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Willpower, failing on a diet, and spaghetti wheatballs

I was chatting to a new member of my body transformation programme the other day

She decided to go vegetarian recently

^^^ Which my nutrition system does cater for with tons of meal ideas and tactics to help you if that’s your thing

And she sent me a picture of a veggie dish in a restaurant the other day:

“Spaghetti wheat balls”

And I loved this play on words

^^^that’s why she sent it…she knew I’d do a blog on it

But ultimately…

It’s not the real thing

Despite their effort to make it look and sound like it is

What’s this got to do with you, blaming willpower, and yoyo dieting?

Glad you asked!

Well, you often feel better if you “look like you’re winning”

You know, banning sugar

Drinking nothing but smoothies

Giving up your favourite foods

And even though you’re still not getting the results you want

^^^ can you keep the weight off whilst still enjoy a piece of cake at your kid’s birthday party (as a member mentioned to me last week)?

It makes you feel better because it “feels hard”

And this is where I see many ladies go wrong when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off…

You see, it’s easy to be “extreme in moderation”

^^^ read that again

Compared to be “moderate in moderation”

Because it’s boring and unsexy

You don’t have to blame gluten

You don’t have to ditch white carbs

You CAN have the freedom to eat the “normal” foods you and your family enjoy

Whilst still ditching the love handles and feeling more confident in your favourite clothes

And not only are the ladies who’ve used the principles i teach you in Fat Loss Mastery achieving amazing (and LASTING) results

This is backed up by the guys and gals in lab coats too

Because even though there was no difference in weight loss over 12 weeks between people on strict rigid meal plans (where they could only eat certain foods)

And flexible diets where they had the freedom to eat the foods they wanted

Over 75% said if they were to carry on they’d choose to do the flexible “diet” where they have the freedom to eat what and when they want


Because they said they would be able to stick to it

I mean, What happens when you deprive yourself of creme eggs?

You want them more right?

And it’s why nothing is off the menu in Fat Loss Mastery

Because if you can’t see yourself doing what you’re doing in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 2 years

Are you setting yourself up for failure?


And this is probably personal to you

You might feel that you prefer to go without for 3 days and then enjoy yourself for a few days at the weekend when you’re more social

If it’s your thing, it’s your thing

And this is something we go over in your 1 to 1 body and mindset transformation coaching session with me

So you can build a nutritional strategy that levels up your energy, improves your sleep and leaves you ditching the baggy clothes for good

Which is exactly what we do in Fat Loss Mastery 

And applications close on Sunday at 730pm

Matt “wheatballs” Fruci

PS. If you’re doing something now and it’s working for you…keep doing it

But if you’re frustrated with wasting time and money on the stuff that just isn’t work for you and your lifestyle

^^^ like your “wheatballs”

You can see if you’re a good fit for my body transformation by going here:

And if you want to know if it’s he real deal AKA the “spaghetti and meatballs”

Just take a look at what some of the ladies have said about it

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Did you ‘cheat’ on your diet?

Well, it could be worse

You could have cheated on that lady from South Carolina

Who went on a rampage with a hammer

Smashing up her EX boyfriends car and carving her initials into it

Did you see it? (link at the bottom)

So if you just had a few extra biscuits last night…

consider yourself lucky 😉

^^^ Although they way some preach on about diets if they caught you cheating on your ‘low carb’ diet you may banished to the dark side (you know the side that can eat what they want?)

And this brings me on nicely to ‘cheat meals’

Because MOST ladies I work with on my Body Transformation Programmes talk about having ‘cheat’ meals on their diet


Cheating on the diet



And  – for some – this can work

I get it.

But coming from a background of having an eating disorder

I can see that this makes you label foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’

Leaving you feeling guilty when eating the ‘bad’ foods

^^^ Which is crazy…as it is JUST food (hopefully the lady from South Carolina doesn’t find out)​​

And -often- encouraging that good-bad, weak-strong mindset

Which – you know – can lead to a full blow out

^^^ Yep…the whole pack of biscuits and crisps are gone and you don’t even know why you did it….​

And this is why the majority of members on my body transformation programmes ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

follow a FLEXIBLE approach

Where we make things super SIMPLE for you

Where it’s okay to have a slice of cake at a birthday party

Because if you’re calling something a ‘cheat’…

Are you setting yourself up for something too rigid?

So rigid that all you think about is food

^^^ And end up craving all the those lovely foods you’ve deprived yourself of​​

It drains your willpower

Stresses you out

^^^ Leaves you irritable with the loves ones (‘YOU KNOW I CAN’T EAT CARBS AFTER 6pm’….)

Drained of energy and motivation​​​​​​​​​

So you ‘CHEAT’ (again)​​​​​​

And here’s the funny thing

I’ve had some pretty aggressive messages from people saying you can’t eat curry and lose weight etc….you have to eat ‘clean’ foods AKA boring, plain foods…

^^^ I’ve actually got a member on my body transformation programme eating curry and losing weight right now as they work in a curry house….

Yet, these same people who said this…

Post pictures ​​​​​​​​​​​​every weekend of their ‘cheat’ meal…

And I’m not saying this doesn’t work

but you have to find what’s right for you

Which is exactly what my nutrition system allows you to do in Fat Loss Mastery​​​​​​​​​
And applications close for your free 7-day trial to see if you’re a good fit

This Sunday at 730pm…

​​​​​​​​Only apply, if you’re willing to do the work (and the homework)

^^^ without cheating 😉​​​

Matt ‘Cheater’ Fruci​​

PS. here’s the link to the crazy women:​

PPS. This is why cheating probably isnt a great idea…​​​

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My #1 Must Have ‘Magical’ Supplement To Lose Weight

The following is the only ‘magical secret’ supplement you’ll ever need:

***** Consistency  *****

If you could buy this supplement, it would cost you £9.999999999999999999999999999.
It’s not sexy. 
But spending 15 minutes to:
* Plan your meals
* Put your exercise sessions in your diary
* Get to bed on time
* Structure in FUN and down time for YOU (yes, you need to have some fun, too) like it’s a date with Brad Pitt (or Peter Andre)
Is the key to this toning up malarkey


If you want to know some of the OPTIONAL supplements I recommend…​​​​​​

Whey protein
Whey protein is high quality, easily digested, convenient and cheap compared to other protein sources like meat and fish.

It’s also been shown to help you keep you full up​​​

Here is a good value for money whey protein shake.

It’s convenient, cheap, and one of the highest quality sources of protein so it may be particularly useful for when you are on-the-go and / or making pancakes / bars.

Pea Protein 

Great for replacing flour in gluten-free recipes and adding protein to meals. Here’s a pea protein: CLICK HERE 

Coconut Oil (Ideal for cooking)
A good source of fats and good to cook with.

​​​In terms of weight loss, there may be some positives CLICK HERE TO GO (coco)NUTS
Omega 3 / Cod liver oil
Omega 3 is an essential fat that we have to get from our diet (our body cannot make it). It is scarce in typical Western diets.

​​​Unless you’re eating a lot of oily fish (say 3 times per week), I would recommend supplementing with fish oil / omega 3 capsules.


​Vitamin D3

Appears to benefit your immune system and is especially important if you’re inside a lot in the summer or live in England…
Here’s an option for you (but I’d always recommend getting your levels checked): CLICK HERE
Make sure the one you get is Vitamin D3 and not D2 (as D2 is not utilised by the body very well)

​Peanut butter 

High in calories BUT so tasty. Try it on rice cakes, carrot sticks, celery sticks, in porridge, or with pancakes but just watch the fat content. 
Peanut butter: CLICK HERE
Higher protein snacks
As for bars, these are quite good for keeping carbs low and still 
getting your protein and fibre in: CLICKHERE

Calorie free syrups
Great for adding to coffee’s and topping on porridge and pancakes: CLICK HERE
so there you have it….

The magical, mystical ‘must-have’ supplement


And I can guarantee that if you had THIS​​​​​​​​​

You’d be exactly where you want to be right now

Instead of looking for the next ‘quick-fix’

^^^ That often has you piling the weight you lose (and more) back on​​​​​​​​​​

The good news?

I’ve got all the right ingredients ​​​​​​for you here (wow, that was cheesey):

Matt ‘renowned cheeseball’ Fruci​

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How to eat what you want, whenever you want and still lose weight

‘You’re so lucky’

‘I just don’t know where you put it all”

“I wish I had time to make food like that”

“I wish I had a fast metabolism like you”

Ever said one of those to someone else?

Well, a member on my body transformation programme mentioned that a friend said to her that she must just have a ‘fast metabolism’

And that’s why she’s losing weight

Why did she say that?

Well, they were out for dinner

And she went for a pudding

Something she wouldnt have done in the past through fear of the so-called ‘bad foods’ (only to binge eat later when she got home…)

Until she realised the 2 key principles (in my opinion) of ditching the baggy clothes for good:

1) How much energy you eat from food over the DAY or WEEK

2) Food volume (how much food is on your plate….can you fill it with nutritious foods that stop you being hungry or H-angry and awaken your energy?)

Get the above right?

And you’ll be the ‘lucky’ one with the fast metabolism

Just like the member on my body transformation programme did last week.

She planned her food intake over the week so she STILL hit her nutrient targets

^^^ No one considers the work she does when no one is looking

even with a few social situations


And piece of cake

Is it easy, you ask?


I won’t fib

It’s hard work

^^^ Not ‘luck’​​​

Especially at the beginning

Just like anything worth having is

^^^ you know, those sleepless nights when the kids when they just won’t settle for you

But I do make things super simple for you with over 1000 (and counting) simple meal ideas and recipes you can adapt for you and your family

And the results?

No more expensive ‘super duper, magical and mystical’ supplements

A new wardrobe full of your favourite, more fashionable clothes (not included in my body transformation programmes)

More energy than ever before

And best of all?

the know how to keep the weight off once and for all

And knickers being held up with safety pins

^^^ As a body transformation member mentioned to me last week 😉

For less than your coffee on the high street a day

​​​​​​Actually, I’ve used that one before

All for less than a lotto ticket per day

Still not convinced?

Want to give Fat Loss Mastery a trial?

apply here:

Matt ‘create your own luck’ Fruci

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Is this the food making you fat?

“Jenn, have you seen my brown jumper?”

“No, I can’t remember the last time I wore it”

^^^ the wife’s witty response

“You sure you didn’t move it?”

It then goes quiet…

And 2 minutes later..

I come out with my brown jumper on

“Where was it?”

In my wardrobe with all of my other jumpers…

You see, we love to blame, right?

And when it comes to diet, ditching the bingo wings and weight loss

You love to blame one thing

It makes things simple

Be it carbs


Donald Trump

Or – now – vegetable oil

Now, I get it

Vegetable oil, such as soy bean and palm oil…

Are found in a lot of your favourite foods now

From your weekend curry and comforting Bourbons to the “natural” and “organic” peanut butter

But vegetable oils, like soybean and palm oil,

Are just 2 of the 8 ingredients (along with wheat, rice, sugar, corn, barely and potato)

That make up 85% of our calories!

So is it really just vegetable oil making you fat?

Given that all these foods are cheap and convenient

And perhaps the key problem?

Not having a nutrient-rich diet

Type B malnutrition they call it

Eating enough calories but not enough nutrients

Leading to tiredness

Poor sl​eep

Weight gain

Hunger (or H-angey…as I like to say whenever I get irritable with the wife due to to being hungry)

A ton o​f caffeine to get you through the day

A lack of of “motivation”

And the classic “I have no willpower” evening binge with your good friends Ben & Jerry

Because we know that

tiredness >>> stress >>>decreased ability to make better-informed decisions that have your long term outcomes in mind >>>> binges driven by short term “feel good” food that makes you feel guilty and piles more pain on you

Which is exactly why I give you over 1000 recipes and meal ideas to help you hit your nutrient targets

So just like a Fat Loss Mastery member said to me recently:

“I’m on a real high at the moment and I actually know what I’m going to make when doing my shopping”

Which actually saved her a ton of money on her weekly shop

^^^ I might be rivalling that Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis soon

And most importantly

She saves a ton of time

^^^ your most precious asset

So she can have more “me” time

Recharge her batteries

And spend more time with family and having the confidence to get stuck in with rugby tots and swimming with the kids

Which are the things you want, right?

Not much else to say

Apart from the fact…

that time is running out for you​​​​​​

Matt “still looking for my brown jumper” Fruci

​PS. The free trial of my Fat Loss Mastery Programme starts one week today.

To see if you’re a good fit, go here:​​​​​​

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Lessons from my mum

I don’t want any ‘awwwwwwsss”’ or ‘oooooohhhhhhssss’ from this

But today is the first time I’ve really had to worry about Mother’s Day in a while

You see, my mum passed away back in 2002 when I was 12

But today?

I’ve got an amazing wife who’s an amazing mum to my beautiful daughter

^^^ I’ve also got an amazing nan and mother-in-law 🙂

But my point today is this:

I truly believe that if you look closely enough and give it enough time

You can see a ‘positive’ in everything

And before you say what’s the positive in being made redundant or loved ones dying

I just want to say that I used to think that, too

Until I realised that nothing is bad unless you think it’s bad

You see, although my mum passing away when I was 12 seems all doom and gloom

And – don’t get me wrong – I was and still am – devastated

But it actually made me a more grateful person

I realised just how hard my dad was working to provide for the family (as I grew older)

It made me ‘grow up’ and help out with things like cooking and cleaning

^^^ I’ll never forget getting the pasta and meatballs ready for 5pm

You see, when you give so-called ‘bad things’ time to ‘digest’

It’s never as bad as you made it out to be

With every bad, is an opportunity…

Now, I’m not going to pretend it’s easy

Because it’s clearly not

But when you just nurse, rehearse and curse a ‘bad’ situation

Are you just wasting energy on something you can’t change?

Energy that could go into YOU, your kids, family and loved ones?

So, next time you put on a pound on the scales….

Wait 3 days or so

Evaluate what happened over the last week

Did you do your exercise?

Stick to your nutrition plan?

Learn, adapt, grow and harvest the good

See it as a reminder of what you need to do

And after 3 days of evaluation…

then – and only then – give yourself permission to nurse and curse yourself 😉

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂


PS. Last week, I received countless messages from members who trust me and invest in me saying how happy they are with their results and mindset so far on their journey.

Yet, yesterday, someone who has never invested in me said my blogs ‘were boring’ and ‘you are awkward on camera’

And you know what?

For the first time in a while, it didn’t even bother me 🙂 and inspired me to create something new for members on my Fat Loss Mastery and 12-week body transformation programmes

If you want in on this…

go here:

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‘I’m scared I’ll get diabetes’

I was chatting with a new member on my body transformation programme last week

She was worried that if she carried on the way she was

She’d get Type 2 diabetes

The thing is, she already knows what to do

But admitted to not looking after herself and putting it off

‘lacking the time’ to exercise or prepare good food because she’s too busy sorting the kids out

‘putting off starting’ because she’s worried she’ll be the ‘least fit there’ and it will be embarrassing

Worried she’ll fail again and what other people will think

‘I can’t justify this to my other half’

But here’s the thing

When I consult with the NHS and deliver Type 2 diabetes programmes for newly diagnosed patients

I explain how Type 2 diabetes progresses

And – often – it’s in silence (unlike my little bambino)

Without you really knowing

You see, you might be thirsty a lot

Going to the toilet

More tired than usual

Experiencing fungal infections


you might just ‘be fine’


Inside your body

You’re working overtime!

You see, your makes a hormone that ‘opens the locks’ on your muscles and cells to get the energy from your food to you

^^^ So you feel awesome

But you see, just like the gym equipment you bought 8 years ago…

These ‘locks’ on your muscles and cells can become bit rusty

In need of a bit of WD40 to get the energy into your muscles and cells

^^^ So you can stop feeling tired, weeing out energy, and potentially damaging your organs due to high sugar in your blood

But in the meantime, your sugar levels in your blood rise

And this makes your body produce more ‘keys’ for that rusty lock of yours

But here’s the thing

How do you feel after working MORE and MORE?


A bit stressed?

Like giving up?

Well, that’s how your pancreas feels after working overtime to make more and more keys to try and open this rusty lock

^^^ Which is why some medications are used in Type 2 diabetes

Now, sometimes your ‘locks’ on your muscles and cells get rusty due to genetics, ethnicity or for some reason we just don’t know

But in around 90% of cases…

Your locks on your muscles and cells are rusty because you’re carrying too much body fat around the midsection

And / or

A lack of exercise and poor diet

Which you can control

And this seem to really hit home with the member on my ​​​body transformation programme

Because she’d been prioritising things that she couldn’t actually do without her health​​​

She was telling me about how she’d be out of breath doing the school run

Feel conscious about going swimming with the kids

And then guilty for just watching on the side

And we finished with a quote I remind myself of most days when writing down what I’m grateful for in life:

“he who has their health has 1000 dreams. He who do​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​esn’t has just 1″

​Anyway, I’m in Geordie land today on a course

So best get my learning hat on

Matt ‘doon toon’ Fruci​​​​​​

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Don’t invest in me

And definitely don’t click the link at the bottom of this email


Because there’s no need to invest in me

Or any personal trainer

^^^ or even any physio, plumber, electrician, David Guetta, or rock DJ for that matter

You don’t need them

In fact, here’s a little secret for you

You can find all the information you need FOR FREE

on the internet

^^^ Damn, I’ve just put myself out of work…and all the physios, electricians, David Guetta, and Rock DJ’s

But there’s one problem with this

you see, even though you love free stuff

^^^ I’m two coffees away from a free Cafe Nero 😉

You don’t value it

It becomes worthless

You jump to the next freebie

and nothing changes

And I say this as I has an enquiry a few weeks back

I told her about how you get:

* Up to 5 fun, simple (yet effective) and fully-coached female-only workouts every week that you’ll help you ditch the baggy clothes for summer (and you won’t even need to set foot in a gym) 

* My ‘tone up’ blueprint where you’ll discover how to ditch the baggy clothes in a safe, effective way without starving yourself or the need for crazy, expensive supplements (So you can eat together as a family)

* An ‘all access’ pass to our private inner circle and nutrition system (with over 1000 recipes and meal ideas for your plan) where I’ll support you and keep you accountable

* Elite level mindset coaching so that you can finally breakthrough stubborn periods of fat loss and get your pre baby body back (even if your ‘baby’ is now at school, university, or married with kids)

* 24 / 7 support in our private, supportive group of positive, like-minded ladies who are COMMITTED to real results

* 100% guaranteed results (or your money back) if you do everything I say and report back to me every week with your battle plans

And all for an investment that works out at less than £3 per day (the same as my Cafe Nero coffee)

She replied: if it was £20 per month she might have ‘done business with me’

and I respect this, I really do

But – you see – I guarantee you results if you are committed and do the work

which means I have to invest (as I am this weekend…close to £500 on a course in Newcastle…)

And keep up my accreditation as a Registered Nutritionist (as opposed to a self-proclaimed nutrition guru)

So anyway, I tried to think of other things I could recommend for £20 per month that offer all the above…

Maybe another personal trainer (who’ll probably charge double that an hour)

But struggled miserably.

And recommended a gym membership (little did I know they had a signing on fee…so it worked out that they would pay more and get less….)

But you know all too well that gyms are not for everyone

Just like the ‘free stuff’

Maybe you need something different?

More accountability?

Something you value?

And the results you get?

Well, just check out some of the ladies transformation here:

And this message I got just the other week from a body transformation member:

“I thoroughly enjoyed today too.


You are a very talented teacher and I have had a few (sadly only a few!) really great trainers/teachers in my life.

What effort you are getting from me is a product of your talent. Thank you so much.”

And I’ll leave you with this question…

What’s the cost of not doing it? Not just financially, but emotionally? Confidence, productivity, sleep, relationships?

Matt ‘Rock DJ’ Fruci

PS. If you are seriously ready to accelerate your energy, level up your sleep and ditch the baggy clothes for good…

Go here:​​​


Applications close next week​​

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They asked me how I did it

Rewind a good few years

I’m on a family holiday in Gran Canaria with the – now- wife’s family

Me and the -now- brother in law had just finished our mountain of food at the hotel buffet

And nipped to the loo

Now, even though we were in a family hotel…and I was with my wife

It didn’t stop me and my brother in law being asked out on a date…

By two guys…

I can’t blame them, though ​

Because me and the brother-in-law were guilty of rubbing sun cream on each other’s backs

And going for slow, romantic strolls in the sand dunes

But on this holiday, me and the wife met a couple

They spoke about how they look at other couples and judge who’s punching above their weight

Fun game, actually

Or at least it was…

Until I was told I was punching above my weight 😂

So how did I do it, you ask?




I never gave up

We’d known each other since we were about 3 years old…

We met in sunny Cornwall

And I started putting the work in from then

Dazzling her with award winning sand castles

Placing 1st and represent Team GB in the egg and spoon race

And – my claim to fame – winning best fancy dress (I was Aladdin) 

I just didn’t take no for an answer

Because you only “fail” when you give up

And as soon as you drop the “strong-weak”, “good-bad”, “all or nothing” mentality

You realise that a lapse or setback does NOT spell DOOM

But rather.

It’s simply a reminder that you’re an unfinished human being 

And a clue to how you can do better next time

Which is exactly what we do in Fat Loss Mastery

Matt “egg and spoon gold medalist” Fruci

PS. I have 5 places left on my 7-day free trial for Fat Loss Mastery

So if you’re serious about dropping your ​​​”strong-weak”, “good-bad”, “all or nothing” mentality

And levering up on this toning up stuff…​​​

Go here:​​​​​​

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Gluten free diets cause Type 2 diabetes…

That was the ‘subject’ line in an email I got from a member on my body transformation programme last week

She know’s I’ve got an allergy to wheat so I personally follow a gluten-free diet

^^^ Or I spend half my day on the loo, suffering from migraines, feeling sleeping, and trying to cover up my spots with my wife’s make up (YES, I’m guilty of this…)

But all this ‘panic’ about gluten-free diets ‘causing’ diabetes came from a Daily Mail article

Which – to it’s credit – wasn’t actually too bad

They looked at food diaries from people to and tried to relate this to the number of people who had diabetes

The researchers found that lower levels of gluten in a diet were associated with a 13% increased risk of diabetes

Now, before we stuff ourselves with bread, pasta, and Coco Pops…

It’s important to consider that we don’t know whether these people on a low-gluten diet are more likely to:

* Eat fewer veggiess

* Smoke

* Not exercise

* Be stressed out

* Be genetically predisposed ​​


You see, the researchers said that a low gluten diet

^^^ Like the ones being promoted by Victoria Beckham

Could mean that you ditch your wholegrains and -thus- eat less fibre (which we know can be good for your health and weight loss)

^^^ Side note: Too much fibre can be horrendous for some people with gut issues and irritable bowels….like me!

But is there a ‘better’ way to eat a gluten free diet?

Well, potentially yes

I mean, you also get fibre from:

* Beans

* Veggies

* Fruit

* Nuts

* gluten free products like oats

Which are all gluten-free…

My point?

Providing you’re eating an 80% wholesome, balanced diet full of veggies, fruits, quality proteins and good fats

^^^ that are portioned to keep your body fat levels down

You’re probably going to be fine :-)​​​

Because in actual fact

One of the biggest causes of Type 2 diabetes is excess body fat around the midsection

And this is why my simple nutrition system gives you over 1000 recipes and meal ideas that can be adapted for your needs and preferences

^^^^ Be it gluten free, vegan, dairy free…or EXTRA GLUTEN 🙂

Because the best diet in the world is the one you do…

Matt ‘Glutened out’ Fruci​​​​​​​​​​​​​​