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Not just for my dodgy bowels?

My wife would tell you just how annoying I am about gut health

Every day throughout her pregnancy I would get her probiotic ready to take

Not just because probiotics helped me with my irritable bowels and allergy to wheat

^^^ I would literally eat and either be bloated OR running straight to the loo (and put on trial…for air pollution. So, you can blame me for global warming, not China)

But also because of the latest research AND – in particular – a study in Swansea showing that:

1) The babies of mothers given probiotics were 57% less likely to develop allergic eczema than those receiving the dummy product.


2) The babies of mothers given probiotics were 44% less likely to develop allergic reaction to the common allergens including pollen, cow’s milk, egg, and house dust mite.

Nothing to lose, right?

And recent research seems to show there MAY be even more to benefits for women looking to lose stomach fat…

As overweight women put on a diet with probiotics reduced their stomach fat and waist circumference MORE than the overweight women who were just put on the diet. 

Now, there wasn’t a massive difference. 

But could there be a bigger difference over a longer period of time?

Could it help you keep the weight off given that your gut bacteria affects how hungry you are?

In 2015, it was showed that probiotics may improve mood

Which could help you overcome a common hurdle when trying to lose weight and keep it off

Because an improved mood could lead to less more motivation and less comfort eating…

Putting an end to the:

“I’m on a low carb diet. I eat carbs every time I feel low”

So could probiotics, such as these) help with your weight loss and / or allergies?

Potentially, yes

But this also depends on your:

genetics (which I wouldn’t worry about for 1 second as what can you do about it?)



stress / poor sleep

lack of exposure to environmental microbes (maybe we need to roll around in the mud more?)

And ultimately…

A poor diet

One that leaves you feeling bloated

Craving your favourite foods



Kicking yourself for – once again – falling off the bandwagon.

Which is exactly why I help you get the basics right FIRST in Female Fat Loss Mastery 

So you can stick to it, ditch the love handles and keep the weight off once and for all!

As I show you here:

Matt ‘responsible for global warming’ Fruci

PS. Do you take probiotics?

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You’re not going to like me for this

Because I’m telling you that doing the following on a Monday is the worst thing you can do

^^^ Other than not doing it all, of course 😉

And Female Fat Loss Mastery member (Julie) was proof of this last week

^^^ She LOST 4.5lbs and an inch from the waistline in the process (Not bad for 1 week, right?)

That is…

Planning your week ahead

Actually slowing down so you can get clear on what you actually want to achieve 

^^^ And figure out what’s working and what’s not so you can do more of the things that are working!

Deciding what HAS to be done no matter what

Your food, meals, shopping, meetings…etc.

^^^ Not everything down to a T but at least a loose plan​​


Because you’re already too busy reacting to other people’s plans

Putting YOU second

and when you put YOU second…

Your productivity 

Your progress

Your willpower


So, what can you do?

Be like Julie and plan your week before it STARTS

Meals, shopping, and exercise were organised

^^^ All by using my Fruci Fit Nutrition System​​​

Taking away the stress of knowing what and when to eat 

Removing the fear of ‘bad’ foods because you understand how to be flexible with your diet and enjoy them 

^^^ Whilst dropping pounds of fat

And helping to reduce your reliance on willpower when coming home after a long, stressful day and seeing Mikado Chocolate biscuits left on the side 

^^^ This recently happened to me by the way 🙂

You see, I used to think I didn’t have time to plan my week, too

but here’s the thing

Put in 30 mins at the weekend to plan your week ahead

And I guarantee it will save you time (so you have more ‘me’ time to get more of the things you want to do DONE), put you in control of your eating habits (so you don’t have to rely on willpower) AND help you understand exactly whats working for you and what’s actually wasting your time

So you can lose weight, ditch the stress of knowing what and when to eat and feel more confident in your new favourite clothes without giving up your Mikado chocolates one week and binging on them the next!

And this is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Matt ‘MondayMotivation’ Fruci

PS. What’s your biggest barrier to losing weight and keeping it off?

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Are you in charge of your food shop?

I actually love food shopping

And although online shopping saves time (and potentially money for you)

I’m a bit of stroller and a browser

^^^ I never go when hungry…

I treat as “me” time 

Thinking about new “healthy”, quick and simple recipes I could put together for you to help you lose weight and save more time 

^^^ so you and the family can eat wholesome, nutritious meals together (rather than eat separately because you’re on “another diet”)

But here’s the thing.

As the “Chief grocery shopper” in the Fruci household (I came up with that position) 

I’m responsible for 72% of what everyone who lives in my household eats 

^^ according to research at Cornell University

And I know not might seem appealing when the biscuits are 3 for 2 

and the choc fudge brownies are marked down to “2p” (love a bargain, me)


Did you know that 50% of the snack foods you buy in bulk are GONE in just 6 days?

Because you eat with your eyes 

We like to think that what eat is a rationale decision

But what you every day is a response to your environment you live in 

And it’s exactly why planning the bulk of your meals ahead 

^^^ like we do Female Fat Loss Mastery 

Leaves you winning the battle against your waistline 


Dare I say it – stress 


You know what and when to eat to lose weight and drop a few dress sizes (you just have to do it)

^^^without having to fear “bad” foods or social events with friends and family 

Your shopping list is automatically done for you (saving you more time)

^^^ and if what your family eat is 72% dictated by what we buy then you could say it’s positively influencing the healthy habits of loved ones :-)))

And as a member of my Female Fat Loss Mastery programme put it:

“I actually knew what I was going to do with the meats I bought this week”

And that’s a massive win for her right there

Because unlike most diets she’s done in the past…

She’s allowed carbs

And the family are all enjoying the food, too!

Which was my exact aim when putting together Female Fat Loss Mastery

To makes things super simple for you

So you stick to it, get more energy and feel more confident in your favourite clothes 

^^^ and all this without even setting foot in a gym 

Ready to make things super simple and start your body transformation?

Apply here:​

Matt “Chief grocery shopper” Fruci

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Saturday Kitchen With Matt


You don’t have James Martin

The Hairy Bikers

Rick Stein

Or Michel Roux cooking for you today on Saturday Kitchen



You don’t have one them fitness “gurus” cooking for you

^^^ Like Davina McCall (who’s sharing ‘sugar free’ recipes with dates and honey which DO contain sugar so technically she is NOT ‘sugar-free’ in 5 weeks…although I get what she means RE: added sugar <<< this IS a problem but more on that another day)


Who am I to have a say?

I mean, I’m no chef at all

But this actually plays to my strengths

Because as someone who spent 7 years at studying at university

You could say I’m pretty lazy

And now I’ve got a lil bambino to look after

I’m looking for quick, healthy, and nourishing meals that the wife will eat (and baby once she’s grown big and strong…)

To save time

Save money

And enjoy my food!

So here’s a quick Coconut Chicken recipe (which makes lean chicken breast a little more fun…as I find it incredibly boring sometimes)..

Ingredients (Serves 2):

* 2 medium sized chicken breasts sliced into chunks to look like nuggets (about 100g each)

* 100g unsweetened coconut 

* Coconut oil or 1 kcal fry light

* Salt and pepper

* 1 egg


1) Whisk an egg in one 
bowl and combine coconut, salt and pepper in a separate bowl

2) Dip each chicken nugget into the egg and cover with the coconut mixture

3) Place on to an oiled baking tray and make sure all the nugget is covered by some oil (turn it or spray with 1kcal fry spray)

4) ​​​​​​Serve with your favourite veggies and sweet potato chips (as I did)

​​​Just one of the quick and easy recipes being added to the ever-growing list on my Fruci Fit Nutrition System…all nutritionally calculated for YOU

So you can choose your meals, automatically generate your shopping list, save time, save money and ENJOY your food without fearing so-called ‘bad’ foods like ​​​Tandoori kebabs, simple breakfast muffins, AND rocky road 😉

Want to learn more? 

​​​Go here: ​​​​​​


Matt ‘​​lazy nutritionist’ Fruci


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Lessons from the daughter (and baloo)


Pooing (as a nutritionist, I find this part rather interesting…luckily. I’m like the nerdy guy queuing up for his brand new iPhone that he just couldn’t wait an extra day for. But in my case, I’m queuing up to change yet another dirty nappy!)

Sleeping (sometimes ;-))

I’ve been welcomed with both arms into parenthood

And as much as we can blame and moan

It’s the most wonderful thing ever…

But something I’ve already learned in my short experience (and Baloo from The Jungle Book..can’t forget the ‘bare necessities’)

The importance of staying calm 

Even when things aren’t quite going to schedule (that’s life, right?)

Funnily enough…

it’s also the difference between:

a) losing weight, giving up and piling it back on


b) losing weight and keeping it off (something that I completely get is hard to do)

Think about it..

How many times have you lost it after giving in to a biscuit and finished the pack?

Lost it because you had a meal out with friends and i “didn’t fit” with your rigid diet?

Had an argument with the other half?

Lost it with your kids?

Just remember how it ends…

With some guilt, right?

Maybe a bit of regret?

Now, of course 

I can’t promise that your other half will take the bins out this morning (“it was his ONE job”…)

Just like I can’t promise that the kids will sleep through the night or pull a tantrum…

But what I do have is a system in Female Fat Loss Mastery that takes a away ONE stress

^^^ by getting the basics RIGHT…AKA the bare necessities 

Helps you discover what and when to eat to lose weight, feel more confident, and have more energy.

Empowers you to fit exercise in when it suits YOU (be it at home whilst the kettle is boiling or with fellow like-minded females looking to lose weight and get more energy) 

Which in turn…

Takes a bit less willpower (because it fits your lifestyle and takes away the stress of having to make decisions after decisions all day about looking after everyone else let alone YOU)


You can – dare I say it – stay calm 

Take control

And know that 1 biscuit doesn’t mean 10

And that a meal out with a glass of wine with friends doesn’t meant “diet starts Monday” and that the vicious yoyo dieting cycle where you pile it back on again does NOT have the green light.

Matt “bare necessities” Fruci

PS. Nappy changing services are not included in Female Fat Loss Mastery….


If you’re ready to build a diet and exercise programme that gives you more energy and helps you slim down so you can feel more confident in your favourite clothes (without going to a gym, taking up all of your time, or giving up your favourite foods)

Apply here:

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You can blame genetics for this one

I couldn’t help but notice Piers Morgan on morning TV the other day 

^^^ I never watch morning TV anymore and thought Eamon Holmes was still doing it… 

But regardless of the presenter…

It’s the same old, same old…doom and gloom

Crashes, shootings, no beds in hospitals etc.


Well, it’s an entertainment industry.

If the news reported that a patient went into hospital for an operation. Had it and came out the same day…fully recovered

You’d be bored.

And both me and you are actually programmed to pay more attention to “bad” news than “good” news

It’s an evolutionary thing

I mean, imagine when we were hunter gatherers 

Seeing a smiling lion (maybe like Simba)

And then a mean, nasty lion who wanted to kill you (maybe Scar)

I’m pretty sure you’d pay more attention to Scar.

But all that this “bad” news that they report to us does does is change our mindset from a:

‘life is happening FOR you” mentality 

To a:

“life is happening against you” mentality

And we then start to glamourise the past

Forgetting that life and the world today – as a whole – is actually probably the best it’s ever been 

You have more knowledge and access to resources to help you live longer, more prosperous lives

There’s less poverty in the world than ever

You have access to food (probably too much ;-)) and water 

The ability to further yourself with education from anywhere in the world

The chance to travel and go to the other side of the world (maybe into space soon)

Opportunities to speak with any family member ‘face to face’…even if they live in New Zealand…

Of course, there are still many problems that still need solving








But on a whole…we’ve got better 

Now, you only notice this when you take a step back

And it’s a bit like this weight loss and toning up game

You forget just how far you’ve come come.

Focus on ONE bad day

Forgetting how far you’ve come in the past 3,6 or 12 months

^^^ Or even week as a Lean For Life Body Transformation member did last week (she lost 4lbs in a week, yet was focussing on the fact she hadn’t been 100% on it <<< moral of this tangent? Strive for consistency NOT perfection.

Forgetting about your more positive relationship with food, slimmer waistline and complements from friends and family asking how they’ve done it

^^^ imagine that?

Best wishes

Matt “perspective” Fruci

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I hope I’ve got a bikini body at 58…

I spoke yesterday about celeb diets and Denise Welch 

^^^ her 2 stone weight loss which she’s kept off by changing her attitude towards food and making small tweaks to her diet  so she can still eat her spag bowl and fish and chips…

But that’s just ONE example…

From a ‘celeb’

So, today I’m going to share with you what the science says about what the best way to drop a few dress sizes and keep the weight off is

You see, the trend right now is to either:

1) Do a cookie-cutter diet plan where you HAVE to eat from a certain food list


2) Do a flexible diet where you can eat whatever you want provided you are within your overall nutrient targets set for you (hopefully not by Dr Google or the guy working at your local Holland & Barrett…)

But what does the science say?

Well, a recent study actually showed that there was NO difference  in weight loss over 10 weeks between a rigid, cookie-cutter meal where you HAD to eat the foods on the plan 

And a flexible diet where you could eat whatever  you wanted to as long as you hit your nutrient targets set for you

BUT…here’s the thing:

1) This is just ONE study

2) The overall research seems to show that a flexible approach results in more SUSTAINABLE fat loss

3) Rigid, cookie-cutter meal plans can results in eating disorder-like behaviours in some individuals

^^^ An area close to me given that I battled with an eating disorder growing up

4) Flexible diets where you can eat what you want as long as you hit your overall intake can result in a lot of time-consuming tracking of calories and trying to figure out what you can ‘fit in’ to your diet and get away with 

^^^ This can be time-consuming for some individuals, causing frustration and giving you an excuse to give up…

And we know that the best diet in the world is the one YOU do.

Which is exactly why I take you through 3 Modules in my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme 

And the beauty of this is that you may start at Module 2 or even 3 depending on what YOU want

Here’s a brief overview:

Module 1 – Simplicity (Missing the forest for the trees <<< I think that's how the saying goes)

* Being overloaded with information about what, when, how, why on day 1 will mean you have even LESS time to do the things you want to do and feel more confused that you already are…making you feel MORE stressed


* Stress ==> tiredness ==> less prefrontal cortex activation in your brain which ==> poor dietary decisions, binging (AKA ordering the entire contents of the fridge in the Food Gallery…)

I get you on to my Fruci Fit Nutrition System so you either build your own meal plans, learn the types and amounts of foods that work for you, and stop stressing about what and when to eat

You can even just take a meal plan DONE FOR YOU by a dietitian who I work with!

And what does all this do for you?

Helps you slim down, feel more confident in your favourite clothes, and gives you more time and energy to do the things you want to do!

Module 2 – Jack of all…master of none!

* Only now you have the basics mastered, do we look at specific nutrients in more detail for you

* Are you eating enough protein?

* Are you low in vitamin B and Iron?

* What’s your digestion like with certain foods? Do you feel bloated? Have frequent, often uncontrollable bowels that stop you doing what you want to do in your day? Are you constipated? Are you tired all of the time?

^^^ We go over strategies for you to potentially overcome these

Module 3 – Don’t even worry about this yet…

And that’s all we do in my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme

Give you the freedom to be in control so you don’t have to separately from your family, you can enjoy your food again, develop a more positive relationship with food and ditch the love handles for good!

Matt ‘Registered Nutritionist with Dr Google’ Fruci​​​

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‘How I kept off 3 stone’

I must admit

I do like to have a quick wonder around the magazine isle in Waitrose

Looking at the drossy celeb mags full of ads, January diets, and false promises

^^^ I pretend I’m choosing one for the wife 😉

But as a body transformation coach and Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition

It is my moral and ethical duty to not just understand the sciency stuff…

^^^ So that you can be assured that everything I say is evidenced-based and not wishy-washy

But to also understand exactly what your being told in the media about:

‘How I lost 40lbs’

‘How I kept off 3 stone’

‘How I’d rather be happy than thin’

‘How I ditched my daily packet of biscuits “

I could go on…

But this is where science meets application (the art of coaching, I guess. And the exact reason why I have 2 coaches myself)

Because here’s the thing:

Celeb diets DO work

On one condition…

You can stick to the ‘diet’

Something that Denise Welch (the one from Loose Women) RIGHTLY spoke about recently in the media

She’s 58, happier and healthier than ever, and has lost (and maintained) her 2 stone of weight loss

Claiming that changing her attitude towards food

And making small tweaks to her diet were key 

^^ So she can still eat her spag bowl and fish and chips

And it comes down to the fact that it HAS to fit your lifestyle (work, childcare, cooking, cleaning, school runs etc….)

But I want to ask you this question:

What would suit YOU better:

a) A diet that gave you a food list of foods you can and can’t eat

b) A diet where no food is off limits, you can eat what you want as you long as you are within your nutrient targets I set you, and you have access to a growing choice of quick and simple recipe and meal ideas that could be adapted to both yours and your family’s taste and preferences based on what you like and how often you eat out (so you learn how to eat intuitively and don’t have to count calories all of the time)?

c) A diet where you can eat what you want as long as you hit your overall intake? 

Comment with either, A, B or C

And I’ll put you in the hat for a FREEBIE Nutritional Q & A Strategy Meeting (Worth £50)

Best wishes,


PS. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing ​​with you exactly what the science says about the best type of diets to help you lose weight and keep it off

PPS. And if you want results now, go here: ​​

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Update from Cassie

So I get this review from Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie:

“I have spent the last year very unwell and hence putting lots of weight on. 

I know I didn’t have control and that was what was so scary..

I reached a point where enough was enough. 

I wanted to be able to get on the floor and play with my family again, but I couldn’t. 

Starting with Matt was the best thing I have done. He has modified the exercises to work within my limitations. 

The food is easy, quick and the family ask for seconds. 

And having the opportunity to plan with lots of different choices, certainly has taken one of the stresses from a busy life. 

He makes you work for it, yet the encouragement is inspiring. And his knowledge is endless.

In 6 weeks I have taken back control.

I have lost 4 inches around my waist already 

​​​and people are making comments that they can see the changes

​​​I am hitting goals before expectations and I am able to play on the floor already!”

And just like other members…

Cassie was skeptical

Which is totally normal

^^^ Especially in the health and fitness industry where we have a load of people selling stuff they don’t even do or believe in themselves…


I’m going to admit something to you

My body transformation programmes don’t work for everyone

I have people do the trial and drop out

Feel it’s not for them for whatever reason

It’s totally normal (and why you can only join after a trial)

But here’s what I know to be 100% true

the ONLY way my body transformation programmes don’t work is IF YOU DON’T WORK

See, if you USE your membership the way its intended

1- Follow the flexible, bespoke programme I build to suit your lifestyle (based on what you want and what you’ve told me)

2- Ask questions (UNLIMITED…do not think that you’re a failure for asking for help)

3- EXCUTE  (the most important part)

4- Report back with results and any obstacles (so I can help you push past stubborn fat loss)

5- Tweak and go again (so you can learn exactly what works for your body and keep the weight off)

I can guarantee that you get the results you want.

Ready to move forward?

Go here:

Matt ‘you only get results for done’ Fruci

PS. Here’s a bit more from Cassie:

“Yes it’s hard work….but it’s definitely worth it!

I am excited for the future and seeing just how good I can feel.”
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Consistency vs Perfection

‘I will not be trusting someone who can’t spell, that’s for sure’

^^^ A reply I got recently on one of my articles from the ‘spelling and grammar’ police 

They didn’t even have the decency to correct me, either.

And you know what’s crazy?

Even after all the positive messages I get back from people I’ve NEVER met

About how the free content I provide has helped them change their diet and shift the pounds

And the reviews from members of my body transformation programmes over at

I STILL dwelled on this ONE negative response

Even after telling myself ONE MILLION times that you can’t please everyone

I mean, I can’t remember the last time I haven’t written a daily blog on mindset, diet, and weight loss to help you separate the facts from the fiction 

And that’s the most important thing, right?


Because if I aimed for perfect 

^^^ By spending 2 hours spellchecking 

I’d probably end up writing one a week, one a month, or not even bothering (a bit like when we try and lose weight)

And I probably wouldn’t have helped half as many others lose weight, have more energy, and spend more time doing fun stuff with the family (rather than just put it off, feel embarrassed, or accept you can’t do it)

^^^ More on that tomorrow (I’ll share Cassie’s story with you)

But after this little bit of dwelling on this negative comment

I did some reflection

Realised that it’s MY choice to get triggered and react negatively to this

Just like it’s my choice to simply joke about it, write an email about it, and spend more time helping the people that want to be helped 

^^^ This is why I love my job :-)))

And it’s exactly why I’m choosing consistency over perfection

Which is exactly what I tell members of my body transformation programmes

Have a great weekend

Matt ‘busted’ Fruci

PS. I’ll be sharing Cassie’s story with you tomorrow.​​​