37 SIMPLE (Yet Effective) Ways To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

So you want to lose weight and 'tone up', right?

I get it...this 'toning up' game can seem CONFUSING...

You're fed up of giving up your favourite foods (including the chocolate and the wine)

^^^ I tried that too​

​Annoyed by the celebs in shape telling you it's easy...

^^^ the same people who don't understand that YOU have a busy life, enjoy eating out, don't have 24/7 child care, barely get time to SLEEP,  and DON'T WANT TO SPEND HOURS IN THE GYM...

And what's worse is all the mags telling you that all you have to do is eat 6 times a day, drink a green smoothie for breakfast, and NEVER eat too close to bedtime...


So how do I lose weight and not pile it back on again?

Before I go on, just consider that:

  • 99% of readers will do NOTHING with this information
  • These same people will wonder why they're not losing weight, getting toned, and fitting into their favourite clothes.

Losing weight and keeping it off (once and for all) does take some effort.

You might get frustrated at times, especially when starting out. ​

But like anything that WORKS...you have to be consistent!​

You don't just do it for 2 days and say "it didn't work"

So anyway, let's GO:

  1. Don't go from ZERO to HERO - ​Gradually build up your exercise routine overtime. Haven't trained for a while? Don't expect to just pick up where you left off.
  2. Don't go from HERO to ZERO - don't just drastically cut your calories. If you can get away with doing less and eating more then why not? 
  3. Get away from the "no pain, no gain" dieting and training mindset
  4. Set a goal and set mini goals to build momentum - Where do you want to be in 90 days? Where do you have to be in 30 days to get there? Where do you have to be in 60 days to get there? What's stopping you getting their? What made up fears are holding you back?
  5. ASSESS don't just guess - track your training. Track your nutrition. If you don't know whats working, why are you doing what you're doing? Learn to be flexible!
  6. Lift weights - you'll fit into your clothes better and boost your metabolism, which will help you get and keep the flat stomach!
  7. Do high intensity interval training - not got much time? Get your training done in minutes with short bursts of high intensity. Try 10 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 1 minute. Build this up. Sprinting on the spot, jumping, static bike, brisk walk whatever...
  8. Do low intensity exercise - enjoy walking? Like jogging? Find it destressful? A good time to think clearly? Incorporate this into your day. Walk to work, park further away, get off a stop early
  9. Wait 20 minutes before going for "seconds" at the dinner table.
  10. Understand that crawling out of the gym, dripping with sweat doesn't necessarily mean you're doing it right...especially when you then head for a bit of Chunky Monkey Ben and Jerrys and beat yourself up for having the whole tub...
  11. Eat more protein - it's the most filling nutrient you can eat...making it a simple way to keep you full, get toned, stop you 'picking' and burn more fat
  12. Don't like veg? - boil, steam, fry, mash, grill any vegetable and see what you like. Try using carrots and swede mixed in with your mashed potato? Make chips with sweet potatoes? If all else fails, chuck some gravy, passata, mayo, balsamic vinegar or whatever you like on top..
  13. Don't just ditch your carbs - Carbs can help to keep you full and help you PERFORM better in your training to help you burn more calories. Plus carbs can also help you sleep!
  14. Sleep more - Sleep reduces your hunger and can help you better control your blood sugar levels...which can prevent those mid afternoon crashes!
  15. Take progress pictures - use the same time, location and lighting every 2-4 weeks to see how you're getting on. This is a great way to keep you motivated and see your progress...alternatively it can be a great way to tell you that your strategy needs to be "adapted" <<< notice how I didn't say "changed" (don't jump ship too quickly)
  16. Stop stopping - Just because it's "not working", it doesn't mean you need to throw in the towel. Make a small tweak. Perfect it. Try again. ASSESS. 
  17. Make yourself accountable - tell a friend, a family member, Facebook, tweet Joe Wicks...I don't care what you do just write it down and live up to it!
  18. Notice STUFF - how often do you graze? why are you snacking? Convenience, boredom, emotion? Replace them with better options or...put all of your snack foods away in one cupboard and not on the side. At least then you have to make a decision to actually open the cupboard and say "it's time for a snack" 
  19. Understand that eating late at night DOESN'T mean you put more fat on - in fact, going to bed on a full stomach can help you sleep! It's overall intake that is key!!!!
  20. Don't be scared of "diet" drinks and sweeteners - If they sort your craving out and prevent you binging / lower your overall intake...they've done the job!
  21. Get a workout partner - we're social creatures (sounds hip, I know) but we'll be more motivated and more accountable if we train together
  22. ​Drink more water - NEARLY FORGOT THIS SIMPLE BUT SO POWERFUL TIP - we often confuse thirst for hunger. After all, "volume" / "weight" of our meal (including water) dictates how full we feel! Try drinking water before during and after your meal!
  23. Eat out, enjoy yourself, have a curry - NO, not for the "fat burning" effect of spicy food...just because it's good to do. After all, wine drinkers live longer. Why? probably because they destress and have a good social life
  24. Remember there are NO evil and NO magic foods - the key is context. Only bad diets exist. Get a nutritional strategy and you'll never "diet" and have a boring restrictive cookie-cutter meal plan again
  25. The more food groups you give up the harder it'll be - We're humans. We want what we can't have. "No more chocolate from tomorrow"...now what are you going to crave tomorrow...
  26. The more foods you give up, the MORE LIKELY you are to be be nutritional deficient in something - this could make you feel TIRED and suppress your immune system
  27. Learn to incorporate your favourite foods into your nutrition strategy! the devil is in the dose!
  28. Don't just do more burpees...
  29. Enjoy your cup of Joe - Coffee can help keep you full. It's also great to have before a workout to increase performance and help you burn more calories. It's social too...
  30. Eating on the go doesn't have to mean McDonald's - too often I hear "I was out so just got a McDonalds". Now, there's nothing wrong with this from time to time but if you're doing this often you're probably going to struggle to hit your goals. Find a supermarket. Go for a wrap, sandwich, whatever...there are alternative to those golden arches...although that 55-year old Science teacher did lose 56 pounds eating nothing but Mcdonalds...
  31. Look for these key words when eating on the go - grilled, sauteed, steamed, oven-fried, marinated, baked <<< they'll probably have less calories!
  32. Sneak popcorn into the Cinema - yep, popcorn is a great snack. It's basically, gram for gram, identical to oats <<< which are marketed as a "magic" food. Swapping some crisps for popcorn when snacking can reduce your calories and help keep you more full. 
  33. Get a dog - (or borrow mine...she needs walking at least twice per day...)- they sure get you moving. She'll pinch my food, chew my favourite shoes and bark at me for watching ANOTHER episode of Come Dine With Me... OR I agree to take her for walk...
  34. Don't think you HAVE to eat breakfast - it's not magic. Eat when you want. I personally prefer to sit down and eat more late at night when I can enjoy my food, relax and catch up with friends and family...rather than chuck down a load of food at 5am when I'm in a rush. I might still eat some breakfast but "something" isn't always better...make it fit your lifestyle
  35. Chew slowly - take your time <<< I get excited too but try eating slower. Sit down at the dinner table when you can. Chat, socialise and take your time. It'll help you know when you're actually full!
  36. Have to get your workouts in early before work? Go to bed in your gym gear. Leave your gym shoes by the door. The depressing feeling of getting out of your gym clothes without having actually worked out is tough one to swallow...
  37. Remember that the best DIET is the ONE YOU'LL DO!

​So there's a few things to get you going (notice how I didn't say "get you thinking?")...

Don't just do this stuff "once" and say "I'm different, it doesn't work for me". BE CONSISTENT!

Want to learn more?

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