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Sniffing out the BS…

She’ll have a good sniff…

And from time to time

If she finds the right one

She’ll roll around in it

And even eat it.

But what if Dora (my black lab) is on to something here?

By ‘selectively’ choosing (a bit like the ‘chosen by you’ Asda range) the ‘poop’ that she wants to roll around in and eat?

I mean, most of the time she’ll sniff and move on.

But occasionally…

She hits the jackpot and goes crazy.

Rolls around in it.

Eats it.

Tucks her tail inbetween her bum and sprints around like a headless chicken

^^^ A bit like us when we lose 2 lbs…

But recent research would suggest that Dora is actually ‘selecting’ the ‘good’ bacteria that her gut needs…

Almost like me or you taking a probiotic or eating certain vegetables that grow a particular strain of ‘good’ bacteria we need to:

* Fight off a cold so we can be more like ourselves again

* Better digest food so we feel less bloated

* And maybe even help us feel more full and lose weight???

And perhaps selecting the ‘good’ bacteria that we need is the future of medicine.

Or even…

The future of losing weight and getting that lean body…

And it’s definitely where diets are heading.

I mean, there’s a lot of BS out there.

^^^ The type of stuff that Dora probably wouldn’t even sniff…

But how do you know what’s BS?

Well, follow this 4-point criteria:

1) Can you see yourself doing this stuff in 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months?


Is the diet ‘chosen by you’ (as ASDA would say)

Or is it just another one of those cookie cutter diets?

2) Have you had success from trialling the methods that the ‘diet’ gives you for free?

Things like blogs, ebooks, and videos…

Have you applied any of this stuff?

If yes, did you find that you had more energy, overcome your cravings, lost a few pounds, and better fit your clothes?

3) Is there any evidence?

Is it based on science or ‘fluff’?

Are there any testimonials?

Who has it worked for?

^^^ and are these people like you?






4) Do they have a guarantee?

Can they 100% guarantee that you WILL get results if you DO 100% of the work?

If they can’t, should they even be doing what they’re doing?

And it’s why I put a 100% guarantee on my Body Transformation Programme.

If you do 100% of the work…

I guarantee you’ll be closer to your leaner and more toned body…or I’ll give you your money back.

Because I simply don’t deserve it…

So, I guess it’s me taking the risk here…

Want to know what the Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme is all about?


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Baby talk…

Now, you probably know by now that I’m fascinated with the gut…

After all, I previously just ‘accepted’ that my irritable bowels were ‘normal’

^^^ My growling stomach in job interviews and meals out was a real pain in the arse (pun intended)

Only to realise that I had a wheat allergy.

^^^ Yep, I’m the ‘fakest’ Italian to ever step foot on planet Earth!

And because of my journey in optimising my energy, digestion and pooping schedule…

And helping many others lose weight, tone up and ditch the bloated ‘jelly belly’ look

This remains an area I make sure I’m up to date with (another one on my ‘to do a Doctorate in’ list)

I mean, it can impact:

* Weight loss

* Colds

* Risk of diseases, like diabetes

* Stress

* Allergies

^^^ Just to name a few…

And speaking of allergies (and babies)…

Have you ever heard of the Swansea baby trial?

Well, it’s evident that we need address the fact that between 15 and 40% of children in the UK are affected by eczema, asthma, hayfever and food allergies,

Most children develop this allergic sensitivity in the first 2 years of their life.

Some say we’re now ‘too clean’ (my black lab, Dora, nods in agreement)

So we’re now not exposed ‘enough’ to bacteria.

But obviously, bacteria has many risk factors.

So, the Swansea baby trial looked at a safer way to expose mum and baby to bacteria…

Through probiotics.

454 mothers and baby pairs were split into two groups.

Half took a probiotic everyday in the last trimester and then gave their baby the same probiotic for the first 6 months…

The other half were given a ‘placebo’

What did they find?

The babies given the probiotic were 57% less likely to develop eczema and 44% less likely to develop allergic reactions to allergens such as pollen, cow’s milk, eggs and dust mites than those receiving the placebo.

Crazy, right?

But a similar situation happened with Dora (my black lab).

Ear infections, eye infections…

She had them all as a puppy.

It even got the situation where the vet said we might have to put her on medication (costing £50 a month) for the rest of her life…

And it was at this point that we thought to give ‘doggy’ probiotics a go.

Low and behold…things cleared up.

I mean, we need more research (as always)


It’s exciting, right?

What’s your thoughts on this?

Speak soon,


PS. Speaking of being ‘too clean’, I’ve got a ‘dirty’ story to share with your tomorrow…

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Does sugar actually make you fat?

It was all her fault!

‘Have you moved my grey polo shirt? Do you know where it is?’ I asked the wife…accusingly.

‘I can’t remember the last time I wore your grey polo shirt…’

^^^ the sarcastic response the wife gave me (talk about hook, line and sinker…)

We always want to blame that ONE person.

Find that ONE reason why things have gone wrong

After all, it rationalises things.

Makes them simple.

Shifts the blame.

And it’s no more apparent than with this current HATRED towards sugar.

Apparently some guy going for president is even looking to build a wall around this ‘poison’

But what I want you to consider here is this:

Have we not learnt ANYTHING from the last 40 years?

I mean, remember when saturated fat was THE cause of obesity, heart disease and diabetes?

‘We were wrong’. The Daily Mail ‘reassuringly’ claims!

I looked at this headline and thought: ‘great, we’re moving away from demonising ONE food’

Only for this to be followed up with:

‘Sugar Blamed For Obesity Epidemic’


*** Please bare with me whilst I meditate and take 5 deep breaths ***

Right, I’m back in the room.

So, is sugar making us fat and does it just ‘turn to fat’?

In short, no.

Your body CAN turn sugar into fat in a process called De Novo Lipogenesis (fancy name, I know).

But this actually plays a MINOR role in how much body fat you have.

And is completely overemphasised and misunderstood.

Because the only way that turning sugar to fat will make you MORE fat is if:

*** Your sugar (AKA carbohydrate) intake is higher than the calories you burn in a day (from living, moving, sleeping etc….they all count) ***

^^^ Which unless you go to one of them McDonald’s in the US serving all-you-can-eat fries and find yourself in an eating contest with Adam Richman from Man vs. Food…is VERY unlikely

So, in the context of a balanced diet (with fat, protein and carbs)…

You won’t get fatter ‘because your body is turning the sugar into fat’

You will get fatter if you EAT too much (be it sugar, protein or fat)

So – again – it comes down to building a diet that works for YOU!

Do you enjoy more carby foods, like rice, pasta, fruit, bread and potatoes?


Do you enjoy foods higher in fat, like beef, olives, avocado, eggs, cream, butter, salami, oily fish and cheese?

Chances are, you probably like both…

And the amounts of carbs and fats that you go for should be flexible

Not only so you can enjoy different foods and not be the ‘dieter’ who “can’t eat this” and “can’t eat that” (cue the restrict and binge cycle)

But also because of ONE key reason that underpins the war between FAT and CARBS…

Which is…

The amount of protein you eat.

You see, cutting fat too low and opting for a high(er) carb diet COULD mean that you go low on protein (without really trying to)

I mean, cutting fat will often mean that you go easy on the dairy and meat

^^^ Which are great sources of PROTEIN.

And swap them for lower protein, carby foods (like fruit, rice, potatoes, beans etc.)

Now, we know that protein is important in helping us:

* Get that leaner, more toned look

* Boost our metabolism by burning more calories

* Feel full and satisfied so we can take control of our cravings

So, could it be that going on a high(er) carb / sugar diet makes us fat because we then go lower in protein?


^^^ But it is possible to create a high(er) carb / sugar diet that DOES prioritise protein.

And is the high(er) protein intake in a low(er) carb / sugar diet a key factor in why ‘sugar’ is now being branded as the scapegoat?


But here’s the thing:

Eating too much energy

Be it through carbs (sugar) or fats

Will make your fatter.

So, it’s probably time we moved away from ‘demonising’ ONE nutrient…

And blaming that ONE thing (or person…)

Because quite often, it’s not that simple.

Sometimes, the wife HAS moved my grey polo shirt (so it was her fault)…

But sometimes (probably, most of the time..) I just haven’t looked hard enough

Speak soon,


PS. Ready to ditch the fads, ditch the fad diets and finally know what you need to eat to lose weight, have more energy and feel more confident so you can stress less and enjoy more time with friends and family?

Apply here for the free trial on my Body Transformation Programme (applications close Friday 2nd September at 5pm):

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Billy’s ‘Hack’ and 5 MAGIC tips to be happy

So yesterday I spoke about good old Norman Cousins over here

And on the topic of being happy…

Here’s 5 MAGIC tips to be happy:

Measure – What you measure…improves. Do you know what’s working? If you don’t know what’s working, why are you even doing what you’re doing?

Activity – Move more. Get outside. Release those feel good endorphins, make everyday tasks like shopping and climbing stairs easier, and have a little look in the mirror along the way…

Give – It promotes cooperation and social interaction. It builds relationships. And guess what? You’ll probably get back more in return (from the power of social interaction)

Interests – Do something you enjoy. Everyday. Put it in your diary and tick it off!!

Connect – Reach out to a friend or loved one you’ve fallen out of touch with (maybe not fallen out of with…). Ask them how they are. Arrange to meet up. No better time than on a bank holiday weekend!

BONUS hack from Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Billy…

Take some time out for yourself during the day where you do…


And I get that doing NOTHING

Is hard.

So download this FREE app you can download on your phone to help:

It’s called: Insight Timer

It’s got a ton of resources to help you sleep, relax, and get away from the stress of LIFE

^^^ Can’t beat a 5 minute ‘mini moment’ to break up a long, stressful day!

Why do this?

Well, in today’s GO GO GO society

We’re constantly REACTING to stuff

When what we should be doing is RESPONDING to stuff.

So why are we reacting?

Well, we’re checking emails ‘on the go’… (GUILTY!!)

And responding to situations with zero emphaphy.

A bit like when you’ve had a long, hard day (or are hungover on a Sunday morning)

And take out all your stress on the other half for burning the toast…

Enjoy your weekend,


PS. Tomorrow, I give you my unfiltered opinion on whether sugar really is making you fat…

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I bet you don’t do THIS enough?

It’s something I put on the Fruci Fit Points System for many members on my Fit For Life Body Transformation

And use myself.

I make sure that I tick it off EVERYDAY.

We live in a time full of first world problems…

Stressing over work


A messy house (This is how justify not tidying up to the wife…)…

An iPhone that keeps ‘freezing’ (this was me last week…)…

And you know what makes all the above better?

Give you some perspective?


Having some fun!

When was the last time you had fun?

Did something stupid?

Something you really WANTED to do?

TASK for you TODAY:

Structure in AT LEAST 30 minutes per day of FUN

Watch a movie…


Get outside

Get creative (paint? Draw? Learn an instrument?)

Read a book

Bake a cake 

Whatever it is…

Put it in your diary

Just like it was a meeting with your ‘boss’ 

^^^ I bet you wouldn’t risk missing that meeting right?

And make sure you LAUGH!

Not just because it works like sit ups to give you a flat stomach…

But because it makes you feel better.

And relieves stress. 

Oh, and did you hear about the (extreme) case of Norman Cousins?

Pretty WOO WOO, I know…

But definitely worth a read for some perspective on LIFE (link at bottom of the blog)

Speak soon,


PS. Did you hear that the farmers fruit and veg market in Marlborough has gone into liquidation? They’re now selling smoothies…

PPS. That was my attempt at making you laugh…

You can check it out here:

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‘Boyband island? I hope that’s just a phase’

SPOILER ALERT if you havent seen the Disney film, ‘Inside Out’

So, both ‘Joy’ and ‘Sadness’ make it back…

Riley opens up and no longer wants to ‘run away’ from everything

Just because ALL of her emotions are now contributing to her life…

^^^ Opening up new avenues in her personality and life, such as ‘boyband island’…

And it reminds me the typical diets out there today. 

You see, they’re stagnant (a bit like the river that I have to stop my black lab, Dora, jumping in everyday)

They never change (even though your body is changing)

And they’re repetitive. 

Which means it gets boring….

You quit!

And it’s back to square one 

Just you, Ben, Jerry and a whole load of frustration and guilt (and don’t forget the custard creams)

^^^ All because you were told you had to ‘give up’ these foods forever

You see, it isn’t JUST willpower why you quit and put the weight back on.

It’s also biology. 

A typical diet will mean:

* Your metabolism DECREASES so you burn less calories when resting and reading my emails…

* You’re hungry (or H-Angry…)

* Your hormones send signals to make you move less (which again means you burn less calories and lose less fat)

* You’re annoying to be around because ‘you can’t eat this’ and ‘can’t eat that’ 

^^^ As I used to be (I always wonder how the wife put up with me…)

And you see, what’s the easiest way to reverse of all the above?

Quit the diet, eat everything in sight and get more ‘jiggley’ than you were in the first place

^^^ Just like 1/3 of the dieters do…

Which is obviously what you don’t want, right?

But what if there was a better way?

One which boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories?

One that stops the ‘jiggley’ belly from ever coming back?

One that opens up new avenues (I can’t promise ‘boyband island’ though)

So you don’t get bored…

You can stick to the diet..

And actually get to eat more?

Well, recent research has shown that having ‘diet breaks’ can INCREASE your metabolism and lose more fat (even after the ‘diet’ has stopped)

The women who had ‘diet breaks’ lost over 7% more body fat and were double as likely to stick to the diet!

So here’s 3 ways you could do a ‘diet break’ and increase your metabolism (providing your protein intake is already sufficient):

1) Have a few days a week where you eat more…

2) Eat more carbs (yep, I said it) – Carbs can increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories at rest!

3) Eat more fat – now, this is anecdotal and purely based on my experience helping many other women lose weight

So, yes.

I’m basically saying that you CAN eat more, ditch the love handles and feel more confident in your favourite clothes.

^^^ Which is what a ‘diet’ lives and dies on, right?

So, if your current diet isn’t giving you what you want…

You can find out why here: (Applications close Friday 2nd September at 5pm) 


PS. I can only imagine that eating more and losing weight is what ‘boyband island’ is for Riley…

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9 Reasons why the scales go up when dieting

I’d load up at the salad and veg bar (and take a few pieces of fruit for the road)

I’d make sure I had my ‘2 litres of water’ with me 

^^^ I would previously JUST drink coffee and the odd bit of water around an exercise session)

Oh, and I’d pack the old ‘green tea’ in a hot flask to boost ones metabolism. 

I’d go for my 5k run (I was actually training for a half marathon at this time) 

Do my weight training the next day…

Then I’d do some high intensity exercise the day after…

I’d also play a 90 minute football match the day after that…


I’d be 3 pounds heavier!!!

^^^ MIND….BLOWN!!!

I mean, it was September 2013 and I’d just started all of these positive new habits at university. 

Yet, I gained weight!

And it was similar for Fit For Life Body Transformation member (Lisa) 4 months ago – and in fact – a new member is experiencing this now. 

So why can the scales go UP when you’re dieting?

1) You’ve started eating more fruit and vegetables –

Fibre is hard for your body to breakdown.

^^^ It can make you gassy and bloated

This also means you hold more water. 

So, consider that you’re probably going to eat different amounts of fibre everyday – which can impact your weight!

The good news?

Over time, your body will probably get better at handling your increased fibre intake, you’ll feel more full and stop craving more sugary, higher fat snacks foods which could help you lose FAT so you fit your clothes better!

2) You’ve started drinking more fluids – 

Yep, another positive habit could be making you put on more weight (at least in the short term)

^^^ Be it from tea, coffee, water, squash (or even diet coke…)

(One note on caffeine – it’s a diuretic so increased caffeine can mean you excrete more water)

I mean, you exercise one day and maybe not the next.

You may sweat a lot one day (weather / exercise) and not so much the next. 

The good news?

Over time, your body will better regulate this increased fluid intake, you’ll feel more full and satisfied, and stop mistaking thirst for hunger (and Ben & Jerry’s time)

3) You eat more salt one day compared to another  – 

Perhaps you started preparing your meals?

Maybe you’ve started keeping higher protein snacks in the fridge, like smoked salmon, turkey ham, eggs, cheese, natural yoghurt?

Maybe you’ve been making some wraps with some cold meats for on-the-go?

So you’ve been trying to increase your protein intake (which helps you get that more toned, leaner look and keeps you more full up)

But by doing so you may have increased your sodium intake – making you hold more water and increasing your weight! 

Or it could be as simple as swapping supermarket rotisserie chicken one-day for a home roasted chicken the next?

^^^ the salt levels may be completely different.

Perhaps you ate out at a restaurant <<< who probably don't care about the salt intake as long as you don't complain...

Unless you’re anything like the the wife’s grandad who complained that his gammon was ‘too salty’.

4) You ate higher carbs than normal today or a few days prior – 

For every gram of carbs stored in your body…

You pull about 3-4 g of water into your muscles which can mean you gain water weight!

5) Sleep – 

Some members of my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme will report LIGHTER body weights on the weekends.


Because they can sleep in (a bit) more 

^^^ unless I’m knocking on their door at 715 as the wake up call…scary thought, I know

So consider this:

If you’re in bed for a bit longer during the night. Perhaps have a lay in. You may get up a few more times in the night and actually PEE more than normal.


Get rid of more water.

So, if during the week, you say, get only 5 hours of sleep a night…

You’ll pee less during the night (and / or first thing in the morning)

And the time between your last meal on the day before and your weigh in is shorter 

^^^ Meaning your body may still be digesting the food!

6) You weren’t consistent with time and day – 

Did you weight yourself at the same time? 

Did you go to the bathroom before weighing yourself in the morning?

Same underwear / pyjamas? 

7) You’ve started a new exercise programme –

This is a new stimulus on your muscle. 

It ‘stresses’ your body. 

But when you rest…

The magic happens.

Your body repairs the muscles (you may feel a bit achey)

Now, this process burns calories and will help you LOSE FAT!!!


This ‘magic process’ AKA muscle soreness / recovery may mean that you increase your body weight (at least in the short term)


Because you’re holding more water in the muscle to help your body REPAIR!

Which is a bit like your immune system when you’re struggling with hayfever.


Your skin when you’re sunburnt!!!

8) You haven’t done what you said you would do –

This one HURTS.

It makes us reflect on what WE have (or have not) actually done.

Have you done the work?

Have you done what you said you would do?

9) Menstrual cycle –

You know better than me…

That pre-menstrual phase ‘bloat’ can leave you holding more water (and craving carbs…)

To sum up:

It’s for these 9 reasons why the scale is NOT your dictator (it’s one of many) and not your boss.

And why – in my opinion – :

* Progress pictures (for your own personal reference, even if you scroll back through your Facebook photos)

* How you feel (energy, digestion, exercise habits)

* How you feel when you look in the mirror

* How you fit your clothes

Are the best tools you can possibly have…

Which is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery


‘Who cares how much I weigh if I feel confident on the beach in a bikini”

^^^ As body transformation member, Lisa, told me

And as I’ve learned through coaching more and more…

If you do the work.

Make small – manageable – adjustments along the way 

You’ll learn exactly what your body needs to lose FAT (not just weight) and feel more confident ‘on the beach in a bikini’ 

And at times…

The journey will be tough. 

I’ve been there many times, too…

Where I’ve weighed myself, phoned up Specsavers and asked for a full refund 

Matt ‘requesting an eye test’ Fruci

PS. I want to leave you with this one piece of advice:

Measure your progress using PROCESS goals at the start.

These could be things like:

* Increasing your steps

* Trying a new exercise class

* Increasing your veg and water intake

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What happened to Rosie and Jim?

I’ll admit, even I was a little surprised this weekend.

First up, was this email from Rosie:

“Just had my shot of coffee…

I’ve lost two lbs, and have more energy, and don’t seem to crave.

Just off to do the washing, ie…dead lifts….”

And second up, was the the feedback during the follow-up meeting I had with James (Jim) after meeting him for just ONE hour, 4-weeks earlier

^^^ Every now and then a few guys will sneak their way into my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

So, anyway, what happened:

* 3 kg lighter

* Eating more carbs than ever (so the ‘weight loss’ can’t just be ‘water weight’)

And in his words:

‘Never hired anyone before for nutrition and so glad that I chose Matt as my option. 

Don’t feel deprived at all, don’t feel like I’m missing out on enjoying certain foods as he has taught me how I can enjoy them while still reaching my goal. 

So excited for the next meeting I have with him.’

So, why the surprise?

Well, quite often when I just have a few strategy meetings or meet people at seminars…

They’ll take in the information (which is all well and good)

But they’ll do nothing with it.

And as we know…


You can read all of the books. 

Go and see every nutritionlolologyyst…

Every palm reader…

And even the guy dressed in camouflage trousers shouting ’10 more burpees’


Unless you apply any of this stuff…

It isn’t going to work. 

Throw in the knowledge to know exactly what and how to eat so you can STOP giving up your favourite foods and quit blaming ‘willpower’ for binging and failing on yet another diet…

And you too…

Can eat your carbs, lose weight and stop feeling deprived

Matt ‘certified palm reader’ Fruci

PS. James mentioned to me that he now gets weird looks from family when grabbing some sweets at the cinema because he’s previously been ‘anti-sugar’ at all costs. 

I’m not saying go crazy on the sugar…

But it just shows what happens to your relationship with food when you get the basics right and do them very well!

PPS. Want to learn more?

Applications close for a free trial on my Lean For Life Body Transformation programme on Friday 2nd September.


Apply here:

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‘I want more energy to play with my kids’

A ‘WHY’ set by a new member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme in her 90-Day Action Plan

^^^ And something I’ll be worrying about soon enough…

I mean, no one wants to feel tired.

But we all have them days.

Maybe we had a rubbish night’s sleep (perhaps the bambino kept you up?)

We turn to coffee and the quick-fix sugar-filled snacks to get us through the day.

But as you get older…

You’re more likely to feel tired….

Be weaker…

And just a bit more ‘slow’ 

Now, is this because we lose muscle as we age?


Is it because we move and eat less as we age?

Well, a recent 2016 research paper provides even MORE of a reason to make sure you’re getting your protein in…

As a higher protein intake was associated with a lower prevalence of FRAILTY


Having muscle weakness, feeling exhausted and being a bit ‘slow’…

And the most fascinating part of this research?

Even though higher protein intakes were associated with a lower prevalence of frailty…

High overall food intake wasn’t…

Which makes me question the old ‘careful on the protein’ guidelines even more…

And if you need a bit more persuading to get your protein in…

You can learn more here:

Matt ‘sleeping beauty until baby arrives’ Fruci

PS. Ever wondered what happened to Rosie and Jim?

I’ll reveal all tomorrow!

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‘I can’t be bothered’

This was how I felt this morning….

I woke up with a scheduled exercise session ‘in the diary’ for 630am…

And I was actually wondering what to write about today (for once…)

It’s not that I’m short of questions (I’m working my way through them…so keep them coming!)

But more because my ‘longer’ articles on the following:

* PCOS, Hormones, and Weight Loss

* Fat vs. Sugar

* Curbing Hunger

* How to structure your diet for shift work

Aren’t quite ready for you – because they summarise a ton of the scientific EVIDENCE into understandable ACTION PROVOKING advice.

^^^ Stay tuned because they might just be the missing link that helps you ditch the stubborn stomach fat!

Because that’s what get’s results.

Taking action.

And today.

Is proving that.

Because even though ‘I couldn’t be bothered’

I’ve done it anyway

I’m writing to you…

I did my exercise (after my aromatic, flavourful and necessary coffee!)

And I hope…

That I’ve inspired you to:

‘Do it anyway’

Even when you, too, “can’t be bothered” 

^^^ which just means you’re ‘human’ by the way

Because on your journey towards having more energy, feeling more confident in your favourite clothes, and having a healthy relationship with food so you can enjoy time with friends and family WITHOUT feeling guilty about blowing your RESTRICTIVE, RIGID and BORING diet….

Being ‘half-assed’ is better than ‘no-assed’…

And is often the difference between piling the weight back on because you ‘didn’t have the willpower to stick to it’ (and you didn’t actually understand how the ‘diet’ “worked”)


Being able to lose weight and keep it off (once and for all).

Just like a Fit For Life Body Transformation member (Billy) mentioned yesterday in her Above and Beyond Review:

“This new way of eating has never once made me think “oh I am on a diet I can’t eat this or that”. 

I can eat what I choose and be flexible. 

If I go off track, I can just get back on track without giving up. 

I find myself wondering when to go shopping for clothes & bras because I don’t want to buy things that will be too big in a few weeks. 

I have the problem of not fitting into the clothes in my wardrobe because they are now too BIG. I can only laugh!”

And just check out her progress over the past few months:

* Lost over a stone in weight

* 5 cm from the hips

* 9 cm from the waist

Speak soon,

Matt ‘half-assed’ Fruci

PS.  Anyone can have a great workout on a great day.

Anyone can eat a piece of fruit for breakfast because they’re trying to be healthy on a great, sunny day.

But having an average workout on a ‘bad day’


Knowing exactly how to structure your eating so that you’re in CONTROL of those indulgent blow outs (often courtesy of Ben and partner in crime, Jerry)…

That’s the difference…