How to stop craving junk with this ONE food…

​How to stop craving sugar, chocolate, and crap AND take back control with this ONE food?Really?Yep, I’m not totally convinced either. Although I have to say, I’ve noticed that when I eat this ONE food? I feel more full up, it stops me thinking about food all day, and gives me more energy so I can get […]

Quick question for you…

Let me ask you a quick question:When you first signed up for these emails, were you hoping to:1) Discover how to put ‘me’ first again2) Discover how to eat a slice of cake without someone thinking “she shouldn’t be eating that’3) Get healthy to live a longer life and see your kids / grandkids grow […]

Encore Une Fois

Excuse the French, but my 9 month old daughter’s been learning French before English at Nursery so I thought I’d keep o with that theme.Anyway, last Thursday night, I held a FREE online training event…Called a ‘webinar’.You probably heard about it.^^^ I did email you several times that day..Based on the feedback that I got.It […]

What they never tell you about eggs…

Did you hear the news the other week that runny eggs are no safe again?And that eggs may NOT be bad for our cholesterol?That’s right, they’re confusing us again…The best part?I was dipping sausages into my runny eggs just the other night after I needed something quick, simple and tasty (you know, for one of […]

Confused? So Was I!

Have you ever noticed how much contradictory advice there is in this diet and fitness industry? One minute it’s all low fat / high carbsThe next?It’s all high fat / low carbs.and don’t forget protein, of course (chicken, eggs, all that ‘good’ stuff.).The amount of ‘experts’ out there offering advice is ridiculous. Even more so, when they […]

I prefer to do it with…women!

Later on today, I’m going to be taking 15 ladies into a room. Once I get them warmed up? They will look at me and want to take their clothes off. Why?Because it’s Wednesday. Which is one of the days, I take the members of my ladies-only Tone Up Body Transformation Programme through ‘ParaDICE’ (Today’s challenge..although I may […]

5 (not so) secret dieting hacks to shift your weight for good

My new book, ‘Shift’, addresses why so many of us have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off. From your mindset to the fact you’re left to do it alone by the commercial gyms, feeling stuck on slimming clubs diets promoting yoyo weight loss and gain, and not to mention the ‘experts’ telling […]

How To Get FastER Fat Loss…

Being a ‘dad’ gives me a legitimate reason to act like a kid and re-live my own childhood. Something I did just the other week at the swimming pool when getting excited for the wave machine and going down the dome slides Now, despite nearly drowning in the waves…the dome slides just didn’t seem as […]

There was sooooooo much food at the buffet….

I confess…A lot of what I preach to you and – usually – do…sometimes goes COMPLETELY out of the window.I find myself eating out of packets (which means you’ll eat more…)Grabbing something on the go because ‘I didn’t make the time’ to prepare anything or sort dinner out as life took over…And falling victim to […]