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Was your struggle real in 2016?

By far the biggest lesson I learned in 2016?

That the goalposts ALWAYS move. 

There’s no finish line.

There will always be struggles

And in fact…

Most successes will start with struggles

Which is why you have to embrace it. 

Because the highs that follow will knock the socks off of what you’ve achieved in the past.

But we always say we’ll be ‘happy when…’ this happens

‘happy when…’ that happens

‘I’ll start when…’ that’s finished 

And before you know it…

You’ve done nothing. 

I’ve had my most successful year working with members on my Body Transformation programmes

Helping more people to lose weight, tone up, throw away their baggy clothes, and feel more confident than I ever have done before

Getting better results, more fat loss, and helping empower members to be more in control and develop more positive relationships with food in the process

Yet, I’m still not ‘happy’.

Why not?

I mean, I should be.

But I want to keep moving forwards

So, I’ll be doing the following task (and I recommend this for you, too):

1) Look back over the past 12 months and see how you have moved forwards.

2) What were your ‘wins’, even the small ones?

3) What challenges did you overcome, including your family life, work, body, mind?

You might not be where you want to be right now.

I get that.

But looking back is a great way to re-frame things and set you up for a positive start to 2017.

And building your confidence and knowing that YOU CAN feel more confident about yourself in 2017 is one of the first steps we go through in my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme

Matt ‘raring to go’ Fruci

PS. Have a lovely evening!

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Places To Eat In Wiltshire: Ganges Indian

You’re probably fed up of turkey by now.

And if you are

I might have an idea for you.

You see, I’ll admit that I’m a creature of habit.

I find a nice curry house and I stick to it

But just the other week

Me and Mrs Fruci stepped RIGHT outside of our comfort zone…

We went to a different curry house (ballsy move, I know)

And it goes by the name of Ganges in Wootten Bassett (Now known as ‘Royal’ Wootten Bassett)

Ever been there?

The plan was for Mrs Fruci to have spicy curry to get the baby moving along nicely…

The problem was that Mrs Fruci only usually goes for Korma

^^^ Which in my opinion isn’t actually a curry.


As we strolled in from the crisp outside

We were greeted with a big smile

And that spicy, yet sweet aroma which I can never seem to reproduce with my homemade curry

^^^ Despite the copious amounts of cumin, turmeric garam masala, coriander, onions and chillis I use

There was me scanning the menu for the dishes with 3+ chilli ratings next to them

And then there was Mrs Fruci once again being tempted by a sweet, coconut dish (which sounded lovely by the way)

We both went very traditional…

I opted for the Chicken Jalfrezi (and asked for extra chillies)

^^^ Which has now overtaken the masala as Britains favourite curry

And was greeted by a bright, earthy dish.

I began to eat: ‘it’s not that spicy’

* 30 seconds later *

‘Ohhh yep, it’s quite spicy’ 

^^^ as the extra chillies made me a bit ouchy in the mouthy (why is it that I love the feeling of really spicy food?)

Mixed in with – my favourite side – bhindi bhaji and curried veggies…

It was joyous!

The wife opted for the ‘pulse-pounding’… Chicken Tikka Masala (a step above Korma, for sure)

And to push ‘baby’ along even more…

Mrs Fruci put a little bit of the tantalising Jalfrezi on her plate to dip the sweet-tasting Peshawari Naan in

BUT still…’baby’ didn’t arrive in the curry house…

And then for the pudding…

The cream immediately melted on my taste buds

Instantly taking the spice away

It softly lingered on my taste buds

I cherished the magical moment (not ‘baby’…the ice cream)

And then….

the chocolate walked through the door

declaring that it’s presence be felt with a rich and creamy knockout blow

I think you get the point 😉

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it

Service: Caring, always asking if we need anything else and how the curry was. Cater for gluten free and allergies

Price: As you would expect for a curry house (standard dish around £7)

So, unless you’ve overdone the turkey curry over the last few days…

Here’s one to try for you!

Best wishes,


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Do you need to join a gym to ditch the love handles?

To ditch the love handles and get a flat stomach?

The short answer…

No, you don’t. 

Because your body is the most incredible machine out there. 

In fact, it allows you work your stomach muscles by working pretty much every other muscle in your body.

And my favourite part?

It’s with you everywhere you go…

^^^ Meaning you have no excuses because there’s no need to get changed, get in the car, park up, put your clothes in your locker etc….

and we forget just how simple it is to get fitter and stronger in today’s ‘cluttered’ world

I mean, I do personally use a gym.

But I probably use about 25% of the equipment they have

Because much of it is ‘fluff’

Or ‘chewing gum’ (as the father-in-law says referring to Made In Chelsea…)

You don’t need it. 

And you probably feel like you ‘don’t have the time’ for it, right?

Or feel intimidated. 

Worry that everyone is watching you doing it incorrectly.

So, to get you started, try these simple moves:

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off then move on to next exercise (repeat for 4 rounds)

1) Push ups on the kitchen side or wall

2) Get up and down from a chair (squat)

3) High knees whilst punching up in the air

^^^ Don’t tell me you don’t have 5 minutes in your day 😉

So, you’re now blowing…

You’ve activated some of the biggest muscles in your body (which is great for your metabolism and muscle tone)

And doing this in a way that allows you to feel the muscle will not only help you get that lean look

But will also mean you’re not wasting hours in a gym

Aimlessly playing on the machine, doing the same old thing and expecting a different outcome (AKA insanity)

And this is exactly why I created Female Fat Loss Mastery for you

You’re in and out in 45 minutes in Female Fat Loss Mastery.

^^^ This includes me rambling on about something food related (although sometimes this can be baby, Eastenders or Made In Chelsea related…)

Miss the workout?

Not a problem. The 5 minute workout is posted up in the Female Fat Loss Mastery Inner Circle group 

So you can do the exercise at your own pace when suits you, doing as many rounds as you like

After all, it’s YOU vs YOU (it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing)

Progress is progress (Cassie is now touching her toes and doing more push ups than ever…dropping kgs in the process)


The key part in all of this?

Having the freedom to eat the foods and meals that you enjoy

Rather than fearing ‘bad’ foods. 

Feeling the pain of deprivation 

So you can enjoy your food again, ditch the love handles and feel more confident in your favourite clothes.

Just like Billy has (without going to the gym…OK, I lied. She went once and hated it so decided to train using her body weight!)

Want to learn how?

Apply here:


PS. if you’re fed up of turkey sandwiches…tune in tomorrow as you may find this helpful 😉

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You might not like this…

The guys still playing in one of sports most physically demanding positions at the age of 38.

And – you may not like this – but he has one controversial opinion…

That’s been getting some press again recently after the debate about whether kids should keep score and league tables in sport…

Here’s what he said:

“I came home to find out that my boys received two trophies for nothing, participation trophies! 

While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage tthem till the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned 

and I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best…

because sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better…

not cry and whine until somebody gives you something to shut u up and keep you happy”

This guy is NFL player James Harrison writing on Instagram after his two sons were given participation trophies

and I have to admit…

I do agree. 

I’m passionate about family life and seeing everyone around you be happy

^^^ hence why I’m always talking about NOT letting crazy diets stop you eating your favourite foods and enjoying meals out with friends and family (as I once did)

But sometimes, I wonder if trophies like this are priming us to miss the value of DOING THE WORK.

Don’t you think?

It reminds me of all these January 1st crash diets

We start the diet super motivated thinking that it’s gonna be all glitter

and that when we drop a few pounds doing whatever it takes that we’ll be happy

Only to then get a harsh dose of reality

And just like James Harrison says…

‘trying your best’ on a cookie-cutter diet that leaves you craving all your favourite foods and burning out the motor on your Nutri Bullet…is often NOT good enough

and blaming yourself does nothing


You just have to get better

and the best way to get better at losing weight and keeping it off?


Because, whether you like it or not…

Losing weight and actually keep it off…

Lives and dies

On whether you can STICK to the ‘diet’ long-term

^^^ Meaning it has to fit your lifestyle!​​​​

Which is exactly why I’ve created a SIMPLE system to help you in my Female Fat Loss Mastery programme:

Apply here for your 7-day free trial here:

Matt ‘do the work’ Fruci

PS. Tomorrow, I’ll be revealing whether you really have to join a gym to lose weight and keep it off!

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Billy’s Breakthrough Banana Brownies Recipe

It’s no secret that we’ve been putting a little life into living these last few days (and rightly so)

From juicy (I hope) turkey….

To warm velvety, creamy, rich and Indulgent Chocolate!

And I’m all for having the REAL thing and enjoying your food


Something has to give, right?

And instead of starting some detox where you starve yourself again

^^^ Cue the unrestricted binge…

What if you could create simple, yet delicious and nutritious sweet treats that the whole family (and guests) all love?

Well, this is where Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Billy, comes in with her ‘breakthrough banana brownies’

^^^ Yes, it’s got to the stage where Billy tells me what to eat (rumours have it that cooking lessons are coming soon ;-))

Why do I describe it as ‘breakthrough’?

1) It’s only got 100 calories per slice (your brownie in Starbucks has 410 calories)

^^^ Yes, this is fine occasionally. But switching this everyday could equate to nearly 25 lbs of fat in a year!

2) It gets you on your way to 3 of your 5 a day (those who have their 5 a day are more likely to lose weight and keep it off…not to mention reduce their risk of infections and diseases)

3) Guests didn’t even realise…

Anyway, here’s the recipe (which I adapted for Christmas and will share soon!):

Ingredients (serves 9):

* 1.5 bananas

* 20 g tahini (almond butter / peanut butter work too)

* 60 ml coconut milk (almond milk works too)

* 17 g coconut flour (almond flour works too)

* 55 g cocoa powder

* 1/2 tbsp cinnamon

* Pinch of salt

*1 tsp vanilla extract

* 1/2 tsp baking powder

* 1 egg

* 1 handfuls of baby spinach (Oh YEAH)..

* 10 g vanilla protein powder

* 28g 100% dark chocolate nibs / drops / chopped (75% plus would work)

* Optional: Stevia for added sweetness!


1) Line a tin with baking parchment

2) Combine bananas, spinach, tahini, vanilla, milk and blend

3) Mix the flour, protein powder, cocoa, salt, and baking powder

4) Mix the wet and dry ingredients together and throw in the chopped chocolate

5) Pour on to baking tray, swirl some tahini on top and bake for 30 minutes. 

6) Cool for 10 minutes and slice when cold!

Let me know how you get on!


PS. The sequel to Billy’s Breakthrough Brownies is coming soon…with my beloved nut butter playing a staring role, supported by Lindt chocolate and a ‘loose cannon’…

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6 Things That May Surprise You About Christmas…

The big day has been and gone (the wife’s birthday is also on Christmas Day ;-)))

Santa took one too many mince pies

Rudolph nibbled at the carrot

Warmth flooded your home as you exchanged gifts with loved ones…

The scrumptious goose-grease wafted..

And all that’s left is enough turkey to feed the 5000 (which is why I’m off to Nando’s…I joke)

Or rather…

Do we wish that’s all we’re left with?

Because here’s 6 things that may surprise you…

1) The average 10 year old owns 238 toys…but plays with 12 of them

2) On average, our homes have more TVs / ithings than people. And these TV’s / ithings are turned on for more than 8 hours a day

3) You spend 8 years of your life shopping (I’m just imagining walking around Primark with the wife for 8 years…)

4) You spend 153 days of your life looking for items you lose…with the mobile phone topping that list, followed by keys (I’m always losing my keys…)

5) The average British shopper spent £508 on toys and games for each child in 2013  (have we got twins on the way?!?!?!?)..

^^^ Read this one and then read number 1 again!

6) There are 300,000 items in the average home

And what I’m leading up to is this:

Do we really NEED any more materialistic STUFF to make us happy?

Is all this STUFF wasting more of your time?

Time that could be spent with loved ones?

Time spent sleeping so you can have more energy and be more productive?

Time spent preparing a few simple, yet nutritious meals for all of the family so you can ditch the stomach fat and feel more confident in your favourite clothes…

Without having to cook separate meals for the family because you’re on ANOTHER diet

And this is exactly why I have put in place a simple nutrition system in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Because losing weight and keeping it off is SIMPLE (I’m not necessarily saying it’s easy)

And despite what they tell you about needing ‘diet pills’, detoxes, and ‘miracle’ herbal teas to ditch the love handles

I’m here to tell you that this definitely is NOT the case

After all, how many toys does a kid say they NEED (I think my old lists were longer than 238…)?

^^^ Scroll back up for the answer

My point?

Ditch the yoyo dieting, enjoy your food again, and stop blaming yourself for piling the weight back on

Applications for Female Fat Loss Mastery close January 15th for you to start your 7-day FREE trial

Go here to apply:


PS. Even Dora (my black lab) got 2 presents this year 🙂

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Don’t forget this (and Merry Christmas)

Just a quick one to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Have a lovely day with your friends and family

And just like David Brent says in The Office (which me and the family were watching last night):

When the dog looks in the river to see its reflection

It thinks the other dog has a bigger bone

As the dog goes to get the other bone

It drops the bone it had

And ends up with none!

So cherish those around you and be grateful (I’ve just started my day off like I do every other day…write 3 things I’m grateful for!)

Presents, bacon, whisky, cheeky glass of vino and then the MAAAAIIINNNN EVENT (no, not baby…Christmas meal ;-)))

Best wishes


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Christmas Cooking Hack

If you’re cooking for vegans or vegetarians…

ever heard of ‘nutritional yeast’?

Me neither until about 3 months ago…

It’s an inactive form of yeast that provides a ton of B vitamins (which give you energy)

And a surprisingly delicious nutty, cheesey taste…

Making it perfect to add to veggies, meats, casseroles, and even on your cereal (for a Granola kind of feel)

Here’s 5 ways you could use it:

1) Sprinkle it on warm, buttery popcorn to give it a nutty, cheesey taste!

2) Top your greens with it to make them edible 😉 …could be an option for the kids?

3) Top your cauliflower cheese with it tomorrow for the vegan so they don’t miss out 

4) Throw it in an omelette for a filling, and now cheesey snack (of course, this one wouldnt be suitable for a vegan)

5) Sprinkle it on your Roasties (or mash it into a baked potato…)

It’s available at most ‘health’ food shops like Holland & Barrett. 

Have you ever tried it?

Have a lovely Christmas Eve

Matt ‘best start cooking’ Fruci

PS. I’ve been given all of the responsibility for tomorrow. 

And it’s making me nervous…


I will be doing the Brussel sprouts 😉

PPS. I’ll also be making a dessert inspired by Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Billy…which I’ll share with you soon!

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This makes you 3 times more likely to eat it…

We like to think that we’re in control of what, when and why we eat…


You and me both know that this really isn’t the case

And the proof is in the popcorn…

With a study showing that those who were given an XL bucket of STALE popcorn (it had been sitting there for 5 days)

Ate 44% more than those who were given a regular FRESH batch of popcorn.

Why did they eat more?

Well, because it was …there.

Think about how many more ‘purple ones’ from the roses tin you pick out when it’s sitting on the table right in front of you (as you watch the Eastenders Christmas special…)…

You see, you eat with your eyes (not literally)

I mean, taste does come in to this

But…eating more popcorn even thought it was STALE?

And just being mindful about this stuff could make a huge difference to your waistline over this Christmas period

^^^ Which for some, started after halloween 😉

I mean, you HAVE to enjoy yourself!

Eat whatever you like

^^^ and I mean that (I will be eating whatever I want on Christmas Day…as I did at my Grandads just the other day for our first ‘Christmas Day’…)


I won’t be doing this EVERY DAY

You’ve got 3 options:

1) Go crazy, eat anything and everything and accept there probably will be some weight gain (which is fine by the way…but only if you’re fine with this)

2) Enjoy yourself, eat the foods you want, but just be mindful about how much you eat over the week and your exercise habits. Perhaps even eat a little less the day before your BIG meal (and heavy drinking session…mine’s a whisky and nice glass of vino!)

3) Be boring and drink Kale smoothies … LOL (please don’t do this…)

But Matt, how do I be more mindful?

Well, just know that larger plate will make you eat MORE (about 200 calories more per meal)

Just like how your kitchen ​​​​​​is arranged will make you overeat…

One simple tip for you?

Well, you’re 3 times more likely to eat the 1st thing you see when you open the cupboard compared to the 5th​​​​​​ thing you see…

​​​So, put the ROSES away

And when you want some…

Pick the ‘purple ones’ (as they’re the best) and put them in a bowl

Then walk away ;-)))

^^^ Rather than eat them out of the tin…as this can lead to you eating 60% more!

And once this empowering habit becomes mindless for you…

Your waist​​​line will shrink, you’ll be fitting into your favourite clothes and more in control of what and when you eat than ever before 

^^^ Meaning that you actually keep the weight off…​​rather than piling it back on again

Which is exactly what I teach you in Female Fat Loss Mastery ​​​

Matt ‘Statto’ Fruci

PS. I have 8 places left​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ for the 7-day FREE Slim Down trial on Female Fat Loss Mastery starting January 16th 2017

Apply here:​​​

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1/3 of us are eating it

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard:

“But it’s gluten free so it’s OK”

And the manufacturers have got you right where they want you…

Making the ‘free from’ section bigger and bigger every time you set your ‘gluten free’ foot into a supermarket

And it’s no wonder…

With a recent report stating that 1/3 of us now use ‘free from’ products.

Emphasising the ‘health halo’ that ‘free from’ provides use with.


Going on a ‘gluten-free’ diet COULD just be one of the best ways to fast track your holiday season weight gain


Well, just go down the gluten free isle in Tesco (or any supermarket)…

Gluten free mince pies

Gluten free ginger nut biscuits

Gluten free choc-nut pillows

Gluten Free ‘GO FREE’ coco rice

You get the point…

“But it’s gluten free so it’s OK”

You see, we eat with our eyes not our bellies

^^^ Come home and see a packet of sweets out on the side…would you take one?

So as the health-conscious food consumer that you are

You’re looking at ways to eat more ‘healthily’ 

And you may have read that gluten COULD cause tiredness, nausea, autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and weight gain…in SOME people.

Which surely means that ‘gluten free’ is more ‘healthy’, right?

Well, what does gluten free actually mean?

According to the FDA: the term gluten-free means that a food must limit gluten to less than 20 parts per million

Which does NOT mean:

* Low in sugar

* Low in fat

* Natural

* Organic

* Raw


And all this…

Means that rice, potatoes, beef, chicken, salmon, eggs, yoghurt, milk, cheese, sprouts etc. 

COULD be labelled as ‘gluten free’ too!

But what I’m leading up to is this:

Just because something is gluten-free it does NOT mean it will help you lose weight.

Or that it is healthier

In fact, some gluten free products are actually higher in calories and lower in fibre and iron (leaving you potentially hungrier and more tired)

Should you cut gluten out?

Well, some would say ‘only if you have an allergy’

And would suggest that you should just keeping eating it if you don’t have an allergy

^^^ even if you feel better not eating it


Would say that you may have an ‘intolerance’ to gluten


Could this be because your diet is high in types of fibres that ferment in your gut and cause you to bloat and feel uncomfortable and tired?

^^^ Of which gluten gets the blame for?

And only through trial and error will you REALLY know

Have more energy

Understand exactly what types and amounts of foods you need to eat to lose or maintain your weight


Even get accused of building a ‘6-pack’ by your daughter…

As happened to Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Lotte, last week.

All by using the proven, yet SIMPLE tools I teach you in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Matt ‘glutened out’ Fruci

PS. Have you ever had gluten free foods? What did you try and what was the reason for this?​​​