Month: September 2016


The main reason why you (and me) fail… With your weight lossDesire to get leaner, feel healthier, ditch the love handles, and become more confident about how you look and feelIsn’t just willpower…Isn’t just a lack of motivation…And – for sure – isn’t the lack of your good intentions ^^^ I mean, who’d have thought that Jane would’ve brought …

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What’s a ‘fad’ diet?

I’ve noticed that I’ve been ranting a lot this week.And it’s not just because my TV screen (and radio) is full of Trump and Hilary talking about deleted emails (not mine, I hope) and taxes…But also because by the questions I’ve had this week, you seem more confused than ever about how to lose weight and keep it off. I mean, …

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I remember the moment so vividly. Despite it being at least 10 (maybe 15) years ago. It was a family gathering at a friends house. We all brought some food ^^^ It was your typical ‘bring enough food to feed the 5,000’ (but there was about 10 of us) And one of my cousins – ever so kindly – made …

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Eating little and often to lose weight, spiking your metabolism, and burning bums

‘They never had this in my day’ Yep, I said it. At the grand old age of 26…Because the fact is, they didn’t have this in my dayThat is, have a ‘Competitive Eating Society’ at university.^^^ Although I did do a ‘spice challenge’ at a curry house called Indian Ocean in Loughborough where I was awarded with …

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Update from Charlotte

Fit For Life Body Transformation member (or should I say ‘graduate’?), Charlotte, keeping me updated with her body transformation journey:“Weight is continuing to fall. Thanks so much for your inspiration. Looking forward to meeting up and working with you more in October”^^^ The best thing about this?Charlotte has been on holidayHad family gatherings…And STILL…Her weight …

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2-ingredient pizza base that’s good for your gut?

So, if you were reading yesterday you’d know about the guy (Dan) who pretty much lived off pizza for 25 years (balanced diet, right?)And to help Dan get some variation into his diet so he can boost is gut health and improve his immune system (and develop a better relationship with food)Here’s a 2-ingredient pizza base recipe:Ingredients:* 175 …

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