Is THIS actually helping you burn more fat?

“I wake up at around 6am, get the kids ready for school, do the school run, come back to do my exercise, and then eat my breakfast after so that I burn more fat. But I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy when exercising?” ^^^ This was a question I got this week. Now, she was referring to […]

Fish and chips (with mushy peas) Friday!

It’s Friday, bank holiday weekend…and I’ve got a nutritious, yet satisfying fish and chips (with mushy peas) recipe for you. Ingredients (serves 2): * 2 white fish fillets (I used sea bass with skin on) * 60 g of flour (I used chickpea flour AKA gram flour as it’s gluten free) * 1 beaten egg * 1 kcal fry spray […]

“I no longer have a double chin when my shirt is buttoned up”

If you had a “million pound” racehorse, how would you treat it? Would you feed it rubbish so it didn’t have any energy? Would you not let it sleep so it felt tired and sluggish? Would you not let it exercise so it wasn’t fit enough to live up to it’s expectations? Of course, not. But, we so often do […]

How to say no to Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate Buttons?

I’ve only recently got out of the (bad) habit of working from my kitchen. Not because it meant that the occasional crumb would accompany a nutrition plan or because it meant my kitchen was messy (which I’ll come on to later) But because I would find myself snacking more. Having a cuppa just to procrastinate. Looking at the fridge […]

How to satisfy those cravings: burger and chips style!

I watched my first ever episode of Game of Thrones last night…safe to say I’ve got a fair few questions so I’ll just stick to what I know for today (I spent the whole episode asking my wife “what” “when” and “how”…). Kid’s nutrition is a hot topic right now. Now, I don’t have kids, but as […]

I did it “once” and then 35 London Marathons Later…

Did you watch the London Marathon yesterday? Inspirational stuff, right? Although watching it whilst I was tucking in to a leftover homemade burger (recipe to come tomorrow) did make me feel a little guilty… But, from the guy looking to break the world record for being the fastest to run the marathon with a fridge on his back […]

8 Things Only Those Who’ve Tried A Low Carb Diet Will Understand

You probably already know that I used to be a one of those “low-carb” zealots. Thinking that carbs were “bad”… ​ I thought it was a question of: “Shall I eat carbs or fats?” ^^^ not realising that the answer is usually… BOTH! ​ Don’t get me wrong, I DID get results using a low-carb diet. And low(er) carb diets are useful strategies at certain times […]

Fasting for weight loss?

One of my clients messaged me yesterday with a link to a video (on the Daily Mail) of Mark Wright (the guy from The Only Way is Essex) saying that: You should never run “over 20 minutes because you start burning muscle” ^^^ This is prime example of celebs and the Daily Mail doing what they do best…gossiping! ​ Now, […]

Keeping your weight off, your hunger, and this weekend’s London Marathon

I was chatting to a friend this week about the London Marathon (as I know two people running it). We were talking about how many calories you burn when you run the London marathon (it makes me feel tired just thinking about it…). On average, it’s 2,600 calories (this does depend on age, sex, height, weight etc.) BUT, […]

A NEAT way to lose weight and get lean…

​ We’re often reliant on picking up what ‘worked’ last time by going back to Slimming World or on Cambridge (despite putting the weight back on in some cases). ​ Now, it’s no secret that “crash diets” can slow our metabolism down and mean that we burn less calories at rest. ​ But is this really the only reason why […]