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Winning tactics for the ‘office cake and party rings’ culture

“I’m so rubbish. Everyone’s bringing in cakes at work. I had one. And then I had some party rings.”

^^ if I had a party ring for every time I heard that one

Truth is – and as Members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme discover – it’s not actually the cake in itself that’s making us gain the pounds..

But actually our “belief” that this is a “bad” food and that by having some cake, you’ve failed, and you might as well eat whatever and start again on Monday. And the quicker you accept that this “belief” impacts whether you do the things you say you need to do to get the things you say you want? The quicker you’re going to develop a nutritional strategy to last and get your body back for good.

You see, you’re never going to live a life where you have no holidays, no birthdays, or avoid the ever present “every day is cake day” office culture…oh and can I mention Christmas, yet?

We eat to live….

BUT.. We also eat when we’re happy. We eat when we’re tired and stressed. We eat when we’re bored. We eat when we SEE or SMELL certain foods. We also eat when others are eating.

^^^ And it seems it’s for these reasons that those with jobs where you sit a lot tend to not only move less and burn less calories, but have a reduced ability to adjust their food intake and end up eating MORE than those with more active jobs.

I get that it’s difficult. Even from working in the NHS and Public Health…there’s cake around in offices and staff rooms. And you’ve probably heard me mention before about how my wife likes to test me by leaving coconut Lindt chocolate out on the side…

But our friends in lab coats may be on to something because research shows that doing any of the following may help you take back control of your eating habits once and for all:

* Exercise – It not only improves the way you handle food but  could reduce your hunger levels. Or perhaps it sets you up for the day and gives you more energy / shifts your mindset? Takes time out of your day so there’s less time for you to think about food? Delays breakfast if you’re doing it first thing in the morning so your eating window is shorter?

* Only eat out of crockery rather than the packet – This can prevent you from overeating (You know, the SEEfood diet) and help you lose fat

* Use a smaller plate / bowl / cutlery can make you spontaneously serve less << but don’t go too small…as then you may actually eat more to justify that you ‘used such a small plate’ AKA I’m not saying go eat your dinner off of a saucer 😉

*​​​ Bring in other snack options for the 323pm cake crash fruit, greek yoghurt, smoked salmon, crudiet or – as some members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme have done – take in some of my banana bread and super simple dessert recipes in from our nutrition system.

* And THE most effective in my opinion? Structure your meals so they are filling, nutritious and tasty…and then give yourself UNCONDITIONAL PERMISSION to eat any food you like (even party rings) providing you fit it in to your nutrition strategy (just like I show you using the Fruci Fit Meal Maker in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme)

And these are just a few super simple strategies you can use straight away to take back control so you can stop blaming your willpower and thinking that a bit of cake means you’ve failed…

Just like I show you in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme.

Imagine if next time you eat a “bad” food you didn’t self sabotage the rest of your week? Made better-informed, more intelligent decisions about your food and training choices?

What would be different for you? Would you be closer to your body transformation goals? Wake up with more energy? Be more productive? Have more confidence? Who would you be?

Matt “lord of the party rings” Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently And Get Their Bodies Back For Good

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Don’t make this rookie dieting mistake…

Want to know one of the biggest mistakes I see busy ladies make when starting a diet? You might want to brace yourself for this because it’s probably not what you’ve heard before about banning ‘naughty, but nice’ foods and the subtle and bubbly charms of prosecco…

It’s assuming that all of your progress is dictated by the number on the scales (which I have spoken about before here

From years of helping tons of others lose FAT, tone up, get fitter and fit back into their favourite clothes, I’ve noticed a common theme:

The focus shifts from ‘thinner to fitter’. Here’s what I mean. They tell me at the start that they want to ‘lose weight, tone up and drop a few dress sizes but nothing has worked in the past”.  

Which is all well and good and is exactly what I empower you to do in My Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme. …BUT what do I mean by this shift in focus from thinner to ‘fitter’?

Well, let’s imagine I set you a goal of attending 2 of our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Sessions per week at 7am. To be up and ready at this time, you may now have to:

1) Potentially be in bed earlier so you can have a good nights sleep and have more energy the next day – You may have started a new routine to help you do this, be it avoiding caffeine after 4pm, eating earlier, avoiding too much fluid before bed so you’re not up in the night, having a bath or just taking some time for YOU. Habit 1 added in 🙂

2) Ensure you have the appropriate food and nutrition to recover and energise yourself for the day so you‘re not falling asleep and living off of coffee from 323pm or feeling guilty for doing so well all day only to blame willpower for eating 3 slices of the cake your colleague brought into work as opposed to 1Habit 2 added in 🙂

3) Require LESS willpower to exercise as it’s done before you have time to talk yourself out of it by coming up with ‘stories’ that justify why you can’t do it. Habit 3 added in 🙂

4) Be more mindful and slow down when eating on-the-go as you’ll be using my accountability system and will become 100% responsible for your results This may mean that you only eat whilst sitting down? Only eat out of crockery as opposed to out of the packet? Have a fruit bowl out on the side in your kitchen as opposed to cereal (this can help you lose up to 10lbs in a year…)? Habit 4 added in 🙂

And I could go on…

Can you see how this powerful shift in your mindset enables you to build in simple new habits into your life? As opposed to worrying about all of the things you -wrongly in my opinion – ‘believe’ you have to give up to lose weight and tone up (yep…if you believe you can’t lose weight eating curry…check out Mijan’s transformation at the bottom of this page)

And I get that you probably don’t like fitness and exercise. 

In fact, because of what you see out there in gym, you probably hate it and are scared by it, especially when asked to do in front of others (something I get a lot from ladies in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme)

And it’s why we make the workouts a little bit different, focussing on YOU vs YOU and shifting you away from placing all of your self worth on the judgements of others <<< which is crazy, right?

Because when you progress. Close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, no matter how small, day by day? That’s when the magic happens!

It’s not about…

“sweat is fat crying” <<< heard that one before?

It’s about consistently showing up and aiming to be better than you were yesterday…

Understanding that no one can make you do it but no one can STOP you doing it.

Which is exactly what my Weekly Battle Plans and Accountability system ensure you DO…


By making this toning up stuff a game of YOU vs YOU 🙂 Shifting your mindset from ‘weight’ to being stronger, more confident, fitter, and empowered to build a nutrition and training strategy that get you your body back for good…

And the results?

Take a look at some of the ladies here and have a little look in the mirror along the way 😉

Matt ‘Scientifically debunking the sweat is fat crying myth’ Fruci
Fruci Fit
The Body Transformation Programme Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently ​​​​

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Should you give up your diet and start again?

I wiped her face and hair clean. Only to then notice it was all over the packet of baby wipes. So I wiped the packet of baby wipes clean with a baby wipe…only for my daughter to then put her Greek yoghurty and avocado-filled hands all over the packet, her hair, table and ME again..which made me realise that to get to the root cause of this I needed to clean her hands first..

And it reminded of something I get a lot:

“I’ve tried Weight Watchers, calorie counting, Slimming World, Smoothies, low carb, low fat, gluten free…I lose weight but I end up putting it back on and more”

The main problem here?

We’re going round and round in circles and jumping straight to the next shiny object (or avocado and yoghurty mess in my case), forgetting the fundamental principle behind every single diet that helps you lose fat and keep it off…

It has to fit your lifestyle, work / social life, and food preferences so you can consistently control your food intake AKA DO IT!

You see, in a recent study of all studies, there was ZERO difference in weight loss between low fat or low carb diets providing that they:

1* Ate the same amount of energy from food

2* Ate the same amount of PROTEIN

And however you achieve the above is down to you, your social life and the foods you enjoy.

Enjoy your cheese? Go ahead and eat it.

Love your pasta? Go for it!

Just tweak and adapt it as you go and NEVER forget the root cause of FAT LOSS…

No magic foods… no secrets…

Just a nutritional strategy that fits your lifestyle, doesn’t BAN prosecco, and gives you the flexibility to have a social life and STILL fit back into your favourite clothes.

Which is exactly what we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme.

Is it that simple? YES.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You see, I get that you know what to do. But that “inner demon” keeps holding you back. Which is exactly why we focus on small, sustainable changes you can instantly action so you can get your confidence back, gain that momentum and take back control of your relationship with food once and for all.

Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently About The Way They Diet And Get Their Bodies Back For Good

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Woman dies from eating high protein diet?

Did you see the story in the media recently about a who unfortunately died with a rare genetic disorder?

This rare genetic stops you from breaking down protein….

So how did the media report this?

By saying- and I quote –

“A WEST Australian woman was killed by a strict diet of protein supplements, shakes and egg whites.”

Which makes you think what?

That protein kills you, right?

And it frustrates me that the media are able to provide such misleading information.

How about we educate everyone about the fact she had a rare genetic disorder rather than spread misleading information about protein, supplements or any food for that matter?

Because more than not, it’s actually NOT what you’re eating.. But why you are eating!

^^^ read that again​​ 

And it comes back down to being critical of everything you read and hear. Assume they know nothing…even me!

Because imagine if you “believed” misleading information and then your beliefs which govern what you do each day and who you become…turned out to have no relationship with real life?

It’s why I give out so much information to you to use and – most importantly – APPLY (as you only get results for DONE).. To help you find what works for YOU, question your “beliefs” that may be holding you back and to help you make better-informed decisions about they way you think about this diet and toning up game.

So, ask yourself this:

Are​​ your beliefs serving you or holding you back? Where do you need to challenge them to get the things you say you want?

Matt (ANutr, MSc, BSc)

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“I’m the rubbish one”

I’m still falling in. Feeling achey in places I never knew you could feel achy in. Struggling with technique. Too slow…too fast…too unstable.

Yep, the nutritionist and personal trainer who’s meant to be fit and strong has been falling out of his canoe left, right and centre… literally! I’m completely out of my comfort zone. And it’s quite embarrassing when you fall in front of the same people time and time again. It’s also pretty damn frustrating, particularly when you tell them you’re kayaking from Devizes to Westminster next year…

But as frustrating as this is, I have 2 options:

1* Beat myself up about it and give up


2* Acknowledge that by DOING, I now have a starting point and things can only get better…

You see, both you and me are happiest when we progress, be it with relationships with family, food, fitness or in the workplace. But to progress? You have to measure SOMETHING. To measure “something” you have to have a starting point. And – at the very least – I now have that.

And when I look back at how far I have come (rather than comparing myself with others <<< which is the thief of happiness right there), I can see progress and wins. Which – by default – gives me the confidence to continue DOING, learning and getting better!

And it’s exactly the same when it comes to starting your weight loss and toning up journey.

You see, when ladies apply for a free trial in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme, they worry they’re “too fat” or “too unfit” to start. But – just like with me and my kayaking at the moment – you actually have 2 options here:

1* Beat yourself up about it


2* Acknowledge that by DOING, you now have a starting point and things can only get better…

Just like the ladies do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme when they say “I’ll never be able to do that…” and then end up DOING THAT EXACT THING THEY SAID THEY COULDN’T DO 😃

My point?

A baby step is still a step!

So if you’re ready to make a start, my free trial starting in September (for 6 ladies only) is for you.

You can learn more about this opportunity by clicking here:

Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently

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Do you still eat this food?

It’s no secret that you’re constantly told to “cut down on red meat”…(and eat more “healthy wholegrains”…)


Because apparently red meat gives you heart disease and makes you fat and “toxic”…

Well, that is if you believe everything you read without looking at the science and understanding what this means for YOU << You see, if you define “red meat eaters” as those who eat a lot of takeaway, fizzy drinks, smoke and barely exercise…then guess what? You’ll probably find that “red meat eaters” aren’t as healthy…

But what our friends in lab coats just did this year was look at what would happen to your quality of life and muscle strength if you:

1* Gave women 2 portions of lean red meat each day plus made them do muscle strengthening exercise twice per week


2* Gave women carbohydrates portions like pasta or bread plus made them do muscle strengthening exercise twice per week

And guess what?

The women who ate more lean red meat better quality of life scores (perhaps due to making every day tasks easier due to the protein helping muscle tone and recovery) and showed greater muscle strength!

Now, is that “lean red meat” is magical?

Of course, not. I mean it does contain B vitamins and Iron which – especially in women – can help to boost your energy levels. But in my opinion? The added protein (which helps you tone up and keeps you full) plus the muscle strengthening exercise were they key to making every day tasks easier!

What does this mean for you?

Try having at least 2 hand sized portions of protein foods every day (be it steak, fish, chicken, turkey etc) and try to incorporate muscle strengthening exercises into your routine to help make every day tasks easier like climbing stairs and shopping…even if you start with 3 minutes.

And it reminds me of what happened to Fat Loss Mastery Member, Cassie, the other week. You see, Cassie missed a session but mentioned she’d been on a bike ride and for a swim with the kids. And although Cassie felt “guilty” for missing a session, she actually achieved her starting goal of being able to do more fun things with the kids!

And having the energy and confidence to do more of the things you enjoy doing is what it’s all about, right?

Matt “medium-rare, please” Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently About The Way They Diet And Get Their Bodies Back For Good!

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How Bea did it!



Bea’s secret?

Bea has found the type of workouts she ENJOYS (boxing despite ever boxing before…)

^^^ Which means she sticks to it and dare I say it…has a bit of fun in the process! Yep, fun!!

She doesn’t feel like she’s ‘dieting’ as she can still eat the foods she loves

^^^ Including anything off of the Prezzo menu

And can still lose fat whilst working long hours, living a busy lifestyle and socialising with the family

^^^ Where lot’s of eating out was done

You see, Bea said to me that she’s struggled to stick to diets in the past


Well, all this weight loss, diet and exercise stuff used to be a chore…

And the truth is, if every day is a chore….

Your ‘motivation’ and ‘willpower’ is probably going to run out once the honeymoon period is over

^^^ and a 3 day diet is no good for anyone….and I’ve been there…thinking that I ‘had to eat porridge for breakfast because it was “healthy” and that swapping white bread for brown bread would make you lose weight

Now, before you think:

‘Matt must have some secret diet plan that’s easy’

I want to tell you that I don’t…because the principles I teach in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme are not easy….But they are very, very simple. You see, so often I hear ladies who are trying to tone up becoming overwhelmed with all this diet and weight loss stuff.

But the truth is, it’s never actually “the thing” that overwhelms you. It’s actually your thoughts and beliefs about the “thing” AKA eating a bad food means you failed “I have no willpower. What’s wrong with me. I can’t do this”.

And it’s why I get you prioritising the basics in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme. So that even on your most stressful, busy week…you can apply our “half assed is better than no assed” rule and stick to it.

And this is the secret to avoiding overwhelm and the self sabotage that stops you getting back into your favourite clothes.

If you’re ready to think differently about the way you “diet” and get your body back for good (and smile in the process…)

Apply for your free trial here:

This trial is limited to 6 ladies only and applications close Sunday 10th September.

Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies In Marlborough Think Differently About The Way They Diet And Get Their Bodies Back For Good

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Hospitalised after forcing out poo before weigh in?

Did you see the “spoof” news story the other week about a 32 year old man who was apparently hospitalised with a “collapsed rectum” after – and I quote – “forcing out poo before Slimming World weigh in”

Now – of course- this is a spoof story.

But despite one member of the club saying: ‘You never get anything like this at Weight Watchers, but then again they can’t eat unlimited amounts of pasta so they’re pretty regular.’ <<< which made laugh… (see the link at the “bottom” to read the spoof email)…

The amount of value that some slimming clubs place on a weigh in at a time of the day where there could be soooo many fluctuations COULD be the difference between you giving up and thinking “what the point?”…

You see, slimming clubs DO work for some. But if you don’t understand what works for you and if the number on the scales can dictate your mood for the whole week, your beliefs, mood and happiness?

Then using the scales alone may not be the right strategy for you.

And I get it because I’ve been fixated with the scales, too. And it can be disheartening. I mean, I imagine how I felt after loading up at the salad and veg bar, eating my fruit, drinking my ‘2 litres of water’ a day, a green tea to help me “burn fat” as they say and force myself to do a run even though I hates running…only to see I’d put on 3 lbs in a week!

^^^ MIND….BLOWN!!!

I mean, it was September 2013 and I’d just started all of these positive new habits at university. 

So why can the scales go UP even when you’re doing the so-called “right” things?

1) You’ve started eating more fruit and vegetables –

Fibre is hard for your body to breakdown.

^^^ It can make you gassy and bloated

This also means you hold more water. 
So, consider that you’re probably going to eat different amounts of fibre everyday – which can impact your weight!

The good news?

Over time, your body will probably get better at handling your increased fibre intake, you’ll feel more full and stop craving more sugary, higher fat snacks foods which could help you lose FAT so you fit your clothes better!

2) You’ve started drinking more fluids – 

Yep, another positive habit could be making you put on more weight (at least in the short term)

^^^ Be it from tea, coffee, water, squash (or even diet coke…)

(One note on caffeine – it’s a diuretic so increased caffeine can mean you excrete more water)

I mean, you exercise one day and maybe not the next.

You may sweat a lot one day (weather / exercise) and not so much the next. 

The good news?

Over time, your body will better regulate this increased fluid intake, you’ll feel more full and satisfied, and stop mistaking thirst for hunger (and Ben & Jerry’s time)

3) You eat more salt one day compared to another  – 

Perhaps you started preparing your meals?

Maybe you’ve started keeping higher protein snacks in the fridge, like smoked salmon, turkey ham, eggs, cheese, natural yoghurt?

Maybe you’ve been making some wraps with some cold meats for on-the-go?

So you’ve been trying to increase your protein intake (which helps you get that more toned, leaner look and keeps you more full up)

But by doing so you may have increased your sodium intake – making you hold more water and increasing your weight! 
Or it could be as simple as swapping supermarket rotisserie chicken one-day for a home roasted chicken the next?

^^^ the salt levels may be completely different.

Perhaps you ate out at a restaurant <<< who probably don’t care about the salt intake as long as you don’t complain…

Unless you’re anything like the the wife’s grandad who complained that his gammon was ‘too salty’.

4) You ate higher carbs than normal today or a few days prior – 

For every gram of carbs stored in your body…
You pull about 3-4 g of water into your muscles which can mean you gain water weight! THIS IS NOT FAT!!!

5) Sleep – 

Some members of my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation programme will report LIGHTER body weights on the weekends.


Because they can sleep in (a bit) more 

^^^ unless I’m knocking on their door at 645am as the wake up call…scary thought, I know

So consider this:

If you’re in bed for a bit longer during the night. Perhaps have a lay in. You may get up a few more times in the night and actually PEE more than normal.


Get rid of more water.

So, if during the week, you say, get only 5 hours of sleep a night…

You’ll pee less during the night (and / or first thing in the morning)

And the time between your last meal on the day before and your weigh in is shorter 

^^^ Meaning your body may still be digesting the food!

6) You weren’t consistent with time and day – 

Did you weight yourself at the same time? 

Did you go to the bathroom before weighing yourself in the morning?

Same underwear / pyjamas? 

7) You’ve started a new exercise programme –

This is a new stimulus on your muscle. 
It ‘stresses’ your body. 

But when you rest…

The magic happens.

Your body repairs the muscles (you may feel a bit achey in the process but your body will adapt with a nutritional strategy suit for you and your lifestyles

Now, this process burns calories and will help you LOSE FAT!!!


This ‘magic process’ AKA muscle soreness / recovery may mean that you increase your body weight (at least in the short term)


Because you’re holding more water in the muscle to help your body REPAIR!

Which is a bit like your immune system when you’re struggling with hayfever or your skin when you’re sunburnt!!!

8) You haven’t done what you said you would do –

This one HURTS. It makes us reflect on what WE have (or have not) actually done.
Have you done the work?
Have you done what you said you would do?

9) Menstrual cycle –

You know better than me…

That pre-menstrual phase ‘bloat’ can leave you holding more water (and craving carbs…)

To sum up:

It’s for these 9 reasons why the scale is NOT your dictator (it’s one of many) and not your boss.

And why – in my opinion – :

* Progress pictures (for your own personal reference, even if you scroll back through your Facebook photos)

* How you feel (energy, digestion, exercise habits)

* How you feel when you look in the mirror

* How you fit your clothes

Are the best tools you can possibly have…

Which is exactly what we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme


‘Who cares how much I weigh if I feel confident on my holiday

^^^ As body transformation member, Karen mentioned last week!

And as I’ve learned through coaching more and more…

If you do the work, make small – manageable – adjustments along the way, you’ll learn exactly what your body needs to lose FAT (not just weight) and feel more confident in your favourite clothes

And at times…The journey will be tough.  I’ve been there many times, too…Where I’ve weighed myself, phoned up Specsavers and asked for a full refund.

Which is why we use a scoring system in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme to keep you accountable and guarantee you do the things you say you need to do to get the things you say you want.

Matt ‘requesting an eye test’ Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back Without Giving Up Their Favourite Foods Or Spending Hours In The Gym

Ps. If you want a laugh, here’s the link to the spoof article

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I’ve tried 101 diets…

I was driving back from seeing family the other week. We hit some roadworks. The 50 signs were up…but we were barely moving. GREAT! Then the dog wakes up in the back and starts crying. Wakes up our daughter…who then starts to cry….Don’t you just love traffic?

So I’m sat there and notice a lorry drive past me in the lane next to me. And I remembered passing this lorry about 30 minutes ago…which made my mind focus even more on how slow this traffic was (crying dog and baby didn’t help either…).

You see, this is just like this fat loss and toning up game. No matter how fast and intense you go (you know, 10lbs in 4 days detox where you lose a bunch of water and eat nothing?), you’re always going to hit ROADWORKS that SLOW DOWN your fat loss. And it’s how your respond to this that counts…

So, wouldn’t it be more simple for you if you developed a nutritional strategy that suited your lifestyle? That you could adapt to suit your social life / work / family?

One that you could tweak (rather than throwing it all into the ground and starting again) when you hit those roadblocks?

And this brings me on to something I was told by a member on my body transformation programmes last week: 

‘I’ve tried 101 diets. Nothing works”

Which makes me ask this question back to you: What do you mean by ‘works’? Weight loss or losing the weight and actually keeping it off?

Because most diets WILL work if you define ‘works’ as weight loss. But here’s where what we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme is a little bit different. You see, we define what ‘works’ as losing FAT and keeping it off 

^^^ Which essentially means ‘toning up’

How do we do this?

By mastering these 3 basics during your periods of fat loss:

1) Challenging your beliefs about why you define foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and how this impacts your beliefs that you have ‘failed’ on a diet and end up giving up…starting again on Monday

2) Introducing you to muscle strengthening exercises which make everyday tasks like climbing stairs easier, help to tone you up and keep your metabolism higher in the long term so you can keep the weight off once and for all

3) Ensuring you have the bricks to build your house (AKA tone up) by making sure you are eating enough of the essential nutrients to lose fat and tone up 

And there’s also one key concept which governs all of this:

“Does it fit your lifestyle? Can you – after questioning your beliefs about whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods exist or whether you think you can or can’t do something – see yourself eating like this in 3 months, 6 months, a year, 2 years? If not, are you setting yourself up for failure?

^^^ That said, some members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation do go in hard and lose fat FAST. And this is OK…as long as you have an EXIT strategy AKA ‘what do I do after the diet?’ (which I’ll come on to another day).

Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back Without Blaming Willpower Or Spending Hours Working Out
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Too close to the bone?

You might have heard about the Netflix film ‘To The Bone’ over the last few weeks? It’s about a young woman who’s battling with anorexia, meets an ‘unconventional’ doctor who ‘challenges her to face her condition’.

Now, its been absolutely slammed by the media. People saying ‘it will encourage eating disorders’,  ‘ it will make people with eating disorders worse’ etc….

But as someone who battled with an eating disorder growing up (which is probably why my approach to ‘dieting’ is quite different to others), I actually thought the the film was pretty good.

I mean, an eating disorder is such a complex issue with psychology, nature, nurture and physiology all playing some role in this, that to expect a film to cover all these angles is pretty unrealistic, right?

But one quote really stuck with me:

Bad things are going to happen. That’s not negotiable. What is, is how you deal with it.
This idea you have that there’s a way to be safe, it’s childish and cowardly. It stops you from experiencing anything, including anything good.
Stop waiting for life to be easy. Stop hoping for somebody to save you. You don’t need another person lying to you. Things don’t all add up. But you are resilient. Face some hard facts and you could have an incredible life.”

You see, unless you adopt a ‘growth mindset’ and try something different (no matter how small), you’ll always get what you’ve always got and won’t ever be able to know what you’re truly capable of doing. 

Imagine if you embraced your goals as a journey? Accepted that there will be ‘bad days’? But slowed down enough to reflect.

What worked well?

What didn’t work well? What could you IMPROVE?

^^^ And it’s here where you get your breakthroughs and strategies to overcome the obstacles that keep holding you back for getting the things you say you want. 

Have you seen the film?

Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently About The Way They ‘Diet”​​​​​​​​