Are you okay?

You may (or may not) have noticed that I wasn’t my ‘prolific’ self the other day.I didn’t ‘appear’ to write my usual morning blog last Tuesday.And to my surprise (and delight as it shows you’re taking it in!)…I received a load of messages‘Are you okay?’‘Did you write this morning?’‘I didn’t get your email this morning?’^^^ […]

4 SIMPLE ways to beat the Summer cold

It’s the one thing I can’t stand…   Being ‘under the weather’   Especially in the summer when lying under a duvet all day isn’t as ‘acceptable’   ^^^ although it probably should be.   You feel like crap.   And you can’t enjoy the BBQ’s, holidays, and Pimms (although the strawberries and cream may boost your immune system).   ^^^ the things you’ve been looking forward […]

What the hell does ‘Ant n Dec’ have to do with losing weight?

I was eating my dinner yesterday. ^^^ Fish in a tomato sauce with some potatoes and Med style veg The sauce was tangy with a strong onion and garlicy hit (my wife called me out on my onion breath later…) BUT… It was just lacking a little something. AKA The dynamic duo… The ‘Ant n Dec’… Basically, I forgot to add the ‘pinch’ […]

Lose 14lbs in a week?

I’ll admit, I was pretty intrigued when a member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme showed me this diet. ‘Lose 14 lbs in a week’, claims ‘the egg’ diet Which, given what I wrote about protein yesterday over here… Eating eggs probably isn’t a bad idea for you. Cheap, versatile and a great source of protein, healthy fats, […]

Fall in love with protein?

I was planning on talking about the ‘egg diet’ today.AKAThe lose 14 lbs in a week diet^^^ as a new member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme talked about in our strategy meeting yesterdayBUT…Then I came across THIS fresh piece of research (just a few minutes ago) and had to share it with […]

‘I’ve never been the person to sit down and cry about anything’

If you look hard enough… We’ll find one of them. A problem… An excuse… But rather than trying to find what’s wrong with us… What would happen if once in a while we actually thought about what we’re good at? Or what we’re doing well in? What we can flourish in? I wonder if we’d soon forget about those ‘problems’ or ‘excuses’. And the reason I’m […]

‘My husband noticed the beginning of stomach muscles’

No, I haven’t got a husband. But I got an email from a Fit For Life Body Transformation member at the back end of last week (I’ll keep this one anonymous) And here’s what it said: “My husband noticed the beginnings of stomach muscles showing today…!” And this is coming from the same person who was told by […]

“I’m the weakest one here

Then you’ll be the most improved” ^^^ A quote that stuck with me from ‘movie night with the fam’ We watched Divergent. Have you seen it? SPOILER ALERT (well, kind of. I won’t give too much away) Essentially, it’s about society being split up into 5 Factions which reflect: * The selfless * The peaceful * The honest * The brave * The intellectual This ‘system’ […]

What’s good to have before exercising?

What’s good to have right before exercising (let’s say you already ate 2 hours ago)?”What’s the magic bullet?”Well, most of the time, hydration is overlooked (im talking about good old water).So today, I’m having some special berries with my water.Aka Ribena.Because it’s hot and it’s refreshing.^^^ and that’s about as sciencey as it needs to […]

Lessons from my ‘boss’…

I felt bloated. Could barely move (and looked kind of pregnant) And no wonder… I’d just had a 3-course meal ^^^ with help yourself sides (very dangerous) And I’ve said before about how once I start eating… You can’t stop me! ^^^ which is why the old ‘little and often diet’ didn’t work for me So you could say my hunger hormones … ^^^ […]