Month: July 2018

The thing about self sabotage

“I’m so $#*!” ^^^^ One of the ladies on out Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme said to me the other weekWhy?Because she had a few slices of pizza….She was working late, others bought some Dominoes in, and she joined in…But here’s the difference….We all have that friend. Let’s call them Lisa. Who says ‘you …

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I could do better

Something I’ve noticed after writing my book, Shift: Simple Guide To Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies BackIs that no matter how long it takes me to write it and get it out there?I’ll ALWAYS be a little bit dissatisfied. I’ll always find something. I think its my personality. Coming from a ‘perfectionist’, disordered …

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Snorkelling and my big nose

I was so excited. I finally had my snorkel. Which I had to get on a bus and pay about £20 for (as we were in middle of nowhere) Finally, I could go snorkelling. I unwrap the packaging like  little kid on Christmas morning.Only to put over my head and realise that…It didn’t fit me…mainly because …

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Ask yourself this ONE question today

“Was my decision based on ‘fear’ or ‘preference’? Here’s an example that happened yesterday…“Matt, would you like to speak at event? It’s for women looking to build their confidence.”Me (initial reaction my head): $#*!​​​​​​​​​… that’s scary. What if I look silly? What if go ‘red’ in the face. Everyone will be looking at me etcNow, I’m …

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‘How do I fit it in?’ 😉

It’s mad Monday today. Like every Monday. Where you’re probably thinking ‘how do I do everything I need to do”Too much to do and not enough time. Work and all this other stuff like family, social life, healthy food, getting enough sleep and now exercise?Overwhelming, right?Because you’re thinking that if work goes? You feel you let …

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A message from Wendy

Just wanted to share Wendy’s message about what she’s achieved in 12 weeks:“I had my first meeting with Matt 12 weeks ago and haven’t looked back !!! I think my progress speaks for its self so here it is After 10 weeks Total excersise sessions 27 Inches lost Waist 4Hips 5 Chest 4Knee 2.5Thigh 2 (each) Upper arm …

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