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Well done, Annette

Just a quick one today to share Annette’s story and progress.

Annette had joined gyms before and ate ‘healthily’ for years but thought she’d give our body transformation programme a go given that her back issue meant that the typical high impact exercise was a ‘no no’ for her.

Diets in the past hadn’t always worked. One time being told to that she ‘must not have been following the diet properly’ and to ‘eat tuna and potatoes every meal’ by one consultant…

But I want to stress that this hasn’t always been easy. There’s been ups and downs. Times where we’ve had to adapt a few things. No magic tricks. Just small adjustments.

Which is actually how it often should be. Personalised for you based on how you respond and your lifestyle.

So you can keep going.

And the difference?

Well, check out Annette’s transformation below


PS. Whenever you’re ready…
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I Prefer It Quick (Breakfast, that is)

It’s no secret that you probably know what to do (eat more veggies, fruits etc…), but actually doing it is another thing, right?

Work, emails, fussy people at home, lacking inspiration for meal ideas, finding it obsessive or time consuming to constantly worry about what and when to eat…

(You actually make 200-300 decisions about food daily..)

Which is exhausting. 

And why today I have a quick and simple breakfast recipe to share with you from our super simple nutrition system

(which calculates the calories, gives you the recipe and even sends you the shopping list for the meals you like to eat…)

Here is a 13 second video showing you how to do it:

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’0′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video]

And speaking of quick, the majority of our recipes, including the pizza one, are quick.  Here’s a message one of the ladies in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme posted the other day:

“Hey just wanted to share this. Life recently has been exceptionally demanding and peaked at 10pm Wednesday, not had dinner nor had anything in reserve. I stumbled across this recipe in the Fruci Nutrition app. OMG how easy, quick and adaptable.

I now keep a packet of tortilla wraps as a ‘fall back’ cos they can be topped with any leftovers…peppers, chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms – basically anything looming in my fridge 🌶 🌽🍤

I know everyone has hectic lives so just wanted to share in case you’d not found it in the app (great for kids as they can have fun making the dinner)”

And the point in sharing this to you is that you DON’T have to be perfect to get results. 

In fact, trying to be perfect is exhausting…or ‘killing us’ as they say in the film ‘Bad Moms’ (more on that another day…)

I’d go as far as saying that it’s more detrimental to beat yourself for eating some cake than eating the cake in itself…

Speak soon,


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“I could never do that”

“What If I get bored after 4 weeks?”

“What If I give up after 4 weeks?”

These were a few fear-led objections I had​ during a talk I did the other day with a few people I was working with to help them lose weight, get fit and better control their diabetes.

​​But here’s a few question I want you to ask yourself if you feel yourself predicting the future:

1) Do you have ANY evidence that you’ll fail in 4 weeks? Can you say that this is 100% true?

2) Are your choices TODAY coming from FEAR or PREFERENCE?

You​ could say NO to starting a new exercise programme or ‘diet’ (which you could say is   making a decision based on FEAR).

It would provide you with an initial sense of comfort. Because you no longer have to worry about looking sill if you fail or what other people might think or say if you don’t get amazing results…

But what follows this FEAR led choice, is pretty powerful:

Guilt…about wasting an opportunity

Staying the same..​​

Thinking ‘I’m a lost a cause”….which  will probably pi55 you off anyway.

cause stress anyway…​​

So, the way I see it…

If you’re going to have these thoughts and these feelings anyway?

Then I may as well DO the thing.

After all, you only get results for DONE. 

And as the saying goes:

“It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.”

And although it might appear to make you ‘happy’ to put it off, is this just you seeking comfort? 

After all, I can guarantee that living in the future (AKA feeling guilty about not doing something and putting something that you know you need to do off until a later date)…​​

Is way more exhausting…

So, today, I just want you to ​​​​ask yourself:

‘Have I just made that decision based on ‘fear’ or ‘preference’?​​
Because you don’t have forever to do this…

You don’t have forever to create memories with loves ones…

You see, all of the:​​

“I’ll do it when I get more time”

“I’ll do it when I’m fitter”

Is probably just based on ‘fear’ of looking silly and still causing pain anyway from staying the same…

You don’t have forever to be the best version of you.

Start today.


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Don’t Fall Into This Dieting Trap

Did you hear about the women who complained to Thomas Cook & asking for a free holiday because there were too many Spanish people in the hotel she went to…that was in Spain?

And I quote, here’s what she said: “The entertainment was all catered for the Spanish”…

Maybe she should have went to Cornwall? lol

I mean, going to Spain and expecting their not to be Spanish people? Really?

Sounds crazy, right?

But what I if told you that me and you do the same thing everyday with the way we speak to ourselves?

You see, every time you say:

“I could never do that anymore”

“I’m too unfit”

“I have no willpower”

“I’m a lost cause”

Your brain AUTOMATICALLY looks for EVIDENCE to confirm what you just said…

And then you wonder why you feel so overwhelmed and low on confidence when you think of all these reasons why you can’t do it?

I see it when people try to lose weight. Maybe they’ve seen an article in the news or diet gurus telling them to give up bread..

So you decide to give up bread for good, even though you love it..

And it’s no wonder that all you can think about then is…

bread (or any other food you’ve deprived yourself of..)

It’s literally like going to Spain and expecting there to be no Spanish people, there…

As the Einstein saying goes:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Sometimes, you have to think differently.

Focus on what really matters: Getting a step by step plan so you know what and when to eat to lose weight and get in shape, short & simple workouts you can fit into your routine, and support and accountability to get the results you want

Get that right and every thing else will flow.

Our Fat Loss Coaching Programme is a one-stop system to help you build a ‘diet’ to last based on the principles that you can adapt your lifestyle…

Whether you enjoy breakfast, are vegan, like coconut oil, skip breakfast, or even eat carbs after 6pm…

You currently get access to this for just 50p a day…which is crazy given how much you’ll save with gym memberships, buying food on the go, recipe books and trendy supplements…

So I’ll leave you with this one:

“Tactics are Many but Principles are few”
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Wait 3 days before you do this

How many things have you feared, stressed over, been anxious about, wasted hours worrying about…?

Which turn out to be no way as bad as they seem?

I can name a few for me:

* Public speaking

* Job interviews

* Going self employed

* Coping with being a dad and balancing / finding the time to fit everything else in…

But the funny thing is that I’ve always looked at things like meditation and  journalling etc. and thought ‘yes they are great for people who have time”

But something I’ve started doing recently is writing a few lines about how my day has gone.

Now, it doesn’t really do much at the time. I mean, sometimes it allows me to see how ridiculous I am being and just how powerful my brain is at making up random thoughts that can cause some anxiousness and worry…

But on the whole, it feels like I am wasting time…as I could be doing that thing there and then.

But you know what I found out the other day?

Just how good it is for boosting your confidence when you flick back through and almost LAUGH at yourself for worrying about:

[insert random / made up worry which is no way as bad as you thought it would be here]

That was such a small thing in the end that you couldn’t even remember worrying about it (as you are now on to the next thing..)

And actually allows you to start your day on a bit of a high…rather than dictating how you think, how you feel and ultimately how you are with your loved ones, friends and work colleagues.. from focussing on stuff that you CANNOT control…


The future.

And it reminds of how most of these slimming clubs work.

The focus is pretty much on the scales. Yet, you actually have no control what the scales says on a Wednesday at 7pm…

The human body is WAAYY too complicated (I could be on the cabbage soup diet  and be holding a few more lbs due to the fermentation in my gut hahah sorry Mrs Fruci…doesn’t mean I’ve gained fat but the scales could go up)

And despite having NO control?

It can affect your mood, how you think, your patients with loves ones, comfort eating, and what you do for the rest of the week…

But let me ask you this question:

What would be different if you focussed every day on what you CAN control rather than just the scales?

AKA the process:

Food: Did you hit your food targets, be it points, calories etc.

Fitness: Did you move today ? Steps? Do a 5 min workout?

Focus: Did you do some Headspace, read a book, or have a bath etc.?

What do you think would happen to the scales over time?

I can guarantee that if you did this rather than go into ‘F it” mode…

The scales would be back down in 3 days…

Rather than even higher from the ‘F it’ mode….

You see, you are going to have social events, meals out, and holidays.

You will indulge a bit here. Who doesn’t? That is life, right?

But learning how to get back on it and ​​​​​​make these a part of the plan rather than this ‘all or nothing’ thin is probably what’s holding you back from getting the results that you want…


PS. If you want to know what you get in our Fat Loss Coaching Programme, 

Check it out here: 


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Alcohol and Fat Loss


You could cut back on your food a little earlier on in the day (not too much or you’ll be on the floor lol)

You could try reducing the days you drink per week? (I know many people find that once the bottle is open…it’s finished)

Finally, you could try to stick to spirits like rum, gin, vodka etc. with low calorie mixers.

^^^ Is that a license for a gin and tonic? (quick tip: get sugar free tonic water to save calories…)

You could cut back on your food a little earlier on in the day (not too much or you’ll be on the floor lol)

You could try reducing the days you drink per week? (I know many people find that once the bottle is open…it’s finished)

Finally, you could try to stick to spirits like rum, gin, vodka etc. with low calorie mixers.

^^^ Is that a license for a gin and tonic? (quick tip: get sugar free tonic water to save calories…)

As for the hangover?

A glass of milk before bed might do the trick (or anything with some salt).

Drinking water is great…however, if you drink just water, this may dehydrate you more. So, be sure to get something salty in.

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Do DNA diets work?

So I got a few questions about those DNA diets yesterday. 

Now, the funny thing is that it makes them sound really sciencey. 

YET, the actual science right now says that choosing foods based on the current DNA tests they tell us to do for a £100  odd quid comes to conclusions that are about as weak as saying:

“people carry umbrellas went it rains. Umbrellas cause rain…”

Now, in my opinion, the future probably is DNA testing and gut health etc…

But right now? Even an $8 million study didn’t find any link between genes and diets.

Plus, what do you actually do with this information they give you?

Let’s say it says to eat more veggies, fruits, exercise more and a bit more lean protein.

Well, I’m guessing you knew that already, right?

Now, it’s true that some people prefer higher carb or higher fat diets. That’s cool. It’s personal preference. As a study comparing higher carb vs higher fat diets showed ZERO difference as long as calories were the same.

So, the best part of that?

You don’t have to give up your favourite foods to lose weight…

And with all this DNA, Flex foods, syns etc…

I just prefer to focus on the stuff that really gets you transformational results and back into your old jeans (rather than your genes…)…

A step by step plan fit fit for your lifestyle (so you can stick to it) and support from me and like-minded ladies to keep you accountable to the things you know you need to do to get the results you want.

No rocket science…

Just results by doing the simple stuff very well

Not sexy, I know, but the results 100% are..

Check them out here


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So I’m doing a talk today for patients who have just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in Swindon over at Priory Road Surgery.

And I’ll get a bucket full of questions about things that don’t really matter.

Like whether pitta breads are better than bread? 

Olive oil is better than coconut oil?

Whether mayonnaise is OK?

And it’s for this reason that we created a nutrition system that answers all these questions by setting you your food intake to lose fat and giving you over 1000 tasty  recipes for the meals you and your family like to eat  to create your own meal plan and shopping lists in minutes for the week.

But I’ve still had quite a few questions about our Fat Loss Coaching Group << email me right now if you have a question, by the way

1: “Do I have to live near you or travel?”

Nope. It can all be done online. We have some ladies from down under.

2: How does it work online?”

You get access to our members area where we will set your food target in calories and give you access to over 1000 recipes all calorie counted for you so you can simple add the meals you like to each day and get your shopping list sent to you in minutes. 

But it’s not just that. As we all know that motivation, support and becoming accountable are pretty important to change.

And this is why I do a weekly LIVE question and answer session to help you challenge and overcome any obstacles that you have in weight loss and health, be it with diabetes, comfort eating, motivation or just some simple strategies for when you are super busy and have to get foods on the go.

^^^ something that gyms just don’t offer, unfortunately

3: “will it take loads of time to do?”

Well, we all have the same amount of time. I’ll actually coach you on how to CREATE more time and be incredibly effective.

But yes, you’re going to have to make a few compromises.. but you want to change, right?

4: “My diet is okay, will it still work for me?”

What is “okay”?…. Do you really know how much you are eating? How often is your diet okay?

Please note that all the nutrition stuff is developed for ladies aged 35+​​

5: “Are there workouts?”

Yes. You also have home workouts online you can do anytime, anywhere with NO equipment.

​​Just press play on the video workout and I’m there doing it with you so you know you are doing it safely and effectively to lose unwanted fat and transform your body shape 🙂

Please note that all the fitness and workouts stuff have been developed for ladies aged 35+​​​​

6. “Do I attend sessions with you in-person?”​​

No. This programme is our online Fat Loss Coaching Programme for people who struggle to get to sessions / find the time or live too far away but want a step by step plan, support and accountability to do the things they know they need to do to get the results they want. 

7. “Can I ask you questions if I get stuck?”

Yes. I’ll be doing a weekly live question and answer session and replay will be there too for you to watch. Any questions you have will be answered and I’ll also be covering a different topic each week, be it on eating out, comfort eating, gut health, diabetes, fast weight loss, motivation or mindset..​​​​

8. “Will it work for me as I’m a technophobe?”

If you can use Facebook and watch videos? It’ll work​​ for you

The internet is actually an amazing thing which allows me to offer you more support, accountability and resources for 50p a day…

That’s literally a sip of your morning coffee a day lol

To get everything you need to lose fat, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes…
I’m not even sure you can buy a Freddo for 50p haha

You can join in the fun here:


Matt ‘Q and A’ Fruci

PS- One last one

“Does it work?” >>>>

well, I’m still collecting results but you’ll be getting resources that the ladies here use:

Fat Loss Coaching Group For Ladies 35+

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4 things to help with IBS (and lactose intolerance?)

It’s something that not many people talk about. But everyone does…

Some more than others…

That is…pooing.

Gut health is a big thing right now. Its a developing area and could be the future to treating a lot of conditions

^^^ Poo transplants are coming (and already used in the UK for C.Diff in hospitals…) haha

But what about IBS?


Bloating, flatulence, urges to go to the loo  etc. These are all life changing that can stop you doing what you want to do but also from absorbing nutrients you need to have more energy.

So heres a few things you can do to help (and a little trick to help with lactose intolerance):

1) Avoid spicy food – This can speedy up how quickly foods goes through you…

2) Limit caffeine 😭 – Can increase stress hormone, leading to gut issues…

3) Chew MORE – Sounds simple, but when comparing those who chewed their food 10 times compared to 40 times, chewing only 10 times led to increased malabsorption  with can irritate the gut due to size of the food from malabsorption. 

4) Drink more fluids – If you have eaten more fibre or had a large meal…drinking more water can help, especially if you feel bloated / blocked. 


What about lactose intolerance?

If you are Asian or African you are more likely to have a lactose intolerance. It is actually fairly uncommon in caucasian populations, with many studies showing that mind over matter, stress and placebo contributes to many symptoms.

That said, here is a test you can do at home:

1) Buy some normal milk and buy some lactose FREE milk.

2) Get your other half to pour you around 300ml of one of the milks so you don’t know which one you are having (but they do)

3) See how you feel for 3 days.

4) Do it again making sure your other half gives you the other milk.

5) See how you feel for 3 days.

​​​​​​​​Let me know how you get on!


PS. I will say that sometimes IBS / bloating can occur from simply a high volume of food in one sitting, perhaps too close to bedtime.

Maybe you eat too many ‘free foods’ and not enough water?

This is where ​​​​​​​​​​developing a positive relationship with food might help.

Something we cover in our Fat Loss Coaching Group here​

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The Last Supper Effect (binge eating)

Have you ever had that ‘one’ last blowout on all the foods you love before starting a new diet?
Me, too…

Peanut butter. Bread. Cereal. Pizza. Cake. Biscuits. Pringles. Avocados (these are syns LOL)

You name it..

And it’s not uncommon for some of the ladies who I’ve worked with to tell me how they eat their kids chocolates and have to replace them (multiple times) before this ‘new diet’ comes along..

You see, you are NOT ALONE..

even though you probably know from reading my stuff that NO FOOD IS OFF LIMITS…

It is only human nature to associate a new diet with scarcity / deprivation. Which results in you thinking that you need to stock up.

They term it ‘The Last Supper Effect” and even found in research that when they tell me people that they are about to go on a diet, they gain weight in the time they were told about the diet and the time to start.

So where does this come from?

Well, it’s the ‘diet’ culture.

They tell you to restrict certain foods. That foods are bad.

And the only way to get around this if you suffer from this?

Is to STOP restricting foods.

The most ironic part for me is how restricting so called ‘bad’ foods to be healthier…results in behaviours, like binging, which are actually worse for your health…

​​In fact, some of the ladies I work with mention how they just eat anything and everything when they start a diet. 

Even foods they wouldn’t normally eat…

And just out of curiosity, are there any foods that you feel you can’t eat in moderation?

Are there any foods that you eat freely in moderation without guilt?


PS. I get that this is harder said than done. Might take some time planning. Which is why we developed our nutrition system so you can quickly create meal plans and shopping lists for your whole family in minutes all calorie counted for your SPECIFIC NEEDS to lose fat in minutes…

Learn more here: