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Strong winds (how to stop feeling bloated 💨)

Wow! those winds were strong the other day💨

Unfortunately,  I’m not talking about the weather. 

You see, when I’m walking past the market in Marlborough, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a olive or 3.

Especially when the guy at the market stall hands me some tasters of feta and garlics, too.

It also didn’t help that I was hungry at the time (note to self..don’t go strolling hungry)

Before I knew it, I had a bowl of my favourite garlic olives and pickled chilli garlic.

“good for the heart”, the guy at the market stall said.

But like anything, the devil is in the dose.

You see, if you believe the media, you’ll see that a nutrient in garlic has been shown to reduce cholesterol…

But why they don’t tell you is that when you look at the research, you’d have to eat 28 cloves of garlic a day 😂

And speaking 28 cloves of garlic, I didn’t quite have that much on Saturday, but I sure did feel it 💨

You see, i can get some pretty bad IBS, flatulence and bloating. So why I thought this was a good idea, I don’t know.

And this is something that I’m talking about during the nutrition course I’m taking at Marlborough College Summer School this week.

Raw onion, garlic, beans, lentils, raw veg, and fibrous carbs can be triggers.

And I know this seem to be the opposite to what they tell you to do (eat wholegrains, brown foods, low fat etc…)

If you struggle with IBS, bloating, constant wind, focusing on foods that don’t ferment so much 💨 may help reduce symptoms.

So, that means proteins, like meats, eggs, yoghurt, fish, Quorn etc. As they don’t ferment.

Fats, like nuts, avocado etc.

And as for carbs? A lower than your usual carb diet may be helpful. That said, when you go for carbs, go for thing like white rice, jasmine rice, white bread rather than the wholegrains…

Do you suffer from bloating, wind or flatulence? Have you tried anything to help?

Matt “windy” Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Embrace Life’s Whirlwind Of Emotions, Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back

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7 Diet Myths I Used To Believe and Do

So I’ve decided this morning that it is a good thing that everything will eventually come to an end  

Because Love Island finishes tonight 😂

Not to mention the amount of diet tips and theories that I used to believe ( and do). Even whilst at University. The worst part? Some of the stuff was actually being taught to us.

On the basis that: ‘if it is written in a textbook, it must be true”, regardless of who interpreted it and how they did it. Just like some people enjoy a bit of Love Island with their vino on an evening. And others don’t..

Anyway, I thought I’d share these 7 ‘myths’ that I actually believed and did with you as it’s something I’ll be sharing today at Marlborough College Summer School in my Nutrition course, which I’ll be doing after our Morning session on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

1)  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – 

Well, actually, skipping breakfast could actually help you lose weight…and give you more flexibility to enjoy your food in the evening when you finally sit down…

And this is something I find to be quite common with many of the ladies I work with, mainly because they’re either not hungry in the morning or so busy that they just grab anything, thinking that something is better than nothing.

If you like breakfast, eat breakfast. If you’re not hungry until mid morning? Why not have your breakfast then? It’s simply a personalised choice that makes it easier to create a calorie deficit. Whether you have brekkie or not, just ask yourself: does it help me get in a calorie deficit and control my food intake over the day?

2) Eating after 6pm will make you fat –

I used to think that because you’re less active in the evening (hanky panky excluded. Pre baby, of course 😉) that anything you eat is more likely to be stored as fat.

Truth is, you are burning and storing fat all day. It doesn’t matter when you eat. It’s simply down to personal preference AKA what’s the best times to eat to help you curb hunger and control your food intake over the day?

3) Carbs make you fat –

It does make sense. Carbs turn into sugar and sugar can be converted into fat. But EXCESS energy can be stored as fat, be it from carbs, fats, protein or even broccoli

4) You can eat as much as you want if it’s ‘healthy’ –

Avocados, nuts, seeds, peanut butter…I could go on. Super healthy, right? Help yourself, I once thought. 

And where I had quite a poor relationship with food, these so-called healthy foods meant I had less guilt about overeating on them.

BUT…just because they are healthy, they still contain fats, sugars and calories, which can make you gain weight in EXCESS.

5) You have to give up the foods you crave –

Feed the cravings once in a while. If it stops you having your head in the biscuit tin? This can only be a good thing. 

Now, that said, depending on where you are with your relationship with food, it may be that for a period of time you – at least – remove certain foods out of your house. 

6) Going gluten free helps you lose weight –

This CAN help you lose weight. But it’s usually because you give up bread and pasta and starting eating more protein and veggies…not because of the gluten .

And if you start having gluten free breads, cakes and chocolate brownies (now available gluten free in Costa…) your chances overeating and gaining weight will probably go up…

In fact, because I have an allergy to gluten, when I eat it, I can’t put on ANY weight. Sounds good, but I’m literally spending my life sitting on the toilet 💩 I absorb no food and have ZERO energy.

7) Weight loss is all willpower –

There’s no doubt there is some willpower involved. 

But do we rely too much on willpower because we don’t know WHY we are doing it in the first place?

For you? For your kids? Your health? Confidence? Wearing the clothes you want to wear again?

Do you take on soooo much at once, forgetting that just adding in ONE new habit today will get you closer to your health and fitness goals?

It’s why if you maintain your weight loss for more than 12 months, it becomes easier…

Because you’ve practiced the required action (perhaps with the support of others to help you stay motivated) and created simple habits that you do – almost – AUTOMATICALLY 

^^^ And it is THIS that probably explains why we get such great results in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

No potions, pills or magic wands.

Just support from like-minded ladies, a personalised fitness and food plan thats fit for your lifestyle, and accountability to make sure that you do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want.

And I know I would say this, but I think our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme is much better than Love Island.

That’s enough from me today, I’ve got a day of rambling with our amazing ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme and Marlborough College Summer School

Have a great day

Matt ‘Officially better than Love Island’ Fruci​

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Update from Michelle

Here’s a review from Michelle a few weeks ago 

​​”​I have always battled with weight loss and exercise over the years but since seeing the post for Fruci Fit I haven’t looked back.

​​I met Matt 6/7 weeks ago and I have lost 8lbs and 10 and 1/2 inches in that time.

​​The meal plans are easy to follow and the work out classes are fun no 2 sessions are the same which keeps you on your toes. I would recommend this if you are struggling to lose weight or just need to tone up”

​​​Well done, Michelle! 8lbs off, but even more impressive…10 and a 1/2 inches GONE!!

You see, most ‘weight loss’ programmes / diets will often ONLY focus on ‘the diet’. Now, making sure you are in a calorie deficit IS the most important part of ‘weight loss’.


Most people want to look good in their clothes, feel better about themselves and ‘tone up’ a little bit…

Which means doing some muscle strengthening exercise (rather than a lot of the ​​​​​​jumping around and high impact exercise which just limits anyone with a joint issue or injury)

​​Not just for how it can change your body shape, but also how it makes you feel..

I mean, if you’re stronger, it makes everyday tasks easier, like climbing stairs without being out of breath.

You start keeping up with the kids..

You might even end up lifting some gas bottles for your BBQ without even thinking twice (as happened the other day for one of the ladies)…even though they wouldn’t have done this before.

Which all makes you feel better. Then you might treat yourself better with food. Look for other ways to feel better rather than turning to food after a long day…

My advice to you:

1* set a specific goal (like a weight loss goal / dress size goal) << this is absolutely fine. BUT, don’t attach life and death feelings to it. If you didn’t quite hit your goal? You STILL have an outcome. You know what worked, right? You know maybe what you can improve, right? 

2* Focus on the things you CAN control. In our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, we focus on:

Food, Fitness, and Focus.

^^^ 3 things that if you control? Will help you lose weight, have more energy, get fit and leave you feeling confident again in your favourite clothes…

Anyway, if you want to learn more about our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme which will be taking on 5 more ladies next month, just hit reply and I’ll send you over more details.

Matt​​ ‘Happy Sunday’ Fruci​​

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The Syndrome that could be holding you back

So rewind 2 years ago. I’m sat there with a full-time job in Public Health, working a bit for the NHS with diabetes, and doing what I do now with Fruci Fit and our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

I was working 80+ hour weeks….if not more. 

What made this scary was that I was about to have to make a decision with the arrival of my daughter.

A) Stay with Public Health and go part-time to help out with child care 


B) Go all in on Fruci Fit and out Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, leave public health and factor in child care.

And I’ll be honest. I was $#*! scared. Deep down, I wanted to do what I’m doing right now. Helping ‘nearly’ 100 people every month get closer to their health and fitness goals, build better relationships with foods and feel better about the way they look   / clothes they wear…


I was suffering from:

“The Scared Looking Silly Syndrome”

What if I fail?

What will other people think?

Which is crazy. After all, who cares what someone else thinks? I mean, most of us go about our day worrying about what complete strangers think about us. Forgetting that they’re probably so worried about what you’re think about them that they don’t care…

Fast forward to today?

I get to spend quite a bit of time looking after my daughter (who seems to be growing up soooo fast) and I’m nearly at my first goal of helping 100 people every month feel more confident and stop wasting money and time on cookie-cutter fad diets…

Which has meant that I’ve actually had to create a waiting list for our August / September intake on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. Which I literally cannot believe and makes me feel so grateful for those who have put their trust in me already to help them, like these amazing ladies here:

But my point is this:

Both me and you have very imaginative brains. They can literally create some scary stuff. Which makes the future very scary. Stops us doing the stuff we want to do. Even though ME and YOU just completely made it up. 

This all makes getting started on something and putting ourselves out there flipping scary….

Yet I can 100% guarantee you ONE thing right now:

It is NEVER as bad as you think….

And when you experience that ‘it is never as bad as you think’ …

that’s when confidence comes in…

Giving you the courage to do the things that you know you need to do to get what you want…

Be it with your relationships, work, body, and health.

And even though we’re full at the moment, if you want to join our waiting list for our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, just hit reply.

​​You’ll also get instant access to our brand new nutrition system allowing to plan your meals for the week without fiddling around looking at labels and food lists of what you CAN’T eat…

Matt ‘two fingers up the the scared looking silly syndrome’ Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Put Two Fingers Up ​​To The Fear Of Looking Silly

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I thought you didn’t drink water?

So I’m in a Costa the other day (where I’ve now been classed as a ‘regular’ by the Barista) to go over a food and fitness plan with one of the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

And lately (especially with this heat), I’ve actually been drinking water. I’ll admit, drinking water isn’t something that comes ‘naturally’ to me. Which is funny. As up to 60% of the human body is made up of water.

So I ordered a glass of water with my coffee  as IF IT IS THERE I will drink it (Yep, I think I’m smart but I’m no smarter than a cup of water in front of me….)

Now, the barista gave me TWO glasses of water in the end, even though my partner in crime in this meeting didn’t want one..

And what happened?

they ended up drinking their water before me lol

and in fact, I was only reminded to drink my water because I noticed they drank their water without even wanting one 😂

Which got me thinking how much our environment impacts what we do, right?

And it’s no secret…check this:

* Those who ONLY have a fruit bowl out ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​on the kitchen side were on average 10lbs light than those who had cereal, cakes and bread.

* Even putting the toaster away and out of sight can prevent you from subconsciously using willpower to say ‘no’ to some warm buttery toast with a cuppa.

​* Keeping fruit and veg at eye height ready to grab when you open the fridge so it’s the first thing you see can also how with IMPULSE eating / on the go / just got in from a busy day

* Something I do is carry an apple with me to have on the way home or before I enter the kitchen. Why? Because there could food out on the side, coconut Lindt chocolate that Mrs Fruci has bought or some leftover meatballs from my daughter’s dinner which are literally so tempting (as happened the other day lol)
But going back to water, how much should you drink?

They say 2 litres of water. which as a guide is OK. If you hit that? You’re probably good. 

But it depends on activity levels, weather and how much food you eat (as food contains water)…

As well as how many hot drinks you have, be it teas, herbal teas, coffees etc. (as they do all hydrate you)

But if you’re peeing clear by noon or have 3 clear wees a day, you’re probably OK

^^^ which rhymes so you can remember it lol

Here’s what I find helps me:

Have a glass of water when I wake up plus 1 before each meal (this way even if I have a busy day where I forget to drink water / I’m out and about? I’d still have drank – at the very least – some first thing in the morning. 

I’ll usually have it as I make my morning coffee 

Grouping new habits with something you already do might help you actually do it.

If you struggle to remember? Take a glass of water up to bed and put a ‘post it’ note ​​on your bathroom mirror to remind you when brushing your teeth 🙂

Anyway, here’s 6 reasons why you SHOULD drink more water:

✅It’s a “natural” cure for hangovers (research shows it works better than having ‘another’ to “bring you around” )

✅​ It might help you concentrate (so you get more done)

✅ It might help get things moving  

✅ It might help with headaches 

✅ It might help the jeans of truth fit a bit better (if you swap liquid calories for water…or even sugar free drinks)

✅ 100% of people who are successful have been exposed to water in their lifetime 

What’s your best tip to drink more water?

This weather has definitely helped me drink more water. In fact, I’m sipping it right now as I write this 

Matt ‘waterboy’ Fruci​

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“Go on have one. I made it just for you”

So, I had this message the other day and I’m going to share this as it’s come up a lot (especially with BBQ season in full force

(although it is ‘too hot’ << I never thought I’d say that as I’m normally the one taking the time to moan about other moaning that it is too hot lol the irony)

Anyway, here’s the message I had:

“I sometimes have trouble when eating out, to say no thank you when people have cooked!!

And end up eating more than I wanted or needed to.

Then I am playing catch up… l
unches happen quite often… it’s a constant battle.”

And I completely get this. After all, just this weekend gone I was at my Grandads for a BBQ. And as always, he:

1) Cooked enough delicious food for about 40 people…even though there was only 6 of us (including my 19 month daughter lol)

2) Concluded that because there was food leftover, I don’t eat much

It reminded me of my Nonna when she’d say that she won’t cook ever again because I don’t like her food….

^^^ and this was after eating 5 plates of pasta 😂

so I get that it’s a difficult situation. Getting the balance right between aligning your actions with what you want to achieve and not feeling ungrateful or rude. 

So, here’s a few things you can do to help you be flexible with your eating and decide where to pull back to indulge a bit more later:

1) Have a lighter breakfast if you know you’re out later? Go for higher protein options with veggies prior so it appears like you’re eating a lot of food but for a lower amount of calories.

EXAMPLE:  Go for an omelette with spinach, peppers with 1kcal fry spray? OR go for a 0% Greek yoghurt with some berries. 

2) Skip the bread roll at the table –> this equates to about a glass of wine

But here’s the thing:

If you overeat, you’ll probably feel rubbish. If you say ‘no thank you’ you’ll probably feel rubbish….

So, I guess you might as well do what you really want to do?

I mean, life is for living. And the more you ban food groups and demonise them, the more you’ll probably crave them. 

So, it’s about making the compromises that make you happy. So you get the results you want but still enjoy yourself.

I don’t mind skipping the bun on the burger so I can have more coleslaw for example. That’s a simple swap I make.

But there is no ONE right way to do this. It’s up to you and personal preference.

And why I focus on personalising nutrition plans for you and your lifestyle. So, you can stick to it!


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3 NEAT things to consider to kickstart your health and fitness goals

So on Monday, one of our weird and wonderful challenges in our Fit For Life Body Transformation sessions was playing the game “Operation” (with a twist, of course). Remember that? It says ages  6+ on the box so how hard can it be (I thought to myself)?

Funny thing is that I remember playing it as a kid and being pretty good at it.

But the night before when I trying it out ready for our workout session? I literally couldn’t pick any of the parts out without the red nose shining and the game buzzing…

But anyway, after the session I had a few meetings with some of the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.


One of which saying how they lose weight for a bit, but can’t stick to anything. They then just go back to doing what ‘worked’ before. Like a yoyo cycle.

Which does makes sense. I mean, something works (like Cambridge or one of those 10 pounds in 5 days detoxes)


or you see a friend who’s boasting about how they lost 10lbs in 3 days sipping on kale…


So you automatically think to do THAT (again, in some cases)


^^^ I did this many times with the ‘time to ditch the carbs as it’s Summer…’ <<< which can work but is not always necessary


Now, it’s no secret that “crash diets” DO work…in terms of weight loss. 

But the main problem is the ‘after-after’ plan. I mean, what do you do once you’ve lost weight? Are you give the tools to know how to learn what works for you? Do you know how to keep it off? Is it fit for your lifestyle?


^^^ And I’m not saying this part is easy. Far from. And can lead to quite a journey of challenging your own thought and beliefs which dictate your behaviours, from putting off exercising to finding yourself eating biscuits even when you’re not hungry…


But is this the ONLY reason why you struggle to keep the weight off?


Perhaps not…

A big factor in this is something call NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis if you speak Latin)


This is the calories we burn from everyday activities like fidgeting, cleaning, using the stairs instead of the lift, throwing your daughter up and down in the swimming pool to distract her from the toy that another baby has in the swimming pool (as I did the other day),  shopping, and – even – singing ‘I am the music man’ …

And it’s NEAT that can often explain why you can’t lose weight…

Because trying to lose weight does mean that your body fights you a bit. It almost doesn’t want you to lose weight. It almost sees it as a danger. So one of the ways it does this by decreasing your NEAT…


almost without you knowing…


You might opt for the lift instead of the stairs.


Drive to the shops instead of walking.


Stop twitching your leg whilst sitting down…


Some research has even shown that the difference between an overweight twin and a lean twin is their “fidgeting” habits.


One is always on his feet and can’t sit still and the other is quite happy to sit there and play computer games…

And it explains why you might initially be losing some fat, but then it comes to a halt. Because what was ONCE a calorie deficit, is no longer a calorie deficit as you subconsciously move less…

So, with that in mind, here’s 4 things to consider when trying to lose fat and keep it off:

1) Track your steps so you know if you’re subconsciously moving less (and burning fewer calories)

2) Do some resistance exercise / muscle strengthening exercise as this may help slow down / lessen the decrease in NEAT

3) ​​​​​​If you’ve been REALLY consistent with your food intake (AKA tracking points / calories / portion size), but are now finding that you are always hungry, tired, bored and not losing weight? Consider having a bit of a break and increasing your food intake again..

Might sound scary. But consider this:

Let’s say “Debbie” (made up person) is trying to stick to an 800 calorie plan to lose weight and take control of her blood sugar levels. This is all well and good if she can stick to it.

But if she ends doing really well at brekkie, maybe having some porridge, then has a nice chicken salad at lunch before eating a packet of biscuits and 3 bags of crisps at 4pm each day…ending up at 2500 calories…

Could it be better to just aim somewhere in the middle? Say, 1400 calories for example? Perhaps even adding biscuits into the plan? So she didn’t feel deprived (not for everyone but could this restriction be the reason for the binge relationship with food?)

Anyway, just a “NEAT”” way to think about personalising your own nutrition for you ..

​​as the key really is in a personalised plan.

If you have any questions about this, just reach out :-)​​


PS. Mrs Fruci says I talk too much, but what she doesn’t understand is that I’m just increasing my NEAT ;-)​
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“You make it look so easy”

So the other day in one of our sessions in the Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, I was demonstrating an exercise to which one of the ladies said:

“you make it look so easy”

The funny thing about this?

Is that one of the other ladies said the exact same thing about her when she was doing an exercise.

And it got me thinking (which is a scary thought)…

Because just know that for every person you say ‘they make it look easy” to…

There’s probably someone saying the exact​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ same thing about you…

Be it in your work life, with the kids, grandkids, exercise, or weight loss.

My point is that the only difference is that there just at a different point in their journey…

And even if it looks like they might be ahead of you….

just remember that this is YOU vs YOU…

Now, of course, it is only natural to compare yourself to others. But this can actually be useful if you take inspiration from it.

I guess that’s why ​​​​surrounding yourself with like-minded people is so powerful in changing behaviours and getting different results. 

As you can learn from people who have been there.

Just like we do in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

But another point I want to make here is that there will ALWAYS be someone who you think is making it ‘look easy’ compared to you.

And that’s a good thing. Because it probably means that you are progressing. Getting better. And now? Want to be a better version.

Which will probably keep you inspired, motivated and doing the things you know you need to do to get the results you want, be it with your mindset, body, and / or health 🙂


PS. If you want to learn more about our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme and be the first to know about the next intake, just press reply and let me know what you’re looking to achieve and I can see if I can help you 🙂

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Stinking out my house 💨 to boost my brain health

Mrs Fruci says I smell out the whole house…

Not with the smell of vegetables fermenting through my digestive system..

But with the smell of coffee…

Every morning, without fail. At least you could say I’m consistent?

Anyway, a recent study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology actually showed that this could be making us smarter 🤔

As those who were in a room with the smell of coffee performed better in analytical reasoning tasks.

So there you have it, coffee is so good that you don’t even need to drink it to get benefits 😃 

But it just shows how your environment impacts how you think, what you do, and the RESULTS you get…

Be it in work or in weight loss and health.

(They do say that you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Although that would probably make me the average of: my pregnant wife, a toddler, and 38 women?)

and it’s why although our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme is now full (as of yesterday…)

I’m going to give you a “smell” of the programme with a free kickstart meal plan, simple 5 minute workouts (different one each day) and access to a pretty cool support group of like-minded ladies just looking to be better and achieve their health and fitness goals (you also have to put up with me in the group, too 😂)

If you join want to put to learn more about the programme for our next August / September intake. ​​

Just press reply with YES and I’ll send over some more details for you. 

Matt “smelly” Fruci 
Here’s some of the results from our amazing ladies here:​​

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Update from Jackie 8 weeks later

Here's what Jackie achieved 4 weeks in...but if you want to SEE where she is now 8 weeks on click the link at the bottom  :

At 51 I was feeling fat,unhealthy and had no energy. I was also faced with being 'the mother of the bride' in September and didn't want to be 'the fat mother of the bride!'. 

I joined Matt's plan nervously after feeling deflated after diet groups and not being able to stick with them. Matt immediately puts you at ease! He takes care of you as 'a whole'. 

Food,fitness and focus. The food part is easy to fit into every day life and there is access to hundreds of recipes. Matt has made fitness fun. His classes are for everyone,whatever you can or can't do. 

And it's easy to fit 5 or 10 mins exercise into your day at home. To be able to focus for 5 mins on yourself each day helps you to relax. 

Within 2 weeks,I had lost 11lbs. At 4 weeks,I had lost 3 and half inches from my waist. 2 and a half from my hips. An inch from my bust and an inch off each thigh!! And Matt is always there to answer any questions. I'm looking forward to seeing more results in the future. 

I'm feeling more confident about myself. Stronger and higher energy levels!! Only wish I'd found Matt earlier!!

So fast forward 8 weeks and check out how amazing Jackie looks here:

If you want to learn more about our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme and join Jackie and co, check out the link below: