Month: December 2017

When to quit

The worst part about this New Years diet stuff?They tell you to do the SAME things.The same things (only this time covered in organic kale) that got the same results as this yearand 2016 and 2015 and 2014 and so on and so on..They tell you that doing MORE when your plate is already FULL is the only answer. MORE …

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62% of Brits wouldn’t do this even if their life depended on it

I’ve spoken before about how despite you often blaming yourself for not having the ‘willpower’ or ‘motivation’…to leave your house and go to a place you often resent to exercise…it’s actually a very UNATURAL THING to do. When else would you leave CHOOSE to leave your house to do something you don’t enjoy? Get changed in a …

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7 Lost tone up rules

“The avocado on toast diet…””Extend your life by 10 years with this diet””The raw food detox””The fruit smoothie diet”I could go on.Everywhere you look, there’s a new, trendy diet. So, today, I just wanted to show you: 7 Lost Tone Up RulesWhich are all – not only –  scientifically proven to help you lose weightBut also shown to …

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Merry Christmas

Just a quick one to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a lovely day with your friends and family And just like David Brent says in The Office (which I always watch over Christmas…): When the dog looks in the river to see its reflection It thinks the other dog has a bigger bone As the dog goes to get the other …

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Santa’s Watching YOU

So the other day, someone drove into the back of the car behind me. The car behind me, then hit me. But the car that caused it? Drove off. And what happened next reminded me of what I was told as a kid:Santa could see whether you were ‘good’ or ‘bad’?Because it turns out there …

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Do you have to count points and give up carbs to lose weight?

I’ll get straight to the point today. Because the SECRET to this weight loss stuff and toning up for good?Is personalisation. Because the reason – in my opinion – why this dieting and weight loss stuff is so confusing is because even the wackiest of diets out there will work for someONE…And even though the principles …

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Dieting Tip From Karen

So not only has Karen lost a load of weight and got into the clothes she wanted to wear for her holiday and a wedding she recently went to…Karen has also lost event more weight recently. How?Well, I’ll share her rapid weight loss tip here:”So I have a the answer to quick weight loss. Have a …

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