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Message from Bea and your ‘lack of willpower’


Is a lack of ‘willpower’ or ‘motivation’ just another ‘story’ about why we don’t make the jump to better ourselves?

Ooooooo controversial, I hear thee say….

True story this:

I’m walking (or strolling as my wife would say about my walk) through Marlborough High Street the other week on the way to our Fat Loss Mastery session

And I bump into one of the members en route (Bea)

I couldn’t help but think (and say…): ‘you’re looking really well.’

^^^ I thought I’d wait to really delve into this week’s results with Bea until we got to the session (as you may know I can get off on a tangent and I didn’t want to be late for the other ladies…)

So I get to St Mary’s Church Hall (where the sessions are based)

And I start chatting to another member on Fat Loss Mastery (going through her nutrition and Weekly Accountability Battles Plans)

Who mentions that she saw Bea recently and can’t believe how good she was looking…

^^^ Weird….I literally just saw Bea and thought that, too!

Bea then walks in and EVERYONE is asking: ‘wow, how much have you lost?’

To which Bea quietly replies….7kgs

^^^ Like it’s been a walk in the park

Her secret?

Bea has found the type of workouts she ENJOYS

^^^ Which means she sticks to it (minimum once per week)

She doesn’t feel like she’s ‘dieting’ as she can still eat the foods she loves

^^^ Including anything off of the Prezzo menu 🙂

And can still lose fat whilst working long hours, living a busy lifestyle and socialising with the family

^^^ Where lot’s of eating out was done 🙂

You see, Bea said to me that she’s struggled to stick to diets in the past


Well, all this weight loss, diet and exercise stuff used to be a chore for Bea…

And the truth is, if every day is a chore….

Your ‘motivation’ and ‘willpower’ is probably going to run out once the honeymoon period is over

^^^ and a 3 day diet is no good for anyone….and I’ve been there…thinking that I ‘had to eat porridge for breakfast because it was “healthy” and that swapping white bread for brown bread would make you lose weight

Now, before you think:

‘Matt must have some secret diet plan that’s easy’

I want to tell you that I don’t

Because the principles I teach in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme (and will be going over in the LIVE FREE seminar on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club)

Are not easy….

But they are very, very simple

And although Bea is loving the workouts and her new found energy

Some stuff is required

And you simply have to LEARN TO LOVE it

Which is where I have to ask you the right questions to make you question your beliefs that hold you back

Because – just like Bea – you’ve probably given up on diets in the past

Blamed your lack of ‘willpower’ and ‘motivation’

And maybe even lost faith in this whole health and fitness industry that’s bigger than ever and has more high techno gym equipment available than ever…

Yet is failing miserably to help you ditch the baggy clothes, get out of that yoyo dieting cycle and feel more confident in their favourite clothes once and for all

And I get that all this can make you feel that:

‘this won’t work for me’

‘I’m different’

But here’s the thing

That belief pattern right there is the #1 guaranteed way to fail

Because by NOT doing…you’ve automatically failed

And you’re saying that you don’t want to find the nutritional and training strategy that you ENJOY, gives your more energy, and helps you feeling more confident in your favourite clothes

^^^ All without setting one foot in a gym OR having to give up your Bacardi and coke 😉

In the end, all that matters is what you DO

And whilst others are still banging on about the latest shakes, diet pills, and high-tech gym equipment

^^^ that confuses the hell out of you

I’ve got this ‘unusual’ opportunity for you to attend my FREE live in-person event where you’ll discover:

* How Cassie has lost 2.5 stone (and counting…may need to change this bit), is ditching the baggy clothes, and has the energy to do more fun and memorable activities with the kids 

* How to reclaim your pre-baby body, even if your ‘babies’ are now at school

* How to get a flat stomach in a safe, effective way without starving yourself (so you can eat the food you and your family love and still lose weight…even if it is pinching your kid’s chocolate mini men biscuits)

*How I’ve helped hundreds of other mums in Wiltshire tone up and feel more confident in their new, more fashionable clothes

*How to guarantee your results and find success, even if everything else you’ve tried in the past has failed

To register, go here:


PS. Time is running out…we start 1-week on Tuesday and this is your chance to meet and learn from like-minded others…

​​​Including Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie, who’ll be sharing her story on the ‘stage’


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Ever taken the 7-day carb test?

bread, pasta, potatoes or rice?

Which of these is stopping you from ditching the love handles?

^^^ even with all those diets you’ve tried

Well, they’ll tell you that you can find out in just 7-days (according to this Newspaper article I saw when in Cafe Nero the other week)

Just by eating exactly 50g of each type of carb (like bread or pasta)

Waiting precisely 2 hours (you know, as you’ve got all of the time in the world, right?)

Then pricking your finger to take some blood to see how your sugar levels in your blood have responded…

They’ll tell you this is the ‘scientific’ cure-all answer you’ve been waiting for to solve all of your problems….

And I get it

It’s tough out there with all this flakey sciencey stuff that – in my opinion – fails to consider what’s practical for you and your lifestyle

And I’m here to tell you that you CAN ditch the love handles and fit back into your favourite clothes this Summer…

Without pricking your fingers to take blood samples every 2 hours after you eat (unless you have diabetes and / or take medications that mean you have to do this)

Or even giving up your beloved carbs

Here’s why:

1) You eat meals NOT foods –


if you eat a potato  on it’s own, your sugar levels in your blood will rise more quickly than…

if you eat a potato with some tuna, mayo and salad…

Because the protein, fibre and fats from the tuna salad, and veggies will slow down this ‘sugar spike’

Already, that 7-day cure-all carb test is looking pretty impractical for your everyday life, right?

2) Your overall food intake will dictate the fat you lose…not (really) whether you’re eating high carb or low carb –

​​​And we’ve actually known this ever since 1996….

When they fed 43 obese adults in a hospital (which means they actually had to STICK to this diet)


A low-carb, high fat diet


a higher carb diet, lower in fat

And guess what happened?

They both lost body fat and reduced their waistlines

And the magnitude of these changes DID NOT DIFFER between the groups​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​

They repeated this in 2015…​​​

And – once again – both the low-carb, high fat and the high carb, low-fat diets meant they lost fat and shrunk their waistlines

Moral of this story?

​The ‘secret’ to ditch the love handles and fitting into your favourite clothes this Summer (and last Summer…and the Summer before that)…

Is your overall food intake…

^^^ BORING, I know

What you do on average…

Now, if a low(ER) carb diet helps you do this

Then great, let’s do it!

I actually follow a low(ER) carb diet myself due to digestive issues I have (which I’ll come on to another day)

B​​​ut I still have the flexibility to eat what and when I want to

^^^ especially ​​​if the wife decides to take me out for dinner (I don’t think she’s reading this 😉

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Because the best diet in the world is the ONE you do

^^^ which is why I give members on my Fat Loss Mastery programme the flexibility to CHOOSE what and when they eat​​​

And the more you have to think…the more confused you get

In fact, having to making repeated judgements depletes the executive function in your brain that helps you make subsequent better-informed decisions…

Which is exactly why I’m going to show you how you can make things super SIMPLE for yourself

^^^Just like the other members on Fat Loss Mastery have

At my FREE Live in-person Seminar on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club 1830-1930

where you’ll not only find out

​how Cassie lost 2.5 stone (and more…) and 5 inches from her waistline and now has more energy to play with her kids 

But also the simple strategies that have helped Bea smash the 7kg weight loss mark ​​​

Helen notice how her clothes are suddenly looser 

And how Julie, Billy, Marie, Kirstie, Becca, Nicola….I could go on…

So, if you want to

Discover The Seven Biggest Obstacles That Are Stopping busy Wiltshire Mums From Getting Their Pre-Baby Bodies Back (And Learn How To Overcome Them)

And meet and learn from other like-minded ladies

Register here:


PS. If you don’t believe this stuff, take the 7-day carb test for yourself….


Go here:​​​​​​​​​​

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I want to wear my shorts this Summer

“So, just wear your shorts this Summer” I replied

“OK. Let me rephrase that. I want to feel more confident in my shorts this Summer.
I’m seeing friends that I haven’t seen in years”

^^^ A new body transformation member told me recently

She went on to say how she’d tried Slimming World

And it worked….

For a bit

But she couldn’t stop ‘eating crap’ and was confused about which foods were ‘good’ or ‘bad’

^^^ she was told that eating sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes would help her lose weight by a friend

And i completely get it

Because when you’re relying on willpower…

I have to confess that I’m no different to you

^^^ Yep, that Coconut Lindt Chocolate my wife leaves out on the side gets me nearly every time

The difference?

I’m accountable to my coach

Members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programmes

I have a flexible eating approach which ALLOWS me to eat the food me and my family love (so I don’t have to be the one on ‘another diet’ that would have probably had me divorced by now….)

I use the exact same accountability, planning and mindset strategies we use in Fat Loss Mastery

And I understand that calling foods ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depends on the context of your OVERALL DIET!

And what happens when you apply these pretty boring principles over time?

Well, you get compliment after compliment from friends you haven’t seen in years

Just as Billy did last week…

And if you ask nicely….

Maybe Billy will even come to our FREE live IN PERSON seminar on Tuesday 9th May at 1830-1930 at Marlborough Gold Club to share her story, too

^^^ Yes, in the world of iPads and Facebook Live…I’ll be live in-person (crazy how that’s kind of like unique now, right?)

Along with Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie

So if you’re ready to separate the FACTS from the FICTION

Discover the exact life-enhancing accountability, nutrition and mindset strategies we use

and DO

^^^ Read that bit again

in Fat Loss Mastery …

Register to secure your place here:

Matt ‘organically grown’ Fruci

PS. I’m seriously not sure whether I’ll ever do this seminar again (for free, anyway) so if you’re thinking about it, I’d suggest you secure your place or risk missing out on this​​​​​​


PPS. ​​I won’t be holding back on May 9th…I love talking about this stuff and often don’t shut up (just ask my wife)​​​

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Why would I take advice from you?

“I don’t mean to be rude but you said you had an eating disorder?”

^^^  A message I got a few days back which I wasn’t going to write about but then thought I would (as I am now 🙂

Because I get it

She thinks that because ‘I’m not perfect’ (AKA I battled with an eating disorder growing up)

That I’m probably not the best person to be giving nutrition advice

But here’s the thing…

I did have an eating disorder…

‘I confess’​​​​​​

But having an eating disorder was the MAIN reason I got into this profession in the first place.

To go and spend 7 years at university studying the stuff to become a Registered Nutritionist

I mean, my relationship with food literally took over my life

And -still-  to this day

I still have many, many wobbles

Regarding self-image


^^^ Like we all do. You’re human. You want to feel good about yourself, right?

Foods I ‘should’ and ‘should not eat’

^^^ It’s taken many, many years to become comfortable for me to not feel guilty about eating ‘bad’ foods (whatever they are) and thinking ‘well, I’ve blown it…either give up or ‘burn those calories off.

But with every ‘wobble’

Comes a lesson

In how to OVERCOME this ‘wobble’

And given that so many members in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme come to me with ‘thoughts’ and ‘beliefs’ about food

That categorise them as ‘good’ and ‘bad’

Going through this personally has – in my opinion – made me a better coach

Because I get it.

And I’m not saying you always need to experience something to be good at it

But it certainly helps

As I can see tendencies in some of the crazy, detox EXTREME diets out there that the media are telling you to do

Making you deprive yourself of your favourite foods.

Which does work for some…I’l admit (there’s not one size fits all)

But for others?

It makes you want it even more

And feel guilty for even looking at that Chocolate Volcano Brownie in Costa…

^^^ Which has less calories than most of them ‘healthy oat protein bars’ (crazy, I know)

But my main point is this…

We often assume that EVERYONE else has their $#*! together

“I bet no one else struggles to with the school run”

“I bet no one else feels like they have no willpower in the evening and has the urge to go all out on the Ben & Jerry’s (just because you justified it once after having your wisdom teeth taken out) ”

But the truth is, they don’t

You just the tip of the Iceberg of everything look sunshine and rainbows on Facebook

And it’s exactly why I write every, single day about my experiences, nutrition and the struggles and successes of the members I work with on my body transformation programmes

^^^ I haven’t missed a day since December 2015 (Mr Consistent….)

To show you the tips and tricks I use with our members amazing results, like these ​​​​​​​​​​​​

and to show you that it’s NOT always easy

Which is why I make things SUPER simple for you

Just as I’ll be showing you here:


Matt ‘not for everyone’ Fruci​

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“Are you taking the biscuit, Matt?”

So, did you hear about the 5 guys from Liverpool who stole £20,000 worth of…

Jammie Dodgers?

They were sentenced to a total of 11 years …

And even – joked – “sweet, thanks your honour” as they were sentenced

But hey ho, maybe they did one of those crash diets?

You know, where you deprive yourself of your favourite foods?

^^^ like Jammie Dodgers

Ditch the love handles…

Only to go and binge when your willpower “runs out”

Pile the weight back on (and more)

And go and do the same deprivation diet once again

What happens?

That vicious yoyo weight cycle 

^^^ where your body weight goes up and down and up and down (more than my 14-week old baby when she’s having one of those moments…)

But joking aside, the facts from our friends in lab coats don’t look good for yoyo dieters

A recent study showed that those with the biggest weight fluctuations had:

*117% more heart attacks

*136% more strokes

*124% more deaths

Compared with those with the smallest weight fluctuations up and down…

So, do you want to put an end to this vicious yoyo dieting cycle?

Stop depriving yourself of your favourite foods (and Jammie Dodgers)?

And stop creating your “self-made” unsustainable diet prison 

That makes you think you’ve failed because you can’t stick to it?


Because my FREE live in-person seminar is going to show you exactly how you can do this (and more)

On Tuesday 9th May at 1830-1930 at Marlborough Gold Club

To register, go here:


PS. I know what you’re thinking.

You don’t have a “crumb” of evidence that any of your stuff works

Well, here’s a few of the stories from just some of the ladies I’ve worked with :

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‘Mummy, why haven’t you packed your lunch box?’

So, Easter holidays are officially over…

Which means that the ‘Military Operation’ (as one member on my body transformation programme calls the school run)

Starts again!

Is the school uniform ironed?

Are the kids up and ready?​​​

Breakfast sorted?

Lunch boxes packed?

‘Check, check, check and check’

‘Easy, peasy. That went smoothly’ <<< you think to yourself…

Until you turn around to see honey dribbling on to the car seat from the slice of toast your daughter sneaked out

Who then goes on to tell you all about the homework she was supposed to do

^^^ As one body transformation member was telling me all about

and the fact she doesn’t want to go to school today…

But another question that did come up was this:

‘Mummy, why haven’t you packed your lunch box today?’

And it’s a great question

Because just consider THIS:

Everything that you get DONE (well) is planned

Your holidays



school pick ups (you have a time you HAVE to be there…and you find TIME to do this, right?)

Your kid’s bedtime…


But just imagine if you knew all of the answers to the following question:

“What am I doing TOMORROW?”

What would be different?

In terms of how you manage STRESS?


Food choices?



Relationships with your other half?



Fat Loss?


I could go on…

So, here’s my final question:

Do you want to double, treble or even quadruple your self-confidence and productivity by spending less time worrying about what’s healthy for you and your kids….

And more time doing the things in life that you enjoy (like having the confidence to take your kids trampolining and in Kidz About without ​​​’looking silly’ <<< as one member on my body transformation programme put it)?

Well, don’t miss your opportunity

and register here for my FREE live in person seminar:



PS. This exclusive live event starts 2 weeks today.

I should also mention that this​​​ is probably going to be the only time I do this (for free, anyway)​


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In 6 minutes, I show you how stop stressing about the number on the scales

” Hi Matt…

I weigh [insert here]”

^^^ this is literally how a lot of the enquiries I get start.

I mean, you tell me your weight before I even know your name

Your age

^^^ I fact, you’d probably slapped me if I asked this but you’d happily tell me your weight….

Your lifestyle

What’s worked for you in the past

Why you’re not where you want to be right now


And I’ve spoken here before about 9 reasons why the scales goes up and down.

But today…

I want to show you (in just 6 minutes…with the help of my labrador,Dora, and the noisy Geese in the background)

How to stop stressing about the number on the scales

And actually use it to your advantage

along with the other tactics I talk about

Anyway, enough ‘weighting’ around​​​…


You can start taking action today…

Because I’m making all of this weight loss and toning up stuff super simple for you ​​​2 weeks tomorrow at Marlborough Golf Club in our FREE live in-person event:

If you still haven’t registered

I’m assuming you know how to overcome the biggest weight loss myths

^^^ and no, this doesn’t mean hopping from one trendy detox diet one day to to ‘green’ days the next…that’s called speed dating…or Tinder…as it is now called 😉

Anyway, here’s the link to register, take action and separate the facts from the fiction so you can ditch the love handles and level up your energy so you can do more of the things you want to do (just as Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie, will be taking about at the LIVE seminar):

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I was beaten by a 12 year old

The wife was in front cycling up the hill.

Smiling at me….in a ‘mocking’ kind of way

With sweat dripping from my face, a dry mouth, and no energy

I stood up and ‘powered’ up the hill

Unfortunately, there was little ‘power’ in these batteries

And my wife’s mocking smile turned into laughter as the perfect family of 4 overtook me 🙂

“I’m thirsty. Feeling dehydrated”

“I haven’t cycled in a while because I didn’t have the time”

“I’m hungry”

“I didn’t sleep well”

“I’m still recovering from all the work I’ve been doing, getting married and competing and placing 2nd in Britain in a Physique show (yes I stood on stage in some skimpy speedos, tanned up once or twice)”

“they had better bikes than me”

“the tour guide, Igor, lied to us. This is not an ‘easy’ route

^^^ just some of the STORIES I told myself to justify why I was SO unfit

Now, this was in 2014 on our honeymoon during a bike tour

It was supposed to be of ‘easy’ difficulty

^^^ According to our macho tour guide, Igor

Igor even suggested to drink some water from the tap that was at the same height as my ankles at a beach

when I started complaining I was thirsty 🙂

‘I do it all of the time’ he said

^^^ I passed on this one

But here’s the thing

When the dust settled

“stories” AKA excuses put to bed

The results told me I was unfit

I could not argue with that

^^^^ Unless -of course – the 12 years old who overtook me on her bike is now an Olympian and in that case…I did alright!

But what I could argue with?

The excuses and stories I told myself to justify why I was unfit

‘no time’

‘busy doing my postgraduate nutrition research in Oxford”

“Busy with the wedding”

And I do the same now…

“Oh, I’ve got a baby so I can’t have fun anymore…”

But here’s the thing….

Unless you prioritse your day

Someone else will do it for you

Change WILL happen (it’s inevitable)

but that change won’t be led by you

Because you reap what you sew.

Just like Marie did on Fat Loss Mastery over the past 3 months.

here’s what she said:

“Thank you for helping me re-set my mindset 
And finally ‘wake up’ and recognise my snacking habits CAN be broken
Without giving them up completely”

And I couldn’t be more proud of Marie for giving herself permission to take back control of her snacking habits

Want results like Marie?

You can register for my FREE in-person seminar on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club 18:30 – 19:30

Where I’ll be revealing:

* How Cassie has lost 2.5 stone (and counting), is ditching the baggy clothes, and has the energy to do more fun and memorable activities with the kids 

* How to reclaim your pre-baby body, even if your ‘babies’ are now at school

*How to get a flat stomach in a safe, effective way without starving yourself (so you can eat the food you and your family love and still lose weight…even if it is pinching your kid’s chocolate mini men biscuits)

*How I’ve helped hundreds of other mums in Wiltshire tone up and feel more confident in their new, more fashionable clothes


* How to guarantee your results and find success, even if everything else you’ve tried in the past has failed

Register here:

​​​​​​​Matt ‘the TOO tired cyclist’ Fruci

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And you’ll eat 44% more?

I hope the boss (my wife) doesn’t read this one today

As it will mean she’ll have ammunition for the rest of our lives (If she puts up with me for that long)

​​​​​​Because what I’m about to tell you can help you to REDUCE your snacking habits by 44%

^^^ According to our friends in lab coats ​​​

Unless, of course, you’re doing this whilst snacking 🙂

And here it is:

Decluttering your kitchen can reduce your snacking by 44%

What this means:

* Put your toaster away

* Make sure chopping boards and knives are away

* No food is left out on the side apart from a fruit bowl (The boss was guilty of leaving the Lindt Coconut chocolate out the other day…I blamed my ‘lack of willpower’ for what happened afterwards)

* You have a snack cupboard (rather than snacks everywhere

​​​​Why does this work?

Well, when your kitchen is organised it appears to prompt more self-control


Less mindless eating​​​​​​​​​

Which is why I always recommend that you make some rules to only eat when you’re sat down and to never eat out of the packet (always serve in crockery)

​​​​​​And these are just some of the things I take you through in our Fat Loss Mastery Audit

Which I’ll be touching on in my FREE Live Event on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club 1830-19:30​​​

^^^ with the help of other Fat Loss Mastery members showing you how they’ve changed their environments to lose weight, tone up and feel more confident in their favourite clothes WITHOUT giving up Lindt coconut chocolate 🙂

Matt ‘off to put the toaster away’ Fruci

PS. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing with you a bit about my ‘story’ and how Marie gained control of her snacking habits (she did awesome!)

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Who else wants results like Julie?

I know Julie won’t mind me saying this

Because Julie actually posted this on Facebook to share her story and – hopefully- inspire someone else to make a change for a better tomorrow 🙂

^^^ Which says A LOT about how far Julie has come in how she feels about herself

Anyway, here’s what she said:

“Whoop whoop I’ve now lost one stone a half a pound!
I’m three months in so weight loss steady and slow 
but I feel so much better and think you will agree you can see the difference.
thank you for keeping me on track Matt Fruci 
I’ve also got muscle where I haven’t had them for years”

And this is all testament to Julie’s work

And guess what?

she did this eating BREAD

Spag bowls


A Devonshire cream tea

Cornish Ice cream

Moral of the story?

No fads​​​​​​​​​​

No pills

No dodgy fake tans 😉

Just CONSISTENTLY doing things she said she would do when she first started on Fat Loss Mastery

and if you want to find out more about you could be next

^^^ And hear from other Fat Loss Mastery members, like Cassie….maybe Julie herself :-)​​​ and potentially Billy (I may have to bribe her with some Mikado chocolate, though. I’ll work on that one)​​​​​​​​​

Register here for my LIVE (and free) in-person event on Tuesday 9th May 1830-1930:​​​

​​Unless, of course, you don’t want results like Julie


Register here: