1 question to increase your motivation today

Can’t believe it is basically March 2023 already..

Where did that time go?

In fact, where does the time go?

Just last week my 4 year old walks over to me

Pulls my trousers up

And says:

“Pull your trousers up, Daddy. No one wants to see your bot bot (bottom)” haha

Called out by the 4 year old…

It’s a blooming difficult one to stomach that.

Just like a question we ask inside our Kickstart programme when people are struggling to change their habits.

Which is this question:

“What happens 5 years from now if you don’t get a handle on this habit and NOTHING changes?”

Why ask this?

Well, we assume tomorrow will be easier…

But what if it is getting a little bit harder each day?

After all, what you do today you are more likely to do tomorrow…

The great news?

Sometimes you just have to think differently..


Just look at the impact here already from some of the ladies:


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