10% reduction in mortality ?

I’ve been talking about gut health a lot recently 

And it came up in a Q and A the other week.

So I thought I would go over fibre today.

Fibre is the roughage.

It is found in plants (veggies and fruits)

It cannot be digested and absorbed in the small intestine so is fermented in the large intestine 

which at the same time 

Could be doing wonders for our heath 

By feeling our good bacteria

Which is associated with improved mental health, reduced risk of disease, more energy, controlled blood sugar levels

I could go on.

So I’ve put together 6 ways to increase your fibre intake and get more variety in your diet (see the image?

But like I say 

Don’t rush this.

Don’t do all of these at once.

Adding in too much fibre too soon could lead to discomfort and bloating.

The research suggests that between 30-50g+  of fibre a day has significant benefits 

But don’t just jump straight to that.

What could you do today?


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