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I gave up after 1 day…

I confess…I only did this for a day.

You see, a one to one client I work with (who’s transformation is over at the bottom of this page here)

Has been doing Ramadan for the last month (this means no water or food between 2:50am and 930pm) before they break their fast with a date and then…a curry!!

Despite this, we’ve been training and balancing their nutritional strategy to fit this and his work (he was so hungry one night… he ate super noodles with his curry 😉

BUT…I like to really understand what you’re going through (as this is personalised nutrition after all…)

So rightly or wrong…(or stupidly as they told me)… I decided to do it, too (just for a day)

No food or drink for 24 hours (as I went to bed early…)

What happened?

1) I was thinking about food all of the food I wanted to eat

2) I had no energy to train (my tank was empty)

3) Nearly stole some of my daughters sweet potato and avocado baby food…

4) Was irritable and a bit grumpy (H-angry…as Mrs Fruci would call me)

And it’s a bit like what happens when you SUDDENLY go on one of those quick fix detox diets…

You start fantasising about the all the delicious food you once ate << which makes you want it more…

You get frustrated >>> end up binging  >>> and it’s the old ‘I have no willpower” / start again on Monday..

And if this sounds family to you then what you’re doing probably isn’t fit for your lifestyle.

And if you can’t see yourself doing what you’re doing in 3 months, 6 months or 12 months…are you setting yourself up for failure?

Now, there is another side to this story…

1) My client said to me that after a few days you will get used to it <<< suggesting that it may be that we give up too soon and don’t give things enough time? I get that it’s hard to do in this ‘wifi’, Amazon Prime, next day delivery society…

2) I’ve never appreciated a glass of water like I did on that evening at 930pm when I broke my fast <<< and this is coming from ME…someone who’s admitted in the past that he hates water!

What I’m leading up to is this:

Sometimes, you fail on your diet because it just wasn’t built for your lifestyle. Maybe you don’t like porridge for breakfast? Maybe you want to have larger dinner when you sit down with your family?

Sometimes, you fail on your diet because you just don’t give it enough time…you need the support, expert advice from a Registered Nutritionist and accountability to keep you on track so you can level up your energy, lose weight and feel more confident in your favourite clothes.

And this is why I don’t do cookie-cutter diets…

I meet you where you’re at…

whether you’re a self confessed ‘techno-phobe’ who wants everything on paper…or someone who works shift patterns, has busy weekends or has to put together meals that the whole family will eat but won’t stop you getting your body back

And I’m offering you the opportunity to learn more about our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme with a 7-day trial to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

Learn more here:

Putting The ‘U’ Back Into Nutrition

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The truth about low calorie diets…

You’ve probably had a few BBQs and drinks / meals out with friends and family over the last few weeks, too

^^^ Especially with the recent heat wave

But being a Registered Nutritionist

I get a lot of questions and comments…

“Don’t look at the food on my plate, Matt”

“Is this healthy?”

“How do I lose weight?”

And most recently:

“I don’t want to go into starvation mode as I know you’ll store more stomach fat”

Have you ever heard that one?

Now, here’s the thing.

I’m NOT a fan of those starvation diets.

You know, those quick fix detox diets where you lose 6lbs, feel constantly hungry, think about food all day, are deprived of NUTRIENTS (like protein and vitamins), and then gain 8lbs?

Now, is this “stomach fat” gain really because

A) you went into “starvation mode”?


B) you couldn’t stick to the diet? It didn’t fit your lifestyle. Work, family, social events, BBQs, birthdays, and holidays?

Chances are, it’s B, right?

Maybe you stuck to it on Monday

But your willpower is drained by Thursday

^^^ when life takes over, work gets busy, the washing basket has overflowed and “it’s only Thursday”…

Then it’s the weekend and the rest is history

^^^ “I’ll just start again on Monday”

You see, if you look back at some of the events in the world where people have barely had access to food (refugee camps / world wars)…

Where they were literally on “starvation” diets

No one gained weight or got fat


Because they had no choice but to stick to it.

But both me and you are different.

We want to enjoy BBQs and meals out with the family, right?

Not constantly think about the foods you can’t have, right?

So that you can actually build a nutritional strategy to last, keep the weight off and enjoy your new, more fashionable wardrobe

^^^ or old clothes that you can now fit into again as one member mentioned last week

​One last thing to consider…

There IS a case for your metabolism being “broken” <<< hate that word but i don’t want to use jargon

Maybe you’ve been constantly dieting?

And if you’ve been doing this consistently and sticking to it…

It may be that you do need to eat more

^^^ members in my Body Transformation Programme often look at me puzzled when they see the TYPES and amounts of food I tell they are ALLOWED to eat

And this is a strategy I can go over with you if you’ve tried everything and failed in the past and want to get your body back once and for all

In my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Which you can learn more about by replying with “YES”

Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back Without Starving Themselves

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When to push the ‘panic button’

As a busy bee, rushing around trying to juggle your work and family life

You’ve probably done this a fair few times

Especially when you’re tired, stressed and haven’t really looked after number 1 (you).

That is…push the panic button!!

^^^ thinking worst case scenario!

Just like I did last week

I rushed back from a meeting

And noticed that my car keys were missing


I rang Caffè Nero (where I was before)


Posted in Marlborough notice board


Rang the police just in case someone had handed it in.


Damn…the only other option was to get a truck to pick my car up

And take it to a garage to sort it out…

Is it worth doing this or should I just write the car off? <<< This went through my head…

You see, I’ll be honest there

I didn’t sleep well the night before

^^^ went to bed late (my fault) and baby did a bit of singing in the night (which always makes me smile no matter how tired I am…)

I didn’t plan ANY of my meals even though I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to grab much on the go

^^^ yes, I’m not perfect either!

I was GO GO GO

I didn’t slooowww down

^^^ probably why I took my car keys out with me even though I didn’t drive…and and dropped them!

And my level of irritability with loved ones was sky high

patience with my daughter was thin

Productivity… Zero!

I was H-angry (as my wife calls it)

^^ this is where you’re hungry and angry 😉

And all bec​ause..

I didn’t look after me first

And to top it off

I got home that night ready to eat my steak

Only for my dog to pinch it from the side…

And what I’m leading is this:

When you don’t slow down and take the time to assess your situation



And think worst case scenario

A bit like when you “cheat” on one of this rigid diet plan Or eat too many “bad” foods so think you might as well start again on Monday

Whereas if you just slow down

Ask yourself whether eating a week’s worth of your so-called “bad” foods will get you closer to the leaner, more toned body you want…

You’re able to RESPOND and make better-informed more intelligent decisions

^^^ and probably be less h-angry

So you can waste less energy and time stressing about what you BELIEVE might happen to your waistline by eating a “bad” food

And spend more time with your friends and family, enjoying the foods you love as part of a flexible nutritional strategy (just like we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme)…

Quick tip for you (and me) to do today:

If something “bad” happens that makes you angry

Put “panic button” in your diary for 3 days time!

If – after 3 days – you still feel like hitting the panic button…

Go ahead.

But the chances are…it wasn’t as “bad” you thought

^^^ just like my car keys…as they turned up the next day in Caffè Nero…

And you went into panic mode and self sabotaged your progress for no good reason!

Helping Busy Ladies Build A Nutritional Strategy That Lasts And Ditch The Fads For Good!

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What’s the best option when eating out?

I’ve got ‘another’ birthday meal out…

What’s a ‘better’ option to go for?

^^^ A question I got last week from a new member on my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme (for which applications will open again soon for)

Now, I’m g​oing to keep this one short and ‘sweet’ 😉

I give members on my body transformation programmes 3 options here:

1* Go out, enjoy yourself, give yourself permission to eat the foods you love, don’t feel guilty, but accept it may slow your progress if you don’t consider your overall intake

2* Compensate by adjusting your intake over the week 

^^^ ​​something I teach you in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme so you can enjoy social situations, eat your cheesecake and still lose weight

Why is this so powerful?

Well, just as one new member on my body transformation programme mentioned to me last week:

“It almost makes me not want to have it”

Referring to the fact that she can give herself unconditional PERMISSION to eat ANYTHING she likes

^^^ This can be a hard one for you overcome with what they tell you about ‘bad’ foods

Whether that’s a cake, some chocolate biscuits, or some cheesey, garlic dough balls 🙂

Now, of course

You don’t have to eat chocolate biscuits and dough balls

It’s your choice

And – in fact- and my 80 / 20 rule

^^^  80% nutritious, whole foods and 20% from whatever you want

Seems to work pretty well so you don’t deprive yourself of your favourite foods, level up your energy, and ditch the baggy clothes for good!

3* Be streetwise

Look out for these words when choosing a lean protein source (which could help keep you full):

* ‘loin’, ‘roast’, ‘t-bone’, ‘tenderloin’, ‘skirt’, ‘sirloin’, ‘fish’, ‘breast’

Consider how the meal is cooked and look for:

* baked, broiled, boiled, fresh, grilled, marinated, poached, roasted, seasoned, steamed, vinaigrette

And that’s it.

If you want to find out more about my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Reply with ‘Yes’

And I’ll send you over some more information about when it’s going to be opening up and what you need to do!

Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back Without Sacrificing Their Social Life

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500 calorie meal from McDonald’s With Strawberries On Top?

It’s JUST got easier than EVER before

To enjoy great-tasting

Savoury and sweet dishes

And STILL tone up and lose weight

From eating out at the curry house (just check out my tips to help you lose weight by eating curry, just like Mijan did to the tune of 10 stone, by going here)

To my 3 strategies both myself and members on my body transformation programmes use to stay in shape on holiday without depriving yourself of your favourite foods by going here 

Of course, you CAN still go all out with your curry and there’s a few other strategies we use in my Body Transformation Programmes to help you do this.

But, for now…

I’m going to share with you a super simple gluten free and dairy free DIRTY, messy…

Peanut Butter-Jelly pancake recipe

Which was approved by Masterchef judges!

No- not Gregg Wallace…

My mother-in -law

And – I quote –

‘It tastes sweeter than sugar’

And here’s one from the father-in-law:

‘It looks like something you’d get out of McDonalds with strawberries on top’

Maybe I could get these in at McDonalds?

Get them in a deal with their chicken wraps (330 calories each by the way) at McDonalds?

^^^ They actually now look pretty good. One member on my body transformation programme had one the other day.

Anyway, here’s my Peanut Butter – Jelly Pancake Recipe:

Ingredients (Serves 5 and you can store them for the next day):

For the pancake batter:

* 60g ground almonds

*  9g stevia

* 5g sodium bicarbonate

* 3 whole eggs

* 30ml unsweetened almond milk

To fry:

* 1 kcal fry spray

For the optional but REQUIRED toppings 😉

* Strawberry sauce: 3 chopped strawberries, 3 tbsp sugar free strawberry jelly and a splash of water

* Peanut butter sauce: 1 tbsp of peanut butter and about 40 ml of unsweetened almond milk


* Protein powder to increase protein content and help keep you fuller for longer (I’ve used the banana, vanilla and chocolate ones in the past

* Sugar free chocolate syrup (I use this one)


1) Mix all of the pancake batter ingredients in a bowl

2) Fry them like pancakes (you should make 5) and stack them up on a plate

3) Strawberry sauce: Gently heat 3 chopped strawberries, 3 tbsp of sugar free strawberry jelly and a splash of water in a saucepan until thick and pour over the stack!

4) Peanut butter sauce: heat 1 tbsp of peanut butter with a splash of almond milk in saucepan. Keep stirring and add almond milk to required THICK, CREAMY consistency!

5) Top with some fresh strawberries and chocolate syrup

Nutriton (per pancake):

Calories: 150

Protein: 8g

Carbs: 5g

Fat: 11g

It looks like an absolute mess

But not too bad for 150 calories a pancake!

So, there you have it

A McDonald’s chicken wrap with a Fruci Fit pancake…

and you have yourself a 500 calorie meal that you can grab on-the-go… even on your busiest day

^^^ Not that I’m actually recommending McDonald’s. But, ​​​I’ll admit, it’s getting easier to make better choices, right?

Plus, you can see my new apron I bought back from my Italian cooking school 😉

Matt ‘peanut butter addict’ Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back – Guaranteed​​​​​

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Fad Diets and Ewan The Sheep

It’s 3am…

I’m tired

Mrs Fruci is tired

But baby Ottilie?

Wide awake!

So, in a last ditch attempt to get her back to sleep

I pull out the latest trendy way to help your baby sleep…

a £30 teddy that plays white noise


Ewan the Sheep.

The results?

A baby now even more stimulated by the red light that comes from Ewan when he plays his white noise….

^^^ true story!

So, how did you get your baby back to sleep, you ask?

Turn Ewan the sheep… OFF

And put the extractor fan… ON (which is white noise)

Moral of the story?

The simple things done very well…WORK

But they’re not as ‘sexy’ of ‘flashy’ as Ewan the sheep.

You see, I get it.

It’s overwhelming with all this diet and exercise fads out there telling you to give up your favourite foods

Spend hours working out

And drink organic green tea

Just to tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes

Which is exactly why I meet you where you’re at

Get you doing a FEW very simple things very, very well

So you can build your confidence, gain momentum, and tone up once and for all

^^^ without the need for flashy sheeps, organic green tea, or kale…

And it might not feel ‘extreme’ enough for you compared to what your friends are doing or what they tell you in the magazines

^^^ Because I don’t make you give up your carbs, prosecco or your social life 😉

but here’s the difference

If you do the work and reach out to me for help so I can help you

I can GUARANTEE that you’ll be toning up and ditching the baggy clothes for good

Just like the Billy, Cassie, Julie and co have shown you here

And I even give you a FREE test run to see if this is for you

Because I get it

You’ve tried a lot in the past

and they just havent worked for you

^^^ It doesn’t help when your hubby is joking about which next diet you’re going on…

Which is exactly why I show you how to ditch the fad diets for good and build a nutritional strategy to last

I’ve got a FREE 7-day trial starting tomorrow

But I’ve only got 1 space left for this

If you’ve been wanting to make a change

And think this might be for you

Then go here:

Helping Busy Ladies Fit Back Into Their Favourite Clothes and Ditch The Fad Diets For Good!

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The Superfood No One Is Talking About (But Should)

No, it’s not goji berries

It’s not green tea (or that ‘detox’ tea stuff…as they’ll definitely be telling you about that in Holland & Barrett).

It’s not garlic.

Or Coconut oil…

And no, it’s not Aloe Vera…

Despite what they’ll tell you


Well, in my opinion

The problem has come from wannabe ‘nutritionists’ trying to apply the medicine way of doing things to nutrition:

“one drug treats this”

Now, this may “work” in medicine (I’m no expert in medicine by the way).

But “one food treats this” isn’t so straight forward in nutrition for the following reasons:

1) Different nutrients you eat in food compete for absorption (so one may impact how much you absorb of the other…This can be the case with iron levels which are important for your energy).

2) Certain nutrients taken together can enhance their absorption so you get more benefits (and more energy)

3) Eating a few “superfoods” won’t outdo your poor diet. It’s what you do on average that counts

4) Many of the studies on “superfoods” are in environments that are not the same as the human body…

as I explain here with garlic >>>

You see, you know has benefits with your immune system, right?

^^^ And it might make you a little gassy…

but some of these benefits were found in studies done in a lab NOT a human

The problem?

Well, this equates to a human eating 28 cloves in a day (which you’re friends and family probably won’t thank you for).

^^^ Maybe we can hide all 28 of them in the pasta sauce?

You’re probably wondering what that superfood I was talking about is?

At just 39p for 200g – working out at 3.9p per serving – it’s….

Tomato puree…. as super as any of the other hyped up “superfoods” with some VERY LIMITED association with a reduction in blood pressure and certain cancers.

But if someone really wanted to

they could market it as a “superfood”…

move it to the “health foods” isle…

and we’d probably end up paying £3.90 per serving instead of 3.9p per serving…

So what I’m leading up to is this:

There are no “good” or “bad” foods as such..

but only “good” or “bad” diets…

You SHOULD be eating a diet full of nutritious WHOLE foods

Which can be ‘super’ in their own right

As part of your overall diet.

You see, if giving yourself PERMISSION to eat some chocolate as part of your daily diet

Helps you stay on track so you’re not deprived a emptying your treats cupboard at 10pm…

Then chocolate is ‘SUPER’ for you

And that’s what a bespoke nutritional strategy is all about

Helping you build a diet to last

So you can ditch the baggy clothes – for good WITHOUT wasting money on crazy diets and supplements


PS. 2 spaces left on our free trial on The Fat Loss​​​ Mastery Body Transformation Programme…which starts Monday

Applications close 1930

Apply here >>>​​​​​​

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No carbs after 6pm?

I get it.

Too many rules…and you’re restricted

Too much choice…and you’re confused

Which is exactly why I meet you where you’re at with this one in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programmes

Now, fortunately for you, me, our friends, family and social lives…

I’m NOT one of those ‘no carbs after 6pm’ cheerleaders.

Not just because I want you to still have a social life and enjoy your favourite foods whilst dropping a few clothes sizes

But also because the science does NOT suggest you need to ditch the carbs after 6pm to tone up and get a flat stomach

In fact…

It seems to be quite the opposite

Several studies looking the times that people were trying to lose weight ate their carbs showed that…

Eating MORE carbs later in the day (80% of your carb after you finish work in the evening, for example)

Increased weight loss and reduced hunger levels.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should JUST eat carbs in the evening.

But what it could mean is that saving your ‘snacks’ and / or highER carb meals for the evening when you’re more relaxed and chilled out with your family and friends COULD:

* Keeps things super simple for you (so you can stick to it as it fits your lifestyle <<< a big part of what we do in our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme)

* Keep you full and satisfied…and allow you to enjoy the foods you love with family and friends 

^^^ Cue the old ‘ you can’t eat that…you’re on a diet, aren’t you?’ from your friends and family LOL

And speaking of debunking the ‘no carbs after 6pm’ myth..

Got this message from member, Nicola, just last week:

“I’ve started eating spuds again and still losing weight…Even with a bit of butter”

Want to ditch the fad diets for good and build a diet to last so you can level up your energy, lose weight and ditch the baggy clothes for good?

Well, I’ve got a free trial starting Monday 26th July and here’s what you get:

* My ‘Tone Up’ blueprint where you’ll discover how to fit into your favourite, more fashionable clothes, without starving yourself or the need for crazy, expensive supplements 

* A 7-day all-access pass to our private inner circle where I’ll support you and keep you accountable

* 3 quick, fun, and effective fully-coached ladies only workouts that will help you ditch the bingo wings and get a flat stomach (without having to spend hours in a gym) at 7-745am at St Mary’s Church Hall In Marlborough Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 

* Expert guidance from a Registered Nutritionist so you can discover how to eat the foods you enjoy and drop a dress size

* Elite level mindset coaching so you can finally see transformation results – that last!

* A private, supportive group of positive like-minded ladies

* A 1-to-1 coaching session with me where I’ll show you exactly where you’ve gone wrong in the past and what you need to do to get the results you want

I’m only taking on 10 ladies who are COMMITTED to real results

and I have 3 spaces LEFT!

Applications close Sunday 25th June 1930

Apply here >>>

Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back Without Giving Up Their Social Life Or Spending Hours Workout Out

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The #1 dieting mistake you can correct today!

No – don’t worry – it’s not ‘no carbs after 6pm’

^^^ I’ll come on to that one another day…I was once a believer, too!

This lesson comes from my ever so chatty daughter…who’s only 6 months old

She sometimes finds her voice…at 4am!

^^^ cutest thing in the world by the way…the ‘geeees’, ‘goooohhhsss”, and ‘gaaahhhss’…then drifts back to sleep!

But – sometimes – the teething gets a bit too much for her

And getting her back to sleep

Can be a tricky one

What’s this got to do with the #1 dieting mistake? 

Well, I became a Dr Google-er (Where you ask Google just about anything and everything)

And I got 1000s of articles claiming to have THE answer to getting a teething baby to sleep

Some worked, some didn’t (white noise sends me to and Ottilie to sleep nearly every time)

But just because some worked for my daughter and some worked for others

It doesn’t mean this ONE way will work for you

And don’t get me started on the weaning process 

^^^ ‘Do it at 4 months’, ‘ do it at 6 months’, ‘giving them whole food’, ‘ give them puree’

Truth is, every baby is different.

Just like you and me are different.

^^^ I’m finally getting to my point 🙂

Which is where – both me and you – have probably gone wrong in the past

You’re always looking for the BEST diet.

the ‘IN’ thing (it was the aloe vera diet last year…now it seems to be detox teas, skinny coffees, and avocados).

Looking at what worked for others 

And thinking that this way must work for you

And I get it

Because counting ‘syns’ DOES work for some ladies

But for others?

It can create the ‘belief’ that some foods are ‘bad’…

And you almost feel you failed

‘Self sabotage’ (and cue the vicious cycle: binge >> pile weight back on >> start again Monday)

Best thing you can do?

Start doing something (as with every failure is a lesson of what does or doesn’t work for you)​​​​​​

Which is exactly why

Although I use the MAIN scientifically backed principles with every nutritional strategy I create with members on my Body Transformation Programme

The exact WAY in which we do this is bespoke for your lifestyle, food likes, family, work schedule, weekend binges, love of cheesecake and more…

^^^^ even the self-confessed ‘technophobe’ who still loves to have everything on that thing called paper AKA offline

Why do I focus on this?

Because you’ve done plenty of diets before, right?

And lost weight.

the problem?

Keeping it off!

^^^ You’re not alone…about 2/3s of us put more weight back on than we lose

And this is exactly why I’ve created 3 modules in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

So that:

1) I meet you where you’re at so you don’t have to be ‘fit to start’

2) You take away the tools I’ve used with hundreds of other ladies that makes you accountable so you can build the nutritional strategy that suits your lifestyle…even if you’re busy juggling work and family

The results?

The BEST diet and exercise programme in the world…for you..that means you can ditch the quick-fix diets for good, go form sluggish to slim, and fit back into your favourite clothes

Just like the members using the principles I teach you in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme are doing…

The bad news?

it’s not easy…and it doesn’t happen overnight

The good news?

It is very, very simple, as I show you here

Putting The ‘U’ Back Into Nutrition

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3 Things You Need To Know About Bread

Nonna would see me picking at some crisp, green olives at the dinner table…

Raise her eyebrows and say:

“have some bread otherwise you not digesty” <<< that was my impression of her English-Italian accent

It seems to be Nonna’s ‘belief’ that unless you have your bread…

You get ‘full of wind’ AKA bloated…

^^^ It’s actually the opposite for me but I’ll come on to that later

But here’s the thing: it’s tradition to have bread with just about every meal, right?

You dip your roll in your soup…

Naan in your curry (if you want to learn more bout eating curry to weight, go here)

Enjoy your scone with your afternoon tea

And dip your batton of buttery, garlic bread, crisped to perfection, in your spaghetti bolognese…

Now, I know what you’re thinking (I just ‘bread’ your mind):

“are you going to to tell me to stop eating bread or just eat brown or seeded bread like all the others say I have to do to lose weight ?’

NO…don’t worry.

In fact, I’m here to tell you that to lose weight and get a flat stomach..

You don’t have to eat ‘clean’ and give up your beloved bread


Ditch your soft, smooth, yet spongy, WHITE loaf

^^^^ I hope that made Nonna proud

Simple because… the calories in white and brown bread are the same 🙂

So, just making this simple swap may not help you shrink your waistline

^^^^ talk about your good intentions being stolen by those who think they know about nutrition…

What about if you have seeded bread?

Well, this contains MORE calories than white and brown bread so could explain how even when you ‘eat healthy’…

You still can’t lose weight and put more on…

Can you see how your beliefs about a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food could be stopping you getting back into the clothes you want to wear?

The catch?

Now, for health reasons (decreasing your risk of Type 2 diabetes,  heart disease and helping your cholesterol and blood pressure)

You know that losing fat from around your stomach is important

^^^ it COULD also help improve your confidence, energy, and mindset..which could reduce your stress and improve your health in itself (more on that another day).

And that eating more fibre could hep you do this

^^^ by keeping you full and ‘staying regular’

AND…it  just so happens that brown and seeded bread contains more fibre than white bread…

So – potentially – if swapping white bread for brow or seeded bread meant you were more full up…

It could help you lose weight and tone up…


* It stops you going for your third ’round of toast and jam’


* Picking up a pack of biscuits on the go as you’re starving an hour later…

The only time this rule changes is if you have an already malfunctioning digestive tract

^^^^ as in the case of IBS, Crohn’s, Coeliac, or food intolerances / allergies…for example…

In which case lowER fibre options are usually best to avoid flare up of symptoms…

To sum up…

Despite what they tell you about ‘bread being bad’ , only eating ‘clean’ and that you have to eat brown or seeded bread to lose weight…

I’m having ‘naan’ of it (see what I did there)

^^^ just like the awesome members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme are (because life is for living not constant dieting)

Because when you look at the EVIDENCE and SCIENCE…

It comes back down to your overall intake

Whether you eat white, brown or seeded bread

I hope you found this helpful

And to go one step further, I’ve summarised the key points for you in this picture here:

It’s the ‘yeast’ I could do for you.

The Body Transformation Programme That Empowers Busy Ladies To Ditch The Fad Diets And Go From Sluggish To Slim