Month: August 2018

Well done, Annette

Just a quick one today to share Annette’s story and progress. Annette had joined gyms before and ate ‘healthily’ for years but thought she’d give our body transformation programme a go given that her back issue meant that the typical high impact exercise was a ‘no no’ for her. Diets in the past hadn’t always …

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“I could never do that”

“What If I get bored after 4 weeks?”“What If I give up after 4 weeks?”These were a few fear-led objections I had​ during a talk I did the other day with a few people I was working with to help them lose weight, get fit and better control their diabetes.​​But here’s a few question I want you …

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Wait 3 days before you do this

How many things have you feared, stressed over, been anxious about, wasted hours worrying about…?Which turn out to be no way as bad as they seem?I can name a few for me:* Public speaking* Job interviews* Going self employed* Coping with being a dad and balancing / finding the time to fit everything else in…But …

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Alcohol and Fat Loss

  You could cut back on your food a little earlier on in the day (not too much or you’ll be on the floor lol) You could try reducing the days you drink per week? (I know many people find that once the bottle is open…it’s finished) Finally, you could try to stick to spirits …

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Do DNA diets work?

So I got a few questions about those DNA diets yesterday. Now, the funny thing is that it makes them sound really sciencey. YET, the actual science right now says that choosing foods based on the current DNA tests they tell us to do for a £100  odd quid comes to conclusions that are about as weak as saying:“people …

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So I’m doing a talk today for patients who have just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in Swindon over at Priory Road Surgery.And I’ll get a bucket full of questions about things that don’t really matter. Like whether pitta breads are better than bread? Olive oil is better than coconut oil?Whether mayonnaise is OK?And it’s for …

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4 things to help with IBS (and lactose intolerance?)

It’s something that not many people talk about. But everyone does…Some more than others…That is…pooing.Gut health is a big thing right now. Its a developing area and could be the future to treating a lot of conditions^^^ Poo transplants are coming (and already used in the UK for C.Diff in hospitals…) hahaBut what about IBS?AKABloating, …

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The Last Supper Effect (binge eating)

Have you ever had that ‘one’ last blowout on all the foods you love before starting a new diet?​​​​Me, too…Peanut butter. Bread. Cereal. Pizza. Cake. Biscuits. Pringles. Avocados (these are syns LOL)You name it..And it’s not uncommon for some of the ladies who I’ve worked with to tell me how they eat their kids chocolates and have to replace them …

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