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Eat breakfast to spike your metabolism?

He wakes up every morning. Brushing each of his 32 teeth, 76 times.

He would do his tie in a single knot rather than a double knot to save up to 43 seconds.

This is how the film, ‘Stranger than Fiction’ starts.

You have Will Ferrell playing a guy who has an insanely STRICT and RIGID routine

And it reminded me about what you’re often told about the ‘most important meal of the day’ AKA Breakfast

Most slimming clubs will tell you that you HAVE to eat it to ‘spike your metabolism’ or that ‘you’ll go into starvation mode and store loads of fat on your stomach’

Truth is: The research shows there is NO change in your metabolism or weight loss whether you eat breakfast or not

My point?

I’m all for routine. In fact, it’s something I’m pretty big on.


You do not have to eat breakfast to lose weight if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle

^^^ Maybe you’re up super early, value an extra 20 minute in bed or prefer to eat more later when you’re actually hungry

But what actually is breakfast (this might surprise you…)

You see, most people see breakfast as the meal they eat when they first get up

But it is actually defined as ‘breaking a fast’


The first meal you eat. 
So – technically – eating your first meal at 12pm still means you had ‘breakfast’ as you are ‘breaking your fast’

Why you SHOULD eat breakfast?

1) It might stop you grabbing anything high fat / sugary on-the-go

2) You can often choose what you want to eat in the morning as you’re likely to be at home so can pick nutritious foods that keep you going for longer and stop you snacking  (get your vitamins and minerals in)

Why breakfast might not be for you…

1) You’re busy in the morning and food just isn’t a priority for you as you’re not hungry and won’t enjoy your food

2) You prefer to eat a bigger meal in the evening and want to balance your intake throughout the day

^^ Something I often do when eating out BIG to compensate

Do I eat breakfast?


You see, it depends on my schedule.. what I’ve got on in the evening, meals out, how busy my morning is, can I grab something a bit later mid morning?

^^^ Like most of things when it comes to diet, losing weight, and toning depends on your lifestyle, work, schedule and preferences.

So just ask yourself this ONE question before deciding whether breakfast works for you & your health, weight loss and fitness goals:

Will eating breakfast mean that I eat more over the day or eat less?

Rather than:

Having to force yourself to eat at 6am when you don’t want to ‘spike your metabolism’..

You see, if you’ve struggled before with this healthy eating, weight loss and exercise stuff…

That’s OK because it probably wasn’t your fault…

Perhaps you followed something that was ‘cookie-cutter’ & simple not personalised for your lifestyle, work, family commitments etc…

After all, to just have to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday..

Despite what they say

it’s not about banning foods, demonising them or basing your results and happiness on a once a week weigh in at 7 pm…

(which can fluctuate up to 4lbs every day just simply based on water, salt, exercise habits, how much fibre you ate, sleep, stress.. I could go on..)


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This gave me a numb bum

So the other day, I was sat there with my youngest daughter (Imi…only 19 weeks) 

she was a bit unsettled….wriggling around…

Pretty much just…OVERTIRED.

She needed a nap. As did I 😉

eventually, she did fall to sleep in my arms

(so amazing just staring at your sleeping baby…)

But life is life…so I started doing some reading I had to do for a course I’m on next month…

Now, fast forward an hour


my bum is numb (I literally had not moved…literally still with my daughter on my lap)

& I’m BURSTING for a wee…

Thoughts are racing through my head at this point:

‘Do I get up , put her down & risk waking her up?’

do I just sit here, deal with it, and have some ‘me time’?”

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, I spent the next 5 minutes just going through what to do next…

Predicting the future.

Going through the “What if”

And procrastinating…

Which meant I still had a numb bum AND missed out on 5 minutes of ME time (which is pretty rare when you have 2 babies)

and it reminded me of the stories I tell myself in other areas of my life

That stop me doing the things I know I need to do to ..

Like when I expanded our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. I’ll share one of my ‘stories’ below:

“I won’t be able to cope” <<< babies on the way etc got me saying things like “I don’t have time”…

Which meant I procrastinated.

Did other things to distract myself that seemed productive,

​ from working more for Public Health to emptying the dishwasher… instead of TELLING people what I am doing…

I was Frustrated!! & Pretty pi$$ed off at myself to be honest. All because I was scared of not being able to cope and looking silly.

So I flipped it.. and asked myself:

What would happen if I didn’t believe the thought that ‘I wouldn’t be able to cope?”

I’d expand it, be excited, proud, helping more ladies achieve their goals, have my dream job, have the flexibility to build a programme I 110% believe in, have more energy, wake up excited…I could go on…

So, is this thought that ‘I wouldn’t be able to cope?” true?

NO!…I have no idea if I will be able to cope…I’m not mystic Meg!!

So in a nutshell, I’m making myself frustrated and preventing myself from being EXCITED, helping more people, a dream job, have more energy…

All from ONE thought…

Which I choose to believe.​​

Can you see how powerful that is?

When you do this, this has the potential to change your life.

So, the final part is asking yourself:

“What am I going to do now?”​​​

Because it is NOT that you don’t know what to do…

It’s that you believe your own stories…

That end up driving up your fears…

About getting started

About​​ whether you’ll have enough time be able to cope with your work and family demands ​​​​

About whether this time is different

About whether you’ll be fit enough…​​​​

That you don’t do the thing you know you need to do.

The result?

Nothing changes.

Or worse….

​​​​A numb bum 😉

Matt ‘numb bum’ Fruci ​​​​​​​​

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One Day Away?

“I start the week off well but I lack discipline.

I finish work late and often just grab a takeaway or something quick.

I need to be more active but I find this challenging because my muscles and joints are achy and painful at times”

^^^ A message I got the other day…and this is not uncommon. 

We ended up getting on the phone and then having a one to one transformation session (the start of our free 7-day challenge trial) 

Now, it turned out

that she’d tried the usual things before – shakes, slimming clubs, low carb, fasting


had lost weight before. Many times.

We found that she hadn’t really developed the habits in place

Focussed on losing weight as fast as possible

Which led to her feeling disheartened if she ever had a bad weigh in day…

We reassured her that weighing yourself on an evening once a week, is a sure fire way to set yourself up for the F it mindset when you lose faith in the whole process

and give up before you get the results you want..

Water, salt, hormones, stress, sleep, fibre intake, I could go on…

They can all make the scales go up and down…

Which is why we focus on what you can do every day AKA your daily habits

As when you look at where we are today

With our body 



It’s essentially (with some exceptions) a lag indicator ​​of what we’ve done each day over the past 90 days and beyond…

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, what if you were just one day away and you gave up?

what if you were one day away of feeling in control of your cravings?

what if you were one day away from actually finding exercise fun (as Suzanne mentioned here​​​​​​​​​​)

​​My question to you is this:

rather than wonder..

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?


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Remember this when the scales go up…

So had this message from Julie the other day:

​​”What’s going on, new trousers bought pre-xmas (barely worn) – needed a safety pin!! thankfully hadn’t left the house at that point so have belt holding them up,
How can that be – I’m not at my lowest weight?”

You see, if they go down, you cheer and celebrate. If they go up, you’re pi55ed off..

But what if you were doing some exercise and eating ‘well’ & the scales staying the same or going up was actually a good thing? Can this be possible?

^^^ Despite what the Slimming Clubs tell you

Well, if you’re talking about ageing well, long term health conditions and metabolic health, your chances of staying independent rather than being dependent on a carer, how easy it is to do everyday tasks like shopping and climbing stairs, and how you fit you clothes…

Then maybe the scales staying the same or going up isn’t a bad thing…

This is because ageing well may be related with your muscle strength,

​​After all, if you’re stronger and everyday tasks are easier? You’ll probably do more and it’ll be easier to get in shape, anyway.

The main problem?

1) Yoyo dieting and focusing on the scales over the years may mean that you’ve lost muscle and put on more fat when the weight has come back on (even though your weight may not be too much higher)

AKA you focus on losing ‘weight’ and not BODY FAT…​​

2) You’re less active than you were (which means your body has less of a need to keep muscle)… I must say, slimming clubs saying that exercise doesn’t help with weight loss probably isn’t helping the NHS save much money long-term…

(and is missing the point that weight loss is a MENTAL battle mores than physical, so ignoring something that can make you feel good? hhhhhmmmmmm)​​

So, what are some things you can do to help you get stronger and improve your body shape (without obsessing about the scales):

* Eating enough protein – 

Your body uses protein for muscle repair, skin, hair, nails, digestion, I could go on. It’s constantly being used. Think of it like building wall but having someone take bricks off of the wall all day. You need enough each day or the wall will fall over..

Simple ways to increase your protein:

1. Swap your breakfast cereal for Greek yoghurt and berries or some an omelette

2. Swap a 100g snack pack of nuts (579 calories, 21g protein) for chicken salad sandwich (465 calories, 31g protein)

3. Swap an Innocent Fruit Smoothie (140 calories, 1.1g protein) for a Skinny Latte (109 calories, 11g protein)

* Do some muscle strengthening exercise

I don’t want to put you off ANY exercise. If you’re doing none right now? just choose any you enjoy.

​​There are SOOOO many benefits in terms of your energy, health, how you feel, mental health etc, just from going from none to some.

But if you’re already, say, walking. Doing a class every now and then but aren’t too happy?

Then try some muscle strengthening exercise. It doesn’t have to be in a gym. In fact, all of our sessions in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme use predominantly body weight so you can do everything at home. 

Even if it’s some squats getting up and down from a chair. 

One last thing…

So, I say that the scales going up or staying the same might be a good thing, but this is taking into consideration that your body shape is changing. 

Which is why I recommend you see how your clothes fit and take some measurements along the way. 

The scales are ONE measure. Useful. But not worth deciding how you feel, your mood and who you are that day about..

there’s more to life than that 

Although most people come to me to ‘lose weight’, most of the time they actually mean lose BODY FAT…

​​And of course, have more energy to do everyday tasks & enjoy time with loved ones, feel healthier and fit their clothes better… 

Matt ‘screw the scales’ Fruci

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It’s only when everything gets too much

“I am doing it for him and others just not very good with myself! I know I have willpower but not when I have too much going on“

This is something I get a lot from ladies I work with on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

Preparing healthy food and getting the kids and family sorted.

Playing Taxi…

But forgetting NUMBER ONE.. Especially with balancing your work, meeting friends, working extra hours, emails etc..

You do the best you can. Make ‘healthy’ choices…

But I get it’s difficult. You have people relying on YOU. And you put a lot of pressure on yourself to do this.

After all, if you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done, right?

I mean, it doesn’t help that guys are pretty forgetful creatures, often forgetting to do the little jobs like taking the bins out on your way out and shutting cupboard doors in the kitchen after eating and drinking,

And not forgetting putting their shoes away lol

^^^ Mrs Fruci will back me up on this

But here’s a few things I want you to consider:

1) If you’re not willing to do the things you need to do to get the results you want, does this mean that you’d just rather stay the same? Feel the same? With your energy? Body? Relationship with food?

And it is OK if you do.

but if you don’t?

Consider that as hard and painful as it may seem sometimes to make healthy changes that you know you should do, how painful is it to stay the same 12 months on from now? 

Still wondering and wishing you’d done something earlier? 

After all, the most effective way to do it is to do it…

2) You eat 3 times a day to give your body energy it needs. You shower to clean your body…

yet what do you do to clear your brain? Clean your brain to give it energy? 

After all, the things you DO are based on beliefs that you hold to be true…

If you’re not creating some space in your day, even for 5 minutes….

Reading, doing something fun for you?

(Or Try using an app like Headspace / Insight Timer)

How do you expect think clearly to help you respond to situations rather than REACT, REACT, REACT?

After all, how may times have you said or done something in  a bad mood that you wished you never did? Hours of worrying and stressing? 

Even though ‘what will be, will be” and the stress and worry only grows if you OVERTHINK and attach feelings to it….

As they say:

Overthinking = Underdoing

So, where are you overthinking on something? Attaching feelings to something and making it into a thing? Wasting energy on something that only exists in your head?


The future!!

Sure, it can be scary if you let the gorilla part of your brain take over.

“What if I fail?”

“Can I cope?”

“What if I can’t fit it in?”

But – technically – you’re just hallucinating…

As these things that you say might happen in the future do NOT exist…

​​​​and guess what?

When you’re in this state, the only thing your brain focuses on is why you canNOT do the things you know you need to do…

Which will leave you in the same position as you are now…


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Quick Question

Just a short one today..

(I’ll tell you more about that later in the week!)

I just wanted to ask you a quick question

If you’re reading my blogs, and you’re following me on social media…

You’re probably interested in health / fitness/ losing weight / toning up etc..
Which is great.

If so?

My question is this:

What do you need help with most to get fit, lose some weight, and improve your health?

Message me here

Let me know

(I’m genuinely curious)

Matt ‘Quickie’ Fruci

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4 Ways To Boost Your Willpower

“I’m surrounded by chocolates…”

At work

At home

Be it the kids, work colleagues, the other half..

I get it…

It’s the same for me, too.

And I could sit here and say that it’s all about willpower etc..

But it’s not…

And it’s not about bad foods, either…

You see, most negative relationships around foods, emotional eating, comfort eating issues etc

are a result of behavioural patterns and habits that have been consistently practiced.

 ‘oh I’ve had one so I may as well have 5″

“I’m tired so I’ll have chocolate to give me a boost’

“I’ve had a s#*! day so I’ll have a chocolate”


You see, as much as the January headlines will want to blame gluten, carbs, or saturated fats for our struggles with weight loss and health…

It’s usually the repetitions of our thoughts, behaviours and actions around certain foods…

Rather than the occasional consumption of them…

Set yourself up to overcome Willpower  🎯for next week:

✅ Create a plan and routine
– How many meals a day work for you?
– Set meal times to fit your lifestyle, work, family.
✅ Plan & Prepare
– Batch cook (soups, stews, freeze meals). This is why we have a nutrition system with 1000s of recipes all portioned for you (it even sends you a shopping list)
– Find easy meals you like & can have more often. Keep it simple. You don’t have to eat different meals all of the time if you don’t want to do. 

Aim to make it PRACTICAL not PERFECT.
✅ Cook at home where possible
– Try to cook (and eat where possible) most of your meals at home 
– Keep them as simple as possible. (Recurring theme haha)
✅ Shop!!
– Create a shopping list in advance & stick to it (our nutrition system will do this for you)

– Don’t buy foods you know you will overeat on….you’re probably setting yourself up to fail…


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Do I Need To Live Near Marlborough

So after the message the other day I put out on Facebook about releasing 8 more spaces for our ladies only Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme…

I’ve had a load of messages.

one of which:

‘Do I need to live near Marlborough? I think it’s a bit too far”​​​

So, to explain how it works, here’s what Suzanne posted on Facebook last week:

I could go on…

Cassie is in Australia….

Julie spends time in Wales….

and I’ve worked with people in the US, South Africa, Devizes, and Calne lol

The PRINCIPLES are exactly the same.

Phase 1: Shift It (Included in the FREE 7-day trial)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​We go over what you want. Where you want to be. How you want to look and feel.

​​And go over EXACTLY what you need to do to get there so you have the clarity and plan to get started (whether you work with me or go it alone)

Phase 2: Shape It 

You start the plan and report back to me every week using your accountability manual

We adapt things on a weekly basis to help you stay motivated and on track to do the things you know you need to do (when you would normally give up, and overcome fat loss plateaus.​​

Phase 3: Sustain It

We go over your exit strategy (this is not Brexit lol) so you know EXACTLY what to do maintain what you have already achieved and make further progress..

Simply because I give you the knowledge and tools so you know WHAT works for you and HOW (rather than having to rely on diet rules, points and supplements)

If you report back to me, ask questions, and do the work?

​​You may get results like the ladies here

And if you’re still skeptical?

I’m taking applications for a  free 7-day trial to start in February.

This is for 8 ladies 40+

This is to help you see if there is a different approach that might work for you.

there is no obligation to join

If you want to learn more about this, go HERE


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I couldn’t get my words out

I got this message last week from a research doctor at Oxford Brookes University: 

Well, if you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you’ll might know how nervous I used to be about speaking to people I didn’t know, let alone public speaking and doing videos. 

The turning point came when I had to present my research to actually pass the my Masters at Loughborough University. I could no longer call in sick like I used to do haha

I was waiting for my turn to present.

Chewing Rescue Remedy sweets like they were going out of fashion and subtly dropping Rescue Remedy drops on to my tongue.

 I was probably a bit drunk…haha

So, I’m called up. I’m crouching down putting my memory stick into the computer to load up my presentation. Red in the face.


Dry mouth.

I wanted the floor to gobble me up..

I could barely get my words out during the whole talk…

I felt SOOOOO worthless and disappointed in myself.

And at the end of the presentation, a professor who I’m super thankful for today  (Professor Ian Henry) asked me what I wanted to do in life? With my career.

And only then did I ask myself the question:

If I don’t overcome this fear, what is the consequence of this fear of looking silly?

And this makes things very black and white.

If I don’t overcome it, there is no way I can be a nutritionist and inspire people to be better, cur through the BS out their in this fitness industry full of celebs taking about skinny coffee, shakes and miracle waist slimmer…. get more energy and feel great in the way they look and feel…

So, I’m essentially being selfish. I wouldn’t have worked with any of these ladies HERE, either…

OR been guest lecturing at universities and doing monthly talks to patients with Type 2 diabetes in the NHS (which is where I am tomorrow)

And I now like to think of life like a game. A game with myself. To grow, both mentally and physically. If I don’t grow, invest in myself, spread my message?


I’m essentially saying I do NOT want to help anyone else because my fear of looking silly is more important…

And what I want you to do today, if you’re feeling a bit pi33ed off with yourself for not doing the things you know you need to do, is to ask yourself:

If you don’t overcome the ‘fear’ or ‘thing’ that is holding you back and stopping you from doing something, what are the consequences?

Not having the energy to play with your kids?

Health problems and increased risks of conditions like Type 2 diabetes?

Saying no to the things you really want to say YES to?

Feeling fed up with having to buy ‘comfy’ clothes rather than fitting in to the clothes you want to wear?

And the reason I say this is because it’s often more than just information that gets transformational results. 

In fact, I’m pretty sure you know exactly what you need to do

(although the slimming clubs don’t help with their misleading claims of unlimited foods and syns)

There’s often something deeper that you need to overcome so that your external goals match your internal reality of how you feel and approach a situation. 

Matt ‘red face’ Fruci

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

PPS. Learn more about our free 7-day trial on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme by CLICKING HERE
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The ‘G’ word that supposedly makes you fit and healthy

So my 2 year old daughter well and truly outsmarted me last week.

 if you’ve ever met a two year old…

You’ll know that sharing is definitely not caring😂

“Share?’ I say to my 2 year old daughter (Ottilie) as she takes the toy tractor from my 18 week old daughter (Imogen)…​​

And it was lovely to see her share with her sister and give her the tractor back..

But then this happened:

We’re sat there eating a roast dinner..

My 2 year old daughter ​​finishes her chicken

turns to me and says:

‘Share?” 😂😂😂 pointing at my chicken…

​Cheeky, ay? 

how do I respond to that without being a hypocrite? ​​

But it must be hard being a toddler and grasping all of these concepts….

​​​​Learning to share. Not being able to always get what you want.

But sometimes I do wish I could be more like her.

​​Just getting straight stuck in yesterday at Rugby Tots even though it was her first time….

Not worrying about what others think…or what you’re meant to do…

You see, no matter how hard we try, it’s difficult to ever completely stop worrying about what other people think.

As a parent, this is probably more prevalent.

Especially with the guidelines saying one thing and seemingly changing all of the time depending on your generation…

why I sharing this with you today?

Well, it’s exactly the same in this health and fitness industry with everyone talking about different guidelines…​​

And ALWAYS changing them…

Like one minute dairy is healthy?

the next goats cheese is a syn, but milk is not?​​​​​​ 

Do 10,000 steps, get sweaty, avoid saturated fats, join a gym, eat wholegrains but not popcorn lol, free foods…

The problem with this?

It’s overwhelming and confusing ​​​​

makes it EASY​​​​​​ for you to put off doing anything…

Because it takes TIME, ENERGY and you have no idea how to fit all this in…

Or if you’re doing OK

Which ​​​​​is why we focus on just 3 things in our Fit For life Programme..

1) Making the FOOD flexible ​​to suit your needs – that’s right, we bend the guidelines to make sure you focus on the priority, aiming for what’s PRACTICAL rather than PERFECT

2) Just aiming to be a bit better with your FITNESS TODAY (after all, your results today are a lag indicator of your daily habits over the last 3 months)

3) Helping you FOCUS on what’s important, overcome self sabotage, negative thinking, and be OK with prioritising YOUR own health and fitness in 2019 with our one to one support and accountability to help you do the things you know you need to do even when you’re low in motivation

^^^ after all, it’s much easier to help everyone else if you look after yourself.

And that’s all we do in our Fit For Life Programme with the ladies here​​​​

​​​​​Matt ‘share’ Fruci