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Binge eating, Dora, and Peanut Butter…

Feel guilty

And ask yourself (for the 1000th time):

“Why did I do that?”

^^^ It’s a bit like when you wake up on a Sunday and say ‘I’m never drinking again’

Now, first off

Remember that you’re only human

It happens to EVERY ONE

Including me.

And more often than not…

the culprit is peanut butter

You see, once I start, I find I can’t stop.

^^^ Especially with the 1 kg tubs you can now get. 

I love the stuff. 

I mean, even when I’m not hungry

Once I start, it can almost trigger me to eat more

Like I lose control. 

Now, this used to be with cereal

and you know what’s interesting about cereal and peanut butter as these trigger foods?

Well, they’re perceived as being pretty healthy

So it – kind of – justifies your binge that little bit more. 

Because you know that eating too many donuts probably isn’t going to be great for your waistline. 

But because peanut butter and cereal provide healthy fats and wholegrains

It kind of justifies the binge, right?

But here’e the key things I’ve noticed over the years from my own binges and from women who I work with.

1) It nearly always happens in the afternoon and / or the evening 

2) It nearly always happens when you’re tired and / or stressed

^^^ 96 % of us in the UK say we’re not stressed but probably just don’t know that we actually are. You see, eating on-the-go, sorting your kids out, playing ‘taxi’, going to work, rushing back, sipping caffeine all day to get you through the day, not being able to sleep at night, getting up multiple times in the night…these are all stressors!

3) It nearly always happens when you’ve been ‘picking’ all day and have not sat down to have a proper meal (one that contains protein to help keep you full and satisfied)

And the key thing I want you to take away from this is that it’s probably because you’re tired.

and not protecting your personal energy. 

Because when you’re tired, you start to become more reactive. 

Your reactions are triggered by your emotions. 

You flip out at the other half for overcooking the chicken and not putting the bins out

You kick the dog for running away with your trainer

And you binge on peanut butter and cereal

^^ If you’re anything like me…

All because you’re probably a little bit tired!

So, here’s 3 things you can do to help you manage your energy:

1) Give yourself some headspace – literally take 5 – 10 minutes out of your day. Walk in the fresh air (without technology) or even download the application ‘Headspace’ on your phone and use that to help you switch off for a few minutes

2) Get into a bed time routine – Have a bath, perhaps with epsom salts, read a book, and try to limit too much blue light from laptops and phones right before bed.

3) Bulk cook your food to save time – Try using slow cooker recipes or cook up an extra roast chicken on a Sunday to keep you going for the start of the week with wraps, sandwiches, and even savoury pancakes (like this one)

Just think about this next time you feel yourself having the urge to binge or comfort eat.

Relax and be aware of what you’re doing and why!

Speak soon

Matt ‘peanut butter addict’ Fruci

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Thrown in the dog house, 2lbs of weight loss, and KFC

A telling off from the wife…


And Dora (my black lab) wouldn’t even let me in the ‘dog house’, either.

You see, whilst my wife was visiting her parents

I – kind of – blocked the kitchen sink

A combination of fat and coffee seemed to have done the trick (despite what my dad used to tell me about pouring fat down the sink…)

The good news?

A bit of boiling hot water did the trick!

^^^ And a very proactive pregnant wife who is definitely the ‘man’ of the relationship (I stick to the cooking and weaning)

It got things moving again.

And it can be the same in this weight loss game to help you get the fat moving.

^^^ HINT: you may need to get warm!

Just like a Fit For Life Body Transformation member found this week.

As just by increasing her step count

^^^ Which she fits into her daily routine so it doesn’t feel like a chore or take loads of time out of her day 

She’s ditched another 2 lbs this week (and is now at a steady 2 stone loss in total…with 2 lbs per week for the next 10 weeks until Christmas her new goal)

And this is all with fitting in a KFC and a pizza this week (that’s half-term madness for you, ay?)

^^^ Which I actually found a bit annoying as it dampened my ‘healthy eating message’ lol

But the thing is, she knows what to do (as she told me yesterday)

And – most of the time – she does the basics VERY well

Which means that she’s losing weight in a SUSTAINABLE way

Just by doing the simple stuff. 

You see, there’s never a perfect time for you to start.

You’re always going to have your screaming kids (which turn into teenagers), meals out, and all-you-can eat buffets

So you just have to ‘put out the fires as you go’

Focus on the basics and ignore the complicated stuff (until you get the basics done VERY VERY WELL)

Because if you’re always looking for the ‘magic bullet’


the cherry on the cake

You’ll probably just end up more confused than you already are

and not even knowing where to start. 

Which means you do nothing.

Stay in the exact same place you are right now.

And it’s why I make things so so simple for you.

Just like Amelia put it this week:

“My mood has been really good, I am probably even happier than I was before

I feel like I’m working toward something and that I am in control so that is great.

I am trying to reassure myself that this diet will be different to the last, and that because I am not on a mundane chicken and rice every meal diet… and have flexibility, and have control over what I choose to eat.” 

The best part?

‘diet’ where YOU have control over what you choose to eat! (instead of following a boring, cookie-cutter meal plan that Kate Middleton put together for you…)

Happy Sunday (and extra hour in bed…unless the kids got you up at the same time, of course)

Matt ‘Fighting against gender stereotyping’ Fruci

PS. I’m now out of the dog house after cooking up some lamb last night

PPS. No, I didn’t chuck the fat down the sink 

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My quick and simple breakfast for you

Or snack

And it’s pretty filling and nutritious, too.

Because I get it.

You still want to enjoy your food whilst ditch the love handles, right?

And you actually know what you have to do to lose weight.

Because you’ve done it before

you just struggled to keep it off.

And it’s why I like to make it so so simple for you.

I don’t take away your vino and chocolate

I give you the flexibility to eat the foods that you enjoy, shrink your waistline and give you more energy so you’re not running around on caffeine all day and wondering why you can’t get to sleep

And I give you plenty of recipe ideas to help you do this

^^^ in fact, my Female Fat Loss Mastery (members only) nutrition system I’ve JUST developed actually allows you to pick and choose anything you want to hit your diet targets so you can do it even on a bad day when the kids won’t settle (it’s half term) and your Internet is broke (first world problems)

Anyway, here’s one of my recipes (the system also allows members to ‘suggest a recipe’ so they can build it into their members area)

[sexual] Chocolate Mousse:

Ingredients (serves 2)

* 2 Avocados

* 40 g of cocoa powder OR – as I did – 1 scoop of flavoured whey protein powder (I used cookie and cream) and 20 g of cocoa powder

* 70 ml of almond milk (you can use a bit more if you want it less thick)

* A dash of cinnamon and a sprinkle of salt and stevia (optional)


1) Blend it all!

2) Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition per serving (with the protein powder):

Protein: 15 g

Carbs: 15 g

Fat: 23 g

Other options include adding more almond milk so you can make 3 portions and even freezing it for later (with a squirt of lemon juice to keep it fresh)

And you probably could’ve made this in the time spent reading this.

^^^ Just like most of the recipes in my new Female Fat Loss Mastery Nutrition System!

Let me know how you get on,

Matt “keeping it simple for you” Fruci

PS. My Female Fat Loss Mastery members area has over 150 recipes for you (and ever expanding), tells you how much you need to eat to ditch the love handles and let’s you choose the foods you enjoy…so you can do it on your worst day!

If you’re interested in finding out more and have any questions about this, just let me know. 

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The ONE thing standing in your way

So, as you may know

The clocks go back on Sunday 

Luckily for you and me…

Our iPhones (or Android if you’re unlucky), laptops, fitbits, etc. will know this 

And will automatically change.

Pretty cool, right?

It just does it 

Without you even thinking about it.

And it’s a bit like what happens when Starbucks start serving your coffee in red cups

** The Christmas wind down begins **

^^^ Yes, even in October…

So it’s no wonder that every year

You achieve less in these cold, wintery, mince-pie fuelled months than the rest of the year

Leaving you procrastinating until January 1st where you imagine life will be less hectic and free of all stress

Making it the so-called ‘perfect’ time to start your body transformation and fit into your new Christmas gear (which suddenly feel a little tighter than the label should suggest)

^^^ In my case, January definitely won’t be stress-free given I have a baby on the way… but tell me one person who lives a ‘stress-free’ life?

And it’s exactly why building a flexible diet that can be adapted to help you enjoy your Christmas, sip your vino, overeat on sprouts (if the other half is annoying you), and eat you mince pie (and obviously blame Santa…) 

Is the number one thing you can do to ensure you’re not reading the Daily Mail on January 1st

And embarking on yet another diet that will last all of 3 weeks

You see, the number 1 New Years Resolution in 2015 was weight loss

And just 8% were successful with this.


Me neither.

Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get what you’ve always got.

A restrict –>  binge relationship with food

Turning to crash diets to fit into your dress for the party

Wondering why you’re not losing weight even though you ‘generally eat well’

Blaming willpower and lack of time for failing on another diet

^^^ without considering whether the diet was actually built for you, your work commitments, your food preferences, and the fact you value time with your family and friends 

Now, I can’t promise you that it’s going to be easy

^^^ Particularly at the start when you start to learn the exact types and amounts of food and exercise that leave you with a shrunken waist line, more energy, and your watch feeling more like a bracelet (as a Fit For Life Body Transformation member put it to me this week)

But if you’re ready for ‘battle’

Ready to ramp it up (instead of jumping on the Christmas ‘wind down’ bandwagon)

And use the weapons that I give you

I can promise that you’ll be lighter, leaner and feeling more confident in your favourite clothes. 

Just like Fit For Life Body Transformation member (Charlotte) mentioned to me this week:

“weight is 67.6kg. That’s 10kg off. What’s not to like?”

Now, this is all well and good

But do you know what the best parts are?

1) The aches and pains that make everyday tasks a chore have disappeared and the physio has been cancelled (that’s the power of getting stronger and optimising your diet)

2) Charlotte still enjoys her Prosecco (and bacon)

3) And has signed up to a 50 mile cycling challenge (ask Charlotte if she’d have done that in February…)

And the only thing standing in your way?


All you need to do is give yourself permission to do this

Matt ‘red cup syndrome activist’ Fruci

PS. Want more information about what I do? Go here:

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It could kill 10 million a year by 2050

That is…


As these superbugs become more resistant to antibiotics (perhaps due to the overuse of antibiotics…)

^^^ Making them untreatable!

We’re looking for a NEW way of dealing with the little buggers. 


Common diseases like gonorrhoea my be untreatable!


A PhD student in Melbourne may the answer…

Shu Lam believes her discovery of using chains of protein to break the wall of the bacteria

And cause it to ‘kill itself’

Groundbreaking stuff, right?

And on the topic bacteria

This weeks seminar (which Fit For Life Body Transformation members gain access to) is all about the gut, bloating, farting, poo, constipation, trigger foods and more

I reveal:

* The exact protocol I use with members on my Body Transformation programmes to identify the foods that are leaving you bloated, running to the loo, and lethargic

* How looking after your gut can boost your immune system, help you recover from the common cold, and help you do more of the things you want to do

* Why probiotics might actually be a waste of money…

* And how eating too many so-called ‘healthy’ foods may actually be the problem for you

Plus, a lot more!

To get a little bit of the action, go here: 

Speak soon,


PS. Here’s the link to the wonder women who’s killing the superbugs (well, hopefully):

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The 5 [unintended] consequences of being scared of fat this halloween

I know it doesn’t help you that the Daily Mail change their mind every day (hour, minute…)

And this can make you fear foods even more.

Avoid them like the plague.

and it’s no different with ‘fat’

Sure, fat has 9 calories per gram 

which is over double the amount of calories in protein and carbs per gram

So limiting fat IS a way to ditch the love handles.

But – just like the saying goes – there’s more than one way to skin a cat

And here’s just 5 of the UNINTENDED consequences I see when you become a little too scared of fat

^^^ There’s my Halloween costume sorted

1) You look for ‘low fat’ on every product, failing to consider the sugar content and how this might make you crave MORE food and leave you still feeling hungry

2) You stress about eating more than 1 egg a day ‘due to the fat and cholesterol’ , forgetting that they’re like natures multivitamin!

I spoke more about eggs and cholesterol HERE

3) You call oily fish like salmon and mackerel (which are high in Omega 3 and great for joint, muscles, and your brain) a fatty food, meaning you avoid them and skip on their health benefits 

I spoke more about omega 3 (and the vitamins that help you get your energy from your food) in my five overlooked nutrients in your diet article HERE 

4) By avoiding fat, you eat less protein, feel hungry and can’t contain yourself when the cake comes out at 323pm!

5) You forget that the ‘happy hormone’, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E (which is great for your skin and hair) need fat to be absorbed!

As always, it’s not what you eat for a meal or day that counts

But what you do on average

What fits your lifestyle

So you can stick to it

And build a diet to last (so you can stop blaming yourself and ‘lack of willpower’)

Happy hump day!


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The low carb brownies that have the doubters queuing for seconds

So the UK is set to avoid the recession this year despite Brexit

All thanks to my many failed attempts at making – pretty much – sugar free chocolate brownies

Where I learnt that when all else fails, you dip it in (more) chocolate.

So, perhaps – unlike these brownies – the Brexit crash is just hype?

You see…

We had a joint family birthday this weekend for my two younger cousins (12 and 3 or 4…should remember that one)

So I thought I’d make some ‘low-sugar’ brownies that were filling, tasty and – well – CHOCOLATEY 

Which – by the response I got – few can complain with.

And this is a big win, for me.

You see, the Fruci family are a funny lot.

Quite stubborn, in actual fact (I know where I get it from)

No sugar in brownies would be like mornings without coffee and evenings without prosecco

and I get it.

But just like my Nonna used to say to me after I’d say I didn’t like brussel sprouts:

“you don’t know if you don’t try”

After the 1011th time, I decided that I liked brussel sprouts.


Back to the brownies 

There were a few grunts and moans (not going to lie)


There were many more:

‘What’s the recipe?’

‘How did you make them?’

‘You didn’t put any sugar in them ?!?!?’

But, I’m not going to sit here and say they were a success 

Instead, I’m going to let YOU be the judge.

So, here’s the recipe.

Get baking and let me know what you think:

Ingredients (serves 16)

* 40 g of coconut oil

* 60 g of salted butter

* 70 g of 85% dark chocolate

* 100 g ground almonds

* 1 scoop of cookies and cream whey protein (chocolate would work well, too)

* 3 eggs

* 1/4 tsp of bicarbonate soda

* 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt

* 2 tablespoons of stevia

*OPTIONAL: Dash of cinnamon and ginger 


1) Pre-heat oven to 170C

2) Gently melt the coconut oil and butter in a pan

3) Add the melted coconut oil, butter and all other ingredients to a blender

4) BLEND!!! BRRRRR (sound of a blender)

5) Pour into a loaf tin (I used 1 kcal fry spray on the tin)

6) Cook for 20 – 25 minutes

7) Leave to cool, sprinkle some more stevia and cinnamon on top, cut into 16, and enjoy 

^^^ I love how all recipes finish with ‘enjoy’. Surely this makes your opinion biased as you’re told to ‘enjoy’ it? I might start using that one in my coaching sessions with members on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

Nutritional info per serving:

Fat: 12 g

Carbs: 1.2 g

Protein: 4.3 g

Let me know how you get on!

Best wishes,


PS. I’m off to lecture the second years at Oxford Brookes University today. Brownie points if they stay awake…

PPS. Super excited about Female Fat Loss Mastery launching soon. There will literally be no excuses for you. Time? Not knowing what to eat and when? How to exercise? Bored of exercising on your own? Want a support group full of other like-minded females? What happens if you miss a session? No problem, I’ve got your back with this one to guarantee you ditch the love handles without piling the weight back on!

Hold on tight, all will be revealed soon!

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ONE simple question for you

Which could explain your:

* Weight

* Bloating

* Tiredness

* Mood

* Stress

* Confidence

* Relationship with the other half

* Uncontrolled hunger

* Risk of Type 2 diabetes

* The number of pills you pop

* And – dare I say it – your happiness

The question?

“Tell me all about YOU”

Now, this is the first question I ask someone who applies to enrol on my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme

For the simple reason that this tells me about your:

* Diet – Are you considering how this impacts your weight, mood, sleep, hunger, stress, joints, immune system, bloating etc. How important is this to you?

* Sleep – Are you busy with kids / sorting everyone else out / working late / struggling to switch off / always waking up at 4am and struggling to get back to sleep, leaving you wide awake, tired and moody the following day?

^^^ Which leaves you reaching for the biscuit tin to get that ‘feel good’ hormone pick me up at 323pm…

* Exercise – Do you see exercise as having to be this long, tedious thing that you somehow have to fit into your already hectic day where you feel like you don’t have 2 minutes for a cup of coffee let alone a burpee? 

* And finally … this tells me what’s important to YOU. Kids, family, career, confidence, anxiety, fear, relationship with food etc.

And it’s this one HUGE question that allows me to give you quick and simple lifestyle changes that can literally turn this game upside down


You drop a dress size, suddenly have more energy, realise you CAN enjoy a family party without putting on 10 lbs, and feel more confident in your favourite, more fashionable clothes. 

But it’s this question that seems to have been overlooked by some doctors, according to a group of medics. 

Did you read about it (link at the bottom)?

A lot of people have sent it to me over the past few days.

And – I have to admit – even I was a little surprised by the study stating that fewer than 10% of medical students at Edinburgh University felt adequately trained to give advice on physical activity. 

It’s reported that nutrition and exercise is barely taught to medical students. 

Which – as disappointing as it is – is also understandable.

I mean, a GP is a GENERAL practitioner. 

They need knowledge on MANY subjects.


Given the state of the NHS 

And the fact we’re fatter than ever, spending more time in gyms than ever and wasting more time on so-called ‘weight loss’ supplements THAN EVER…

Surely it’s time to put more focus on the ONE thing that can literally save the NHS (in my opinion)?

That is, of course, lifestyle interventions.

What you eat, how you move, your relationship with food, how you handle your thoughts, and your sleep.

A focus on prevention rather than simply treating the symptoms

^^^ Would you really just turn the car radio up louder if you’re engine was making funny noises?

Easier said than done all of this prevention stuff, I know. 

Because – as a I said – a GP can’t specialise in nutrition and exercise science (unless they want ANOTHER 3-6 years at university) 

^^^ Particularly with the time they have to see patients

I mean, it’s like expecting the Indian dish at the all-you-can eat Chinese buffet to be as good as what the Palm serve you near Marlborough (if you haven’t tried it, check it out!)


Like me asking the plumber: ‘sort me electrics out whilst you’re here, will ya? It’ll save me a few squid’

^^^ Don’t know why I said that in cockney accent.

You need a specific person with a specific set of tools to solve a problem at that given time. 

Because – in my opinion (I’ve said that a lot today) – the old saying of ‘eat less and move more’

Is about as useful as ‘buy low, sell high’

Great on paper

But it doesn’t even touch the deep-rooted issues that mean you get stuck

Make you fall off the bandwagon and blame willpower for yet another failed diet. 

Lead you into the vicious yoyo dieting cycle:

Diet –> lose weight –> live a little –> Struggle to control yourself and binge (on prosecco and chocolate) –> Blame yourself for ‘not having the willpower –> And diet starts again Monday (or worse, 1st January as Christmas seems to be starting even earlier this year)

How do I know?

Well, I’ve been there. 

Thinking I had to give up all of my favourite foods to get lean

^^^ Only to feel out of control at the weekends (eating when I wasn’t even hungry…)

Thinking that I had to hop on the endless treadmill to lose fat

Wondering why switching from white bread to brown bread wasn’t helping me lose weight

I could go on…

And it’s exactly why I’ve spent the last 7 years at university

To help busy, frustrated ‘dieters’ get back in control of their hunger, ditch the love handles, and feel more confident in their favourite clothes (so you can bin the baggy ones for good)

Best wishes,


PS. Tomorrow, I’ve got a ‘new and improved’ brownie recipe for you that I did over the weekend for my cousins joint 12th and 4th (I think) birthdays. 

PPS. Here’s the link to the article:

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Want to know exactly what’s in your food?

Well – perhaps – I have some good news for you.

It’s quite scary to think about


Ever so real and becoming more of a reality. 

In fact, this all probably means that my kids will grow up in a world where:

* You won’t have the patience to wait 24 hours for a delivery from Amazon

* Going to the supermarket for your groceries will be ‘so last decade’ (even shopping online will be…)

* You’ll be your own chef, designer, and hairdresser

* And you’ll know exactly what’s in your food because – well – you made it 

^^^ Or maybe your sister sent it to you on the computer whilst on holiday in the Canaries….

What I’m talking about is 3D printing…

Have you heard about it?

Well, very soon – and NOW in some cases – you could be designing and printing

* Your new shoes for the Christmas party

* Your designer dress tailored to your exact waist, bust and hips that day, hour and minute…

* New organs so you can just get a new one when one packs up (scary times…)

* Your food so we literally get it instantly and know exactly what’s in it (it will put an end to your Sunday morning trip to One Stop to get the milk for your coffee…)

They’re developing the mechanisms to be able to design a meal, print it, eat it, and even send it to a friend for them to try.

No more sharing recipes with you….

I’ll be sharing actual food with you.

Delivered to your door (of your 3D printer…)

With the exact nutrients you need to stop you craving that 323pm sugary ‘pick me up’, put you in control of your hunger and get you into that new, fitted dress you’ve just designed on your 3D printer

You’ll even be able to see whether you’re deficient in certain nutrients that are overlooked

Like Vitamin B12 and Iron

^^^ Which may explain why you feel tired and low in energy

Or perhaps magnesium 

^^^ which may explain muscle cramps and poor sleep

But until then…

My Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme comes pretty close to this.

Empowering you to understand how different types and amounts of food and exercise impact:

* Your energy levels so you can do more of the things you want to do. 

* How you fit your favourite, more fashionable clothes (as opposed to the baggy ones…)

* Your relationship with food so you can be in control of your hunger and eating habits and stop blaming ‘willpower’ for another failed diet

* Your stress levels, sleep, and daily habits to help you ditch the love handles and promote that leaner, more toned look

All so you can have the knowledge to be in control of your own nutritional strategy that fits your lifestyle so you can ditch the fat, feel in control, keep it off AND…

Dare I say it…

Be happier (and ditch the constant diet hopping…)

To see if you’re a good fit for my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, go here:

Best wishes,


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Lessons from my Grandad

So, about 9 months ago now my Grandad was asking me all about…


He had been told to control his blood sugar levels as they were too high.

Now, he was getting knee problems from time to time which would stop him moving.

Which would mean he’d exercise less 


Burn off less energy / sugar

But in his wise words:

‘If I get up and about it feels better’ (say this in an Italian – English accent…and repeat LOL)

He’s well into his 80’s and…

* Still works on the farm

* Does his neighbours gardening (I know, I wish I lived next door, too)

* Grows everything you need in his garden (tomatoes, peas, carrots, beetroot, broccoli, courgettes, chillies to name a few).

* Looks after chickens to get his good fats and proteins from his eggs

* Makes his own red vino…

* And can play the accordion (which I’m not sure is relevant, but hey ho)

And guess what?

By moving more, ditching his sugar in his teas (he still has his Rich Tea biscuits) and swapping sweet treats for fruits (and eating a balanced diet, including red meat, fish, meatballs, pasta, and chicken…)

His blood sugar levels are now under control and in his words:


and it just goes to show how small steps can make a HUGE difference

Whether you’re 26 (my age…), 55 or going on 90

It’s you vs you

It doesn’t matter what Jane, Emma, or Sam are doing. 

If you’re better than yesterday, that’s all that matters!

Have a great weekend,


PS. I’ve spoken before over here about ‘reversing diabetes’