THE #1 Anti-Aging Hack!

“Exercise is healthy. It’s good for you. Tones you up. Helps you sleep. Clears your mind”^^^^ yawn. You’ve heard it all before​But today, I’m here to tell you that it may be more effective that your coconut oil infused anti-wrinkle aloe vera moisturiser you ordered from​Because a recent study showed that exercise – and […]

“I’m less hippy now”

And my partner said I’m the fittest I’ve ever looked. ​This is what member on my body transformation programme told me last week​And – no – by “less hippy” she didn’t mean fewer beads and pink headbands.​She meant “less fat on the hips” which meant her body shape was changing and she’s fitting into her […]

Cookies ‘better’ than bananas?

Ever heard of the GI diet? It’s where you eat foods that don’t raise your blood sugar levels too high so you minimise “energy drops” and potentially reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes…​And I’d actually say following the principles in this diet will probably have you doing pretty well. You’ll be eating lots […]

Update from Charlotte

I’ll let Charlotte do (nearly) all of the talking today:   “So March/April 2016 I met Matt at Blunsdon. I weighed 77 k and had hip problems restricting my ability to walk comfortably.      Thanks to Matt with his support, advice, guidance and nagging I now weigh 67 k fit into all my old […]

5 Things You Can Do About Hayfever Today

Every time my daughter sneezes, I go into “panic parent” mode: “Has she got a cold?” “Is she unwell?” Is it an allergy?”.The reality? She’s probably just clearing her airways. After all, babies don’t blow their nose…​​​​Anyway,  I used to get really bad hayfever. And – the odd year – it does come back with a vengeance. […]

How to scientifically justify your wine and steak…

I often get accused of answering the same questions all of the time…so I’m going to answer this one in a slightly different way for you.You see, I was asked whether eating carbs after 6pm was making them fat. And I’ve answered this before. You see, before worrying about any of this stuff, you have to look […]

My Top 10 ‘Sleep Like A Baby’ Hacks

Despite most ladies coming to me to get fit, lose weight and tone up in our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme, sometimes we end up finding that altering your lifestyle habits, routines and behaviours impacts your sleep…And – finally – gets to the bottom of this:Stress >> escalated by tiredness >> binge and eat your emotions >> feel like […]

Capable of more than you think?

Time is flying…and before I know it, 2018 will be here and It’ll be time to face the 125 mile canoe marathon from Devizes to Westminster. I’m still absolutely $#*! scared…Despite upping my training. It didn’t help reading a book saying how people in the military have given up and failed to finish. ​​​I’ve being doing my research, looked […]

“I have been fitting in size 12 clothes this week”

An update I got from Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie, the other week:“I have been fitting in size 12 clothes this week. ​​Found yet another vacuum bag in a suitcase with more clothes!! ​​Some I am not quite into but it won’t be long. ​​​And today I have cleared out everything that I own that is […]

I gave my daughter 3 teaspoons of sugar

I’ll admit. When I’m travelling out and about, I sometimes find it easier to pick up food on the go rather than prep stuff. Especially in the Summer, as I can’t exactly leave food in the car all day and – quite frankly – sometimes I just don’t want to prepare my food in advance (I’d […]