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What you need to know about Rapeseed oil 👩🏻‍🍳 👨🏻‍🍳

So, 11 ladies start their 14-Day Fit For Life Kickstart today. If you didn’t get involved, I’ve go some good news…

2 of the ladies are working with me purely online…which means:

I do have 2 spaces if you missed out and feel that you need a simple plan, support and accountability from a Registered Nutritionist and like-minded ladies to kickstart your health and fitness this Summer.

Here’s the link to get instant access straight away (you must do it today though):

LAST CHANCE 14 – Day Fit For Life Kickstart Starting TODAY

Anyway, if this is not what you want, I’m going to get straight on to the question I had about:

“The best oil to cook with and whether you should you be worried about cooking with oil?”
I’ll keep this short and sweet as I know it’s Monday and you’re busy:
🔥 1) ideally, don’t use oil to cook (all oil at higher heats have potential to be “toxic”). Steam, boil, grill or use 1 kcal fry spray if possible
You’ll also save calories without really knowing (which is a great way to lose weight) or you could use these calories to make a dressing (e.g. olive oil dressing)

I get that some dishes taste better with oil 👩🍳 

​​So, how do you reduce potential “toxins” from high heat and oil?

​​Marinate with herbs and spices and / or use some vinegar in meats / veggies

🔥 2) if you’re using oil to cook, saturated fats work best (things like coconut oil / butter). Any seed oils (sunflower oil) more likely to give off toxic compounds at high heats. Even olive oil and rapeseed do at highER heats.

That all said?

That’s the sexy stuff, aka the cherry on top of all this healthy and weight loss stuff…

Because we know the taking care of:

✅ Your overall FOOD intake across the day


✅ And your FOCUS . mindset

Are the NOT so sexy stuff that – perhaps unfortunately – WORKS

But I’ll tell you what is sexy?

The results you see 12 weeks, 24 weeks and years later in both how you look and how you feel when you can fit back into the clothes you want to wear 👌🔥🔥 


PS. As I said, 2 spaces left starting TODAY if you need a simple plan, support and accountability from a Registered Nutritionist and like-minded ladies to kickstart your health and fitness this Summer.

Here’s the link to get instant access straight away (the start date is today for this as we’re doing it together):

LAST CHANCE 14 – Day Fit For Life Kickstart Starting TODAY​​
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Can you really lose 11lbs in just 2 weeks? Message from Jackie

got this message from Jackie:

“I know it’s a Saturday, but just had to you….weighed myself this morning…i’ve lost 11lbs in just a little over 2 weeks. bloody boom!!!!”

and bloody boom indeed. 

This is without counting any calories or weighing foods, either…

Well done, Jackie 💪👏👏 but one thing I want to stress is that everyone loses weight / fat at different rates.
It can be a mysterious beast sometimes 😂
My advice to you?
Compare yourself to you and make the “diet” for your lifestyle (not the other way around)🔥
This way, whether you travel with work, work night shifts or have fussy eaters at home?
You can make it work for you 😃

Which is what I show you in my 14-Day Fit For Life Body Transformation Kickstart…
If you want results like Jackie?
You have to be quick, as this starts tomorrow.


Here’s what you get: 

✅ A 3-day meal plan and shopping list showing you EXACTLY what and when to eat so you can get started TODAY

✅ Simple 5 minute home workouts you can do anytime, anywhere

 Access to up to 3 ladies only 45 minute workouts per week with me in Marlborough morning or evening at either 7am (St Mary’s Church Hall) or 715pm (Marlborough College Sports Centre)

 A one to one strategy meeting with me where we’ll go over a healthy fitness and nutrition strategy that fits your lifestyle and gets you to your goals

✅ A private supportive community of positive like-minded ladies so you don’t lose motivation or feel alone on your fitness journey

✅ BONUS: Strategies to beat hunger, eat out and still slim down and know what to do when things go a bit wrong 🤷♀️ (as you’re only human)

Here’s the link to kickstart your health and fitness:

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Blaming Mrs Fruci and Skipping Breakfast

“Where’s my grey shorts, Jenn?” I shout up to my wife, anticipating that she must have moved them as I can’t find them 😂

“I can’t remember the last time I wore them” << That’s Mrs Fruci’s witty response haha

“Found them” I reply 10 seconds later…

It’s a real bad habit of mine. Asking where something is without properly looking. It’s so deeply engrained. Is it a man thing?

But it reminds me of the ‘myths’ that are so deeply engrained they stop you from losing weight, getting fitter and – dare I say it – enjoying this fitness and healthy eating stuff so you can stick to and be fitter and healthier for longer…

Things like:

❌ Break boosts your metabolism and is the most important meal of the day (for some people, skipping breakfast actually helps them lose more weight) 

❌ Sugar makes you fat

❌ Fat makes you fat

❌ Coffee dehydrates you (I’d have shrivelled up by now)

❌ Protein makes you bulky (it’s actually one of the easiest ways to lose fat and beat hunger)

❌ Dairy makes you fat 

Anyway, all these myths are blooming confusing…

And if you believe them, are probably making you stress more than you need to about what and when to eat to tone up and be healthy.

Just something to think about.

Especially next time you find yourself going on a new health kick.


PS. To get on my 14-Day “Myth Free’ Fit For Life Body Transformation Kickstart, go over to:

^^^ 3 spaces left and it closes Sunday evening….

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One simple way to control the demons in your head🍦

“I know I can lose 2 stone. I’ve done it before. But because I know I can do it? I don’t want to do it. It’s like F it, you can do it so you’re not doing it…”

I got this message the other day and we were chatting about how when it comes to traditional ways of losing weight, it’s pretty much a LOSE LOSE situation for you.

You either:

1) Eat the treat foods and you feel $#*!, question why you have no willpower and claim that you’re just crap…


2) DON’T eat the treat foods and feel $#*! because you feel you should be able to have one..

So, basically, my simple tip for you today is to ask yourself whether they way you think programmes you to fail NO MATTER what.

Are you even giving yourself a chance here?

And if you are going to lose anyway, which one of the above will make you feel better this Summer?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that my 14-Day Fit For Life Body Transformation Kickstart begins on Monday 30th April…

Here’s what you get:

✅ A 3-day meal plan and shopping list showing you EXACTLY what and when to eat so you can get started TODAY


✅ Simple 5 minute home workouts you can do anytime, anywhere


 Access to up to 3 ladies only 45 minute workouts per week with me in Marlborough morning or evening at either 7am (St Mary’s Church Hall) or 715pm (Marlborough College Sports Centre)


 A one to one strategy meeting with me where we’ll go over a healthy fitness and nutrition strategy that fits your lifestyle and gets you to your goals


 A private supportive community of positive like-minded ladies so you don’t lose motivation or feel alone on your fitness journey


✅ BONUS: Strategies to beat hunger, eat out and still slim down and know what to do when things go a bit wrong 🤷♀️ (as you’re only human)

If you’re ready for a kickstart, click below:

^^^ 3 spaces left


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Why do we eat when we’re not hungry? 🤷‍♀️

“Matt. I’m not hungry but I just eat anyway. I’m crap”

^^^ a message I got the other day after I spoked about beating hunger.

And it comes up a lot so don’t think you’re the only one who does this. 

In fact, if you think about how food is used to celebrate, commiserate, beat boredom, socialise…it’s hardly surprising. 

I mean, just like smokers know that smoking is bad for them…we all know that overeating isn’t healthy for us (bloating, carrying more fat, risk of Type 2 diabetes and other diseases, harder to move, low energy etc..)

But it’s harder said than done to change all of this.

So, why is this?

Well, scientists asked half the people in a study to push a button every time they saw an image on a computer screen. Each time they did this?  An M &M or a crisp was ejected for them. 

They then tested the part of the brain that anticipates the VALUE or REWARD of doing something.

Example, if you’re hungry, this part of the brain should say EAT (as the reward / value of event is high)

However, if you are full up / have just eaten, the value of the event decreases.

So, when they gave the M & Ms and crisps as a reward to the people for clicking an image when they were hungry, it was hardly surprising that this part of the brain was basically saying “eat it”.

But what happened when they gave these people a big meal before doing this? Surely, the antiquated reward should be down-regulated?


Their brains failed to say “don’t eat it”…even though they were full, showing how HABITS could be so powerful that you do things, like eat when you’re not hungry, without knowing. 

3 things you can do to help improve your habits today?

1) Leave nothing out on your kitchen side apart from a fruit bowl (this might add a conscious action into your daily routine so you have to open a cupboard to eat something)

2) Write down what you eat today before you eat it 

3) Think about the TIME that you usually eat when you’re not hungry and pick on of the following tasks instead:

a) Go for a walk

b) Ring a friend / family member you haven’t spoke to in a while

c) Write down 3 things you appreciate in your life today

Because -as you know – this weight loss, healthy eating and toning up stuff is more about ‘mind over matter’

And less about: cutting carbs..

It’s why I simplify this confusing mess of a health and fitness industry with 3 things:

1) A simple health eating plan you can follow even when you’re eating out (including a sample 3 -day meal plan and shopping list done for you if you need a kickstart and want to get results straight away)

2) Support from like-minded ladies and access to your own Registered Nutritionist (me) to help personalise this nutrition and fitness stuff for your lifestyle so you can stop blaming willpower (like they tell you)

3) Accountability – The ladies already joke that I’m like Big Brother 😂 but if helps you kickstart your habits and do the things you know you need to do to lose weight, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes for good? 

5 Spaces left. 

If you feel this might be for you?

Have a look at some of the stories from the other ladies below and see if it is for you:

The Fit For Life Body Transformation


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I could actually go on the rides at Thorpe Park 💃

With Summer arriving for a day or so last week, a few of my clients were out and about at the weekend. One of which went to Thorpe Park.

And for as long as they can remember, it was the first time that they could actually go on all of the rides and fit in the seat, feeling comfortable. 

But I’m not going to lie. This has NOT been an easy ‘ride’ (pun intended).

You see, weight loss was VERY slow at the start. In fact, I remember at the start of their journey when they lost 4lbs and then only last 1lb overall in the next month.

They were literally like WTF? I might as well just eat 🍰 and drink 🍹…It’s not working.

And here’s my advice to you if you ever feel like that:

1) Ask yourself whether you are closer to where you want to be than you were before you started doing whatever you are doing?

^^^ their answer to this was YES. They’d slowly gained weight over the past 5 years. So, not only had they STOPPED gaining weight, they were 5lbs down…win, right?

2) Ask you yourself what has worked well?

3) Ask yourself what you could improve?

4) Ask yourself what do you need to do?

You see, I know that you know what to do…

I’m not going to patronise you and say ‘you need to eat more veggies and make time for exercise even when you’re tired’ because you already know that.

It’s why all I really do is:

1) Ask the right questions to try to get the best out of you?

2) give you a step by step plan to follow that fits your lifestyle so you know what to do when you’re stressed, home late from work and plan has gone out of the window…

3) Keep you accountable to make sure you do it so you can get the results you want quicker 

And the main secret?

Helping you detach your ACTUAL results, as in with your fitness, mindset, and food from your FEELINGS…


Because no matter what you do, you will always be dissatisfied with yourself unless you detach your feelings from your actual RESULTS.

That way, you can do more of what’s working, stop self sabotaging your results and keeping the weight off for good.

It’s not easy, but is simple.

Want to find out more about Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme starting on Monday 30th April?

Click the link below:

>>>>The Fit For Life Body Transformation


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Are Sweeteners Worse For You? 🤔

So, if you missed my ramble yesterday on how I stop ‘picking’ and finishing off my daughter’s leftover over food, you can read that here..

But one of the questions I got on the back of this was:

‘I like diet drinks, like coke and fanta, should I be worried about sweeteners? they stop me picking but I’ve read  they’re full of crap and worse for you?”

Well, I’m just going to tell you what the science says, NOT my opinion.

They gave 18-60 year olds 1050mg of aspartame AKA  which is equivalent to about 6 cans of diet coke a day for 12 weeks and found:  

1) No impact on appetite as some people say

2) No impact on blood sugar levels or impact on insulin levels (which can be predictors of Type 2 diabetes)

Suggesting that if a diet / sugar free drinks stops you losing control and having your head in the biscuit tin?

It’s perfectly safe.

In fact, it will probably help you lose weight, lose fat around your organs (which reduces your chances of conditions like Type 2 diabetes) and improve your health…

Which is what they show when they look at people trying to lose weight WITH improvements in their habits, such as accountability, exercise, and support. 

Now, I’m not saying sweeteners are healthy. They contain ZERO nutrition. And – of course – water is better than any diet drink. Common sense will tell you that. 

But it’s not always as easy as ‘drink more water and you’ll cure all of your cravings’.

Finding a weight loss plan that you can stick to so you can keep the weight off is about personalising it for YOU.

Which means making the smallest step you can make TODAY. If that mean curbing your biscuit tin rampage with a sugar free drink? Then go for it.

At the end of the day, overeating sugar is killing more of us than sweeteners, that’s for sure.

Speak soon ,


PS. Just 6 spaces left on my Fit For Life Kickstart programme starting on Monday 30th April. If you feel that a personalised nutrition and fitness plan for you, ​​​​​​​​​​​accountability and support (so you can stick to it) might help kickstart your weight loss and fitness goals?

Go here:

And don’t just take my word for it, have a look at the stories from some of the ladies using the system, here’s one from Lisa:

“I was looking to lose weight but this time, wanted to know and understand exactly what I was doing. I found Fruci Fit through an email from a gym I used to be a member of. I went on to the website, and added my name to the mailing list and started to receive (and still do) Matt’s daily blog.

​​ It took a couple of months of emails before signing up as I wanted to be sure this was the right route for me to lose weight and keep it off for life. I have not been disappointed. It’s now the start of week 10 and I’ve lost over a stone and 5 inches from my waist.

​Matt teaches you how to prepare balance meals eating the foods you love and there is no such thing as a bad food. It is amazing how your mindset changes as this is worked on too. This is now a way of life for me and not another diet.

​​ There are short daily exercise sessions which really help to tone you up and one of Matt’s phrases is “it’s you verses you” this really helps.

​​ If you’re looking for a different approach to losing weight without counting calories, syns or points, I’d highly recommend you give this a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Join Lisa here:


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How to stop picking 🍬

You know that time when you start to get a bit of a dip in energy  (about 3pm onwards)…you’re debating whether you’re hungry or just need another coffee / sugary pick me up?

Your brain is screaming at you for energy. Sleep is what it needs but that is obviously not possible at this time.

Even with your BEST intentions?

the bag of crisps and chocolate are gone.  😱

You’re not alone, here. Its actually THE biggest obstacle I see working with other ladies and experience myself.

You see, when I’m feeding my daughter her dinner (around 5pm), we don’t ALWAYS eat together. I mean sometime, me and Mrs Fruci like to sit down later on and relax whilst we eat.

But what this means is that whatever my daughter has leftover?

I can’t help but pick at. To the extent that sometimes, I’m not hungry for tea…but eat it anyway 😂 recipe for disaster…

But you know ONE thing that can really help (and is research proven)?

Chewing gum.

Whether you’re shopping when hungry, preparing food for later, surrounded by biscuits and cakes at work or feeding the little one and faced with leftovers haha

It has been shown to help you eat less, almost blocking the emotional  high we associate with eating.

You’ve tried brushing your teeth then drinking orange juice before, right?


So, give this a try.

don’t like chewing gum?

Brush your teeth. At worst, you’ll get a stick and a lollipop for your dentist 😉

I know this might sound really simple. Almost so simple that you think ‘it won’t work for me;’

But that’s kind of how we get the results and body transformations that LAST in the Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

By keeping it simple. Having a plan and being accountable.

Want to learn more about how you can simplify this weight loss and toning up stuff without going to a sweaty gym or counting calories?

Click below and have a read of some of the transformational stories from the other amazing ladies using my Nutrition and Fitness System:

Speak soon,


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Friends and family sabotaging your results? 🍰

So, the other week I asked the ladies in our private support group the following:

“On a scale of 1-1000, how hard are you on yourself?”

And we had a range of responses, from 600 to 1001 (which is off the chart), and some saying how they’ve gone from a 900 to more of a 400. 

But I then got this message shortly after from one of the ladies:

“I’m actually enjoying this group. I never thought I would after never have done anything like this before. But it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one thinking like this”

And it just so happens that support and accountability is one of the most important things in helping you get fit, healthy, and more toned. 

I’m not saying that it can’t be done alone. It can. 

But surrounding yourself with similar, like minded people all working towards the same goal?

Well, the results speak for themselves. 

But what I will just touch on a question I had the other day:

“Matt, how do you deal with family and friends who say ‘you’re fine the way you are’ . ‘just have one’. ‘I made this for you’.”

And its something I see A LOT.

Which is exactly why I’ve put together Healthy Meal Makers and a Super Simple Nutrition System to help you:

1) Have a life where you’re not banning the foods you love (and craving them more)

2) Have some routine with your days so you can allow for the treats

3) Have ‘normal’, simple meals which don’t require a load of preparation and that the WHOLE family will eat so you don’t have to cook separate ‘diet’ meals…

But you know what’s more powerful than my Nutrition System to help you stay on track?

The support, encouragement and IDEAS that other like minded ladies come up with. 

I actually get my best ideas from asking YOU questions. 

Because with every challenge? 

there’s a breakthrough and when someone shares something, it could be just the thing that you need to kickstart your fat loss.

It’s probably why you lose more fat with support and accountability…

Something you get in my 14-Day Fit For Life Kickstart Programme

Because I get that you KNOW what to do. I’m not going to sit here and tell you why you haven’t got the results you want. You probably know why. I’m just going to give you the tools, plan, and support you need to guarantee that you lose fat, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes 🙂

Learn more here:


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I should be losing weight faster

One of my clients has lost 9lbs in the last 12 weeks...

And 8 inches from her waist..

She stayed the same last week and was really frustrated. 

And I get it. It is frustrating when you have weeks like that. 

But, I'm going to be honest with you here, this is how it is.

In fact, if you KEEP the weight off even with social events and holidays?

Well, you're doing better than 93% of the population out there.

And it's why today...

I just wanted to share with you a lesson that we can al take from...

my 1 year old daughter..

On how persistence pays off.


PS. 6 spaces left on my 14-Day Fit For Life Kickstart starting on Monday 30th April.

If you start today?

You'll get instant access to a done for you meal plan, shopping list and home workouts straight away and then I'll be in touch to take you through the nutrition system and get you started with your personal training to keep you consistently PERSISTENT to get the results you want...

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