Month: April 2017

‘I’m addicted to sugar’

I try not to watch the news too much anymore (especially in the morning) ^^^ I prefer to just sing nursery rhymes to my daughter (it make me happy…and when I’m happy…I do better things…I’m better to be around…less irritable…you get it) But last weekend with it being Easter There was a bit more TV on than normal And …

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I get fat eating salad?

‘Hippety hop and hippety hay, One little bunny hopped away.’ Easter is over… and not only is my 3 month old daughter thinking that I should change the bunny-themed nursery rhyme I keep playing to her You’re probably thinking that you need to hit the salad for a few days after a few days where chocolate was (nearly) allowable …

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Heard about the war on cake?

You’re going to love me today It’s Easter Sunday And you’re probably going to be tucking into some chocolate eggs, bunny ears and / or cake So, what I’m about to say may excite you (a little bit more than you already are) Have you seen Cake Wars? It’s a reality show on ITV where bakers bake …

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This gave me a reality check

So me, the wife (AKA boss) and our daughter having been loving our little walks and trips to Avebury And I have some great  memories of Avebury as a kid You know, being taken there for the 10th time as a kid on a school trip thinking: ‘It’s JUST a few stones in a field…I’m bored….how long …

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Eat your (Easter) eggs

No, I’ve not woken you up today to tell you about how chocolate COULD help with weight loss, fatigue, blood pressure and how you handle those ‘bad’ carbs LOL Because I’ve spoken about this before ^^^ and will be going into this type of stuff more in my FREE live weight loss seminar on Tuesday May 9th So …

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Cocktail Party

I get it Of course, you don’t have time for a cocktail School holidays Parties Kidz About 😉 Any schedule you did have has now gone…. The good news? Wel, I’ve got a little Summery ‘cocktail’ that’s super quick, simple and SOOO tasty for you In fact, I made these for the ladies on my …

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The TRUTH about prawns

So, last Sunday it was date day for me, the wife AKA boss, and our daughter And after an amazing Sunny trip out to Avebury I decided to get my cooking skills on With a bit of surf n turf You know, onion rings, steaks and PRAWNS… So, there I am coating my RAW prawns …

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