Month: July 2018

My biggest fear right now?

It just dawned on me the other day what my biggest fear is right now (which I’ll share in a moment)As I was thinking back to around 7 years ago when I was getting rejected from PhD application after PhD application…Falling short in the final round of job interviews (after going through many, many rounds …

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If I eat ‘healthily’, do I need to supplement?

“I eat healthy, but should I still supplement?” The problem?What does ‘healthy’ actually mean?No carbs?Low fat?High protein?Vegan?No cheese?Low calories?High fibre?And for some with Irritable bowels….low fibre?You get my point.In short, you could get your levels checked if you feel you have nutrient deficients. I mean, you could argue that restricting foods and food groups (like …

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The things about FitBits

It’s amazing how much trust I put in the ability of our family wagon (the Nissan Qashqui) to tell us how many miles we have left in the tank. Imagine if your car says it had 100 miles of fuel in the tank but it actually only had 75 miles?If I don’t fill up in time, …

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