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This blog contains MSG, Gluten, Dairy, And much, much more…

You know when your life is just chilled and really easy?

^^^ That was me joking by the way

It's busier than ever with this being the season to be jolly and- of course - the season to be around big healthy doses of...

Chocolate coins, Minions biscuits, advent calendars reminding us to eat chocolate for breakfast (I prefer to stick to the Mediterranean diet and go for Pain au chocolat...)...

More shopping than ever in the house. Food to be cooked. Which means more food to be eaten. 

Oh, and not to mention the Gingerbread Lattes smiling at you in Costa...

It's a fun time of the year. Really fun, actually. Spending time with family and getting in the spirit is why we do all this health and toning up stuff, right?

(no, of course I'm not dressing up as a Gingerbread, making gluten-free mince pies for Santa and honey roasted carrots for rudolph....)

BUT with all this is a HUGE challenge to our routine diet...

Temptations, feelings of 'should I eat that'. << which can often make you feel guilty and blame your willpower...

And this ^^^ I want to tell you, is ridiculous. 


Well, what I' about to tell you has nothing to do with the differences in our genetics. 

Because that fact is, we - as humans - are wired to look for high calorie foods full of fat and sugar. It's why us humans run the show on the planet Earth and are so smart <<< although my Labrador does have us wrapped around her little paw...

But now - some smart scientists are 'spiking' our food addictive NATURAL chemicals (like MSG which was originally found in meat in HEALTHY amounts to make us eat more as it provided us with calories and nutrients in the wild) to snacky food that both me and you can't get away from...especially over this Christmas period.

Which means both you and me are drawn to these foods. 

And I want you to know that it's not your fault. And it's not ALWAYS that our genetics are different

How do we know?

Well, the same hunter - gatherer groups in Mexico who have long lifespans and low cases of diabetes or heart disease...

Had high amounts of diabetes and heart disease when they moved to the US...

Despite having the SAME genetics.

We also know that the best diet in the world is... moving to Asia. You're guaranteed to lose weight.

But I get this impractical for you and takes more willpower than counting 'syns' at your Christmas dinner table.

Which is exactly why the 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down not only helps to keep you motivated and provides you with elite level support from me and other like-minded ladies looking to tone up and ditch the diet battle in our private group...

But also gives you simple, actionable tasks you can fit into your busy routine TODAY.


Well, research suggests that it can take you nearly HALF of 2018 to lose the weight you put on between now and the new year...

So, what if you did SOMETHING now?

Could 2018 be the year you ditch the diet, lose unwanted tummy fat and build a nutritional strategy that you can stick to?

My only goal here is to get you to move from A to B...then we'll worry about C <<< this is what we call the FAT LOSS RIPPLE EFFECT.

And I may start a few sentences with 'and'...get a bit passionate with some of my 'how to' videos where I go off on a tangent...

But it's only because I want to tell you that this toning up stuff is more simple than you think.

You can get the simpler way here:

Matt 'spiking Santa's gluten free mince pies with MSG' Fruci

PS. I've got 3 spaces left for the 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down and it starts Monday (4th December).

And I'll be honest...even I...and some of our current members are thinking I'm giving away a lot for £1 a day here...

But...this is what happens when I have too many Gingerbread Lattes

Learn more here:

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How shopping at Tesco can help you tone up…

Have you shopped in Tesco recently?

Basically, they offer free fruit for kids (and have done for a while actually). But with all this uproar about sugar killing us,  the sugar tax and fat making us far malarkey...

Do you think offering free fruit / or just walking past fruit that says 'take me' could really make a difference to what me and you buy and end up eating?

Well, I kind of tested this during a talk I did last week for an NHS lifestyle prevention / treatment programme for people with Type 2 diabetes (where we talk about diet, exercise, and what you can do to prevent / manage it so it doesn't take over your life...)

What did I do you ask?

So, during the coffee break, I noticed everyone was - surprise surprise - drinking coffee. And NO ONE had touched the fruit bowl. It was tucked away on the side. With the fruit still in the bags. 

I simply then took the fruit out of the bags and put the fruit in the middle so everyone was facing the fruit bowl. 

And guess what? Someone took a piece of fruit. 


I went around and offered the fruit to 4 of them sitting nearby. And guess what? They all took a piece. 

Now, my points here are that:

1) Despite eating the fruit when offered it, they probably had no intention of having any fruit (which may be bad thing if they weren't hungry but a good thing if it keeps them full and stops them feeling so hungry they're out of control later on and binge...)

2) Just by moving the fruit bowl and make it more appealing (out of the plastic wrappers) made people eat more

And I guess it shows that what we eat isn't as in our control as we think. And that unless we are fully aware of our environment, we are easily led. 

The scientists have also looked into this...

Showing that if your tray in a cafe has a piece of fruit on it already on there (which you can put back at the till if you don't want to pay for it)...

That you will make healthier food choices, whether you get the fruit or not...

It fascinates me. It really does. How something SO SIMPLE could help you lose weight and tone up without even knowing you're on a diet / depriving yourself. 

But then again, it doesn't. I mean, I get you're busy. Which means when you're making a decision about food, what YOU are eating can often be the LEAST of your worries due the pile of work, domestic admin, and worry of making sure everyone else has had a proper meal.

Which is exactly why we kickstart your slim down with some SIMPLE tasks you can put straight into your busy day...

Because when it comes to this dieting and toning up stuff, you haven't got to make drastic changes, BAN sugar, blame supermarkets and 'change the whole world' ...

What if you could make simple SUSTAINABLE improvements that you can make TODAY?

CREATE a clear and simple plan that you can do whether you're eating out, on the go, or with your family?

Start here...

With my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down

Here's the link to learn more:

Matt 'still prefer Waitrose' Fruci

PS. I'm not sure if there's something in the water they're serving at the Chinese Buffet...

but I keep getting questions about how to enjoy yourself when eating out and still lose weight and tone up.

Well, guess what?

Maybe there is something in the water...

Because Day 3 of our 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down is all about eating out, enjoying yourself and STILL slimming down. 

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Why I don’t don’t deprive myself

So, It was about 11pm the other night. I'm in bed. And I can hear my daughter crying. 

Or so I thought. I get out of bed. And it turns out that she's not crying. She's actually fast asleep.

And it turns out that I imagined it. It's not the first time this has happened. And some mums I've spoken to say they've done the same.

Anyway, it reminds me of a SYNDROME I heard the other day:

Phantom vibration syndrome AKA fauxcellarm

Ever heard of it?

Its basically known as a type of 'syndrome' where you 'think' you felt your phone in your pocket vibrate or ring...

Even though it didn't. 

It's believed to be caused by us being OVER involved or obsessed with our phones (or babies in some cases...).

And it’s no different in this weight loss game when we’re told to give up our favourite foods for good.

“Don’t eat the mince pie or those melt in your mouth Gingerbread biscuits” you tell yourself.

Now what are you thinking about?


Which is why rather than fight with your genetics and human nature 

(we are wired to seek out high calorie, high fat, high sugar foods <<< something the food manufacturers play on so that once you pop you can't stop...)

And feel guilty about even thinking about those cookies...

I prefer a different approach.

One that gives you unconditional permission to eat what you want...

Call me crazy...

But I want this weight loss and toning up stuff to become a way of life for you.

Not just some quick fix thing.

And although I will be revealing my 5-day Rapid Fat Burner kickstart in Day 9 of the 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down (which you can learn more about by clicking here) as a little added bonus

The difference here is that I’m going to be showing you exactly how you can eat out and create your own personalised nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle so you can stick to it and get rid of the 'lingering tummy fat'...(without BANNING foods)

So, essentially, you have a nutritional strategy rather than another one of those 5 day diets...

And if you're still wondering how a 5 day Rapid Fat Burner diet could lead to sustainable fat loss?

Here's 2 reasons:

1) Seeing improvements in how you look and feel quickly is highly motivating. You're excited by the results you are seeing and want to continue <<< 'continue' being the key to sustainability 🙂

2) Targeting unwanted body fat whilst covering your KEY nutrient requirements CAN help you beat hunger and take control of your sugar cravings.

The best part?

One of the key things I hear from busy ladies are that they 'pick' during the day and then struggle to come up with 'healthy' meals for the family in the evening.

Which is exactly why I give you your very own 'build your own meal' template for your evening meals AS WELL as two simple, hunger beating meals for brekkie and lunch. 

But, of course, this isn't until Day 9 of the 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down

Because before this?

I want you to get the basics right and eliminate any deficiencies with my PROVEN some small, easy wins habit formula. 

That's right....not more information.

Just simple, actionable habits for you to do every, single day.

To learn more about the 14- Pre Christmas Slim Down

Click the link below:

Matt 'phantom' Fruci
Fruci Fit

PS. I only have 4 spaces for the 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down and I'm full expecting them all to go with everything you get .

Why so cheap?

Well, I'm trialling a few scientifically proven things...with busy, every day lives. 

Learn more here:

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It’s bananas to think bananas will make you fat

“I was so confused, I’ve just stopped eating bananas”

^^^ One lady told me recently when I was delivering a diabetes education session for an NHS programme I work on

Why the confusion?

Glad you asked 

1) She’d been told she needed to lose weight…but also that bananas were ‘full of sugar’

2) She'd heard 'sugar makes you fat'

3) But also heard that if they were green they were good for weight loss (even though she hated green bananas...who doesn't?)

4) Had heard that bananas (yellow or green) are a “free” food on Slimming World (meaning you can eat all of the bananas...

But if you cooked the bananas, Slimming World would say they were a ‘syn’…

^^^ Yep, even I’m confused right now. 

So, rather than bore you with an essay, I'll just keep it short and banana sweet:

Both green and yellow bananas contain the SAME number of calories (about 105 for a medium sized banana...

Which means swapping a yellow banana for a green banana, be it cooked or uncooked, will NOT directly help you lose weight and tone up.

Now that's over and done with I've got a 2-ingredient banana inspired pancake recipe which me and my 10-month old daughter have been enjoying for breakfast...and sometimes dinner.... 

Check it out below:

And...yes, I did notice the crumb that Ottilie put on my chin 🙂 

Anyway, I get that it's not recipes that you REALLY want.

You're fed up with all the fad diets telling you to give [insert your favourite food here] and spend your precious time in a gym.

I get that you want to put you first...but this is harder said than done with your work, family and busy life.

Which is why I'm offering 4 ladies the chance to enrol on my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down so you make this toning up stuff a way of life rather than something you have to be super motivated for, do for a few days and then give up...

And all this just for £1 a day...

Why so cheap?

Well, my aim is to make this toning up stuff as simple as possible. Something you can do even on your busiest, most stressful day (although I may treat you to something that will burn fat 'rapidly'...if you're ready for it...)

And with Christmas being the time where we - on average - gain between 1-13lbs of unwanted body fat?

What better time to do it?

If this sounds like something you can benefit from to improve your body shape, slim down, and put you first.

Click HERE

Matt 'go bananas' Fruci

PS. Here's the link to the Pre Christmas Slim Down:

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5 Ways To Jingle Your Way Slim This Christmas

Tis the season where I see many ladies freak out about what they're going to do about mum's Christmas stuffing, homemade cookies, and the leftover After Eights...without expanding their waistline.

I know what you’re thinking: “it’s not Christmas yet, Matt. It’s not even December...”

Which I’m glad you’ve brought up. 

Because during this time of the year?

The average weight gain is between 1-13lbs...


Well, maybe you’re busier than ever preparing everything for everyone else. Presents, food and just making sure the Christmas period is great for everyone else...but you..

Maybe you have many social events. Your family are feeders (the Italians are great at this. And even better at Christmas time. 5 plates of Nonna’s pasta or “you not love Nonna”...)

Or maybe you just think it will be easier in January when you’ll have “less stress” (forgetting that there’s never a “perfect time”...after all, the most depressing day of the year is in January).

Either way, here’s 5 SMARTER WAYS to survive Christmas without expanding your waistline ...

1. Deprivation will result in FAILURE - I'll never forget one year when a member using my Tone Up System (let's cal; her Jane) went to a Christmas party. There were mince pies out. And there were also bowls of salted nuts. 

Now, Jane decided to be 'healthy' and take the nuts. 

After all, 'Mince pies are bad'. 'don't eat the mince pies' <<< OK, now what do you think Jane is thinking about? 


She ended up eating about 5 handfuls of nuts before THEN...having the mince pie anyway. 

So, don't become so obsessed with not having it. As you'll just end up 'giving in', eating as many as you can, feeling guilty and becoming even more obsessed with foods you "shouldn't" eat. 

Take home:

Choose a few social events you're going to enjoy. On others? Make some small adjustments. It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. Pretty good is still 'pretty good'. Don't aim for perfection, just be consistent. 

And know that the most attractive look in the world is 'health'. Which means sometimes, going out with your friends and family and enjoying some great food and vino, is the healthy choice.

2. Start burning fat now - the longer you wait, the harder it is to get started. 

There will be never be a 'perfect' time to start. Not even in January.

And - if you think about it - if you start now.  During one of the busiest, most pie abundance time of the year and can stick to it?

It begs the question: when can't you do it?

Take home:

Set yourself small, simple tasks, like always having a full glass of water with you during the day at arms reach.

And focus on the basics. Example:

Grab a hand sized portion of protein (Turkey is literally the leanest animal meat you can have..), as much veggies as you want... THEN fill your plate with the rest 🙂

3. Make your body process sugar better - doing muscle strengthening / toning exercises (just like we do in my Tone Up Programme) improves how your body handles sugar, tones muscles, and helps to improve your body shape

4. Go for walks where you can with your friends and family - Not only can this be great for your mind and help burn up some calories, but it also helps you improve your fitness and curb your hunger.

Take home:

Go for a walk after your lunch / dinner. It takes 20 minutes for your body to tell you if you're full up.

At the very least?

Just get out of the kitchen 🙂

5. Know that being full and having enough are two different things - Remember  stuffing is for turkeys!! 

Now, I know weight gain during the Christmas season seems as likely as Santa coming down the chimney...

But just by starting today. No matter how small of a step you make. You can take control.

Now, you can read these and say “ye they make sense”, but none of this matters unless you do it.

Which is why I put together my 14-day Pre Christmas Slim Down Programme.

If you'd like to join our merry band of like minded ladies to help keep you accountable, “stop stopping”...

And reignite your motivation to tone up BEFORE Christmas using a Tone Up System that fits your lifestyle so you can do it even on your busiest, most stressful day?

Click on the link below:

Matt “jingling all of the way” Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently And Get Their Bodies Back 

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The Hunger Beating Diet…

I found out (the hard way) that eating too much of a "good" food can be a bad thing! And no matter how much 'eating right' (or so i thought) you do, it doesn't always work.

This pretty much sums up why I failed (in my opinion)...

I liked the "idea" of eating so-called superfoods that they say will help your burn more fat... but it meant that going out for meals was difficult, I had to give up some of my favourite foods, and it made exercise feel "harder" (especially when I completely gave up carbs...rather than knowing that SOME carbs actually suits my lifestyle much better)

It also go pretty boring. So boring that I couldn't stick to it.

And what's the best diet in the world?

The one you'll do...without really knowing you're actually doing it (which requires a complete mindset shift...something I spoke a bit about yesterday)

Don't get me wrong, I've lose a lot of fat and helped tons of other ladies lose weight and tone up on some of these so-called 'superfood' / 'clean' diets.

And - to be honest - as a coach I always encourage YOU to come up with your nutritional strategy (of course, I help guide you with this). Because - ultimately - you have to be willing to stick to this. 

But what I'm not a fan of is doing this stuff at the expense of my social life (or creating a horrendous 'good' / 'bad' relationship with food...)

Now, the one of the challenges when you try to lose stomach fat and drop a few dress sizes is beating hunger.

After all, if you're hungry, you're miserable. Or H-angry (as Mrs Fruci calls me...)

Now, one way of doing this (note I'm not talking too much about mindset today but this counts too, of course)

Is how much food you actually have on your plate.

You see, you eat with your eyes. If your plate is piled up? You feel like you'e indulged and 'eaten more'. So, you feel more satisfied. 

Now, one way of doing this is - of course- using a small plate. 

Another way? 

Well, make 80% of your foods from high fibre, nutritious and filling foods. 

And, yep, you'd think that this would mean popcorn would be off the menu.

And that this would mean you can only eat 'healthy fats' like avocado  <<<which I also do love by the way

Now, I still eat avocados (usually in salads). They're full of healthy fats etc.

But my point is that you CAN lose weight (achieve fat loss) without "giving up" foods or going to the extreme. 

There's a BETTER way.

And it just so happens that popcorn (a food I used to "give up" and crave) can help me feel full and satisfied. Is loaded with fibre and pretty much provides the identical nutrition as the "superfood" oats!

So, focus on what matters:

- Building a nutrition plan you can stick to

Which usually involves (at minimum) these things:

- NOT giving up your favourite foods!

But at the same time, making sure you feel full and satisfied by:

- Making the "majority" (around 80%) of your diet full of filling, nutrient dense foods (including popcorn...).

Learn from my mistakes.

If it wasn't for my "all or nothing" / "no bad foods" mentality, I would have probably been where I am today 7 years ago...

Matt 'corny' Fruci

PS. No time to watch and want actionable slim down habits you can slot into your day even on your busiest, more stressful weeks?

Go here:

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The problem with ‘believe it and achieve it’

One of the things that many ladies who work with me say at the start of their fitness and toning up journey is that "it's easier for others than me"...

And I do get this. You have your own struggles. Long hours at work. Playing mum and wife. It's no surprise that by the end of the day, the last thing on your mind is cooking a healthy dinner and doing some exercise. 

But something this reminds me of is when I was a kid at Tae Kwon Do. I did pretty well in the end. Getting a black belt and even being asked to teach. Although I rarely did any teaching as I couldn't get my words out. I was too nervous. Worried about what others were thinking. Didn't like other looking at / or judging me. 

Anyway, we used to have this mantra:


And - of course - being only 12 at the time, I had no clue what this meant anyway. 

But what I've found to be true NOW after coaching tons of busy ladies is that there's a BIG step between 'believe' and 'achieve'...


Because here's the thing:

Everyone has self belief. Everyone has confidence. Whether they exercise every day, once a week or haven't exercises in years. Whether they define themselves as the 'fat one' in their friendship group or whether they're the sporty one doing all the classes at the gym. 

Everyone has confidence. 

The difference?

The THOUGHTS in your (which you cannot control and is actually a blessing because not everyone does have the ability to process thoughts) you CHOOSE to believe WINS and will - eventually - determine what you do

^^^ whether you eat the rest of the biscuits and put off doing what you said you would do to look and feel how you'd like...OR make a commitment to consistently just getting better and winning each day...

But before an a feeling. Which is a thought that you've put some meaning to. This could be courage. Confidence. OR a lack of confidence. 'I have no willpower'. "I have no motivation'...

So, what if I told you that it's not a lack of confidence? It's not a lack of willpower? But actually the thoughts you CHOOSE to believe?

Can I challenge you just for today to slow down and challenge your thoughts? Notice what you are CHOOSING to believe? 

And - if you're really ready for a challenge - I challenge you to take action WITHOUT having self-belief or confidence that you can do it?

After all, no one knows the future, so who knows what you might achieve if you CHOOSE to notice the thoughts that are NOT yours and realise that you have a choice in what you believe, how you respond and what you do?

If this sounds like something that could help you so you can get out of your own way, 'stop stopping', tone up, get the results you want and - dare I say it - feel happier?

Click the link below:

Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently And Get Their Bodies Back

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What Successful Dieters Do (at night)

They open their bedroom window. And SCREAM!

^^^ Thats's what students at Harvard do the night before their exams. All together.

Creating a ringing, collaborative scream, from like-minded individuals, letting go of their stress, understanding that they're not alone  and knowing that they can reach out for help
Which just so happens to be the same when it comes to losing weight and toning up. 

Because just like riding a see-saw is tough to do on your it losing unwanted tummy fat, getting fitter and toning up. 

They showed that in nearly 50,000 post menopausal women, those who surround themselves with like-minded-minded ladies, be it through meetings, workouts or BOTH (which is the most effective way to lose fat and keep it off)...

Lost nearly double the amount of weight.

And I completely get this. After all, I - too - have had different coaches on - off over the last 10 years. And I'm currently in 3 different support groups to help me. Plus, I'm part of kayaking club with access to coaches. 


Because I'm good doing it for others...but struggle to have the 'willpower' and 'motivation' to do it myself. After a day coaching others, the last thing I want to do sometimes is to exercise myself (maybe I shouldn't be saying this...but I'm only human). 

And I'm not saying you can't do it alone. Of course, some (albeit few) lose weight and keep it off without any support. 

If you can do this? 

My hat (although I never wear hats...they don't quite suit me) goes off to you...

But from personal experience and helping tons of other ladies tone up and feel more confident about the way they look and the clothes they wear..

I know that ELITE level support and accountability works. The type of accountability that has you feeling gutted to have missed a muscle toning session because 'it looked like fun' (as one member mentioned to me last week in my Tone Up Body Transformation Programme)

The type of support where you can ask for help 24 / 7, be it to me or like-minded ladies (thanks to our private inner circle group) for help and support. You know, when you feeling $#*! for having the pizza, bottle of wine  and packet of biscuits despite saying that 'todays going to be the day'..

Because despite your good intentions, you WILL have these self sabotaging moments. Where you feel like you've lost control. 

But with each one? Comes a lesson. 

You see, when you have support and accountability, you're either wining or you're learning. There's no losing. Because with every 'self sabotaging' moment becomes breakthrough. A strategy that you can do ti put in place and overcome this.

and the best part?

Because we've all been there and someone - be it me  or the rest of the awesome like-minded ladies in the group - are there to support each other. 

I may start a few sentences with 'And'. And I may start a few sentences with 'But'. But as wrong as this is, my only aim here is to support you and help you MOVE forward so you can tone up and win this weight loss game once for all (and cut through all the BS they feed us in the media). 

and this is why I created my Tone Up system

So YOU don't have to slay the demon (which is all in your head) on your own

So that you could have me FIGHTING


So grab your sword. Lets keep battling

Here's the Link to start your 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down:

Matt 'I(ce) S(cream)' Fruci
Fruci Fit

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I became 60% less H-Angry

Before I stopped letting my 'diet' take over my life, I used to literally waste hours having to prepare ALL of my food (I literally wouldn't buy anything on the go...)

To the extent that Mrs Fruci would have to ask me if I packed my meals before a day trip out to stop me getting H-Angry (which is the combination of being hungry and angry...)

^^^ You could say I was good practice for having our baby and puppy...

I was obsessive, and it took over mine and my family's life.  But thankfully, Mrs Fruci failed to realise that life may have been greener on the other side 😉 and - of course- I completely improved my relationship with food.

But - still today - beating 'sugar cravings', 'hunger', 'eating my emotions' are some of the main challenges that ladies come to with when trying to slim down and lose weight. 

Now, I'm not going to talk about what hunger actually is as I'll be here all day...(so I'll save that for another day).

But what I will say is that hunger is much more complex than just 'I need food for energy'...

It's based on your sleep, stress, hormones, surroundings, friends and family behaviours, and...

Nutritional DEFICIENCIES <<< which is something I focus on STRAIGHT AWAY to get you on to an easy, quick win to help you boost your moods (so you have more motivation to do more things you'd like to do), ease your aching joints, and create a rippling FAT BURNING effect...

You see, the scientists showed the power of nutritional deficiencies by giving prison inmates an omega 3 fish oil capsule.

What happened?

Well, violent behaviour went down by 60% ..

And they found similar effects with those with attention deficit disorders.

Maybe you could try giving it to your co-workers? 😉

And you're probably thinking that you 'eat right' anyway so you must be 'OK'. 

But the research shows that even those following strict and so-called' healthy diets like the 'clean eating diet', 'the vegan diet', 'the counting syns and points diet' and the 'caveman / paleo' diet...were still deficient in certain nutrients.

Which is why your first task is to eliminate any nutritional deficiencies in your diet in my 14-day Pre Christmas Slim down.

Here's how it works:

Step One: Eliminate deficiency 

Step Two: Increase your motivation to move, eat well, and feel good

Step Three: you find it easier to follow YOUR plan that you create (which I help you create so it fits your lifestyle even with Christmas upon us)

Like I said before, my 14-day Pre Christmas Slim Down isn't just MORE information thrown at you. 

It's the basics broken down into easily digestible, bitesize chunks so you can put your toning up on autopilot and do the basics even on your busiest, most stressful day (all from support and accountability from me and like-minded ladies to keep you motivated and on track)

If this sounds of interest to you, I'll walk you through step-by-step EXACTLY how you can do it here:

Matt 'H-angry' Fruci
Fruci Fit

PS. Because you get a personal 1-to-1 coaching session with me where I give you a personalised strategy that fits your lifestyle so you can stick to it (£99 value)...I do have limited spaces on my 14-day Pre Christmas Slim

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The emergency pre Christmas slim down on autopilot?

By cooling your house and drinking apple cider vinegar?

This was a question I had the other day. 

And to be honest?

It might help you lose a 1lb or 2....which is actually a great start 🙂 so it's probably worth a shot but don't expect miracles. 

And with Christmas upon us...we are - on average - going to put on between 1- 13lbs (according to the scientific research who've followed different types of people over the Christmas period).

But what's more worrying is that obesity rates in the UK are rising FASTER than our 'friends' in the US..

So, these diet tricks like body cooling and apple cider vinegar may be good for a couple pounds, but they are no magic bullet. 

I think a better, more simple, sustainable and much more effective approach to losing unwanted body fat is a a fun fitness and tone up programme like my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down or something similar (but may be I'm a little biased...)

And my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down isn't some 'click here to instantly drop 3 dress sizes and become sexy slim' fad diet...

And it's not just a slim down programme that gives you the accountability and support from me, as well as like-minded ladies to keep you motivated and on track.

It's about building a 'diet' that helps you fit back into your favourite clothes that you can stick to...

By focussing on simple, daily habits that you can add into your day, even on your busiest most stressful day.

This is NOT me just giving you more information. As there's is already far too much of that out there. Making you confused overwhelmed, and putting off your tone slim down efforts until the 'perfect time' <<<which I know from having a baby that the perfect time doesn't exist. You adapt, be grateful for the sleepless nights and thank your lucky stars that you GET to have someone to look after, even if it is your snoring other half 😉

And I'm not going to go into much more detail on my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down now because - as I've said - too much information is boring. 

All I'll say is that it works, if you do it!

^^^ Which is why I'll give you your money back if you do everything I ask of you, report back, and don't think you're any closer to your goals. Because if I can't promise this? Well, I simply don't deserve your money as I'm not doing my job.

And the best part?

If you can do it now? In the lead up to Christmas. When usually you'd put on 1 -13lbs? When can't you do it? 

Worried about failing again?

Well, all these habits are based on the science as well my experiences helping tons of other ladies lose weight and tone up without giving up their favourite foods. And the research shows that if you stick to these habits? Well, each one will result in a 1lb of FAT LOSS. 

And then there's the ripple FAT LOSS effect....

If this sounds like something YOU could use

Click on the link below:

And we'll see if you're a good fit


PS. The start date for my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down is Monday 4th December. 


If you enrol now? 

You'll profit from instant access to my Fruci Fit tone up app that gives you super quick and effective tummy slimming workouts (with video demonstrations) so you can fit it in even on your busiest, most stressful days...even if you only have 5 minutes (£49 value)

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