❗Full Lockdown❗[what the ladies are doing to stay sane]

As expected, we are now in FULL LOCK DOWN


Now, I predict two things.

Some will take the path where they eat, drink and Netflix their way through (possibly)next few months…

It’s going be like one big Christmas break.

 I know how I feel after a week of “Christmas type” behaviour.

I cannot sit stil..

Hence why I have actually been ramping up everything we do for the ladies.

The support




To offer that support…

The other path.

The path that our ladies are choosing.

Leads you to TRY and stay fit and -dare I say – have fun doing it…

Making time for some of the things maybe you wished you had more time for…

Be it meditation (we had meditation with Caroline from Calm Quiet Space yesterday which had great feedback from the ladies)

Stretching (as we have today with Katie at 930am)

Or even higher intensity and lower intensity workouts with me and Julie…

Basically, deciding to use the time to focus on improving their fitness and dropping a dress size or two.  

Feeing fitter and more mobile..

Having more energy to play with their kids grandkids. 

Putting themselves in the best position possible to come out of this fit, healthy and stronger than ever

Longer term members are determined NOT to regain the weight they have lost, and not to LOSE the fitness levels they worked so hard to build up.

We have had a little influx of NEW members who also want to do the same.

On Sunday we released 15 places, 10 places remain.

Our emergency 28 Day Home Workout Programme, is ideal for any ladies over 40, who don’t want the crisis to lead to comfort eating and weight gain…

There is a lot of negativity right now…

And that is why we are determined to help you get through this with – I would say – our best programme yet:

➡️ 4 LIVE WORKOUTS A DAY.  Mon -Fri 6.15am, 7am,, 9.30am and 7pm. x2 on Sat and Sun.

➡️ LIVE Q and A Sessions.  About nutrition, mindset, motivation.

➡️ Super SIMPLE Personalised Nutrition Plan (Nutritious food to help you stay healthy and control urges to snack)

➡️ Weekly accountability check ins with us.

➡️ Stretch, yoga and mediation sessions.

➡️ Accountability. Registering yourself for the home workouts.

➡️ Support, Fun and Laughter inside our community (some of the ladies say that this in itself is keeping them sane…because they see how insane I am haha)

➡️ Plus some silly stuff to keep you entertained …..

❌ No equipment required  ( ok, ok, maybe a saucepan for our saucy workouts, and a towel..)

So, during these crazy times . . . 

 . . . .we have had to actually increased our level of service, and increased the amount of value for our members.

This programme is ideal for the ladies who are now working from home due to the LOCK DOWN, or self isolating at home and of course, have the kids off school. 

It’s for ladies know what to do but still don’t do it… 

The big issue I can see is going to be CABIN FEVER 

That’s all for today.

For more information about our NEW 28 Day Emergency Home Workout Programme,

 reply with “28 day” I’ll get you the details.

That’s all for today.

Matt ‘the right pace is your pace’ Fruci

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