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THE #1 Anti-Aging Hack!

“Exercise is healthy. It’s good for you. Tones you up. Helps you sleep. Clears your mind”

^^^^ yawn. You’ve heard it all before

But today, I’m here to tell you that it may be more effective that your coconut oil infused anti-wrinkle aloe vera moisturiser you ordered from

Because a recent study showed that exercise – and in particular – high intensity exercise resulted in a complex process that is “effectively stopping aging at the cellular level”

The researchers even concluded:

“These things we are seeing cannot be done by any medicine.”

So, I’ll leave you with this song…

Matt “forever young” Fruci
Body Transformations That Work!

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“I’m less hippy now”

And my partner said I’m the fittest I’ve ever looked.

This is what member on my body transformation programme told me last week

And – no – by “less hippy” she didn’t mean fewer beads and pink headbands.

She meant “less fat on the hips” which meant her body shape was changing and she’s fitting into her favourite clothes.

What’s her secret? Glad you asked 🙂

Well, the secret has been known since 1936, when researchers gave rats a little bit more “poison” every, single day.

What happened?

They ADAPTED and developed immunity to the poison.

What happened to the rats who were given the same dose without the subtle increases?

Let’s not talk about that 🙁

Moral of the story?

Your body and mind changes through putting progressive stimuli on, no matter how small.

All you need to do is close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, each day!

And my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme gives you the accountability and support you need to do this so you get fit, strong, and little less “hippy”

You can apply here for your free trial:

Applications close Sunday 6th August and I have 2 spaces left

Matt “Hipster” Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back – For Good

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Cookies ‘better’ than bananas?

Ever heard of the GI diet? It’s where you eat foods that don’t raise your blood sugar levels too high so you minimise “energy drops” and potentially reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes…

And I’d actually say following the principles in this diet will probably have you doing pretty well. You’ll be eating lots of fibre, fruit, veggies, lean meats, “healthy” fats, beans, wholegrains etc

Which is pretty much what I’d recommend 80% of your diet consists of as a STARTING POINT.

I say “starting point” because the problem with nutrition is that this won’t work for everyone. There’s no one size fits all approach.

And a recent study showed this as they found that eating the same calories from bananas raised SOME people’s blood sugar levels MORE than eating the same calories from cookies!!

Why, what and how…you ask?

Well, it all depended on the people’s sleep, exercise and diet prior.

And there’s more…they found that whether their blood sugar levels went really high or not was linked to their gut bacteria…

You see, one persons “good” could be your “bad”. And the only way you can really know what works for you is by DOING and ASSESSING!

Which is exactly what get you doing in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation.

Because what’s assessed can be managed. And if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing…

Which simply leaves you confused and frustrated…

Matt “Cookie Monster” Fruci
Putting The “U” Back Into Nutrition

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Update from Charlotte

I’ll let Charlotte do (nearly) all of the talking today:

“So March/April 2016 I met Matt at Blunsdon. I weighed 77 k and had hip problems restricting my ability to walk comfortably. 
Thanks to Matt with his support, advice, guidance and nagging I now weigh 67 k fit into all my old clothes, walk for miles each day and have now challenged myself to ride in the London Prudential 46 mile cycle challenge on the 30 July. 
None of this could have been possible without Matt. He’s the best investment I have ever made.”

WOW…10kg of weight loss, back into her old clothes, walking for miles and doing challenging herself to ride the London Prudential 46 mile cycle challenge…

Well done, Charlotte! Charlotte worked with me last year and wrote about how she dropped from a size 16 to a size 12 in August 2016 here

My favourite part?

Charlotte has learnt the basics and continued to do them WELL…Which means she’s achieving more than she ever has done before without fad diets where she has to give up her favourite foods (And prosecco) 

It’s not easy, but I do make things VERY simple for you.

If you’re ready to ditch the yoyo dieting once and for all…then my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme may just be for you.

I’ve got 2 spaces left for a free 7-day trial starting Monday 7th August.

Apply here to see if you’d be a good fit:

Matt Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Level Up Their Energy And Get Their Bodies Back – For Good!

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5 Things You Can Do About Hayfever Today

Every time my daughter sneezes, I go into “panic parent” mode: “Has she got a cold?” “Is she unwell?” Is it an allergy?”.

The reality? She’s probably just clearing her airways. After all, babies don’t blow their nose…​​​

Anyway,  I used to get really bad hayfever. 
And – the odd year – it does come back with a vengeance. I remember a few years back when at Loughborough University. I’d barely leave the house

It was a pain. Made me feel tired and run down. Stopped me being productive with work and my day. And sleeping was a nightmare with my itchy throat waking me up every 10 minutes…

^^^ which meant I was grouchy with friends and family and relied on caffeine to get me through the day…


Now, could this be linked to a food allergy?


Potentially….and I’ll go in to this in more detail another day… But with current hayfever medication potentially giving you a dry mouth and / or making you drowsy, an alternative would be welcome, right?


Well, good news! Because a recent study has – once again – shown why the bacteria in your gut could be the key to boosting your immune system and health. People given probiotics suffered fewer allergy related nose symptoms and reported improvements in their quality of life


^ ^^ sleep, productivity, work, mood, ability to think clearly (all the things which will probably help you manage stress and lose fat)


Anyway, here’s 4 more tips to help you get your energy back and take back control of these seasonal allergies:


1. Manage stress – stress is linked to the severity of your symptoms. Prioritise your day or someone else will prioritise it for you

2. Get moving! – exercise can reduce stress and the severity of your symptoms. Perhaps look for indoor exercise if your symptoms are really bad.


3.Good eating – a balanced diet high in anti inflammatory foods like omega 3 fats, oily fish, and fruit and veggies can help reduce symptoms


And – some – have reported that reducing mucus-forming foods such as milk products and added sugar COULD help


4. Prioritise SLEEP –  Only 13% of people who had 7 hours or more sleep a night reported severe symptoms, compared with 21% who regularly had 5 hours or less


And guess what?


Do the these simple things above and you might just be on your way to levelling up your energy, losing fat, and fitting back into your Summer shorts 🙂

Just as a member on my Fat Loss Mastery body transformation programme mentioned to me!


Matt ‘bless you’ Fruci
Fruci Fit​

Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back And Level Up Their Energy Without Giving Up Their Favourite Foods Or Spending Hours In A Gym

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How to scientifically justify your wine and steak…

I often get accused of answering the same questions all of the time…so I’m going to answer this one in a slightly different way for you.

You see, I was asked whether eating carbs after 6pm was making them fat. And I’ve answered this before. You see, before worrying about any of this stuff, you have to look at your OVERALL food intake across the day and week. That’s the most important thing when it comes to losing fat, toning up and fitting back into your favourite clothes.

Focussing on whether eating carbs after 6pm WITHOUT considering your overall food intake, exercise, sleep, water intake <<< all the basic things you already know about…

Reminds me of some of the recent studies I’ve seen being taken out of context by the media. 

One looked at how eating protein (like chicken / steak) with your alcohol could reduce any negative effects of alcohol after an exercise session….And another looked at whether drinking beer would have negative effects on hydration after exercise…

Now, it’s great to hear that beer had no negative effects on hydration levels and alcohol + protein may reduce the negative effects of alcohol on post exercise recovery…

But – in my opinion – this research pretty does nothing for me and you. I mean, when we want a drink, we want a drink, right? Nothing in my head is going ‘well, I best eat protein with this glass of red to improve my recovery” OR “I’ve just finished some exercise so I best rehydrate with beer. I wonder what’s the best type of beer? Or is Cider better?”….

Because when you focus on the minutia too much and FORGET the basics, you get overwhelmed, and you end up doing nothing!

You see, for some people, eating carbs after 6pm suits their lifestyle more. They can eat the foods they enjoy with their family. 

For others, it’s not that eating carbs after 6pm are making them fat, but actually the fact they’re stressed and tired after 6pm so just eat loads of carbs and fats AKA cakes washed down with wine!

What could you do to help?

Just start with these today:

1) Drink 2-3 litres of water

2) Aim for 10,000 steps

3) Have a handful of veggies / salad with each meal

4) Have a palm sized portion of protein with each meal (like chicken, beef, turkey, fish, eggs, Greek yoghurt etc.)

Because doing the simple things consistently is when the magic happens. There’s no magic tricks or shortcuts.

It’s a simple case of applying the basic principles to your lifestyle so you can stick to it and keep the weight off once and for all …

Just like the ladies do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme

Matt ‘red, red, wine” Fruci
Fruci Fit
Putting The ‘U’ Back Into Nutrition​​​

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My Top 10 ‘Sleep Like A Baby’ Hacks

Despite most ladies coming to me to get fit, lose weight and tone up in our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme, sometimes we end up finding that altering your lifestyle habits, routines and behaviours impacts your sleep…

And – finally – gets to the bottom of this:

Stress >> escalated by tiredness >> binge and eat your emotions >> feel like a failure >> start again Monday.

And this isn’t your fault. It’s sometimes the simple case of not prioritising the things that are important to you <<< as this leads to you spending more time on the things that you need to do but won’t give you the rewards you want…

You see, every evening, my daughter HAS to have some food, have her bath, and have a little massage before drinking some milk to send her off to sleep. 

Its ‘ROUTINE’ <<< Read that again!

Because your body loves routine. Yet, for me and you, sometimes we’re up late watching Love Island (I blame Mrs Fruci) and other times I’m just working late because I messed around earlier in the day procrastinating and doing the jobs that COULD have waited until tomorrow…

So, anyway, here’s 10 ‘so simple you won’t even do them’ sleep hack’ which could be the SECRET ingredient you need to ditch the stress >>> escalated by tiredness >> comfort eating cycle.

Be honest, and score yourself out of 10:

1.Be Regular: 

Go to bed and get up at the same time (your body loves consistency). 


Crying baby? Just try to recover your sleep debt OR try your very best to go sleep at the same time as your baby (as I try and do…apart from right now, of course ;-))

2.Stop working at the SAME time each day: 


Have a power-down hour before bed (read, talk to your family…take your foot off of the accelerator)

3.Turn off the iPhone, iPad and TV 


(if that’s how you ‘relax’ that’s fine but avoid too much light in the 30 minutes before bed. Try putting your TV on a timer so it switches off…as you do ;-))

4.Use Headspace before bed 


(free app) to help you switch off



If this gives you energy, try to avoid it later in the day…if it mellows you out…do it later in the day!

6. Get some light in the morning: 


Go for a walk during the day or even at lunch

7. Journal every evening: 


Note down 3 things you did well that day (finish on a WIN! Everything else can wait)

8. Stay hydrated BUT: 


Don’t drink too close to bed (similar for eating as this can make you get up in the night)

9.Try Magnesium Citrate for a weak bladder if you’re up in the night weeing!

10. Avoid caffeine after 4pm


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Capable of more than you think?

Time is flying…and before I know it, 2018 will be here and It’ll be time to face the 125 mile canoe marathon from Devizes to Westminster. I’m still absolutely $#*! scared…Despite upping my training.

It didn’t help reading a book saying how people in the military have given up and failed to finish. ​​​I’ve being doing my research, looked in to how best to get ready for this, and will now have access to knowledgable people who’ve completed it many times before. 

And just by shifting my mindset to focusing on the people who HAVE completed it before (rather than the ones who haven’t), has boosted my motivation and made me train SMARTER<<< which in turn will get me fitter, right?

But – i’ll admit – just like starting a new diet or exercise programme, it’s scary:

​​​ “what if I’m not fit enough?”, “What if it’s not the right time?” “What if I just give up half way round. What will others think?”

Yep, I have these thoughts, too. But this might shock you and make you think twice about these thoughts that stop you -and me – doing the things we need to do to get the things we say we want…

in 2014, there was study in humans showing that those who practiced visualisation (also known as 3rd eye meditation), were exposed to ice-cold water (0-1 degrees C), and practiced breathing techniques…were able to influence their immune system and nervous system.

They were able to reduce the expected inflammatory responses after being injected with certain bacteria – which would usually cause  flu-like symptoms – compared to the group who didn’t practice the meditation  exposure to cold water and breathing techniques. The researchers even suggested that such methods could be used to help treat autoimmune conditions (like coeliac disease)…

My point?

What are you really capable of doing if you believe you can do it?

I don’t normally go all WOOWOO on you. But if you just consider the simple things that make you feel good. Like when your favourite song comes on the radio (What do you mean by  Justin Bieber)? You feel good, right? Maybe you smile and – as a result – are more fun to be around and maybe you don’t have to turn to food to get your ‘pick me up’? ​​​

I’m not saying go and jump in freezing cold water, don’t worry. But I do wonder what me and you could be capable of if we just learn to STAY CALM in situations where we’d normally lose our $#*!, give up or not even bother starting?

Or perhaps do what you want to do to get the things you say you want despite the opinions and fears of others?

That’s all got for you!

Helping Busy Ladies Get Fit, Strong(Her) And Back Into Their Favourite Clothes

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“I have been fitting in size 12 clothes this week”

An update I got from Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie, the other week:

“I have been fitting in size 12 clothes this week.

​​Found yet another vacuum bag in a suitcase with more clothes!!

​​Some I am not quite into but it won’t be long.

​​​And today I have cleared out everything that I own that is size 16 and above!!I keep looking back at where I started.”

My favourite part?

​”​​​Blows me away constantly and inspires me to go further.

​​I was a size 20 in that 1st photo. Size 14 in the last. And this week I can get into some size 12 clothes I have dug out.”

Because ​when you look back, this gives you the CONFIDENCE to have the courage to continue and do the things that you know will get you the things you say you want…once and for all!

Just like we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme 

And I have a free 7-day all access pass for you starting August 7th. To see if you’d be a good fit, apply here:

Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back – For Good!​​

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I gave my daughter 3 teaspoons of sugar

I’ll admit. When I’m travelling out and about, I sometimes find it easier to pick up food on the go rather than prep stuff. Especially in the Summer, as I can’t exactly leave food in the car all day and – quite frankly – sometimes I just don’t want to prepare my food in advance (I’d rather play with my daughter).

And it’s no different with my daughter. When we’re at home, I’ll prepare my signature ‘hand-selected’ dish of homemade avocado, banana and sweet potato for her 🙂 But when we’re out and about, it can be more convenient and ‘safer’ from a food hygiene point of view, to grab something on the go.

Now, just like your parents did to you when they weaned you…be it by feeding you whatever they had for their dinner, baby rice or fruit and veg….They’d have probably fed up a good few teaspoons of sugar!​​

I don’t know if you saw it. But in the news the other day (the Daily Mail. Is that news or gossip?), they came out and said that some of ‘Ella’s Kitchen’ baby food pouches contain more than 3 teaspoons of sugar…

As you can imagine, mums and grandma’s across the UK switched into panic mode, especially as these organic, nothing but fruit, veg and lemon juice, pouches are a favourite amongst mums and grandmas. 

So, should you be panicking and does this mean they are ‘unhealthy’?

I’m going to debunk this for you in 2 simple points:

1) Sugar is ‘naturally occurring’ in fruit so if you JUST look at teaspoons of sugar and don’t consider the overall picture (the fibre and nutrients in fruit). Even breast milk contains about 2 teaspoons of sugar in 100ml. Does that mean breast milk is bad?

2) “I thought sugar is sugar so it’s just best to avoid it all” <<< I get this a lot. Now, sugar IS sugar. All bread, potatoes, pasta, fruit, coca cola, Haribo and cereal type foods are broken down ​​​to SUGAR! The reason fizzy drinks and sweets are demonised is because they contain ‘added sugars’ AKA they’ve added sugar to make it super sweet and luscious to our taste buds which makes it harder for us to stop…and we eat MORE!

Does this mean you have to give up ‘processed foods’ with added sugar? No! But, you just have to be mindful and TAKE CONTROL​​​ of your overall food intake!

Just like I teach you in my Fat Loss Mastery ​​​Body Transformation so you understand your triggers and take back control of your so-called ‘sugar addiction’…

​​Helping Busy Ladies Get Strong(Her) And Back Into Their Favourite Clothes