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Is that your stomach rumbling?


At 8pm…

Even after eating your Chicken Tikka?

^^^ This was me at the weekend.

You see, I’d already eaten

But felt like I wanted more.

Was I hungry?

Was my stomach grumbling?

^^^ Which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re hungry by the way

Of course, not.

I just WANTED something

Because I thought it would make me feel better.

And it is as simple as that.

I had a long day

Was a bit sleep deprived

And was about to sit down before going to bed (yes, I know. One wild Saturday night!)

But here’s the thing:

I often get asked what’s good to nibble on late at night.

and my answer is something along the lines of:

“anything you like as long as you’re controlling your overall intake, be it some Milk Chocolate Buttons, Haribo, homemade pitta bread crisps (chuck some Dorito shaped pitta breads in the oven with salt, pepper and paprika, nuts, or some 10 minute pancakes, like these:”

But my question is this…

why are you eating?

Are you tired?



Feeling emotional?

What’s missing?

And what is eating going to do for you?

You see, a recent study found that individuals who unknowingly ate soup out of self-REFILLING bowls

Ate MORE than those who ate soup out of normal bowls


Despite eating more, they reported that they were no more satisfied or ‘full up’…

Which not only opens up a can of worms about portion sizes and the fact our plates no longer have rims and are twice as big…

But also the fact that sometimes you might be eating because ‘it’s there’

Rather than actually being hungry.

and the thing is, when you’re busy and a bit tired…

You might end up saying ‘F’ it and going to town on the Malted Milk biscuits (they never used to let me down)

^^^ And blaming the old willpower

Which brings me to my 3 simple, yet effective tips to help you to stop blaming willpower for the copious amounts of wrappers you find in your dressing gown pocket on a Sunday morning…

That I’ll be sharing with your tomorrow. 

Best wishes,


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The #1 sugar free ‘cleanse’

If you’ve ever bought anything from Amazon before

You’d have heard non-stop about Black Friday

And yesterday…Cyber Monday

Beauty…fashion…electricals…books…toys…nappies…gummy bears..

Amazon have your back covered

Or perhaps I should say ‘BUTT’ covered?

Especially when referring to ‘sugar free’ gummy bears

Ever seen them?

A member on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme sent me a link to a review for them on Amazon

^^^ We now joke because she used to eat EVERY ‘sugar free’ and ‘fat free’ product going (which meant she ate MORE of them…)

I can guarantee this review she saw on Amazon will put a smile on your face (even if it’s only Tuesday):

“The Gummi Bear “Cleanse”


Cramps, sweating, bloating beyond my worst nightmare. I’ve had food poisoning from some bad shellfish and that was almost like a skip in the park compared to what was going on inside me.

Then came the, uh, flatulence. Heavens to Murgatroyd, the sounds, like trumpets calling the demons back to Hell…the stench, like 1,000 rotten corpses vomited. I couldn’t stand to stay in one room for fear of succumbing to my own odors.

I felt violated when it was over, which I think might have been sometime in the early morning of the next day. There was stuff coming out of me that I ate at my wedding in 2005.

I still had FIVE POUNDS of these innocent-looking delicious-tasting HELLBEARS so I told a friend about what happened to me, thinking it HAD to be some type of sensitivity I had to the sugar substitute, and in spite of my warnings and graphic descriptions, she decided to take her chances and take them off my hands.

Silly woman. All of the same for her, and a phone call from her while on the toilet (because you kinda end up living in the bathroom for a spell) telling me she really wished she would have listened. I think she was crying.

Her sister was skeptical and suspected that we were exaggerating. She took them to work, since there was still 99% of a 5 pound bag left. She works for a construction company, where there are builders, roofers, house painters, landscapers, etc. Lots of people who generally have limited access to toilets on a given day. I can’t imagine where all of those poor men (and women) pooped that day. I keep envisioning men on roofs, crossing their legs and trying to decide if they can make it down the ladder, or if they should just jump.

If you order these, best of luck to you. And please, don’t post a video review during the aftershocks.”


I’ll stick to your standard gummy bears.

And won’t be rushing to Amazon to get my sugar free gummy bears

In fact, I probably won’t be rushing to Amazon for anything

Because things are a little different this Christmas.

I’ve already bought ALL of my Christmas presents.

^^^ none of which were sugar free gummy bears…

You see, I usually leave it to the last minute

Get frustrated with everyone else leaving it to the last minute

End up giving up


Buying over-priced ‘chewing gum’ gifts

^^ You know the ones that are great for all of 2 days?

And exactly the same applies when trying to lose weight (and keep it OFF)

^^^ which is what you want, right?

We put it off

Wait for that illusive ‘perfect’ moment

When you’ll have zero birthday parties to go

No meals out

No work

No child care

No holidays


NO LIFE (by the sounds of it)

Which of course…

Doesn’t happen

And surprise, surprise… nothing changes

^^^ Unless you try one of those 3 day diets on January 1st, of course 😉

So by doing this, you are essentially choosing NOT to ditch the love handles, feel more confident in your favourite clothes, and ditch the bloating (not to mention get Christmas gifts that last no more than 3 days…)

^^^ Read that again

Matt ‘strangely organised’ Fruci

PS. I’m opening up my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme again to take on 1 member before Christmas.

To apply, go here: (Applications close Friday 9th December)

And no, this isn’t one of those gummy bear cleanses 😉


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It’s a Rocky Road this weight loss stuff…

This weight loss stuff.

I’ll be honest with you.

It’s not easy

Just as Fit For Life Body Transformation members will tell you

You have to learn to enjoy the ‘Rocky Road’

Embrace the struggles when you just want to get those scales and smash them to tiny, little pieces

But enjoy the many WINs

^^^ Where you throw away your baggy clothes and get comments from the hubby about the muscles on the back of your arms AKA bingo wings

As members on Female Fat Loss Mastery will soon find out (we start today in Marlborough which I’m super excited about)

And speaking of the Rocky Road ahead for us all

I’ve got a ‘no bake’ Rocky Road recipe for you.

Which is a bit of treat, if I’m honest.

I use it myself along with many members on my body transformation programmes to:

* Satisfy your sweet tooth

* Impress guests

* Give you a little boost before your exercise (an easy go-to snack for when you don’t want anything too heavy…which is probably when you’d opt for the Milk choc buttons…)


Ingredients (makes 12 squares):

* 70 g coconut oil

* 30 g butter

* 60 g chocolate whey protein

* 25 g marshmallows (yes, I did say marshmallows)

* 30 g honey (yes, honey is SUGAR despite what Davina McCall says…)

* 40 g cocoa powder

* 40 g dried goji berries (or similar dried fruit)

* 28 g almonds or hazelnuts (chopped or crushed)


* Melt the coconut oil and butter in a bowl over a low heat.

* Add the whey, cocoa and honey and mix together – I dare you not to lick the spoon (it will look like melted chocolate, only nicer…)

*Throw in all the additions (goji berries, marshmallows, nuts).

* Pour mixture into a pan or plate and DIVIDE INTO 12 SQUARES then freeze for about 1 hour.

* Store in the fridge (but does also keep well if on-the-go…unless you’re off somewhere hot like Swindon)  and enjoy when you need a naughty (but healthIER) treat.

Nutrition (Per square):

10g fat

6.5g carbs

5 g protein

Which provides FEWER calories than ONE serving of ‘healthy’ seeds from the ‘healthy’ counter in Aldi

And I’m not knocking seeds, at all.

But as a member in the VIP seminar I did last week on ‘what to eat before exercise’ said:

‘”I’d be more likely to overeat on the seeds because you feel like they’re healthy and innocent”

Let’s say you on this topic?

Would the Rocky Road trigger you to want to eat more?


Do you find yourself overeating on foods perceived as ‘healthy’, like cereal?

Matt ‘Great British NO Bake Off Winner 2016’ Fruci

PS. Foil these up in portions to AVOID the tendency to eat them all in one go

And remember…YOU are in control of your hands. 


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Update from Rosie

“I am a pound off my target for the New Year that I first set with you in  Marlborough!

Pleased and fitting into clothes that I have not worn for a while 
And not having to think which pair of jeans fit…they all do!


And as the saying goes:


“a chattering bird builds no nest”


Rosie took action.


She overcome the ‘beliefs’ you have when starting on yet another ‘diet’ to fit into your favourite jeans, feel more confident with friends and family, and discover the types and amounts of foods that boost your energy so you can spend more time with your children (without being out of breath and relying on the coffee…):

‘I’ve failed before so I’ll fail again’

‘It’s Christmas soon so what’s the point?’

‘I’ve got a child on the way so how I feel about myself can wait’

‘I don’t have the willpower to stick to a diet’

^^^ All beliefs based on previous experiences which now mean YOU feel you’ve failed before you’ve even started

And here’s the thing:




The work you need to do to get the body you want (and the wardrobe you want)

Will – in the short term – reduce anxiety, stress, and fear about failing again

^^^ and this will motivate you to keep putting ‘it’ off until January 1st (when the Daily Mail will once again come out with a 3 day bikini body blitz…)


In the long term…

AVOIDANCE can prevent you from DISconfirming the unhelpful and – often – made up ‘beliefs’ that stop you fitting into your favourite clothes and feeling in control of your eating habits.

And what’s the ONE – scientifically backed – method you can use to overcome this AVOIDANCE?


Just like Rosie did

And who knows

Maybe you could be:

“Fitting into clothes that I have not worn for a while…




^^^ Imagine that

And if you’re ready to experience it and level up your life…

It’s your last chance to apply for Female Fat Loss Mastery:

The deadline is tonight at 730pm

Matt ‘building nests’ Fruci

PS. Here’s the rest of Rosie’s story:

“I have got into, as you say, an intuitive way of eating now and as I mentioned…no more Rennies!

Thank you so much for getting me started with this.”

Apply here:

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Places To Eat In Wiltshire – Rick Stein’s Marlborough

The in-laws and Grandparents (not the Italian ones…the Northerners) were down last weekend


As lovers of jewel-blue seas

^^^ Or rather…Cornwall (where me and the wife actually first met over 20 years ago in the midst of an epic sand castle competition):

Clumps of seaweed getting stuck between your toes

Squabbling seagulls (who steal your ice cream)

And choppy, rough and freezing cold sea

^^^ not to mention the unpredictable weather

What a perfect time to try Rick Stein’s new restaurant in Marlborough. 

Now, you’ve probably never met the Northern Grandad…

So before I go on…I want to say that if there’s a problem

He’ll let them know

In a very Nooooooorthern way

In past experiences, I’ve witnessed and heard things like:

‘this Gammon is too salty’


‘HOW MUCH??? There must be a problem???’ (referring to a £5 glass of wine in a hotel)

‘Can I speak to the manager? Right, pour that glass back in the bottle. I’m not paying that.

Anyway, to the meal at Rick Stein’s in Marlborough.

1) Arrival

Me and the pregnant wife arrive 15 minutes early (I wonder if the baby will do the same this Christmas?)

And were delightfully greeted by a French guy who took our coats and made us feel very welcome.

With the relaxing music subtly in the background, we ordered some drinks whilst waiting for the rest of the Northerners 😉

2) Starters

Now, we didn’t opt for starters.


Did we even need them?

They came round with bread, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.


Small dishes of tuna and cannelloni beans in a ‘subtle’ olive oil based (don’t quote me) dressing

^^^ Which were amazing!

Just for the record…

If I was to go again, however…

I would opt for the Mackerel starter!

3) Mains

As you probably know, my wheat allergy means that I’m one fussy customer.

Plus, I’m quite inquisitive

So I ask questions:

From getting an in-depth description of the John Dory (yep, I found Dory!)

To learning the difference between a Pave and a Gnash (do you know?)

And it was great that our waiter had such knowledge on all of the dishes

He was also happy to recommend side dishes that would accompany each ones.

Anyway, I opted for the mild, slightly sweet ‘John Dory’ dish served in a tomato and caper sauce with courgettes.

And to be honest, I’m not much of a fan of white fish.

But the sauce and the soft texture of the fish COMPLETELY transformed this dish. 

^^^ Meaning I had to eat slowly and actually really chew and enjoy every mouthful (which meant I was actually mindful of my food, wasn’t rushing around and felt very satisfied afterwards)

The in-laws went for the salt pork belly

Now, you may often associate this with being very fatty

But it looked very ‘meaty’ and if it wasn’t for Rick Steins reputation of being ‘fishy’..

I would’ve opted for that!

The wife went for your traditional fish and chips


It was that bit more special that your traditional fish and chips

Meaty fish (lucky she’s eating for 2 LOL)

and the “crispy on’t outside, fluffy on’t inside chips” <<< that was a Northern accent in writing ;-)

And –  finally – the Grandparents both went for Hake


Grandad’s reaction:

An intense gaze with little to no blinking

Head slightly lowered, with the eyes looking through a lowered brow

^^^ I anticipate that he doesn’t like it

Only to get:

‘Oh WOW, I’ll be coming here again that’s for sure’

‘Do they do breakfast here?’

4) Desserts


So Chocolate Pave (how is this different from a Gnash? <<< 4 marks)

Marmalade cheese cake 

Sticky toffee pudding

^^^ you get the picture


And once again…

Grandad was asking if they did breakfast…

5) Hospitality 

Now, for some…

Wiping the crumbs between courses

Cleaning your table

Topping your drinks

Engaging in conversation about the food to help you make your choice

May be a bit too much

But for me…

this makes the experience that little bit more special.

I have come across some reviews saying that the meals were served at different times

So perhaps some have had a bad experience and there were teething problems, who knows.

They did run out of the creme brûlée and gave us a FREE dessert as a result

Which to me, confirms everything is made fresh (as you would hope)

What I also loved was the layout.

It was spacious so you didn’t feel on top of each other.


It wasn’t noisy so it was easy to talk to everyone even if we were sat at opposite ends of the table. 

6) Price

Is it expensive?

Well, it was about £30 a head with a drink, main and pudding.

And as Grandad puts it:

‘you get what you pay for’

I mean, you could just go for a main (which do come with some sides already) and get a meal for £15

^^^ Which is about the same you’d pay at Prezzo or Ask, right?

But the service, quality of food, and ambiance just make Rick Stein’s the place to go for those special occasions with the family

So, as a treat, I’d definitely recommend you give it a try.

A thumbs up from me

And a thumbs up from Grandad!

Have you been?

Best wishes,


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Is meat ‘dangerous’, Fruity Fit, and being a vegetarian


I wondered why you didn’t respond to my emails

And I couldn’t find your website’

^^^ As a new member on my body transformation programme mentioned in our strategy meeting on Wednesday.

It turns out…

She was typing in ‘Fruity Fit’


‘Fruit Fit’

And to be fair, we met at a networking event and I didn’t have any cards on me…

I assumed from my ‘Italian nose’ (as they call it)

That she’d have known it was Fruci (‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ comes to mind)

Rather, she just thought ‘fruit and fit’ (which is understandable!)

Well anyway…

She’s a vegetarian 

And a key worry of hers was the protein side of things

After all, most of it is found in meats, dairy and ANIMAL products, right?

^^^ Although a time where insect protein (as seen on I’m a celeb get me out of here’) will be the norm is ‘creeping’ up on us (see what I did there?)


Here’s the thing

A well formulated vegetarian diet CAN improve your health

Just like eating a diet high in meat and dairy CAN improve your health

Providing …

You hit a minimum AMOUNT of protein that your body needs

You see, protein QUALITY is sometimes an issue

Particularly if you’re underEATING on the protein.

And this is where eating more animal based foods WILL help you meet your requirements.


If you’re eating ENOUGH protein (and catering for vitamin b and iron to give you the energy)

It seems that you’re all good to go

As a recent study showed

Because whether they ate a highER than normal amount of protein from animal products and dairy


Legumes, like beans, lentils, soy and nuts

The highER protein diets reduced liver fat and improved the ability to handle sugar

^^^ Both major risk factors in Type 2 diabetes!

Compared with your standard protein diets.


Perhaps, the animal protein diet MAY help to keep you more full (which may reduce the urge to open the choc buttons)

Have less digestive issues (beans have that effect on me…)

Help you develop a more toned body (through providing higher quality proteins that help you recover from exercise)


The key thing – once again – is that you STICK to it

Because the only diet that works is the one you DO

Whether you prefer to eat meat or not…

There’s no ‘one size fits all’

It’s your size fits you.

So you can enjoy your food again, ditch the yoyo dieting and feel more confident about the way you look in the mirror.

Which is exactly what you get in Female Fat Loss Mastery

And applications close in just 2 DAYS!

To apply, go here:

Matt ‘Fruity Fit’ Fruci

PS. I’ve actually recently uploaded a few more veggie recipes on to my online members-only nutrition area (which you can get access to by applying here:

PPS. I’m not saying any of this is going to be easy. 


Do the work and – well – the baggy clothes will be gone sooner than you think…

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18 things you might not know about your coffee

I’m feeling pumped up this morning.

^^^ Probably because I just had one of my new blends of coffee (the Santos and Java coffee bean…)

I delivered a VIP seminar last night all about what to eat (and drink) around exercise and throughout the day to help you lose weight

It was essentially how to structure your diet to lose weight and keep it off

With a few fancy recipe demos, too.

I would love to say it was Rick Stein esc. 


It wasn’t 

^^^ Which reminds me that I need to review his restaurant in Marlborough!


Your daily caffeine intake

Here’s 18 things you might now know about caffeine:

1) It’s great at curbing hunger – this is why ‘diet pills’ contain a bucket load of the stuff…I can pretty much guarentee it’s the only ingredient that’ll help you lose weight in the pill!

2) It’s also found in tea, chocolate, and coffee. If you didn’t know, I bloody love tea, chocolate and coffee. 

3) It can improve your performance during exercise

4) It takes time for the magic ‘caffeine kick’ to come in, usually around 30 mins (so allow some time)

5) BUT… you get more tolerant to the ‘caffeine kick’ when you keep consuming caffeine over time

6) Caffeine has a half life of 4-8 hours. So, is it really a good idea for me to have A SEDUCTIVELY DARK, VELVETEEN COFFEE right before bed? Probably not. Which is why I tend to avoid caffeine containing products from 3/4pm. 

Sleep better, recover better, be more productive, make better-informed food choices –> Fat loss!

7) Coffee tastes great with a dollop of cream in there (including single cream!)!

8) One Frappa(Fruci)no a day keeps the doctor away: CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

9) Tea and coffee consumption may have a protective role against alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease…

10) Coffee shop lovers spend nearly £600 per year on…coffee (assuming the average price of £2.45 per coffee)

11) I do treat myself now and then to coffee chop coffee and recently tested out Triple Two Coffee in Swindon during a strategy meeting with a client: CLICK HERE TO READ MY REVIEW

12) Coffee helps you poop…

13) Drinking tea and coffee (and wine…) may improve your gut health (which is associated with weight loss and reduce disease risk…as I explain here)

14) A can of Red Bull has the same amount of caffeine in as a standard coffee <<< are you surprised by this?

15) Coca cola and diet coke contains caffeine!

16) Have I mentioned I love coffee?

17) But if I’m really struggling to sleep. I find myself getting run down and in the constant process of poor sleep, look for caffeine pick me up and ‘treat foods’ then it’s probably time to take a step back and SLOW DOWN!


That’s it for today.

Do you love coffee?

Any recommendations around Wiltshire?

Best Wishes,

Matt ‘loves coffee’ Fruci

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So a whole new wardrobe will be needed…

Which means Black Friday can’t come soon enough for this Fit For Life Body Transformation member

Who went on to say:

“So far I have lost seven centimetres (2.75inches) from my waistline measurement. 

Another sign of weight loss is my watch strap now rotates easily around my wrist like a bracelet. 

Although my waistline is reducing, it is only just becoming noticeable to me. 

Purchase of a whole wardrobe of new smaller clothes will have to wait till I get to my new plateau weight. 

Very noticeable is the reduction in the puffiness of my cheeks”

and my favourite bit until last…


^^^ Although it was admitted that they may be a bit of a hoarder 😉


The part I want you to also focus on is the fact that ‘it is only just becoming noticeable to me”

Because – once again – it shows that we are our own worst critic, right? 

And Lorraine summed this up last week

Because despite having some blips…

She was still 2lbs down.

Now, of course, weight is not everything and a 2lb loss or gain COULD simply be from a change in salt, water, sleep, stress, weather, hormonal cycle, exercise habits…you get the picture, right?

But, Lorraine summed this up perfectly here:

“Be kind to myself, allow myself to have a life when I want to and considering the overall picture – if I stick to this 80% all of the time that’s better than my usual all or nothing approach.”

^^^ And this is what it’s all about!

Feeling in CONTROL of your ‘diet’

Throwing away 21 large pairs of trousers


I dare say it…

Feeling HAPPY!

^^^ Or as Lorraine put it:

‘Have a life’ and consider the ‘overall picture’

Which to me…

Means enjoying the process.

Embracing the struggle (when all you want to do is throw the scales out of the window, open up your prosecco, and finish that whole bag of milk choc buttons)


Enjoying the many successes (yep, the smile on your face when you’re no longer out of breath walking up the stairs AND get to throw away your baggy, old clothes…)

Which is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Keep things super SIMPLE

So you can stick to it

^^^ Unlike these all – or – nothing cookie-cutter diets

And understand how to eat INTUITIVELY 

To ditch the love handles and put some life into living!


PS. Applications close this Sunday (4 days) for Female Fat Loss Mastery which begins on Monday 28th November

So if you’re waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to get started on your body transformation

Go here:

PPS. We’re already on Day 4 of the Pre-body transformation tasks (and we haven’t even started yet…)

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So can I eat as much fat as I like?

‘Matt, you keep answering the same questions. Yawn. Can you stop sending me emails’

A message I got yesterday.

Now, I used take messages like this personally. 

I would actually let them make or break my mood for the day

And this could even result in me being ‘snappy’ with loved ones (crazy, right?)

But, now?

Well, I know what I want to do…

Help people

Just like you

Who are confused about what and how much to eat to lose weight and feel better about themselves

To become more educated about this diet stuff

Waste less time doing the ‘fluffy’ stuff

And make better-informed, more intelligent decisions about food choices

Which – in turn – will mean you stop blaming yourself

And stop stopping.

Which is exactly why I provide the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom (it’s at the bottom of every email I send).

So that if you get fed up of me trying to help you

Or if I’m simply not for you

^^^ As I what I do really isn’t for everyone. It’s no quick-fix and does require that you do ‘some’ work.

You can unsubscribe!

Now, on to a more important message / question (s) I got this week.

“You mentioned that fats are good for you. 

Does this mean I can eat as much as I want? Which types are better? I’ve been following Lean in 15 and have found I’m eating a lot of good fat but not losing weight?”

^^^ A great question, particularly with the old’ Mediterranean diet continuing to steal the headlines with their olive oil, oily fish and…mozzarella!

But, just because something is ‘good’

It doesn’t mean MORE is better.

Just because you’ve got no carbs in a meal…

It doesn’t meant that having 2 avocados, 3 fried eggs and as many cashew nuts as you like for breakfast will mean you lose weight…

And here’s the exact acronym I use when teaching the diabetes stuff I do with the NHS with regards to FATs:


Because it’s not as simple as ‘fat is good for you’

Whether you eat the fat in an Oreo, a Catalan crème brulee, or a good old salmon fillet

Each gram of fat WILL give you the same amount of calories and energy

So, the Frequency and the Amount STILL matter.

Overeat and you WILL put on weight!

Now, as for the Types of fats

They can have an impact on your health markers and – potentially – weight loss

You’ve got the olive oils and avocados (AKA Mono-unsaturated fats)

^^^ Which have been shown to have a good impact on your cholesterol

You’ve got your cheese and animal fat (AKA saturated fats)

^^^ Which appear to actually be pretty neutral with regards to your cholesterol…

You’ve got your vegetable oils and nuts / seeds (AKA polyunsaturated fats)

^^^ Which if used at high heats, may not be so good for you (and are often easy to overeat…)

You’ve got your oily fish, like salmon and mackerel (AKA omega 3 fats)

^^^ Which we know can help your brain, joints, recovery and ability to use protein and get lean!

And finally – on this whistle stop tour – you have your trans fats (the evil guys)

^^^ Which are linked with everything from diabetes to heart disease and weight gain…unsurprisingly found in cakes, biscuits, some vegetable oils, and highly processed foods! Look out for hydrogenated oil (as they are sometimes called)

So, no, you can’t eat as much as you like, I’m afraid.

But there are bettER Types you can have when it comes to your fats.

Do you have any oily fish, nuts, avocados, or olives / olive oil?

Do you have find yourself overeating fats?

^^^ regarding nuts and peanut butter…I’m guilty!

Do you find yourself feeling like a slave to the combination of sugar and fat?

^^^ AKA cake! Ask yourself when you find yourself going for the cake. Are you tired? Stressed?

Best wishes,

Matt ‘yawn’ Fruci

PS. I’ll be reviewing my recent trip to Rick Steins new place in Marlboorugh soon (where I went with the in-laws at the weekend).

It was my first time so I can guarantee you that I haven’t answered the question of whether I enjoyed his food before 😉

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What happens when you flip your flaws?

I thought I was ‘uncoachable’ at one point.

I thought being at university for 7 years

Getting a few Masters degrees and helping others lose weight and keep it off meant I knew everything

Until I began to learn more

Find people with the exact skills that I wanted to help develop

Develop the skills that will help me to help members on my body transformation programmes get even BETTER results

Because my job satisfaction is based on your success

And just like I did with my Salter blender last Christmas (which busted when I threw some frozen berries in there)

^^^ Which was recommended to me by the guy in Morrisons as ‘just as good as the Nutri Ninja and Nutri Bullet’

I discovered that the most expensive information in the world is BAD information.

Because just a few months later…

I had to buy a Nutri Ninja…for double the price

^^^ Which is going to be awesome for the weaning process for the – yet to be named – baby (Is it weird that I’m so excited about the weaning part?)

Anyway, back to my point.

Let me ask you this question:

Have you ever seen a flaw in yourself?

Of course you have, you’ve seen loads, I bet. 

Because us humans are our biggest critics.

And me three (or 4 or 5…)

Public speaking fears (I used to go bright red, shake and could barely speak because of my dry mouth. I hated it!)

A terrible relationship with food that left me battling with an eating disorder growing up

An allergy to wheat which means I must be the only Italian who doesn’t eat his Nonna’s pizza…

^^^ Just to name a few as we could be here all day and I know you’re busy!

But these flaws are the ONE thing that really can help us

Help us to not only achieve our goals but also to inspire a load of others to achieve their goals as well

^^^ Some members on my body transformation programme have even gone on to become personal trainers and work in the health industry to give back

But this is only as long as you FLIP your FLAWS!

Just as I have…

* Understanding that the fear of public speaking is essentially a confidence issue

Low self-esteem

And / or a lack of preparation and DOING the work

^^^ Which is a bit like weight loss

* Understanding that by having a terrible relationship with food growing up, I now totally get why so many females say to me that they thought ‘they couldn’t eat this’ or ‘couldn’t eat that’ because it’s a ‘bad’ food…often leading to binges!

* And understanding how having an allergy to a food means I’ve had to ‘think outside of the box’ when it comes to cooking

Eating out


Dealing with the pressure to eat a certain way

Being able to enjoy myself at social occasions without suffering from headaches and bloating the next day

And all these ‘flaws’

In combination with REACHING OUT (Because something as simple as sharing can allow for STUCK energy to move and become liberated)

^^^ it’s exactly why I invest £400 a month on a coach myself. He’s a Dietitian who works privately and with the NHS.

Can help you to master what you do and help others (which is one of the best feelings in the world, right?).

So, I’m going to leave you with a quote I heard the other day (sorry for not quoting the person but I’m not sure who said it…):

‘”as we free ourselves from our own fear, our very presence automatically liberates others.”

Which is probably a pretty awesome way to live your life.

And why not apply this to your weight loss journey?

Think about how this might inspire others around you?

Family members you’re worried about?

Friends who’ve always needed a ‘helping hand’ to get going 

Your kids who’ll now feel a bit competitive about your new, more toned look…especially when they start seeing definition in your arms

^^^ As was the case last week with a member on my one of body transformation programmes.

And my task for you today?

Have a ‘flip your flaw’ conversation with someone.

Show your flaws with them. 

Something you’ve been fearing or feeling judgemental about

and just notice how liberating this is!

Happy Monday