“If you want a snog, you’re sharing your garlic chicken?”

“If you want a snog, you’re sharing your garlic chicken” It was time to loosen my belt and pick my weekend curry…from a menu NEARLY as big as the list of foods I had to “ban” from my diet to drop fat and get “beach lean”. I remember being like: only brown rice only wholemeal pasta ​only sweet potato Acting like […]

Eating More To Lose Fat?

Eating More To Lose Fat? 6am and I’ve woken up on this fine Sunday morning – not through choice but rather through the choice of my crying AND HUNGRY dog. But…going through my emails and reading this from a client: “This refeed day is nothing less than a blessing. You have no idea. I can’t believe the relationship I […]

If Chicken Tikka Masala Was a Fat Loss Supplement?

If Chicken Tikka Masala Was a Fat Loss Supplement…​If you know me well, you’d have probably shared a curry with me. It’s my favourite food and something I’m not going to give up…ever… Even if it’s “fattening” as they say… But is it? What if Chicken Tikka Masala was actually a fat loss supplement?* *as part of a balanced diet […]

3 Quick Tips For Eating On The Go.

3 Quick Tips For Eating On The Go This ones for those busy weeks. You’re snowed under with work but still want to keep on track with your nutrition…so you have more energy, perform better, and get lean!1. Look for foods high in protein when out and about Why? It’s more filling that carbs and fats ​It’ll help ensure […]

I Wish I’d Have Known THIS When I Started…

I Wish I’d Have Known THIS When I Started…I’d open my eyes, questioning how it was possible. It felt like I’d just gone to bed. Yet the annoying jingle – AKA my alarm clock – that I couldn’t ever be bothered to change…would be going off… I’d sit there for a few seconds and tolerate the annoying sound​ before going […]

3 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying to Lose Fat and Get Lean…

3 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying To Lose Fat and Get Lean 1. You expect yourself to eat the same diet as the model on the front the cover of a fitness mag We often trip up by copying the exact diets that lean guys on the front of magazines are doing. The problem? Well, most of us don’t […]

Is Fruit Making You Fat?

Is Fruit Making You Fat?​”Pick one, eat one” I was told. This soon became “pick one, eat three” and developed into “pick one, eat four”. I would also only pick the ripe and juicy heart-shaped ones…ignoring any unripened or bad ones… I’m talking about strawberry picking…but the same could be said for all the self-proclaimed nutrition “gurus” […]