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Boosting Your Confidence, Cambridge, and Pina Coladas In Marbella…

It's not easy, is it?

If achieving the body you wanted (whilst looking after your family, working...and if you're lucky...looking after number one) was as easy as the 'airbrushed' celebs say...

Then we'd all be sipping Pina Coladas in Marbella...

The truth is, it isn't 'easy'.

To lose unwanted body fat and get toned without piling the weight back on does take some commitment.

But the hardest part?


^^^ It's just a set of beliefs and assumptions so powerful that your behaviour conforms to them.

But beliefs are just thoughts you've known for so long that you believe it's true.

A bit like how we used to believe that breakfast is 'the most important meal of the day' and that the Cambridge, Paleo or Atkins diet will get everyone lean and toned.

You see, when I worked with my first ever client (about 7 years ago) I just didn't get why some people did everything I asked and others didn't.

But I now get it...

Staying confident and positive when things are getting too much isn't easy.

When you're trying to change your eating habits

Trying to commit to exercising

All whilst trying to look after your family, work, and - if you're lucky - have a bit of "me" time.

It get's too much and we think "what's the point?".

Well here's how to remember that 'point' and take control....


Stop thinking about the future so much...

Because you'll forget how far you've come (exactly what I did with my first ever client...I was so fixated on getting them that flat stomach that I didn't even acknowledge the habits they'd already built and the weight they'd already dropped).

^^^ Which is crazy, right?

So, my task for you:

Look back at January, February, March and April so far this year and:

* Write down what you've done and accomplished

^^^ this could be home life, family, work, relationships, diet, exercise etc.

This exercise can give you just the CONFIDENCE BOOST you need!

Speak soon,


PS. Don't forget to take some time to look after number one (you)

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And only 50% use it…

So, it's increased by 10-fold over the past 10 years, yet used by only 50% of those that have them.

Here's some of the answers I got:

- pushchairs

- food allergies (very interesting answer and one for another day)

- Toys and boardgames (I'm sure there's a few collecting dust from Christmas)

- and someone got it....vinyl music

Apart from this being great news for the music industry and Sound Knowledge (a vinyl shop on Marlborough High Street), you're probably wondering what this has do with anything about losing body fat and getting summer lean?

Well, it just so happens that these stats also apply to us and our goal of getting lean and staying lean!

More people than ever now have a gym / health club membership (it increased by 44% last year) and / or have tried a diet in the past year (50% of us).

YET, just under 50% of gym members actually use the gym regularly (2-3 times per week).

So why are we not going?

* You're alone -

You have no plan and are left to your own devices (the cookie-cutter induction you get is nearly as useful and fun as watching 'Barney')

* You're bored -

Most gyms have the same equipment and you don't have a plan that is process-based (meaning you enjoy it) that's leading to a desired end result (a flat stomach)

* You're busy and don't have time -

We're told that we have to exercise for a certain amount of time when, in fact, the best workout in the world is the one you didn't do it. Start slowly. It could be sitting up and down from a chair whilst waiting for tea to'll be surprised.

* You feel self-conscious -

This is actually VERY common. Remember that NO ONE is actually looking at you. Most people are too worried about you looking at them. But the thing to remember is that exercise, weight loss, getting lean and toning up can actually increase your self-esteem and 'feel good' hormones! So don't let anyone else stop you achieving what you want!

* I can't get motivated -

Start small. This could be going for a walk, doing some squats up and down from a chair, punching with tins of baked beans in your hand...whatever. Doing something will build good habits. Try pairing it with something you already do, like brushing your teeth. Now, every time you brush your teeth, you now have to drink a glass of water and do some squats for 30 seconds. You've now built 2 heathy habits into your day! And this could lead to big big differences long-term.

^^^ In fact, a client of mine (her names Zoe by the way) on my Lean For Life Fat Loss Programme lost weight JUST by switching her tea and coffee choices for different types (that she actually prefers!).

Speak soon,


PS. If you want to find out more about my Lean For Life Fat Loss programme then go here:

PPS. I've got a good method to boost your confidence which I'll share with you tomorrow!

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Places To Eat In Swindon: The Weighbridge Brewhouse

I was out for a celebratory meal this weekend to celebrate my brother getting engaged to his girlfriend (or should I say fiancé?).

We ended up going to the Weighbridge Brewhouse near the Outlet Village in Swindon.

I'd been once before, but only for lunch <<< which I really enjoyed (I had salmon that day).

But, it's safe to say that the evening is something else.

In the words of my wife: "I feel like I'm on holiday".

There was a live band playing (eating my "melt in mouth" fillet of ostrich to the music from the M & S advert was something special)...

A nice, spacious bar with plenty of staff looking to help and serve you (red wine, in my case)


So, let's move on to the meal itself.

I went for fillet of ostrich, which came with a sauce of sun dried tomatoes, bacon lardons and himeji mushrooms, flamed with Madeira wine (yes, more wine) and finished with cream, serve on wilted spinach and Lyonnaise potatoes.

^^^ And this was all served with carrots, cauliflower cheese, cabbage and buttery potato slices!

Safe to say, I was full and satisfied after my meal alone

(let alone have some venison, wild boar, and kangaroo that my wife couldn't finish...I'm not complaining, though)

The sauce was rich, creamy (very filling)...and delicious!

The Ostrich was cooked perfectly for me (pink in the middle).

The best part, though?

Probably the venison, wild boar, and kangaroo I tried from the wife's dinner.

"Melt in mouth" moment!

And I was so full, I declined another glass of red...

Food (based on what I ate):

Now, I didn't go for a sweet.

But, they looked amazing!

That said, the cheese board looked eve more amazing (try before you buy type thing...allowing you to pick the 5 cheeses, crackers and grapes you want).

Overall, I'd highly recommend it for a real treat or special occasion if you're looking for a place to eat in Swindon.

You really do get value (quality of food, service, and ambiance)

Most main meals were about £25 each and considering the portion sizes, quality of food, and the fact that when I eat out elsewhere I need a starter (and it adds up to about that anyway), this was great value!

Have you been there before?

For me, it's now on the "guaranteed 'no stress' place to impress friends and family" list.

Have you been there before?

What was your experience like?​

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Hiding The Wrappers

As it's "chill out" Sunday in the Fruci household, I thought I'd share a recipe.

This recipe (along with many others) is one of the reasons that both myself and clients can lose weight, get lean and stay lean (I share 'almost' daily recipes in my inner circle Lean For Life Fat Loss Programme that help keep you full and satisfied):

Plus, this recipe will give you a ton of nutrients (not bad a for a cupcake, right?)


* 4 tablespoons desiccated coconut

* 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder​

* 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder

* 2 scoops of flavoured (chocolate, banana, vanilla, any will do) protein powder

* 200 ml cartooned coconut milk

* 3 cooked beetroots (purchase the vacuum packed beetroots already cooked)

* 1 kcal fry spray to oil the cupcake cases

* 30 g of Dark chocolate chopped into small pieces (70% and above)

* 100 g of fresh cranberries chopped into small pieces (any berries will do, it just so happened that the farmers market in Marlborough had 800 g of cranberries for a quid so needed to use them up)


1. Put all of the ingredients into a blender APART from the 30 g dark chocolate and 100 g fresh berries and pre-heat your oven to 170 C.

2. Once the main ingredients are blended, add in the chopped dark chocolate and cranberries, stir, and place the mixture into 6 cupcake cases (oiled with 1 kcal fry spray). Optional to sprinkle some cinnamon and more coconut on top.

3. Cook at 170 C for 40 minutes (or until you can put a clean knife through)!

Each cupcake has:

Fat: 6 g

Carbs: 6 g

Fibre: 3 g

Protein: 8 g

Calories: 110 calories

Equivalent to:

- 1 Banana

- A Boot's "Shapers" Fruit snack pack

- 1/3 of a supermarket cupcake...


- Eating tasty food means we may eat more (I can eat a good few of these in one-go...)

^^^ that said, I could go through a whole pack of supermarket cupcakes so I'm still saving a bucket load of calories <<< which helps me stay lean whilst still enjoying my food.

Let me know how you get on!


PS. Talking of food, I'll be reviewing the Weighbridge in Swindon soon if you're looking for places to eat out there!

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When’sa your Dolmio Day: Lessons From Nonna…

"When'sa your Dolmio Day?"

So yesterday, Nonna Dolmio went back on herself and said that we should only be eating Dolmio pasta sauces ONCE PER WEEK instead of EVERYDAY because of their high sugar content.

Luckily, my Nonna makes her own pasta sauce.

But, that doesn't stop her forcing everyone to eat MORE and MORE pasta, bread, and sauce...

It's the culture.

^^^ "it's how it's always been"

And it's the same with dieting.

We're always "dieting".

Trying to "lose a few pounds" but just getting frustrated as the weight piles on as life gets busy.

But, we can learn a lot from Dolmio.

Maybe, it's time to "diet less", too...

Eat a bit more, boost our metabolism, nourish our body again, get our hormones back on track, decrease stress, and GET MORE ENERGY!

^^^And it's for these same reasons that I recommend all clients finish their weight-loss diet 1-2 weeks BEFORE the holiday / wedding / social event they were wanting to look their best for.

In fact, eating more WITHIN YOUR LEAN UP DIET can actually help you lose more unwanted body FAT!

Extra calories and certain types of carbs will have the greatest impact on your metabolism and fat burning.

Check this study from International Journal Of Preventive Medicine 2014:

Overweight participants who had "diet breaks" (e.g. days where they could eat more) for 3 days every 11 days (over a 42 day period), maintained their metabolism (calories burned at rest) and experienced significantly greater weight-loss (5.79% vs. 3.38%) and body fat loss (12.69% vs. 5.18%) compared to those who simply just did a diet for 42 days...

So, could eating more help you lose fat?


Have a great weekend!


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4 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Fat On Holiday

It's simple.

You just exercise everyday, don't eat your favourite foods and have a boring holiday.


Holiday is a time to relax, unwind, and have memorable moments with those that mean the most to you!

Mojitos by the pool.

Enjoying all the great, local foods.

And the chances are, you want to look your best and feel confident when you're on the beach or sitting by the pool.

So, it's no wonder that we look to shed some belly fat before we go on holiday (something I'm going to be doing before my trip to cornwall with the wife and in-laws...whilst eating a chocolate bar everyday!).

^^^ BUT how we go about this strategy is key to not getting fat and putting on MORE WEIGHT than we lose in the first place.

You see, 3-4 years ago, I would give up foods, cut carbs, and do a ton of cardio (and I would also advise others to do the same).

^^^ Yet, this is a recipe for fat REGAIN!

The massive swing - going from loads of exercise + undereating TO little exercise + overeating (cocktails and ice cream) -"shocks" our metabolism and we simply can't handle it.

So, we put on weight, feel depressed and start dieting AGAIN when we're back!

^^^ And the vicious cycle continue.

Point is, we're never in control of our eating and how we look.

So here's 4 strategies you can utilise to NOT get fat on holiday (or even lose 1/2 kg like my client Paul did after 2 weeks drinking vodka and enjoying all the local Polish food):

1- Make sure your "diet" ends 1-2 weeks before your holiday -

What I mean is that you want to actually start eating (slightly) more and doing (slightly) less cardio in the few weeks before your holiday.

This allows your metabolism to adapt and can prevent rapid weight gain!!!

2- Go Explore -

Get walking. No, you don't NEED a gym. Go explore the local areas and - if possible - avoid taxis and public transport.

When on my honeymoon in the Caribbean last year, I don't think we would have seen such beautiful places if it wasn't for some of the walking (and bike tours) we did.

If you must do some exercise, do a hotel room workout: squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and leg raises (perhaps followed by a run if you like)?

3- Think "full" and "satisfied" -

It can be difficult to get enough protein in when you're away (unless you're all-inclusive) but it will help keep you full and satisfied. Lean meats, fish, beans etc. (accompanied with fruit and veggies for your fibre and don't forget WATER).

4- Eat less often but when you do...GO BIG -

This strategy is useful for when you're exploring and out and about. For example, you might have a big, satisfying breakfast with your favourite pastries but then not eat again until the evening where you indulge in some local food, cake, and cocktails (obviously).

But, by not picking throughout the day and sticking to "usual" meal times (e.g. lunch), it means you can still enjoy your favourite food and drinks and minimise the possibility of overeating.

Finally, don't stress too much.

If you take one thing from this, make it point number 1 <<< finish your diet 1-2 weeks before your holiday to help your metabolism adapt.

And don't forget that you're on holiday to enjoy yourself and create memorable moments that you'll cherish forever.

So, don't skip the mojito and in the words of my client, Paul:


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I didn’t listen…

So this weekend my wife was back home from seeing her parents for a few days (as it was school holidays and she's a teacher).

Being the "foodie" that I am, I suggested we go out for a meal to catch up.

We ended up going to for tapas (No. 48 Tapas and Grill in Marlborough, if you're wondering)

Great food, great atmosphere...and A LOT OF CHOICE.

Olives, anchovies, paella, seafood, spanish omelettes, steak, mushrooms, spinach <<< too much good food!

I'd noticed just how UNFUSSY I'd become.

^^^ Which depending on how you view your relationship with food, can be a GOOD or a BAD thing.

Why am I saying this?

Well a client of mine (her names Heather by the way) told me last week about the struggles she had when she first start doing the stuff that helps you lose weight and tone up.

^^^ this "stuff" being...not giving up foods, eating balanced portions, and ENJOYING food again.

"I didn't listen to my body" were her exact words.

She would eat when she thought she should eat rather than when she was hungry".

Breakfast...time to eat

10am...time for a snack?

12pm....time for lunch?

323pm... Jane's birthday cake at work!

5pm...picking at snacks


8pm...picking / snacking in front of the TV <<< FEELING HUNGRY!

And it was these RIGID times of eating that meant Heather was HUNGRY in the evening.

It meant she didn't SLEEP very well.

She was tired the next day.

And her hunger hormones would be telling her to EAT EAT EAT!

Sound familiar?

Like myself, Heather prefers to eat more in the evening when she can sit down with family, relax and unwind in front of the TV, and ENJOY her food.

But her previous beliefs about eating at set times meant this would mean she would overeat and feel guilty or go to bed hungry and have a poor nights sleep

^^^ and end up feeling groggy and moody the next day (Just like I did...and then take it out on the wife!!!)

But now, Heather is in tune with her body.

Through her experience on The Lean For Life Fat Loss Programme, Heather discovered the tips and tricks to eat when she's hungry, learnt how to distinguish between hunger and thirst, and gained the confidence to choose nutritious meals that energise the body and keep you full and more satisfied for longer!

^^^ And this has allowed her to target the stubborn fat she couldn't lose at Slimming World!

But the most important thing of all?

Heather now eats carbs before bed to help her sleep (she was terrified of this before) and can enjoy family time in the evening with a "guilt-free" glass of wine!

The downside?

She needs a new summer wardrobe!

​Speak soon,


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4 Ways To “Stop Beating Yourself Up”

My story started when I was a kid.

Being surrounded by people "dieting", I could sense a "need" to "look good".

And I don't think I've ever worked with a female (or a male) who is completely satisfied with the way they look.

^^^ Isn't this sad?

You could have dropped a dress size, be eating more than ever, and be getting compliments from friends and family left, right, and centre yet...

"I just want to a flat(ter) stomach"

"I want (more) shapely legs"

"I need to lose 5 (more) pounds"

I guess it's good to set new goals and have desires.

It gives us some drive and motivation.

But there's a fine line between becoming obsessive (and letting your perception of the 'perfect body' impact how you think and feel about yourself everyday) and just having a goal that you're striving to achieve (e.g. a lean body, more energy and more confidence <<< which is generally a very healthy goal to have).

So, here's 4 strategies that can help you to "stop beating yourself up":

1. Listen to yourself -

What is it you actually want right now?

Our thoughts are filled with beliefs, fears and values of those around us.


Be the best version of you and no one else!

Take a step back and set some goals (be it for your body, career, or relationships).

Ask yourself -

- Where do you want to be in 90 days time?

- To get there, where would you have to be in 60 / 30 days times (benchmarks)?

- Why wouldn't you achieve this? (what fears do you have to overcome / what stories do you need to forget)?

^^^ Are these stories even real?

2. Understand that the scales don't tell the whole story -

Try not to JUST use the scales as an indicator of YOU.

Daily fluctuations, hormones, food and water intake, time of day, stress, weather, muscle...can all impact the number on the scales.

If you were walking along the beach and feeling confident in your favourite swimwear, would you really care how much you weighed?

Plus, remember that getting "toned" means losing FAT and increasing muscle, which technically means that having JUST a "weight loss" goal could be misleading when tracking progress as muscle weighs more.


Assess how your clothes might not have lost much weight, but have you dropped a dress size?

3. Get in tune with your body -

Your body WANTS to be nourished. If you're constantly dieting, perhaps you need a break?

Diet breaks can actually boost your metabolism, help nourish the body, give you more energy, and get you on track to get that "toned" look!

4. Celebrate what your body can do -

Could it be that your body is craving energy from...exercise.

Walks, jogs, cycles, resistance exercise etc...These all make you fitter, stronger and faster.

This can help you shift the focus away from just "weight" and towards the everyday benefits you're now getting:

- You're no longer out of breath walking up stairs

- Carrying bags has become easier

- You're sleeping better and have more energy (so you can be more productive with your time and spend more time with family and friends)

And it just might be that with the right training and nutrition, you achieve your goals in the process...

^^^ And enjoying the PROCESS is what it's all about.

So, happy hump day!

Be proud of yourself and be the best version of you (and no one else!).

Speak tomorrow,

Matt "enjoying the process" Fruci

PS. I'll be talking a bit more about why you should STOP dieting soon!

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“I’m SOOOO Hungry I Could Eat A Bus…

Do you ever have one of those days where you're sooooo hungry that you "could eat a bus"?

It usually happens to me when I've:

1. Had a rubbish nights sleep

2. Feeling stressed / overwhelmed (some people go the opposite way and eat less...)

3. I'm eating tasty food (my taste buds tell me I'm hungry...)​

4. I've not eating enough​

​And according to the research, there could be other reasons too:

​- You're lacking in protein and fibre (these help to keep you full)

Solution: Increase your intake of lean meats, fish, beans / pulses and veggies!

- Your ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fats is out of whack (essential fats)

- ​You're eating too much processed foods (this may impact your hunger hormones)

- And for might feel like ​"you could eat a bus" if you're in the premenstrual phase...

Below is a quick summary:

​And below is a summary of whether you could actually eat a bus...

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Why I failed…

I found out (the hard way) that eating too much of a "good" food can be a bad thing!

This pretty much sums up why I failed (in my opinion)...

I liked the "idea" of eating "low-carb", but it meant that going out for meals was difficult, I had to give up some of my favourite foods, and it made exercise feel "harder".

I liked the "idea" of ONLY eating whole - so-called - "fat burning" foods allday, everyday, but it got boring.

^^^ I couldn't stick to it.

And what's the best diet in the world?

The one you'll do!​

Don't get me wrong, I got pretty lean on some of these diets I've tried.

But, it was at the expense of my social life​...and it made my relationship with food even worse!

I also never seemed to be able to lose that "last bit​ of fat around the stomach"...

Until I realised that there is a better way!​

Now, the key to a successful weight-loss (fat loss) strategy ​is to create an energy deficit through your diet and / or exercise programme.

​And one way to ensure you have a diet that you can stick to is to:

Make sure you feel full and satisfied! ​

 ^^^ something I completely overlooked...

The amount of food on your plate (the weight) will play a key role in how full and satisfied you feel, which will help you overcome and control urges to binge / overeat.

This is exactly why I get all my clients to track their hunger levels. ​

Because food choices will impact this and making simple food swaps (without actually eating fewer calories) can make a big difference to whether you stick to your nutrition plan or just pile the weight back on.

I used to think popcorn was "junk food" (it obviously can be depending on how you make it)​.

There was no persuading me, though.

I also "heard" that avocado was a fat burning food, so I would eat 1, and sometimes 2 or 3 everyday...without having the knowledge of how much energy this was giving me.

I just thought it was "good for me" so more must be "better for me"...​

Here's the comparison between the "junk food" and the "fat burning" food (and if you're wondering what this looks like, watch the video):​

​66 g of popcorn kernels cooked in 1 kcal fry spray and topped with sea salt and stevia provides:

Fat: 7.1 g, Carbs: 32 g, Fibre: 10.1 g, Protein: 9.2 g, Calories: 229

136 g (meat only) avocado (1 avocado) provides:

Fat: 20 g, Carbs: 12 g, Fibre: 9 g, Protein: 2.7 g, Calories: 239​

​So, an avocado provides more calories than all of that popcorn, yet takes barely any time to eat and - in my opinion - doesn't really fill me up.

Plus, it's pretty boring to eat on it's own.

Now, I still eat avocados  (usually in salads). They're full of healthy fats etc.

But my point ​is that you CAN lose weight (achieve fat loss) without "giving up" foods or going to the extreme. 

There's a BETTER way.​

And it just so happens that popcorn (a food I used to "give up" and crave)​ can help me feel full and satisfied. It's loaded with fibre and pretty much provides the identical nutrition as the "superfood" oats!

So, focus on what matters:

- Building a nutrition plan you can stick to

​Which usually involves (at minimum) these 2 things:

​- NOT giving up your favourite foods!

But at the same time, making sure you feel full and satisfied by:​

​- Making the "majority" of your diet full of high volume, nutrient dense foods (avocados AND popcorn...).

​Learn from my mistakes.

If it wasn't for my "all or nothing" / "no bad foods" mentality, I would have probably been where I am today 5 years ago!