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Food labels – keep it simple (and stupid)

Food labels might just be tricking you

Making you more confused

‘Eating’ in to whatever ‘me’ time you have left once your shopping, picking up after hubby and kids, catching up with work, the joys of domestic admin…etc…etc…

And maybe…

They even leave you accidentally driving

300 miles in the WRONG direction

^^^ Because your beloved cheese (and cheesecake) was ‘red’ for levels of FAT!

Just like the woman from Scotland, Valerie Johnson, who accidentally

Took a wrong turn, got completely lost and drove from Worcester to SCOTLAND (see the link at the bottom).

And it’s the same with the food labels you see on the packaging

Have you see those traffic lights?

Green means it’s low in sugar, salt and / or fat

Which must mean it’s good for you, right?

And when you’re in  a hurry

You just grab and go.

Well, first off

Let’s take our beloved Coco Pops ignoring the traffic light signals completely and just using

Greyed out colours 

Then you have the ready meals and pizzas defining a portion as a ‘sliver’ (like my mother-in-law would call it)

And – finally – you then have to consider that you eat FOOD and MEALS…

And NOT nutrients, right?

Which brings me back to my beloved cheese

You see, the saturated fat comes up as ‘red’ on the traffic lights

Meaning that you think it’s a ‘bad food’

But researchers are now calling for a rethink…hallelujah!

You see, if you judge cheese by it’s saturated fat and salt…

You’d probably drive 300 miles in the other direction to get away from the thing

Because of what you’ve been told about heart disease, diabetes and FAT

But when eating CHEESE is researched, it seems to be protective against Type 2 diabetes and heart disease…

With the researchers pointing to the beneficial bacteria, minerals and active ingredients in cheese

Which leads me back to this:

You don’t have to fear ‘bad’ foods

And drive 300 miles away from them through fear of piling the weight on

Because they don’t (really) exist

There are only ‘good’ or ‘bad’ diets

And this is exactly why my Fruci Fit Nutrition System in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Allows you to eat the foods (including cheese and cheesecake) cake you and your family LOVE

Enjoy the subtle and bubbly charms of prosecco

and STILL fit back into your favourite, more fashionable clothes

It really is more simple than you think with my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

And you can apply to see if you’d be a good fit by going here


Drive 300 miles in the other direction, as this woman did:

Matt ‘always use a sat nav’ Fruci

Smart Body Transformations For Busy Mums That Want To Get Their ‘Me’ Time Back

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Dieting lessons from baby number 20

Before Mrs Fruci has a nervous breakdown

And thinks that I’ve got my 20th baby on the way

I just want to clarify that

I’m taking about the Radford family

who are expecting their 20th kid

Crazy, right?

I’ve only just got used to turning my boxers inside out because the ‘baby wash’ takes 3 hours

^^^ I joke

Yet the Radfords are going through 12 wash loads a day

They go through 18 pints of milk, 3 litres of juice and 3 boxes of cereal every, single day!

And all this whilst running a family Bakery business

where the dad works 11-hour shifts…

Can you imagine how organised they must have to be?

For the chaos of the school runs?

The military operation – that is – breakfast…

busier than a curry house on a Saturday night?

My point?

Unless you have a plan

You will go straight into reactive mode

^^^ which is drains your energy and  so-called ‘willpower’ you blame that failed diet on

And leaves you feeling like you just don’t have time for you

Which is exactly why I show you exactly why you’re not where you want to be with your energy, sleep, and diet

And devise a strategy with you so you can fit back into your favourite clothes – for good

In my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Taking the stress out of wondering what and when to eat

The worry about whether ‘this food’ is healthy enough for you and your family

So you get your ME time back

Avoid the chaos

And make better-informed, more intelligent decisions about your food choice

^^^ which soon become the habits that help you ditch the baggy clothes once and for all

I’ve got a 7 day free trial starting W/C Monday 12th June

To apply

Go here:

Matt ‘we’re happy with the 1 baby…for now’ Fruci

Fruci Fit
Helping You Wake Up Full Of Energy…Whether You’ve Got 1 or 20

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THIS food is harmful to your health…

Is it Gluten?

Brown bread?


Full fat yoghurt?

Genetically Modified Foods aka GMO aka OMG foods?

Sugar? But is brown sugar OK?


Diet Coke?

I’ve been there myself.

Reading the stuff online from self – proclaimed “nutritionists”

who spread their “cultish” beliefs

And build walls around what I can or

In most cases, can’t do…..according to them.

Forcing me to cut out all dairy once upon a time

Just because of the argument that humans shouldn’t consume stuff from cows 

^^^ although I don’t get on with milk too much, this didn’t mean I had to cut out my beloved cheese (cake) and cream…that’s clotted cream 🙂

They made me pretty anxious around certain foods

Stripped me of my freedom, flexibility and enjoyment

Both at home and when with my wife eating out at our favourite curry house

^^^ I say eating out…but since baby has arrived…we think the takeaway option in our PJs is a better option 😉

And maybe this is why I seem resonate with you

Because I get it

You want to the best for you, your energy levels, your waistline, and your family

But a recent study in 1008 mums showed that

Those mums who avoided certain foods 

Rightly or wrongly…were

1* Influenced by friends and family and had a desire to do what they were doing…

Which highlights the importance of who you surround yourself with

And having a support network of like minded others

All striving to become better than they were yesterday

Which is exactly what you’ll get in my 90 Day Fit Mum Body Transformation Programme 

2* More likely to receive their information from the Internet rather than a professional.

I know what you’re thinking

“I’m on the internet now.

Does this mean it’s wrong?”


And even though I’m a Registered Nutritionist and have to prove

I’m constantly using science effectively

In my practice

And to consult in the NHS

I’m willing to admit that I don’t know everything about nutrition

And if anyone does pretend to know everything

Brisk walk away as fast as you can

As – ultimately – we’re all different

And it’s exactly why I meet you where you’re at

To build a nutritional strategy that not only gets you waking up full of energy, feeling more confident in your favourite clothes and ditching the “diet” for good


But also saves you time and money so you can do more of things you want to do and

Dare I say it…

Have a bit more more fun

And spend less time wondering what the hell you’re going to do for dinner…

​When’s the best time to eat

Whether it’s “healthy” enough for you

Or whether the rest of the family will eat it

Join us here:

Matt ‘fighting for team science’ Fruci

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Do you take Vitamin P? Sorry this is late

I meant to send this earlier

But I was too busy

Taking my daily dose of the one vitamin you really should

be taking (and probably do)

Vitamin P


Procrastination <<< something I’m pretty damn good at.

Just like 20% of the population

Are you any good?

The thing that annoys me about it though

is that it gets a pretty bad name

When – in fact – if you’re procrastinating  about something

It probably means you’ve accepted that something needs to change

^^^ be it with your body, mindset, work, relationships, quality time spent with family, friends + loved ones

Which wouldn’t you agree is a good thing?

It’s just right now you’re avoiding taking action

Because you’re scared of the


But I’d like you just to think about a time in your life where you overcome a challenge

And achieved something

I’m not psychic 😉

But I can guarantee there was fear and anxiousness, right?

^^ bit like me and my public speaking. Oh, and when I first changed my daughter Ottilie at the hospital. The midwives were laughing at me because I was so gentle. I didn’t want to break her 🙂

So, what if you used Vitamin P AKA procrastination

To prioritise what’s important to you?

To take an opportunity to grow and be the best version of you

To do something that makes you grow happier, have more energy, gets you through your day… without RELYING on a caffeine fix?

Would this not mean procrastinating is a good thing?

Leading you away from the pain of remaining the same?

Because it really isn’t a case of ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’.

It’s simply a case of ‘I won’t’ or ‘I will’

And my 90-Day Fit Mum Body Transformation Programme not only gets you feeling more confident in your favourite clothes

but also empowers you to do things you never thought you could, saves you the stress of knowing what and when to eat, and gives you your ‘ME’ time… and prosecco back

It’s probably the reason you’re why you’re taking your Vitamin P whilst reading this now

You can get on board here

Matt ‘vitamin p’ Fruci
Fruci Fit
Building Sustainable Fit Mums…FASTER (as you can ditch the yoyo dieting for good)

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“You can’t eat that” myth?

So, I was planning on starting the weaning process with my daughter at 6 months

You know, avocados, banana, sweet potato…super simple stuff

And then I see new study in more than 200,000 children suggesting that

Feeding babies peanuts and eggs

At 4-6 months

REDUCES risks their risk peanut and egg allergies

^^^ the most common allergies in children and actually MORE common than the usual dairy and gluten

Which is the complete opposite to what you were told before, right?

^^^ I think I’ll still be keeping my beloved peanut butter:-) with jelly, of course, to myself!

Yet, just reading this could be getting you to now THINK differently about

how the ‘right way’ to wean a baby.

And it’s a bit like you, me and other members on my body transformation programmes

when it comes to change

Something new

You have this vision of the outcome you want

^^ In my case, Ottilie enjoying avocado, smiling, sleeping….a very ‘cheesey’ happy family 🙂

Feeling fitter in your clothes, more confident on the beach on holiday, more energy to do more of the things you want to do with your kids – like trampolining and swimming

But then you hit an obstacle

‘I haven’t got time’

‘What if I fail again’

‘I’m too unfit to start’

^^^ THE most common one I’ve heard – you’re no different from anyone else and you might just surprise yourself.

“I failed in the past so it won’t work”

But what if you used these

obstacles to build

breakthrough strategies

so you​​​ can overcome them?

Squash the “I can’t” ​​​identity

you give yourself​​​

Fit back in to your favourite clothes, feel more confident about the way you look, wake up with

​​​more energy so you can do more of the things you want to do without feeling


Well, my 90-Day Fit Mum Body Transformation Programme does EXACTLY that

got to go


Fruci Fit
Helping ​​​​​​​​​​​You Get Your Body Back Without Spending Hours In A Gym OR Giving Up Your Prosecco (or in my case, peanut butter…jelly!)

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Update from Billy…

I say this to every single member on my body transformation programme.

Look back

And take confidence from how far you’ve come…

Because it’s THIS that gives you the confidence to keep going

Tone up

Fit back into your favourite clothes

And ditch the baggy clothes for good

Check out Billy’s results:




My mind tries to tell me it isn’t working because I have eaten ‘too much’ but the evidence shows it is wrong!

Matt encourages small changes that can be sustained as part of daily life for the long term.

I can’t get used to this new look body I have created. It’s a surprise every time I go past a mirror

Now this wasn’t easy
And Billy and the other members will back me up with this one

But I do make things super simple for you

So, if you’re ready to take action, level up your mindset and ditch the baggy clothes for good…

Then you’ll be a good fit for my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme.

To take the first step with your body transformation

And put an end to the vicious yoyo dieting stress

Go here and apply for a free 7-day trial:

Speak soon,


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Pizza in a mug recipe and why my daughter ordered her first takeaway….

Would you agree that sometimes your good intentions get you into trouble?

Well, this is exactly what happened this week.

You see, me and Ottilie decided to prove the doubters wrong (or at least try to)

By making a pizza

in a mug

^^^ Yep, in a mug…

That was gluten-free (so daddy can eat it without sitting on the loo all day)

Now, the doubters (my wife and Nonna)

Were saying it can never be done…

And well, we did it!

Whether it was ‘good’ or not…

I’ll let you decide.

Look: ‘revolting’ as Mrs Fruci put it

Taste: ‘Not too bad’ said Mrs Fruci

Ottilie’s verdict: ‘Hello is this Pizza Express? Can I have an extra large margarita, some garlic dough balls and a slice chocolate fudge cake with extra cream please?”

How to do it:

1) For the base, mix the following in the bottom of a mug:

* 4 tbsp ground almond (or any flour)

* Not Jamie Oliver’s DASH of salt

*1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate

*1/2 tsp mixed herbs

*3 tbsp milk (I used semi skimmed)

* 1 tbsp oil (I used olive oil)

Then, microwave for about 30 seconds

2) Top with 4 tbsp tomato sauce (I used passata) and 20 g cheese (I used cheddar)

You can also add some ham / pepperoni, more herbs and pepper at this point

3) Microwave for about 45 – 60 seconds / you can feel the base is hard and cheese has melted (but don’t do it too long…)


Calories: 420

Fat: 37 g

Carbs: 6 g

Protein: 15 g​​​​​​​​

Ditch the olive oil and use low fat cheese:

Calories: 235

Fat: 15 g

Carbs: 7 g

Protein: 15 g​​​​​​​​​​​​
^^^ Did you know that just these simple swaps could help you lose 20 lbs in a year (if you did this with a meal you have every day)?​
Let me know how you get on!

Matt ‘Mugging off Nonna’s pizza’ Fruci

PS. If you’re going to have a pizza, I’d probably just go for the pizza…

Just like the other ladies do in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

And you can apply for a free 7-day trial here:

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Lessons from my daughters story time

So last Sunday

After much debate

^^^ it was either The Very Hungry Caterpillar or La La Land

Me and my daughter, Ottilie, decided to watch

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

You know, where the caterpillar eats an apple on Monday

^^ did you know that if you eat an apple or piece of fruit before shopping you’ll buy more 25% more fruit and veg?

Eats a bit more fruit every day…

Eventually eating 5 oranges on Friday

^^ which I explained to Ottilie doesn’t count as 5 different portions 😉

After eating fruit all week

The caterpillar then binges on Saturday

^^^ sound familiar?

Eating one piece of cake, an ice cream cone, one pickle, one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami, a lollipop, one cherry pie, one sausage, and one watermelon slice

^^^ I think

And gets Ill

Why am I telling you this today?

Because I see this story happen to others just like you

Who start off the week with great intentions

Cutting out food and eating like a pigeon

And eat so little

Deprive themselves of sooo much

^^ because you BELIEVE chocolate and cheesecake will make you fat

That you binge

Blame yourself

Think you’re a failure

And start again on Monday (even though it’s only Wednesday)

I’m here to show you that it doesn’t have to be like this

Take you away from deprivation

Mood swings

Fear of failure

And allow you to eat your favourite foods

enjoy some birthday cake at your kids party (as one member on my body transformation programme did last week)

And STILL fit back into your favourite clothes.

All without having to eat special diet foods

Banning sugar

Or demonising cheesecake

So you can enjoy giving your friends and family a nice smile

when they say “you can’t eat that…aren’t you’re on a diet?”

As your teeth sink in to a slice of your favourite

Rich, smooth and creamy

​​​New York cheesecake…

And I show you how here:

That’s it for today,


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Do you suffer from food hoover syndrome?

“I end up finishing my kid’s dinner

worry he isn’t eating enough

And stress that I’ve eaten too much”

Now, don’t worry.

I’m not finishing my 18-week old daughters dinner…

As that would be weird.

^^^ although I nearly always end up finishing my wife’s dinner…I’m the self proclaimed “food hoover”

But this was a message I got from a member of my body transformation programme last week

You see, she hates wasting food.

But her kids don’t finish their plates.

So she finds herself trying to force them to eat it


Eating it herself

But here’s the thing

Kids will only eat about 60% of what they’re served

And this is NO​RMAL


Well, the researchers at Cornell University propose these 3 reasons:

1* Kids don’t know what they like and dislike 

2* They’re not sure how hungry they are

^^^ which begs the question, do you know what true hunger even is? I’m not talking about the type of hunger you get when queuing for you coffee in Costa 

3* It’s normal for kids to serve themselves too much 

Of course, eating chocolates 20minutes before dinner is another story…

BUT…as for us grown ups?

^^^ Yes – me ​and you.

We eat with our eyes

You will – on average – eat 90% of what you serve yourself

So, serve yourself a bigger portion and you WILL eat more.

^^^ smaller plates can reduce your food intake by 22%

And what I’m leading up to is this:

1* Let your kids experiment with food and be OK with the fact they might leave some…nearly half in fact!

2* Put the leftovers in a Tupperware for your lunch tomorrow to save time and money 

3* Serve yourself a smaller portion and finish your kids dinner 🙂

I know what you’re thinking…

“That’s boring and simple”

And you’re right.

It’s so s​imple

You probably won’t even think about doing it

^^^ Which is probably why you’re not where you want to be​​

And doing the SIMPLE things WELL

Is exactly what I get you doing in my 28-day Fit Mum Body Transformation Challenge

So you can build a nutritional strategy that lasts

Lose weight, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes

Without spending hours in a gym

Giving up your favourite foods

Or getting overwhelmed by lists of “green” and “red” foods

^^ which often make you demonise so-called “bad foods” (whatever they are)

The next intake starts Monday 12th June

And you can apply here:

Matt “the food hoover” Fruci

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How to create your stress strategy [blueprint]

So a few weeks back

My daughter, Ottilie, did her first ‘roll over…roll over’

Now, I’d love to say it it took her 1 attempt…

But it didn’t

I was literally cheering her on for 20 minutes

Showing her to put her arm in the air

To help her move her big legs (don’t their legs grow quickly!!)



She did it!

And it reminds me of something a new member on my Body Transformation Programme recently mentioned to me:

‘Diet’s don’t work for me. I can’t do it’

And I get it

You’ve failed so many times

That you just blame DIETS


Think that YOU must be different.

But here’s the thing:

Are you setting yourself up for failure by saying

‘I can’t do it’

Because – in my experience – its not whether

‘you can’ or ‘you can’t’

But whether

‘you will’ or ‘you won’t’

Now, of course, most diets out there are great for a few weeks

But don’t understand that you’re busy, you love your cheesecake and vino, and think you’ve got hours to spend in a gym..

And – in reality – none of this is sustainable

After all…

Who cares if you drop 10lbs in 4 weeks

if it’s back on again in 8 weeks because you were fed up of having to eat separately from your family

And skip the afternoon tea at Polly’s?

Now, it’s not going to be easy

and there will be SOME ‘stress’

Which brings me to a recent study

Where they found that if you perceive stress as ‘bad’

As a ‘threat’

Then you are more likely to see negative reactions – both mentally and physically

Whereas if you see ‘stress’ as a CHALLENGE

A chance to PROGRESS

You are more likely to see positive RESPONSES – both mentally and physically

And what I’m leading up to is this:

What if you could sought out stress

and take control of it?

Ditch that ‘dieting’ mentality

of ‘off-on’

‘Good food’ – ‘bad food’

And have the ABILITY to


to a missed session


a little binge on that ice cream

or bottle of vino

Without having to start again on Monday?

After all…

“Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday”

^^^ As my daughter found out with ability to ‘roll over’

And if it’s accountability and SIMPLICITY you’re after

So you can build your nutritional strategy that suits YOU

And your family

So you can level up your energy, do more with the kids (without being out of breath) and fit back into your favourite clothes for Summer (and surprise the mums at the school gates with your new look…)

My 28-Day Fit Mum Body Transformation Challenge MIGHT just be for you

Best wishes,

Matt ‘stress head’ Fruci