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Flipping Pancake Recipes


Hasn’t it creped up on us?

Pancake day is here already

^^^ Which means it’s been 2 months since you set your New Years Resolution….

Now, I love pancakes

And I know you do, too

Which means you also know how to make a pancake

Although this does remind me of this weight loss and toning up game

Because ‘knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing’

Anyhoo… I’m not just going to show you how to make a traditional pancake today

I’m going to show you how to make 4 pancakes instead 🙂


1) Gluten-free 10-min American Style ‘Fluffier than Joe Wicks and done in less than 15 minutes’ pancakes:

2) Flourless pancakes (inspired by my old late night secret eating…):

3) My Center Parcs Pancake House Inspired savoury pancake recipe:

4) 3 ingredient pancake recipe:

1 banana

50 g blueberries

2 whole eggs

OK…Iied. There are a few more ingredients:

2 sprays of 1 kcal spray

20 g of any nuts

Spray a non stick pan with 1kcal spray. 

Mash banana until smooth, mix with eggs, and beat it…beat it…beat it…beat it

Add in nuts that have been pulverised in blender for 10 seconds (they should be a powdery consistency). 

Once well mixed, add to pan and cook both sides until done. 

Meanwhile, put blueberries into a bowl and microwave for 60 seconds until a ‘jam’ consistency. 

Pour on top of pancakes. serve warm. And flipping enjoy it!


Change is scary…

Be it in relationships, family, transforming your body, making awesome pancakes or starting a new career

And this fear can stop you getting what you REALLY want

So try this today:

Say yes to things that scare you 

And ‘no thank you’ to things you just don’t want do or don’t align with your goals

Help yourself FIRST and then play superhero

And see how much more productive you are

How much more energy you have for your loves ones

How much you can help those who you want to serve (pancakes to ;-))

And how – all of a sudden – you don’t have to rely on willpower at 9pm tonight to stop you putting a spoon in that Belgain choc nutty pancake spread

Matt ‘powered by pancakes’ Fruci

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You ‘butter’ believe it’s better than avocado?

Once upon a time…

There was olive oil.


We have

Rapeseed oil…

Avocado oil…

Walnut oil

Coconut oil

And even snake oil ;-))

So I get it

It’s confusing

you got the farmers saying Rapeseed oil is the best…

The Mediterranean’s carrying olive oil in their travel mugs…

Angelina Jolie eating insects

^^^ Had to drop that in there

And guru’s claiming that coconut oil will end global warming

^^^ Which according to Donald Trump…was made up by the Chinese…


The Daily Mail are really trying to confuse you now, right.

Carbs were created by satan and make you pile on the pounds

Protein is worse than smoking

Rapeseed oils are better than butter


Butter is now better again

You can eat as much fat as you want and still lose weight…

I could go on

Now, I was asked by a member of my Female Fat Loss Mastery last week:

Is avocado oil worse than butter?

Here’s the thing…

When it comes to the fats you eat…

I want you to remember this acronym

^^^ I use this in the diabetes education work I do in the NHS

F requency – number of times per day you eat it

A mount – how much of it you eat

T ype – saturated, unsaturated, trans fats

Because when it comes to ditching the stomach fat and dropping a dress size

Whether you eat the fat in a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, an avocado, bacon, a Catalan crème brulee, or a good old salmon fillet

Each gram of fat WILL give you the same amount of calories and energy

So, the Frequency and the Amount matter.

Overeat and you WILL put on weight!

Now, as for the Types of fats

They can have an impact on your health markers and – potentially – weight loss

You’ve got the olive oils and avocados (AKA Mono-unsaturated fats)

^^^ Which have been shown to have a good impact on your cholesterol

You’ve got your cheese and animal fat (AKA saturated fats)

^^^ Which appear to actually be pretty neutral with regards to your cholesterol…

You’ve got your vegetable oils and nuts / seeds (AKA polyunsaturated fats)

^^^ Which if used at high heats, may not be so good for you (and are often easy to overeat…)

You’ve got your oily fish, like salmon and mackerel (AKA omega 3 fats)

^^^ Which we know can help your brain, joints, recovery, boost your immune system, and boost your ability to use protein and get lean!

And finally – on this whistle stop tour – you have your trans fats (the evil guys)

^^^ Which are linked with everything from diabetes to heart disease and weight gain…unsurprisingly found in cakes, biscuits, some vegetable oils, and highly processed foods! Look out for hydrogenated oil (as they are sometimes called)

So can you say avocado oil is worse than butter?

Well, not really

As it also depends on the Amount and Frequency


Context is key

Avocado oil is high in monounsaturated fats which have been shown be to “good” for you

But these fats are also in an avocado 😃

And olive oil

Which – last time I checked – is cheaper and much tastier than avocado oil

^^^ maybe my Mediterranean background makes me biased

Fry a steak on the odd occasion and want to use some garlic butter?

Go for it.

Looking to save calories?

Use 1kcal spray

Like the taste of avocado oil?

Go for it

^^^ I’d prefer to just eat an avocado personally…

Just remember




As usual, it’s what you do on average that counts

Which is exactly why I aim to get you enjoying your food again

Rather than adding another stress (on top of the shopping, work, kids)

About what the best fat is

Best wishes,


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Why personal ‘training’ doesn’t work…

So I had a question last week about exercise and weight GAIN

Basically, she had just started doing more classes and running

^^^ Which is great!!

But had gained a few pounds over the last few weeks.

And it’s why personal ‘training’ doesn’t always work

Because without the nutrition in place…

You could be spinning your wheels and wasting more time (that you already don’t have much of)


Well, could it be than this gives you PERMISSION to eat more?

One study found that those who exercised ate 44% more desert and 32% fewer veggies afterwards at a buffet than those that didn’t exercise

And guess what?

Even thinking about exercise could make you eat more.

They asked half the people about their exercise habits before getting them to read a scenario describing a 30 min jog and how tired it made them feel

Whereas the other half did not read the scenario describing a 30 min jog and how tired it made them feel

As a ‘thank you’…they then let the people help themselves to M & M’s (they didn’t know this was actually the study….)

And those who who read the jogging story poured nearly 60% more!!!

But there is SOME good news

Because we know that if you exercise in a way that increases the number of calories you burn at rest

^^^ By increasing muscle tone…


This massively increases your chances of keeping the fat you lose off 

And I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re here, right?

Not to lose 10 lbs of water in 24 hours

But to lose fat and not pile it back on again (and blame your lack of ‘willpower’ again)

So you can feel more confident in your favourite clothes, have the energy to do more of the things you want to do and – dare I say it – enjoy eating again

Which is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery (and all without eating like a pigeon)

You see, what would happen if you didn’t see exercise as ‘exercise’ anymore?

What if you suddenly thought of exercise as something you could be grateful for?

Because not everyone has the luxury of being able to go for a walk or do some squats?

Just last week at a Public Health initiative for people with Type 2 diabetes

I invited Simon to do a talk and inspire others NOT to make the same mistakes he did (he’s now blind and can’t even feel a pin from his legs down because he didn’t control his diabetes and wants to help others take control!)


He STILL exercises (he goes bowling)

Which brings me to the – quite often – made up excuses that both me and you are guilty of every day

‘I don’t have time’

‘What if I can’t do it?’

‘What if it’s too hard?’

‘I don’t have the willpower’

‘It won’t work for me’

‘What if I fail again. I don’t want to look silly’

That hold you back from getting the EXACT things you say you want to feel GREAT!

So, if you’re ready to boost your energy levels and ditch that vicious yoyo dieting cycle for good

It’s your last chance to apply for your FREE 14-day Lean Up Trial on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme starting tomorrow 

The deadline to apply ​​​is today at 730pm.

And I have 2 spaces left

So in the words of the new Disney film, Moana (which I’ll come on to another day)​​​

“The ocean is calling’

Apply here:​​​​​​

Matt ‘Moana’ Fruci

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Is struggling to lose weight actually a choice?

I couldn’t help but notice this

Me and the wife are sitting down eating our dinner (when baby has settled that is…sometimes 2 hours later than planned…)

She’s eating slowly

Chewing her food

Taking sips of her elderflower squash (full of sugar, I know)

And I’m there wolfing it down 

Eyeing up the leftovers

But where do these HABITS all come from?

And this brings me to the question:

Is being overweight a choice?

Is it based on your genetics?

Is it based on your environment? 

Think about how the following could impact this:

* You were told to finish your plate because there are loads of starving people out there

* You were bullied and saw food as a reward growing up

* You were brought up where 3 course meals were the norm and you ate in front of the TV

* You ate around a table as a family

* Your parents would get up and walk the dogs / go to the gym / go for a run / exercise

* Your parents would watch TV and snack

* You would always have takeaways after school or sport

Can you see where I’m going with this?

It’s simply not a case of laziness

There’s genetics, yes.

But also…


Your ‘thoughts’

^^^ Justified by the beliefs and actions of those around you  

That CONTROL what you have always done

^^^ And often explain why you fail

Now, what IS your choice…

Is what you do about it now

Acknowledging that:

* These are just ‘thoughts’ 

* Being ‘full’ and ‘having enough’ are not the same thing (harder said than done, I know) and are actually based on your environment and WHAT you eat

* Setting yourself up to lose weight, having more energy and feeling more confident in your favourite clothes is based on doing the basics (some planning and some cooking)

* Small changes (or low hanging fruit)  are the best places to start….

For example:

1) Make your drinks calorie FREE – diet drinks, sugar free squash, tea, coffee (use Stevia instead of sugar), water (protein shakes are an exception…some great research on them helping you lose weight)

2) Start standing more, walking, and lifting…and no, you don’t mean with expensive gym equipment. Even your body will do (and maybe a tin of baked beans)

3) Starting to make more meals from scratch (it will actually reduce your shopping bill, as well as your waistline…it will also save you time if you follow my simple to use Nutrition System)

Because before you know it

You’ll already be a few pounds down

Your confidence will increase

Momentums builds

You’ll make more improvements

Based on these NEW beliefs that PROVE you CAN do it

And you’ll be fitting back into your favourite clothes (without really ‘dieting’) before you know it

Which is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery 

Matt ‘your choice’ Fruci

PS. Applications close tomorrow at 730pm for your 14-day Lean Up Trial on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme

So unless you’re ready to go all in..

Apply here:

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‘The family love them, too’

A review I recently got from Swindon Town Footballer, Tom Smith:

^^^ Those who can’t do teach…the saying goes…

“With all the recipes and meal options i can comfortably plan my week having full confidence in what i’m eating, this also saves me time. 

The meals are very easy and simple to make, and the family love them too!”

And my favourite part:

“I can now make better choices when eating out with family and friends giving me the flexibility to eat the foods that i like without going off plan.”

Because having a plan is one thing

This is all well and good

But without the flexibility and ‘know-how’ to adapt this (for when $#*! hits the fan)

You’re doomed for failure (once again)

And it reminds me of what Female Fat Loss Mastery member, Julie, said to me last week about feeling more confident about eating out with friends and family

Because THIS is what makes it sustainable

And the bit that really puts a smile to my face?

When members look back at their pictures just 4 weeks on from when the started and see this:


And that’s all I got for you today

If you’re ready to go all in on your 12 week body transformation on my Female Fat Loss Programme 

Then hit REPLY

If you’re still on the fence

Then you can apply for your free 14-day Lean Up Trial to see if you’re a good fit

By going here:

Applications close on Sunday at 730pm (mine and my daughter’s bedtime ;-))


PS. I’ve got 2 spaces left for the free trial so unless you’re ready to go all in now

Apply today

Or risk missing out (as I’m not sure when the next trial will be)

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THIS makes you eat 135% more

We’re smart people, right?

We​​​ care for our families 

Strive to do what’s best for us and then


When it comes to food….

This goes completely out of the (drive thru) window

^^^ Even ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​for the Professors and Nutritionists

You see, If I was to ask you what you ate over the last 2 days…

Could you tell me with 100% confidence?

I mean, without me probing about the biscuit you had with your cuppa and the nuts you snacked on before dinner?​​​​​​​​​….Not to mention the late night bowl of cereal (got you…)

​​​And even if you could…

You’d probably admit that much of what you ate was NOT based on you being hungry

And this was even the case for the professors researching this stuff…

As when the EXPERTS were given larger serving bowls and spoons….

they ate 33% more!

My point?

We think we’re in control of what we eat

But when recent research shows us that the ‘cake frosting’ artwork on cake mix packages makes us eat 135% more….

It’s safe to say that we eat MINDLESSLY

But here’s the thing…

It’s not that you’re any different to anyone else

That you have less time than anyone else

Or a slower metabolism 

It’s often deeper than this

A consistency thing


Which is why – as a coach – who lives or dies on getting you the results you want…

It’s my job to – sometimes- make you feel a bit uncomfortable

^^^ something I didn’t do enough during my earlier days…I was a bit too nicey, nicey

Get you to question some of the things you do

Question whether your fears or excuses are even real?

Because sometimes we get so caught up with ‘feeling good’

That you keeping doing the things that give you that short term feel good feeling

FORGETTING about the things you need to do to make you feel GREAT again

Which is exactly what I show you in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Matt ‘as mindless as the rest of us’ Fruci​​​​​​​​​

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The fast lane diet…


I did the ‘the fast lane’ diet, too

Left it to the last minute

^^^ You know the dreaded few weeks before your summer holiday diet?

Ended up only eating fruit until 1130am

Not eating carbs after 6pm

And ditching ALL white carbs and swapping them for brown because they are ‘better’

You see, as a Registered Nutritionist, I have to PROVE that I’m keeping up with the research by getting my ‘continuous professional development’ in 

Otherwise, I’m stripped of my title (ANutr) …which nobody even cares about anyway as you see Tom, Dick and Harry all calling themselves ‘nutritionists’ on Facebook and Twitter now anyway 

^^^ Which is pretty scary considering they probably did a 3 week course in personal training…


It dawned upon me that I’d kept putting off all of this professional development stuff

You know how it is


I couldn’t be bothered to travel to Bath or Bristol to attend a conference

I’m ‘busy’ working with my body transformation members and giving them new content to GUARANTEE results 

My wife gave birth to my daughter in January

And – all of a sudden – It’s nearly March (and I’m panicking)

Quite frankly, I’m now paying the price

I’ve had to do webinars on an evening (where one night this meant I missed bath time with my daughter…)

And I’m off to Newcastle in a few weeks for a course that I maybe could have attended in Bath or Bristol…(which will be the last course I attend before April)

All because of these ‘stories’ I told myself about why I ‘didn’t have time’ a few months back

So you got me…​

I left it late and wished I started earlier

But the lesson in all of this?

What would be different if you just did what you said would do?

If you answer this honestly…

You’ll KNOW that you’d be fitter and leaner

You’d have more energy (so you don’t have to rely on coffee all day everyday and end up struggling to sleep)

In fact, I can all but guarantee that you’d have more confidence after achieving the things that SCARE you

But why don’t you?

I mean, many of the others will say you’re lazy

But usually, it’s down to FEAR

Be it failure (again), rejection or being laughed it

And here’s what I DO know:

“the longer you put off doing and avoiding the required work…the longer you’re putting off and avoiding the results you say you want”

So, how long is it until you DO what you said you would?

I have no idea how long…

but what I do know

Is that I have a 12-week body transformation programme (Female Fat Loss Mastery) that 100% guarantees you get the results you want (just like my other body transformation programmes)

^^^ As long as you do the work

Matt ‘hypocrite’ Fruci

PS. Applications for my FREE 14-day Lean Up Trial close on Sunday 26th February 

I have 4 spaces left​​​​​​

And I don’t now when the next FREE trial will open up again

So unless you’re ready to go all in on my Female Fat Loss Mastery 12-week Body Transformation Programme…

Apply for your trial here:​​​​​​​​​

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The anti-ageing pill?

‘Climbing the stairs used to make me breathless…so I’d avoid it because it made me feel uncomfortable’

^^^ A message I got last week from a lady on one of my body transformation programmes

You see, she said this because we were chatting about a recent article in…The Daily Mail (my favourite ;-))

It was about a recent study from Nottingham University that appeared to find the ‘miracle’ anti-ageing pill

^^^ Which is very exciting by the way…and could lead to new medicines being produced to halt dementia

But what does this mean for you…right now?

You don’t know how long this will take to be produced AND…

Just as the mum of a good friend of mine who recently lost his battle with cancer said:

“It’s Not the Years in Your Life That Count. It’s the Life in Your Years”

Having the energy to be more productive, spend more time with your loved ones and play with your kids

Having the confidence to do the things that scare you and live the life you want to live (without worrying about what others think, say or do)

Which brings me to the ‘anti-ageing’ pill that you can action TODAY…

Your quality of life as you age seems to ‘live or die’

On your muscle mass

^^^ Did you know this also helps you burn more calories at rest?

How do you preserve or build muscle?

1) Eat your protein (just look at the Norwegians…which I’ll come on to in a second)

2) Load your muscles (which again…I’ll come on to)

Now, we know that conditions like diabetes and cancer, as well as joint issues

Can all contribute to you losing muscle and making you more prone to conditions like osteoarthritis 

Making everyday tasks, like shopping, cleaning, rocking babies (as I was earlier), getting out of bed, and climbing stairs…


^^^ Which is quite depressing

It makes life a struggle

Takes your more energy to do the things that you have to do JUST to get by

^^^ or ‘plod along’ as my client used to say…thinking there was no better way

Now, do mobility issues cause muscle loss or does INACTIVITY cause mobility issues and muscle loss?

No one will ever really know 

^^^ even my brother-in-law couldn’t tell you and he’s a Dr in this area…

But what he can tell you is this:

The best time to start loading and moving your muscles… is NOW

It’s NEVER too late

Don’t like using weights or doing body weight work?

Try walking up hills?

Failing that?

Just get moving and have FUN (so you keep doing it)

Now, as for protein 

Our government recommend you eat 0.8g of protein per kg of your body weight 

Now, I could bore you to death with research saying it should probably be a bit more…

But I won’t

Instead…I’ll use the Norwegians as an example

A country that has long winters

a super high cost of living…

But appears to be one of the best places to ‘age well’

And what do they recommend for protein?

About 1.1-1.2g of protein per kg of your body weight (more than us)

And something I see with new members on my body transformation programmes is that they’ve been following a very low protein diet

Now, I’m not saying you need to eat a ton of protein (like Dr Atkins would say)

But I do have a minimum amount I like you to hit in my Nutrition System​​​​​​​​​

Why we often falling well below this?

Well, maybe it’s because we’ve become SO scared of saturated fat

Which means we cut out red meat (as we’re “not allowed” more than 3 portions per week…)

Ditch the eggs

And end up eating more…wholemeal bread and porridge oats (which aren’t bad but I’ll go into more another day)

Forgetting that we’ve swapped one type of NUTRIENT (that gives you ‘stuff’ you need to have more energy and recover) 

For another (which you probably have in a surplus anyway…)​​​

And going back to the Norwegians…

they’re generally MORE ACTIVE

Taken straight out of the Norwegian guidelines:

‘positive effects of resistance training have been seen even in 85- to 97-year-old subjects’

So, in summary:

* Eat your protein


* Get moving and have some fun


​​​”It’s Not the Years in Your Life That Count. It’s the Life in Your Years”…

Matt ‘Head anti-ageing Scientist at NASA’ Fruci

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This used to make me cry every time

Mrs Fruci enjoys her spag bowl as much as the rest of us

And with a demanding baby who loves a good feed every 3-5 hours

It’s just as well

Because bolognese is a quick and simple meal that once prepared…

Can do us for days

^^^ Spag bowl, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed peppers, Bolognaise omelettes…you name it…super quick, nutritious and versatile!

Now, Mrs Fruci might not appreciate my onion breath (she can smell it a mile off)

But ditching the onions from a bolognese is like having a fry up without the bacon (it doesn’t happen…in my house anyway ;-)…)

So she has to put up with this

PLUS…the fact they bring tears to my eye every time I cut them…Or DID!

Until I learnt these little hacks to stop me crying:

1) Use a sharp knife – this ensures the enzymes are not released as you cut through the onion rather than crush it

2) Put the onions in the freezer before cutting them for 10 mins or so.

3) Cut your onion near the steam from your kettle

What’s this got to do with this weight loss and toning up game?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a constant struggle for you

You don’t have to go on a ‘detox’ (unless you want to lose a load of water weight rather than the apron)

you don’t have to ditch all of your prosecco (or bacon)

You don’t have to drink green smoothies morning, noon and night

You don’t have to give up your coffee

You don’t have to be so sore ALL OF THE TIME that it’s a struggle to get off the loo every day

And you don’t have to spend hours exercising every day

^^^ That’s as long as you exercise PRODUCTIVELY and don’t confuse how long you exercise with how ‘good’ it is for ditching the bingo wings 

Now, I’m not saying it’s easy

Because – as you know – it’s not

But the key part of all of this?


I mean, think about how many people have said ‘I’ll do it on Monday’ (that sounded a bit weird)

Or ‘diet starts Monday’

You see, it’s easy to say this on a weekend

But when ‘real life’ mode kicks in

You can’t stick to it

Because you thought your plan had to make you ‘cry’ for it to be effective 

But just like I’ve learnt with my onions…

There’s often a better way

A way that fits YOUR lifestyle

So that even on your WORST week

On a rainy, windy Wednesday

You could do it

because when it comes to losing weight, fitting back into your favourite clothes and having more energy…

Half assed is better than no-assed

^^^ As you only fail if you STOP​​​

​​And when you actually enjoy what you do…

Or understand exactly WHY you’re doing what you’re doing

It’ll involve a lot less tears​​​​​​

Matt ‘cry baby’ Fruci

PS. In the words of Craig David, it’s 7 days until the 14-Day Lean Up Challenge kicks off in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Apply here:

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Your willpower won’t save you from this

I was in M & S the other day 

You’ve got clothes line after clothes line with photoshopped hunks and ladies showing off their ‘so it seems’ perfect lives 

^^^ Which makes me and you feel like $#*! and head to the cafe for yet another flat white just to feel alive (I was only in there to use the loo…and ended up questioning whether I was bearded enough to deserve my wife and whether this nice fitted suit would turn me into the best dad in the world <<< I joke...

Anyway….on my travels to find the loo

I found some dark…dingy…stairs that wouldn’t look out of place in an old abandoned hospital. 

You see, you can take the escalator, stay in the shop, smell the beautiful coffee, stay warm, listen to Bastille, and gaze into the eyes of the models showing you what you could have….

Or take the stairs by walking ‘outside’ the shop to the cold, dingy stairs (where there’s no Bastille and no smell of coffee…just the smell of ‘damp’)

Do you get where I’m going with this?

You wonder how the pounds have crept on over the last few years

Forgetting how your environment has completely changed

Making you burn LESS calories


Is this really why we’re piling the pounds on and blaming the ‘slow metabolism’?

I mean, we know that not having to wash our clothes by hand, milk the cows, and do much manual labour HAS made us burn less calories


it turns out that you can’t out exercise a bad diet anyway

And the latest research seems to show this

You see, rats love exercising

So in the first study they gave rats access to as much food as they liked

But half of them had access to ‘treadmills’

YET…they still got fat

Even with all the running in the world

And studies with REAL PEOPLE then followed this…

Put a vending machine full of Dairy Milks, Custard Creams, and Pringles in a hospital ward

And you’ll eat more 

^^^ In some cases, researchers created environments that made people eat 77% more 

Go to a buffet with a variety of different foods…and you’ll eat more

Put food an arms length away compared to 6 feet away and you’ll eat more

Stuff yourself with savoury food…and I guarantee you still can’t say to no that ambrosial chocolate cake with scrumptious strawberries drowning in the luscious chocolate fountain :-))))

Food has just become so convenient for us that no amount of willpower or exercise can really save you 

Which is exactly why spending just 5-10 minutes per week…

To plan your meals ahead and make it SIMPLE to make better informed, more intelligent decisions about what you eat every day

Is one of the first things you get nailed down in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Because once you do this

You can stop blaming your ‘willpower’ for piling the weight back on

Get more energy, ditch the reliance on caffeine to get you through the day and stop worrying about whether your diet is ‘healthy’ enough (because who cares if you’re feeling more confident in your favourite clothes)

Matt ‘no willpower’ Fruci

PS. ​​Here’s a quick ‘snack blocker’ for you…put foods away in the cupboard and only leave foods out on the side that make you ‘work’ to eat them (e.g. you have to peel an orange / crack a walnut)​​​

PPS. Here’s the link to apply for Female Fat Loss Mastery: