Did you see it?

The replay of last week’s online training:”How I’ve Helped Over 150 Busy Wiltshire Ladies Get Back Into Their Favourite Clothes With THREE Simple Exercises (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO)’If not?You can watch it here:www.FruciFit.com/replayBut you might want to watch it sooner rather than later…I’ll be taking it down soon…And my Sexy in 60 Slim Down special offer starts on Tuesday […]

I’m sorry

It looks like I messed upThe other day, when I did my online training event, it seems that a few of you had the link for the Tuesday webinar and not the encore I ran on Wednesday (confusing, I know)In a nutshell…I sent the WRONG registration link out to some of the ladies (Yes, I hate technology, too..)As […]

Message from Vikki

So in last night’s online training event: ‘How I’ve Helped Over 150 Busy Wiltshire Ladies Get Back Into Their Favourite Clothes With THREE Simple Exercises (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO)’I spoke about 2 ways you can do it.The Hard, slow way…And the easier, faster way (AKA the Sexy in 60 Slim Down Programme) which just so happens to be the route […]

What do you want?

Excuse the French, but my 1 year old daughter’s been learning French before English at Nursery so I thought I’d keep on with that theme.Anyway, last night, I held a FREE online training event…Called a ‘webinar’.You probably heard about it.Based on the feedback that I got, it seem that it was actually pretty good. However, like all LIVE […]

Confused About What You Need To Do To Lose Weight? So Was I!

Have you ever noticed how much contradictory advice there is in this diet and fitness industry? One minute it’s all flex foods, DNA Diets, and calorie countingThe next? It’s all high fat / low carbs. The amount of ‘experts’ out there offering advice is ridiculous.  Even more so, when they ALL seem to contradict each other. Me? I prefer to fous on […]

I prefer to do it with women

Today, I’m going to be take about 12 ladies into a room…Once I get them warmed up? They’re going to want to take their clothes off.The reason?It’s Monday! And every Monday, I take the members of my all ladies Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System through a flab-u-less workout As a result?They may get a bit hot and sometimes […]

Live coconut curry recipe

​To see some of the results and stories from other ladies using our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, go here: https://frucifit.com/results/

7 Foods To Keep In Your (Poop) Pantry

Since having a daughter, the most common conversation myself and Mrs Fruci have is about whether our daughter has done poo today. And on some days, I’ve had to get a few foods out to push things along a bit. Which reminds me of a question I had the other day: What foods can help me poo as […]

The fitness DVD sham…

This is probably going to turn into a bit of rant today. But it’s only because it’s things like this which are making this health and fitness industry fail you (yep, I’ll admit I’m in an industry which is failing you)And it really annoys me. I mean, how do you know what to believe anymore?Anyway, did […]

Message from Lisa

Reading reviews like this really reminds me why I do what I do. Unfortunately, a Google search on weight loss will take you to the fluffy diets selling potions, pills, DNA diets, and all these trendy things. I prefer to just tell you what really works. Most of my clients love this but it might not work for […]