalised fitness and food plan thats fit for your lifestyle, and accountability to make sure that you do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want.

Moral of today?

Challenge your beliefs, daily. Question your thoughts, daily.

Be open to change. 

After all, just looking around the supermarket today compared to 5 years ago:

✅ Ice creams with little sugar, 1/3 of the calories and less fat

✅ More plant based foods and veggies

✅ calorie controlled ready meals 

✅ Less plastic 

✅ Salads in McDonalds and Subway lol

I could go on 

and I’m not saying any of these approaches are right or wrong, or “perfect”

My point is that if the food industry is listening and changing..

and making it easier to make healthier choices ?

So can you 🙂

Matt ‘oh pi$$ off’ Fruci

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

PPS. Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH


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How Julie Lost 21lbs and Transformed Her Body Shape & Energy Without Giving Up Her Favourite Foods or spending hours working out

Here’s what Julie said about me last week:

“Before I started, I got to a stage in my life where I put on about two stone. I tried lots of different things, like Weight Watchers. I felt very unhappy with my body shape and the excess weight. 

I’d lost weight and put it back on again and again. So, I was worried about doing something, and then just getting back to square one yet again.
I’ve now lost a total of 21 pounds. My body shape has definitely changed and I can see that. I’ve had three years now where I’ve kept the weight off. I haven’t done that for the last 20 years probably.
I’ve always, always focused on weight and I think one of the things with doing this, it’s helped change the way I do think about things. So it’s not just weight, it’s the body shape, the toning, the lifestyle and the whole sort of mindset focus on what I’m trying to achieve.
It’s helped me stick to it. It’s the encouragement, the motivation, everything that you do, and if I’m sort of struggling a little bit and not feeling like doing something, all of a sudden something, a message, pops up on my phone or my iPad and it’s from you saying, “Hi, how’s things going?” And that just keeps me going.”
Well done, Julie!!

As Julie mentioned. She had tried things before…diets, Slimming clubs and a bunch of different stuff. Like we all have..

Sound familiar? 

Here’s what Julie did differently: 

1- Found a type of diet & food programme that SUITED HER LIFESTYLE 

2- Became accountable to ME and a group of women on the same mission 

3- Did the simple things consistently using our ‘Big Brother’ accountability system which simplifies this health and fitness stuff to just 3 simple tasks a day.

and that’s exactly what we do inside our 4 Week Kickstart Programme (which starts next week).
for more info, just email with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details.
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No willpower of motivation? What to do about it

What I am really enjoying lately

Is having a little plate of cheese before bed..

As I did last night after me and Mrs Fruci got back from a baby free date night…

Now to some people?

the snacking on cheese at night would be ‘bad’…a trigger to binge eat?

to others?

it’s a high protein, high calcium, super tasty, filling snack…

So who’s right?

Well, neither of us…

But what I want to get to the bottom of day today is exactly how your beliefs shape your so-called:

lack of willpower or motivation…

this is why one of the things we go through FIRST inside our 4 Week Kickstart

are your beliefs.

Which are thoughts you have given SOOOO much attention to that you now believe them to be true & is dominating your behaviour…

I mean, you only have to look at some of the crimes and murders out there to see just how powerful beliefs can be in framing what someone does..

Scary, right?

Luckily, we’re just talking about your belief that you ‘lack willpower’ and “motivation” to do the things you probably know you need to do.

But you see, unless you question these thoughts

This powerful little belief will get stronger and stronger

And the more you think about this belief as it is, without questioning it?

The more you’ll define yourself (like it’s in your DNA) as the person with no willpower.

Which is where it gets messy. Very messy

As you start to combine feelings with thoughts and it becomes an experience in your mind.

A bit like what happened to me with my fear of public speaking.

I’d DECIDED that I was going to be nervous.

I’d already imagined myself going red in the face, shaking, nervous…

So guess what would happen?

Until, of course, I started to question my beliefs.

By simply asking this question:



If you say:

“I have no willpower”

Ask yourself:

“What does this mean?”

Answer I might get might be ‘I just can’t stop eating sugar’, ‘I can’t motivate myself to do it” etc.

But when I ask the question back:

Is it 100% true you can’t stop eating sugar?

or that you have no motivation?

After all, you wouldn’t be reading this if you had no motivation, right?

This is exactly why I did a whole training on this motivation and willpower stuff in a live seminar for the ladies our programme and went over it again in our live Question and Answer session on Thursday evening.

So it becomes clear on how you can create motivation and willpower and stop “falling off the bandwagon”

Matt ‘have a GRATE day 🧀’ Fruci

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

PPS. Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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Can you choose where you lose fat from?

So I got this message from Julia last week

Well done, Julia. 

Fitter, stronger, better mobility, and fitting back into old clothes that were too tight.

But one thing I’ll briefly touch in is about what Julia said about her weight and waist not going down as “desired”

Because it’s not gone as desired YET…

You see, Julia is still lighter and slimmer around the waist

Plus has obviously lost body fat in other areas to fit into her jacket and boots

Showing how you can’t choose where you’ll lose fat fastest (but what you can do is target certain areas with exercise to make them look more defined and “toned”)

Which is just a reminder for you NOT to let 

One number on a scale make you stop! 

As you may end missing out on all of these benefits 

Such as…

Getting fitter, stronger, improved mobility, and fitting back into old clothes that were too tight.

Oh, and not to mention probably the most important one, as Julia puts it:

“I feel so much better”

Because how you feel impacts what you DO >>> which dictates whether you get the results you want.

That’s why we concentrate on 3 areas  in our programme:

✅ Food – a personalised nutrition plan fit for your lifestyle 

✅ Fitness – being better than you were yesterday. We give you access to short 5 minute workout you can do at home PLUS up to 3 workouts with me every week

✅ Focus – prioritising you and doing something that makes you feel good everyday. As we know that comfort / stress eating is one of the main reasons we fail to stick to anything 

Oh, and I nearly forgot the most important part:

✅ ‘Big Brother’ Accountability check-ins and support from me (quite literally 24/7…the ladies even joke I pop up in their head when they least expect it) to help you do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want 

If you want to know more about our brand new 4 week programme opening up from next week 

for 8 ladies who want to put the healthy habits in place and get started again to get fit, feel better and fit back into old clothes 

Like Julia did. 

Just reply with the subject line “4 week” and I’ll get you the details


PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 3 ways I can help you think differently, get motivated, take control of your eating and exercise habits, and stop relying on ‘willpower’: 

1- Get a copy of my new book, Shift: Simple Guide Helping Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back  where I’ll show you how to get AND STAY motivated and lose weight


Or grab a hard copy of my book on Amazon HERE

2 – Join Our Signature 4-Week Kickstart Coaching Programme For Ladies 40+

This month, I’m opening up the opportunity to work with us inside of our ladies only coaching programme 4-Week programme, designed for women aged 40+ that want to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits. 

If you’d like to be coached by me on our ladies only programmes? Just email me at with the subject line ’4 Week’  

3- Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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Alcohol and losing weight

It’s a question I get a lot.
So I decided to do a quick 2 minute video on it for you above
But if you’re super busy
And just want the lowdown on this
Here’s a summary:
Alcohol contains calories
(7 calories a gram, in fact. Compared to 9 calories in a gram of fat and 4 calories in a gram of protein and carbs).
Which means that if you have alcohol?
It could reduce your chances of fat loss by making it harder to create a calorie deficit
But you could just cut back a bit somewhere else
To allow for a few drinks 🍷🍷
After all, a glass of wine is only about 150 calories or so…
So who am I to say you can’t have a few drinks?

Especially if you could make some changes elsewhere
Or you’re happy with your results…
One thing to consider?
What happens after you drink…
If you’re like me?
You get a bit peckish.
The snacks might come out
You just end up eating more
You might also not sleep so well
And what happens if you’re tired ? Lacking sleep?
Well, you might eat more
Throw the menstrual cycle in there
Perhaps perimenopause
Hot flushes?
And all of a sudden, you’re tired and needing more energy
Making the sugar quick fix an easy option…
But it’s not all doom and gloom..
You see, you’ve got to consider what makes you happy.
1. losing 1/2 a lb a week (2-3 stone a year) whilst enjoying your favourite foods and 🍷
2. Perhaps losing 1-2lbs a week but giving up the foods you love and making it a chore
Of course, there has to be some compromise
But I just want you to consider what really makes you happy?
Is there a huge rush with this “weight loss” stuff?
What if you just aimed to get fitter?
Create better habits over time?
Without it being this time- consuming chore?
Would it be easier to stick to?
Anyway, best go.
That was a bit of tangent in the end
Matt “loves a tangent” Fruci

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

PPS. Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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“I Just Can’t Get You Out Of Me Head”

“I just can’t get you out of my head”

Love a bit of Kyle Minogue 👌 it was on yesterday when I was in Newcastle talking everything nutrition, new app AND…

some exciting things coming soon to help you do the things you know you need to do 

Even when you’re lacking focus and motivation 

But for now, I’ll let Sue do the talking:

“found Matt in my head this morning as I went to put a leftover in my mouth. 
It’s the little things / habits that see us win in a month etc  
So I put it in the bin “
And this is a huge win

Like, how many people do you know that 

Can eat until they’ve had enough 

Rather than be stuffed?

It’s a habit that’s soooo overlooked when it comes to this health and fat loss stuff

With the focus often on those anxiety-filled weekly weigh ins 

Rather than celebrating what your body can do

By getting fitter

And becoming self aware of things you do

The habits you have 

And your beliefs that are so powerful that your behaviour confirms to them

That’s why we start by challenge them

And this isn’t an overnight quick fix…

It can take time

But everyone is different..

Just check out how amazing Naomi is looking just 3 weeks in here:

Well done, Naomi!​​

Just by taking care of 3 habits a day

With her food, fitness and focus (something for herself / taking care of number one)

And that’s exactly what we do in my brand new 4 week transformation programme for ladies 40+ that want to look and feel better 

If this is you?

email me at with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details

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“Would you like a glass of water with that?”

“Would you like a glass of water with that?” I ask

“No thanks” they reply, sipping their coffee 
*i go and get myself a glass of water and come back back a glass of water for them too*
“Oh did you say wanted a glass of water?” <<< that’s me pretending that I couldn’t remember if they wanted a glass of water
“No I didn’t but that’s ok.” They reply 

Then 30 minutes into the coaching meeting we have where we go over what they want and give them some clarity on what they need to do to get there 

You know that glass of water they did NOT ask for?

Well, they drank it.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, your environment matters

The more convenient you make healthy choices…the easier it is 

Have prepared fruit and veg at eye height in the fridge (you’re 5 times More likely to eat the first thing you see than the 5th)

Keep your toaster out of sight (it’s a reminder of food and makes it conveniently have “another round of toast and butter)

I could go on…

And these little things add up

Just the extra biscuit you get with your coffee that you never used to have 

Could result in a 1lb creeping on every month…

All of a sudden, you’re nearly a stone heavier in a year

Anyway, if you want a simple checklist to see how you can make healthy eating EASIER 

So you don’t have to rely on “willpower” ?

Score yourself using this checklist HERE (click continue to website to view it)

then whatever habits you aren’t doing, pick one and start doing it today.

which one are you going to do?​​​​


PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

PPS. Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH