Month: January 2019

This gave me a numb bum

So the other day, I was sat there with my youngest daughter (Imi…only 19 weeks) she was a bit unsettled….wriggling around…Pretty much just…OVERTIRED. She needed a nap. As did I 😉eventually, she did fall to sleep in my arms(so amazing just staring at your sleeping baby…)But life is life…so I started doing some reading I had to do …

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One Day Away?

“I start the week off well but I lack discipline. I finish work late and often just grab a takeaway or something quick. I need to be more active but I find this challenging because my muscles and joints are achy and painful at times” ^^^ A message I got the other day…and this is …

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Quick Question

Just a short one today..(I’ll tell you more about that later in the week!)I just wanted to ask you a quick questionIf you’re reading my blogs, and you’re following me on social media…You’re probably interested in health / fitness/ losing weight / toning up etc..Which is great.If so?My question is this:What do you need help with …

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4 Ways To Boost Your Willpower

“I’m surrounded by chocolates…”At workAt homeBe it the kids, work colleagues, the other half..I get it…It’s the same for me, too.And I could sit here and say that it’s all about willpower etc..But it’s not…And it’s not about bad foods, either…You see, most negative relationships around foods, emotional eating, comfort eating issues etcare a result …

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I couldn’t get my words out

I got this message last week from a research doctor at Oxford Brookes University:  Well, if you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you’ll might know how nervous I used to be about speaking to people I didn’t know, let alone public speaking and doing videos. The turning point came when I had to present my research …

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