10,000 Steps A Day?

“I’m doing 10,000 steps a day already so when I see the advice about getting 10,000 steps a day, I get a bit dishearten as I am already doing that and not losing weight. Should I do more?”

Now, firstly 

Know that by doing 10,000 steps you are not GAINING weight.

You are also getting benefits from bone density, mental health benefits, to reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and improved fitness

^^ all independent of losing weight 

So keep doing your steps.

 Now, should you do more?

Well, when it comes to steps and most things, in fact 

There is a law of diminishing returns.

Going from 10,000 steps to 12,000 steps will help your calorie burning and fitness

But is this a good use of time?


A conversation we nearly always have in our kickstarts at Fruci Fit is about how much resistance exercise or muscle strengthening exercise.

After all, the Government guidelines actually say we should all do at least 2 sessions of muscle strength every week.

Yet, I must say 

This is poorly communicated. 


Well, I can only guess that it’s because there’s not enoguh resources to implement .

I mean, it’s easy for the health service to suggest walking more 

But if they suggest doing muscle strength..

There’s going to be a load of questions:

How much?

What weight?

Want tempo?

What exercise?

What’s the technique?

And this is why we focus on your form at Fruci Fit, making sure you feel confident that you what you are doing is safe and ultimately effective.

Because – as Public Health say – muscle strengthening exercise can reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease and not to mention improve bone density and quality of life (as we are able to do more things in day to day life).

There is also a domino effect we see.

Get stronger….move more… burn more calories .

And even, people change their body shape 

And may even be happier at a higher weight than they thought due to their muscle “tone”.

So my (long winded) answer, could you add in some muscle strength work?

And if you’re thinking “I’m no where near 10,000 steps a day”

Don’t worry at all…

Just focus on doing more than you are now.

The research actually shows that most of the benefits come from not doing much to doing something 

That’s the old saying of 

“Something is better than nothing”

And one more thing

If you’re stuck in meetings all day 

Then busy in evening to get out and do some steps ?

Try a 1 minute workout (start small and get these in when you can, even if it is whilst the kettle boils first thing)

Try a squat count rather than a step count.

Sounds small, 

But these have a big impact…

Not in my opinion  

But according to the research 

Remember, every day we have a choice whether we prioritise our health…


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