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Forget secret eating, think secret exercising

Is this the real reason we're struggling to ditch the stomach fat?

We go on a diet.

Do some exercise.

And lose some weight.

But all of a sudden, it stops.

We hit a brick wall.


Well, consider this.

When we diet down, we may see a decrease in our metabolism.

Which means we burn LESS calories when doing the 'stuff' we do in everyday life.

But what's perhaps even more interesting is that 20-60% of the calories we burn are due to our behaviours...

And some of these will be 'automatic' behaviours.

You might start fidgeting less.

Feel tired and decide to take the car rather than walking.

Sit down more rather than standing.

And this stuff adds up.

I guess this is why step counters can work well (they can also be detrimental which I'll go on to another day).

They allow us to have a better idea of whether we're stopping our 'SECRET EXERCISE'.

Which could affect our metabolism and the number of calories burned 3-fold!!

^^^ Read that again!

But there's more:

How much food you eat is 100% 'behavioural'.

And should you start exercising...

It may mean that you SNACK more...

Reward yourself (with crisps, chocolate...oh and pizza)

And, quite often, overshoot.

Meaning we're actually getting fatter than we were...

But these responses to exercise and diet vary from person to person.

Some people lose a ton of fat just from exercise.

Others seem to get fatter...

And it's exactly why a nutrition and exercise programmes should be tailored to meet YOUR needs rather than every Tom, Dick and Harry's.

So you can stop guessing and know exactly what you need to do to ditch the love handles, be the friend with the 'fast metabolism', and fit into your favourite clothes.


PS. I have 1 space on the 7-day free trial for my body transformation programme starting tomorrow based either online, at Blunsdon House Hotel in Swindon, or in the Marlborough area.

Applications need to be completed by 10 pm tonight.

To apply, go here:

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KitKats and why tiredness kills

"Take a break"

It's what you see before most service stations in the UK.

A sign telling you to step out of your car, take some time for yourself, and have a break...

^^^ And no, I'm talking about eating a KitKat.

Although for a chocolate, they're pretty low calorie...

Anyway, tangent over.

^^^ Notice how my mind wonders when I'm tired?

Maybe a I need a break.

A KitKat?

And it's exactly the same when you're constantly dieting.

If you're starting to hit stalling points (which will's how you overcome them that's key to sustainable weight loss).

Then perhaps it's time to step out of the car, take a break, and...have a KitKat.

And it's a similar strategy that my client, Ashley, has used over the last few months to maintain her 20 lbs of weight loss she achieved in the first part of her journey.

Ashley has days where she can 'relax' a bit more with her food.

EAT MORE (And no, that's not a typo...Eat MORE not less).

And here's the thing:

It's not just about trying to follow the best diet and exercise programme in the world that WILL get get rid of the 'apron' and help you lose weight...

Because your lifestyle (kid's birthdays, providing '"mum's" taxi service, social events), your work life, and EMOTIONAL stress all have to be factored in..

SO that this becomes something you CAN DO!

Because if you don't do it, it's pointless.

And people think I'm crazy sometimes when I tell them to eat more.

Take a break.

Enjoy yourself.

And it's actually VERY difficult to get you to do it.

After all, it's the complete opposite to what we're normally told.

^^^ I struggled with this concept, too...thinking it would just make me fatter...

But sometimes, it's the stress of constantly dieting that's holding us back both mentally and physically.

And this was evident in a recent study that showed that people who took 3-day diet breaks every 11 days lost MORE weight and maintained more muscle (so they look more toned) than those who just dieted all of the time...

So, sometimes we're simply not eating enough..

Or enough of certain food groups that you're body NEEDS

To stop you raiding the snack cupboard at 9pm every night...

And it's just like my client Billy said:

"I realised I've just been appropriately hungry and not craving stuff. And lately I feel like I have more energy. V positive so far.."

^^^ And it's stuff like this that makes me love what I do...

Putting you back in control of your food intake with a bespoke nutrition and exercise programme that helps you ditch the 'apron' and keep it off for good.

Speak soon,

Matt 'have a KitKat' Fruci

PS. Just 2 days until the the 7-day trial starts for my body transformation programme based online, at Blunsdon House Hotel in Swindon, or in the Marlborough area:

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4 things you must do

If you love coffee...

1) Make a Frappu(Fruci)no


*250 ml of unsweetened Almond Milk (any milk will do)

*1 tsp cocoa powder

*2 espresso shots

*1 scoop of whey protein (vanilla or chocolate)


* A fancy jar (preferably with a straw)


Simply add all of the ingredients into a blender and blend!

Enjoy (in a fancy glass jar...)

Protein: 20 g

Carbs: 2 g

Fat: 2 g

Calories: 106

2) Always keep coffee beans in your freezer to impress your guests (works every time)...

3) Grind your coffee beans at 6am to let everyone know...especially if that rascal jumps in your bed and takes your place...

4) Drink an instant Nescafe Coffee to remind yourself that the £3 Costa was worth every penny!

Speak soon,


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One to keep you full and satisfied this weekend

It's bank holiday weekend.

And this probably means time with family, a lot of food, BBQ's, drink, and more food!


Fun times.

And you should enjoy it.

But to make sure we're still on track with our goal to ditch the fat and get lean, we need to make sure that we control what WE CAN CONTROL...

And I'm not just referring to our exercise habits here...

But also the meals we eat in and around social events.

Because this exactly how you can eat your cake and STILL ditch the stomach fat.

And this is what I've done leading up to my (delayed) birthday present from the wife.

It's going to be a "carby" weekend.

So, last night I had a low(er) carb dinner.

And here it is:

Ingredients (Serves 2):

· 2 Salmon fillet

· 3 tsp. lemon zest

· 2 tbsp. butter

· 120 g lime juice

· 2 garlic clove

· Mediterranean veggies (cherry tomatoes, onions, courgettes, peppers)


1) Lime Butter Sauce: Melt butter. Combine melted butter, garlic and lime juice in blender. Blend until mixed. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Set aside

2) Pre-heat oven to 180C

3) Season salmon all over with salt and pepper, then place skin side down onto a lightly oiled oven tray (1 kcal fry spray if you want to go lower in fat)

4) Chop the courgettes and peppers into chip-like shapes. Cut the onion into 4 and place all Mediterranean vegetables into a lightly oiled (use 1 kcal fry spray to lower fat) oven dish (optional to add potatoes to add carbs)

5) Cook for about 30 minutes

6) Sprinkle fillets with zest and top each with 1 tablespoon lime butter sauce.

Per Serving:

Protein: 30 g

Carbs: 5 g

Fats: 20 g

Tasty, filling and low in carbs.

And I want to stress that it's not that carbs are bad.

But the thing is...

I'm going to be eating on-the-go this weekend.

Which usually means "carbs, carbs, and carbs"..

Restaurants will fill your plate them.


Because they're cheap plate fillers.

But I don't want to be that person who "can't eat this" or "can't eat that".

As I've been that person and it's no fun.

And compensating the day before with this tasty salmon with lime butter sauce dish (amongst others) will allow me to enjoy myself this weekend.

All part of a flexible nutrition plan that's built for your lifestyle so that you get fit for summer, without giving up your favourite foods and missing out on social events.



PS. if you're wanting to keep fat low and have a sweet tooth, maybe go for these fluffy pancakes instead:

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Pushing the ‘reset’ button and losing weight

"Happy I seem to have reset my weight. Will step it up this week though as now want to lose another 15 lbs"^^^ A message from a client this week (Ashley, who is smashing it by the way).

And it got me thinking about something that's a hot topic right now:

Your body fat set point.

This is / was believed to be the amount of body fat predetermined by your genetics that your body will fight to maintain by decreasing your metabolism, making you irritable, and making you hungry...


HANGRY - as I describe it to my wife (where you're in a mood because you're so hungry).

So our genetics are making you eat more and move less so you put the fat back on and get back to your predetermined body fat set point.

It's the reason why many of us yoyo diet.

You lose some fat doing some slimming club or some shake diet.

But you're hungry, deprived, you sleep rubbish, moody, take it out on the other half, and just WANT SOME FOOD!

You give in and end up piling it back on.

The end result?

We're back to where we were in the first place (or even fatter for 1/3 of us).But what if we can we move this body fat set point?

Just like an old client of mine did (Her names Tam, and she's also smashing it by the way).

Gone are the days of starving herself and in her words:

Spent so long working on my metabolism and nutrition. I now eat a massive amount of food and I don't cut food groups out of my life.

In fact, the latest research shows that we don't have a body fat SET point.

But rather…

A body fat SETTLING point!

And you can push the 'reset' button, get lean and stay lean without giving up any of your favourite foods, too.

Just by learning what works for you and ditching the bingo wings in a SUSTAINABLE MANNER

Sustainable to the extent that after maintaining your new leaner and more shapely figure for a year...

Your metabolism and hunger hormones adjust.

So you're no longer blaming your 'lack of willpower' for not being able to fit into your favourite clothes.

Speak soon,


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Why you’re always hungry…

In my 7 years in the health and fitness industry (I'm getting on...)

The most common thing I hear from females is: "I can't lose weight".

And I get it.

It's a minefield out there.

But there's many ways to make it happen.

In fact...there's 37 of them here.

The thing is...

Most of them take a bit of time to set up and reap the benefits from.

They require a bit of patience.

But sometimes we just want stuff now.

We look at the rocky road ahead and hope it's the Ben & Jerry's ice cream...

And not the 'work' we have to put in to get there.

Such as...

Choosing nutrient dense foods and optimising our intakes to make us feel full and satisfied so that we don't see the Rocky Road in the freezer...

And feel that 'out of control' urgency to finish the tub.

Something that Simon, a guy I have been working alongside to help raise awareness about diabetes, doesn't have to worry about.

I was speaking with him on Tuesday about eating habits and obesity.

Unfortunately, Simon is now completely blind due to the complications of his diabetes.

As he admits, he didn't control his diabetes.

He didn't take it seriously.

And his mission now is to make sure everyone else does.

Because he's living proof of what can happen if you don't.

But the point I'm getting at here is this:

He mentioned that his dad will often come to visit him and say:

"Simon, you've not eaten any of these yogurts, none of this cheese, and none of this ice cream".

He forgets to eat.

And it goes to show just how much our sight impacts how much we eat.

In fact, one study coloured a white wine with a dye.

And guess what?

The food experts described it using words they would usually use to describe a nice warm, red vino!

So our sight not only impacts when and what we eat...

But also our taste, preferences and experiences with the food.

Most of our food choices actually seem to be based on smell and sight (and previous experiences with the foods)..

And not just "taste".

Ever chewed a sweet whilst holding your nose?

Try it and describe the taste.

Then, eat a sweet as normal and notice the difference as you "smell" the flavour (let's say it's a strawberry jelly baby).

Anyway, this brings me to something called negative dietary displacement.

You know, where you skip the SLICE of cake at lunch time...

And end up eating the WHOLE cake sitting in your fridge later on to make up for it.

Which is exactly why I recommend eating nutrient dense foods for the majority (around 80%) of the time...

Coupled with 20% of your favourite, indulgent foods!

So that you're in control of your senses, avoid the negative dietary displacement, and ditch the 'spare tyre' (as one of my old clients called them) once and for all in a sustainable manner...

And you can learn more about this here in the free trial I'm offering you starting Wednesday 1st June:

Speak soon,


PS. I've got 2 spaces left for the next trial based either at Blunsdon House Hotel in Swindon or in the Marlborough area

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This is so obvious, we won’t do it anyway…


Because the most obvious thing to do is often the LEAST 'sexiest' thing to do.

It's 'sexy' and appealing in the dieting world to believe that ONE food is the "baddie".

And that eating no carbs or organic food will solve everything.

^^^ Did you hear Kate Middleton is apparently bringing out her own organic food range?


Once you do the obvious, you'll be unstoppable.

You'll quit worrying about the tiny details.

Developing an unhealthy relationship with food by labelling them as 'good' and 'bad' or 'green' and "reds'

^^^ I did this for years (especially as a recovering anorexic).

And this come from a presentation I gave recently.

I'm always asking for feedback (positive and negative).

Now - as all us humans do - we focus on the negatives.

Despite scoring 5/5 from everyone...

I focussed on the one negative (ish) comment:

"I've heard most of it before"


The most interesting thing?

She wasn't DOING any of it.

7 years of yoyo dieting and struggling to lose weight or even understand the BASICS.

7 years of...

START ---> do 50% --> ditch it for a bigger and better diet ---> START ---> do 50% ---> ditch it for a bigger and better diet....

Shiny object syndrome I believe it's called?

So, how do you overcome this?

Get the basics right, do them well, and ASSESS

Just like Lorraine...

Who sent me a tracking sheet of how she's assessing her progress.

Which quite frankly, blew my system out of the water.

So much so that I questioned my career and thought about going back to doing research at university, allowing the media to twist it, and confuse everyone (more on that another day).

It was simple, easy to use, and - after seeing it, getting her to send it to me, and using it ...


Just about as obvious as having a bespoke nutrition and training programme that's built for your lifestyle, makes you accountable and doesn't have you running around in a gym and eating nothing but slimming shakes and lettuce leaves.

That's if you want sustainable results, of course.

Speak soon,


PS. I had a really interesting conversion with a guy today who is doing his best to inspire others not to make the same mistakes he's made and it got me thinking about the amount of things that makes us eat more. I'll share it with you tomorrow.

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Why Everything You Know About A ‘Low Fat’ Diet Is A Lie…Or Is It?

Why Everything You Know About A 'Low Fat' Diet Is A Lie...Or Is It?

"Eating fat does not make you fat"

"Low fat products should be avoided at all costs"

^^^ The headlines following a report out yesterday.

I got a message on Facebook from a friend, saying:

"Matt, they're finally saying what you've been talking about all of this time".

Yet, I've never said that we should just eat loads of fat.

The thing is, we always want to believe that there's that one silver bullet.

But, what an opportunity for the media to say that:

Eating fat doesn’t CAUSE you to be fat.


Overeating fat can CAUSE you to be fat.

Just like, overeating sugar, carbs, and FOOD can cause you to be fat.

And overeating is all relative to you!

Your lifestyle, your job, and your exercise habits.

So, where does the “fat makes you fat” argument come from?

Well, fat has over double the amount of calories per gram than protein and carbs.

So overeat on fat and you’ll end up eating a lot more energy than you would by overeating on, say, carbs or protein.

Fat is also the least satiating / satisfying nutrient so you may not feel full and OVEREAT.

Put simply, what’s more filling:

A tablespoon of butter


A jacket potato!

So, where does the "fat DOESN’T make you fat" argument come from?

It's often based on the notion that if you eat a balanced diet that prioritises whole foods, including oils, nuts, seeds, and fish (which contain your essential fats needed for good health), as well as lean meats, tons of veggies, fruit, pulses, wholegrains AND the foods you enjoy in portions that reflect your lifestyle (e.g. job, exercise habits...).

As opposed to relying on takeaway, cakes and junk food all day…

Then you’ll probably be less likely to overeat and get fat.

But you knew that anyway.

So instead of arguing about whether fat or sugar is causing everything from diabetes to the unpredictable British weather…

I think we should KISS and make up…






^^^ (in the words of my old PE teacher).

Because just like most things in life.

It comes down to what works for YOU.

Because whether you want to lose weight and improve your health by eating McDonalds (Did you hear about the Science teacher who lost 56 lbs in 180 days eating nothing but McDonalds?)


By eating a diet full of both your favourite foods and wholesome, nourishing foods to give you more energy, confidence, and that summer lean look…

The best diet in the world…

Is the one with your name on that’s built for you!


PS. Only 3 spaces left for the next 7-day trial starting next Wednesday 1st June:

PPS. Do you know there's some people out there recommending you put butter in your coffee to burn more fat? My advice? Please don't try this at home!

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Sweet potato and carrot cake recipe

It's Monday.

And it all starts again.

The good news?

A nutritious, simple, FILLING and satisfying sweet potato and carrot cake recipe (as tried last night)...

With leftovers for my breakfast this morning (saving time already...)

Ingredients (serves 3):

For the batter:

* 300 g sweet potato

* 1 medium carrot

* 1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate

* 2 tbsp gram flour (gluten free flour, but any will do)

* 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

* Some cinnamon

* 2 scoops of flavoured whey protein powder (I used banana)

* 2 eggs

* 1kcal fry spray / coconut oil / butter for cooking

For the "icing":

* 100 g of Greek or natural yogurt

* Cinnamon and cocoa powder


1) Chop and boil the sweet potato and carrot until soft

2) Once cool, blend all the batter ingredients in a blender and pre heat the oven to 170C

3) Oil a loaf / brownie tin and pour in mixture

4) Cook for about 25 mins at 170C

5) Meanwhile, mix the 'icing' ingredients in a separate bowl.

6) Take the cake out of the oven and leave to cool

7) Once cool, add the icing on top, cut diagonally and place on top of each other!

Top with some berries!!

Per serving, that's:

Protein: 23 g

Carbs: 36 g

Fat: 9 g

And 2 (maybe 3) of your 5 a day!

Plus, you got something filling that you can snack on and keep for on-the-go the next day to help you get through the week ahead!

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

Speak soon,


PS. I've got a quick and easy high protein cookie recipe too, which I'll share soon!

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How to stop losing weight in 2 hours…

Most diets WILL get you to eat less.

And / OR

Move more.

Which means you create an "energy deficit"...forcing the body to burn fat!

Now, this is all well and good Monday to Thursday.

We have a bit more routine and structure in our lives.

Nursery, school runs, just go with the flow.

But then it gets to Friday.


It's 6pm (or 4pm...) and we open that bottle of wine.

We have a glass (or perhaps 2,3...or 4).

Accompany that with pizza, some garlic bread, and the "token" chocolate that accompanies the vino...

And it's about 2000 calories in 2 hours....

Now considering that most diets will aim to make you eat around 500 calories less per day per week (so you lose 1lb of FAT per week)...

You can pretty much offset this in...2 hours (or so)!

And it's these 2 hours that make us question our metabolism / genetics (which do play a role by the way...more on that another day).

We think that we're different and accept we just can't do it...

And that pains me.

All your handwork gone in 2 hours.

So with bank holiday weekend coming up next week, here's a quick, simple, and effective strategy I - and many of my clients - use:

Step 1: Anticipate

It's the weekend, you're probably going to be enjoying a drink, going out for some great food, and socialising (where food is usually around and out of your control).

So anticipate, you're going to be indulging by...

Step 2: Compensating

So you're going out for some wine and curry later.

Try to eat lean throughout the day.

Here's a strategy I use:

* Stick to nutrient dense foods during the day (foods low in calories, but fill your plate and keep you full).

An example could be some chicken / salmon / lean beef with mediterranean veg (I like roasting cherry tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, onions, and garlic with some salt, paprika and pepper)

^^^ Fills out my plate and keeps me full and satisfied.

Plus, I can then go and enjoy my curry and wine and STILL be on track to hit my goal!

And before you know it...

You'll be the friend "with the fast metabolism that can eat what they want"...

Enjoy your Sunday (and your curry)..

Matt "revving up my metabolism for my Sunday lunch" Fruci